Business Trip with Boss

Hello Everyone,

Kunal here.. This story is about my business trip with boss and how it unexpectedly turned all tables in my favour.

I had newly joined an organization after my MBA and was actively working there. Our office was a great space, top of the line decor and facilities.

Me and my fellow colleagues were greeted by the HR Staff and other team members during the induction. It was a complete day induction that was carried out and was slowly turning dull as the day was progressing.

During the break, I went to heed nature’s call. As I was peeing to heavenly peace, the rest room door opened and enters an elderly person may be in his early 50’s or bordering. Chubby and Stocky figured, about same height as mine… He comes by side urinal and we both are facing the wall but somehow I could feel him looking at me with corner eyes but then I thought it’s just my mind playing with me.. But the thought of someone oogling at me made my shaft tinker.. Now my tool is not that much on the longer side 6, 6.5″ But it’s a lot thicker.. This I knew because I had my experiences and encounters during my college, MBA days, nothing on serious front just guys meddling with each other and things happening in the heat of things.. I have predominantly been on the top/active side though I also have bottomed once or twice but that was just so that things get even.. I have had guys and girls both tell me that my boner is thick as fck and unless lubed well on both ends highly difficult to take it lest ride it..

Now since I was having a boner it was a lot uncomfortable to get it inside the pants as the formal clothing I was wearing was already way too tight.. I cursed myself for letting the thoughts in.. But I could still sense the guy oogling even though I was sure he was done.. I turned left and was tucking all stuff in and the person too went to basin, washed dried his hands and we both we’re trying to rush out.. That was when I had my first face to face encounter at the rest room door with the person.. He smiled at me and very humbly opened the door to see me and himself out…

I headed to the induction room waiting for the next round of introduction and to my surprise the guy I had come face to face was none other than the Director of the Organization.. Rajesh Dhattar… He came in and we all got up to greet him, my seat was such that it was near the presenters seat.. Rajesh greeted us all and tapped my shoulders asking me and everyone to sit.. He greeted us all and asked us to introduce ourselves, we went L-R on this and I was the last to introduce myself… Rajesh showed a great deal of interest in understanding more about me, where I was from and my academics.. He was very keen on understanding my management project and suggested that we should connect later the week to discuss more on same..

The day got over.. And we were allotted our tech kitties, laptop and other stuff..

I was heading home when a car parked right besides me.. To my surprise it was Rajesh Khattar.. He asked me where I was heading to… To my surprise he and me we stayed in nearby localities.. I had recently switched to the new city and was staying on rent in the nearby locality.. He offered me to drop at my home.. I said it’s ok sir but he insisted and I gave in.. I thanked him denoting him as sir.. His driver was driving the car and he was asking me questions on where I come from and other questions… After sitting close to him I could get a complete look and feel of his torso… He was more on stocky and chubby front with clear man tits.. Something that was not visible when he had donned the suit.. But in his car.. He was off it and could clearly see his man-melons.. They were huge enough to put many ladies to shame.. He had a dad belly and also his ass was large.. We were nearing our locality.. He immediately blurted.. That office opens at 9:00 and he leaves home by around 8:00.. He sternly said I will pick you up by 8:15.. I had no option other than nodding and thanking him.. He insisted I call him only Rajesh.. No sir.. Nothing…

The next day, he picked me up at 8:15 sharp… During the entire trip he asked me about the project.. Which I explained.. He told me that on Friday he will be visiting one of the clients and would want me to check and understand the entire conversation.. The client was off state and we had to travel by flight..

After we enter the parking lot, he asks the driver to park the car and we enter lift.. It’s just two of us.. While leaving lift he looks at me and says have a great day and extends his arms out, it was a lot surprising for me as I didn’t knew directors would be this friendly, I hugged him, it was a tight hug.. Where I could clearly feel his man bosoms and we hugged for a bit longer, the place was such that it was not well lit even in day light and the office was at a distance from the parking lot. He looked at me back, he wanted to say something.. But he just uttered I’ll see you in office and rushed out..

I couldn’t understand what exactly was happening and at the same time didn’t want to run to conclusions as this was my job place and my director and I didn’t want to jeopardize the entire career thing for me.

I get an e-mail from the admin staff for my flight ticket and hotel reservations. I was called to the Director Office.. Where he and me were discussing the client and we prepared a few presentation and deck on same. He was visibly impressed by my design and documentation skills.. After we were done.. I had asked him about the client whom we would be visiting the next day on Saturday.. He said he’ll work on it alone… While I was leaving he called me back and asked if I had any issue with staying overnight at hotel.. I said no sir.. This time he put a finger to my lip saying just call me Rajesh.. We had a brief moment in his cabin… But that was just seconds long and he said see you on Friday then..

Friday early morning we drove to airport, and were in our flight.. We met the client and had a brief meeting with them.. We we’re free by around 2 pm in afternoon.. And we’re heading towards our hotel… I head to my room and have a bath.. I get a message from Rakesh to come to his room. I dress up and knock on his room door.. He opens the door with just a towel covering him waist below.. Here I see this guy who is director of my organization, and having a clear shaved or rather waxed moobs like huge ones… And he got me in his room and latched it and is walking in front of me, could clearly see that he has waxed himself recently… The view and having a private room was enough to tinge my tool but I still had to maintain decor and decency as he was the director. We both sat on his bed.. And he was discussing the client and how we should be going ahead with the engagement. The entire time he was top less in front of me.. Our discussion turn casual.. He asked me if I have a gf then we were having a discussion on marriage and how marriage should be done thoughtfully, he was stressing on the right partner front.. I was about to excuse myself when he asked me if we could head to some disco or nearby pub.. I nodded sure.. He asked me to close the door on my way out and walked towards the bathroom, the moment he got up I could see a small tent formed in front of his towel. A small bulge… As he entered the bathroom he dropped his towel and didn’t latch the door.. So on my way out I saw him naked with his ass facing towards me.. It was by far one of the biggest ass I saw on a man

I closed the door.. And I was in my room, stroking my cock after around 15 minutes I heard a knock on the door.. I open and I see my boss waiting outside.. He was ready for the pub party, and I was surprised by his outfit, he wore a flashy t-shirt, and a over shirt and jeans the tightest one. The t-shirt was doing a poor job of hiding his man tits… So here I am seeing a moustache less and grey haired chubby guy who is looking tantalizing and the job hierarchies and lines were getting blurred each passing second… He felt less like a boss and more cordial friendly guy throughout evening.. He really let his hair loose in the pub where he was boozing a lot and hitting the dance floor often.. Luckily it being a weekend we had a decent amount of people not too much crowded.. But as the evening progressed.. More numbers especially males started coming in.. And Rajesh had already drank a lot.. The entire crowd was tipped and nipped to point.. I saw a couple of guys dancing around Rajesh.. Like way too close.. But what could they do as there was this now almost cute femme guy with the tightest outfit reflecting his chubby torso dancing and swaying high.. The lights turned neon and the group around Rajesh got real close to him to the point of him cornered in the wall.. Nobody was paying heed to no one.. But I could clearly see the guy grinding himself against Rajesh and the other guy holding his waist and Rajesh was trying to act cool but he could sense boners poking both end.. I looked at the time it was already 11 in night… By the time I got near Rajesh, the guys had already got his shirt off and he was helplessly getting rubbed, humped by two guys both ways.. I got in between and pulled him out, even Rajesh willingly came out with me while the guys were still trying to pull him back holding his hand.. We somehow managed to come out of pub without creating a scene or ruckus.. While we were walking… The same guy came driving and halted near us.. He came out tipsy and was asking Rajesh out.. To come with him.. I couldn’t really believe that all of this was really happening.. The road was visibly empty.. And he pulled Rajesh close for a kiss… Rajesh since he was already drunk, was not retaliating but only just letting it all happen… I called out nearby auto and I left with him asking the auto driver to speed up as I didn’t want the guy to follow us.. Rajesh was visibly shocked.. He looked at me like a damsel in distress and thanked me… He was acting all submissive and femme… We stopped by hotel.. As I helped Rajesh to his room, that’s when I noticed that Rajesh’s pant hook was off, the guys must have done it in the pub.. To avoid his pants dropping off I steadied him in elevator and put the buckle back in.. I could see Rajesh closing his eyes as I touched his pant button and then when elevator door opened he opened his eyes.. I was helping him to his room.. I opened the door.. And took him to his bed… Rajesh shirt was off, and his tees couldn’t hide much of his stocky figure neither his man boobs.. I was just looking at him as he laid on the bed.. His pants were not properly worn as I could visibly see his ass slit.. And also it was very clear to me that the director is a submissive guy… Rajesh helps himself up to sit on bed, with me standing by his side he hugs me around my waist.. Tightly.. He looks at me upwards.. And kisses my belly.. I too caress his hair and head, he suddenly gets up and wobbly walking goes towards door to latch it close.. He removes his shirt and tee shirt while coming back and gives me a very tight hug… I too give in.. Knowing what’s gonna happen and I let it happen.. I started kissing his neck and jawline and we look at each other and start smooching…. It was a brief moment where I was so willingly kissing a guy, a guy who was almost three times my age… After we split lips, Rajesh looked me in the eyes and went on his knees, unbuckling my belt and gently pulled out my erect boner out of my pants. He gently kissed it and started wrapping his lips around my mushroom head, he looked me in the eyes as he gulped inch by inch inside his mouth.. I held Rajesh mouth and started shoving my boner in and out of his mouth, Rajesh pleasingly sucked it to his heart’s content.. He sucked and slurped it all, running his tongue down my shaft, tasting every bit and corner of it and rolling my balls in the warmth of his wet mouth… Rajesh pulled down my pants and rose up while seductively walked towards the wardrobe where he had kept his luggage… While doing so he dropped his pants and undies and opened the wardrobe door.. He looked at me as he got all items out lube, condoms.. He came close to me with all stuff and dropped it on the bed..

Rajesh: Believe it or not, I was waiting for this day Kunal.. You were the apple of my eyes, since I first saw you in rest room.. I never wanted a guy so badly as I want you.. Before we get into this Kunal.. I just want you to know that I like you a lot and yes I am bisexual and yes I am a submissive guy..

Saying this Rajesh came close to me..

Rajesh: “Just forget all gender biases today as I have forgotten.. I just want to be your passive partner tonight and all possible nights in future…”

Me: I have already forgotten that..

Saying this we kissed again.. As Rajesh fondled my boner while I caressed his butt and man bosoms..

I sucked on them and Rajesh pressed and fed more of his man tits in my mouth..

I pushed him towards bed and Rajesh was visibly breathing heavy as the moment he was waiting for and fantasizing for a long time now was finally… He took the lube and took a good amount and applied to his man pussy, while I was putting on protection.. Rakesh sat on bed and applied a good amount of lube on my dick as well and laid on bed holding his legs spread.. Rakesh anal entrance was sufficiently large which gaped as he spread his legs.. He smiled at me..

Rakesh: I know what you are thinking and yes what you are thinking is correct.. This is definitely not my first time…

I pushed my dick down his hole which he took in easily.. Even I was happy that it didn’t took much exertion on my end to get a good smooth rhythm while doing him..

I kissed Rakesh and started banging him slow and good and started banging him in rhythm and increasing pace… Rakesh was not much of a big guy in front… Even when erect he was merely 3&1/2 and his man clit was dangling with each stroke… I held his legs and took control and started pushing in at my will.. The whole room was filled with sounds of my dick and crotch banging against his butt and lube spill splotches…

Rajesh: Yeah fuck me Kunal, fuck me.. God you fuck so good..

Rajesh starts to shag his clit, but I remove his hand and tell him not to shag his dick instead I slap his dick in between and with each slap Rajesh’s orgasmic levels spike and with each slap he oozes a good amount of pre cum… I hold his heavy thighs above and start banging him good. Rakesh takes in all the thrusts and even without touching his dick starts shooting all cum which lands directly over over his face and mouth.. I put his legs down and can see all the mess he made of himself.. He took a tissue and wipes his face as I continue to bang him.. I turn him on his stomach and he bends like a good obedient man stretching his ass wide and good for doggy style banging… I grab his grey hair and pull him closer and keep ploughing his anus farm with my dick…

I looked at my watch and it was 1 already.. I could sense the world around us slowing down and it was just me and him in the heat of moment having men to men sex..

I could feel my semen boiling and about to blast through my pole..

Rajesh sensed me increasing my pace..

“Are you about to cum.. Baby?” He quickly adjusted himself below my dick with his mouth open and tongue out..

He got my protection off and with the rubber bundle snapped off my mushroom head.. That very moment I spurted it all out on Rakesh face without even looking at him I just deposited all my cum… My eyes were closed but I could sense Rajesh adjusting to the spurts with his lips touching my mushroom base, all into his mouth and then him kissing it and rubbing my shaft all over his face…

I sat down on my knees on his bed that’s when I saw his messy face with all my man juice dripping off his face, he smiled at me and licked the cum of his lips…

We just stayed there gasping for breath..

We both headed towards washroom and Rajesh washed his face.. He came near me.. And got on his knees to lick my dick clean.. We showered and Rajesh rubbed each of my body part… I too caressed his femme body.. And slapped his ass good in the showers….. Rajesh saw me hard again…

Rajesh: I knew you would be hard again…

Saying this he gave me another condom which he had brought wrapped in the towel.. Winked at me.. I teared open the packet, put it on and banged his already widened hole and fucked him good in the showers with him being bended over commode and then basin… I emptied my balls in the condom this time… And had a good bath together…

After we were done with shower.. I saw Rajesh pull out a robe which barely covered him, wrapped around himself and headed to bed.. He came and hugged me..

Rajesh: “How do you feel now?”

I was shy enough not to answer that question but Rajesh kissed me again…

Rajesh: I like you a lot Kunal.. I know it doesn’t sound right and neither you would have anything to worry about ever…

Before leaving the hotel, we do it few more times the next day till all condom packets are used up.. All 10 of them.. Rajesh was visibly very happy and glad that this trip happened.. We reached home and he texted me that he would have a surprise waiting for him in the office next day..

There was a meeting aligned next day where Rajesh announced that I would be his associate manager from now on and would be responsible for all operations pertaining to his role..

Rajesh and me we both headed to his cabin.. He closed the door and asked me if I was happy..

I smiled and replied yes…

He told me that we are heading to a meeting….. And he explicitly mentioned

“Today my driver is on leave..”

He winked at me… The next thing that happened was him blowing me in his car which was parked in the darkest corner of the parking lot… Life was good.. Real good…