Caught in my friends High Heels and Hose – Part 2

I was close again too and pulled my cock out and stood at the foot of the bed. I gave my cock a final few strokes and then watched yet another stream of cum spurt forth all over Julies shoes and legs. Long streams of the sticky white goo ran up and down all over and dripped onto the carpet. She must have know what I was doing and flipped over onto her back, slid off her cum-soaked heels,  and took my cock between her feet to milk the last few drops of cum out. I almost buckled at the knees as I watched it drip out all over her toes. I just loved it…. And when there was none left she surprised me by lifting her feet to her mouth and licking the stickiness off them.

‘Told you I hadnt had enough didnt I?’ and smiled at me..

‘Maybe we best keep this little effort our secret?’

I smiled in agreement and lie down beside her on the bed. I was about to drift off to sleep again when the key turned in the door again

‘Oh my god, my daughters home, I forgot…..’

to be continued…..

We both froze as the door opened, and the familiar shape of her 15 year old daughter Anna was sillhouetted in the doorway. Even though I was horrified at the thought of this young girl seeing me I couldnt help but feel a little excited as well.

She walked into the partly lit room and her eyes grew as wide as two dinner plates.

‘Mum, umm what are doing…ohh jesus.. this is just weird…’

She’d obviously had a couple of drinks herself, and was a little unsteady on her feet and semi-collapsed onto the bed. The unsteadiness probably wasnt helped by her ‘party heels’ which must have been at least 5 inches high and came to a tiny stiletto tip.
She lay on the bed next to her mother and muttered something to her. I couldnt help but run my hand along her legs as they draped alongside me. Long and slender, and she had on some incredibly sheer and shiny pantyhose that looked fantastic.

‘Mum were you two having sex? And why is he dressed like that?’

‘Yes baby we were, mummy needed some action, and as for the dress-ups, well sometimes we adults like to play a bit and some guys…well they just get off of being girlies sometimes!’

‘Ha ha, actually he looks quite cute like that’ and she giggled some more.
‘And from the looks of whats all over you mumma he’s enjoyed himself for sure!’

I was astounded to see her reach across to her mother and dip her hand in some of the sticky soup that was still dripping off her mother cum-soaked feet. Obviously the shy 15 year old I knew wasnt quite so shy with a couple of drinks in her.

‘Wow, I didnt know it was so sticky and wet..’ and she played with it a little letting it stretch into long strings between her fingers.

‘Baby I really dont think you should be doing that’ Julie said with a laugh.

‘Oh come on mum, you’ve had some fun tonight for sure, why cant I have some as well?’

She pulled herself up on the bed and sat on the edge, her hand came up and cradled my soft cock, she stroked it softly along its full length, instantly it began to rise again.

‘Oh mama isnt it beautiful when it gets hard like that so easily!’

‘Yes babe, they truly are, and one day they’ll provide you with a lot of pleasure too’

‘What do you mean one day, why cant I play with this one?’

Anna giggled and pulled the pantyhose back up over my by now rock-hard cock and started to rub her hand over it.

‘Mama can I taste it?’ and didnt wait for an answer and began to suck the head of my cock through the pantyhose. She didnt know what she was doing but looking down at this cute young girl sucking my cock was sending messages to my cock that said ‘Stay hard’ and it was listening.
‘Mmmm I like this’ she said and started to run her tongue up and down the whole length. She may have been young and inexperienced but she was sure giving me a whole lot of pleasure.

Julie sat up and joined her daughter in front of me, they started to take it in turns to pleasure me with first one, and then the other worshipping my throbbing member. Finally Julie had enough and pulled it out of the pantyhose prison and sunk the whole length deep within her mouth. I could barely stand up at this stage because the feeling was so intense.
She took my whole cock deep within her and I could feel her tongue wrapping around it as she slid it in and out.

She stopped and nodded to Anna. ‘Your turn now, just do a little at a time, dont try and take it all’

Anna didnt need asking twice and slowly started to suck my engorged cock. Just an inch or so at a time but she was doing a very good job indeed.

‘Oh mama this is so lovely I wish it could go on all night’

She wasnt the only one who was wishing that as I watched my member slide in and out of her mouth. Yes it was a new experience to her but judging from how I felt she was going to be very good at it in the future. How I envied the young boys who would come after me.

I couldnt wait any longer and pulled my cock out of Anna’s mouth and pulled her up in front of me. With one swift movement I reached around and unzipped her dress and let it drop to the floor. Her bra had a front clasp so I undid that too and her soft young breasts stood open to the world. I looked down and she was wearing no panties, so I could see the soft hairs of her cunt through the pantyhose.
I stood back a bit and was almost in heaven. All she was wearing was wearing were her sky-high party heels and lovely shiny pantyhose.

‘Mama, please can he fuck me..I want to feel what it’s like, please mama’

‘No’ I said ‘I cant, you’re too young’

Julie agreed ‘No baby, we have to draw the line somewhere’

I laid Anna down on the bed in front of me, and slowly removed her shoes. I slid one of her toes into my mouth and began to suck on it slowly. Anna threw her head back and moaned… I was on the right track for sure. I did each toe in turn, savouring the joy of sucking the toes through the shiny nylon.
Then I slowly worked my way down her legs, stopping to kiss every inch or so. As I reached her pussy I stopped and stood up again. I grabbed her feet and placed them around my cock. She took the hint and began to rub my cock with her feet. It was ecstacy as her nylon-clad feet worked their way up and back along my cock.
I couldnt take too much of this so I pulled away and parted her legs.

I went up between her legs and began to lick her wet pussy. She squealed as my tongue touched her and she then let out a long deep moan of delight. It was the first time someone else had touched her there and she was aiming to enjoy it. I licked every inch of her pussy almost non-stop and she was writhing and squirming all over the place, she was loving it.
Partway through I felt something wet and sticky come between my own ass cheeks. Oh Julie, I’d forgotten… She’d got the vibrator out again and was working it in and out of me. This was too good to be true now. The more Julie fucked me, the more I licked her daughter.
Finally I could take no more, and nor could Anna I think. Using my teeth I bit a hole in the front of her pantyhose and tore it open. I stuck my tongue deep inside her and she arched her back high on the bed.

‘Oh yes, yes…more, more..’

I knew it was wrong but I couldnt help myself. I dragged myself up between her legs and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy, the vibrator slipped out of Julies hands and stayed buzzing away in my ass sending fabulous sensations throughout my body.

I pushed ever so gently into Anna and my cock moved in a little way, but then stopped. Oh shit, she’s still a virgin…

‘Baby this may hurt a little for a moment, but after that will be wonderful’

‘I dont care, just fuck me, just fuck me’

I pushed harder and harder and finally she broke and my cock plunged deep inside with one long stroke.

She screamed in pain but quickly yelled ‘Don’t stop, keep going’

I had no intention of stopping and lifted her up and started pumping her hard. Julie came around and positioned herself astride Anna so that her pussy was in front of me. I took the hint and began to lick her.
It was fantastic, I was fucking this beautiful young girl and eating out her mum at the same time.

Anna was close and one final thrust took her over the edge. She squealed and finally lay still on the bed, completely exhausted. I pulled my cock and stood up and bent Julie over. A quick parting of the cheeks and I slid straight into Julies tight ass. I was so excited that it took only a couple of pumps and I could feel the cum welling up in my balls. One final stroke and I pulled my cock out to watch my last orgasm of the night spurt all over Julies ass and then drip down onto her daughter. Long sticky strings of cum dripped off and lay in a pool on the shiny pantyhosed legs of Anna.
Anna sat up and took my cock into her mouth and cleaned the last of the white stuff off. She then sat down again and smiled at me.

Julie spun around and lay down next to her spent daughter, both of them smiling and obviously happy. My wobbly stocking-clad legs gave way on me and I fell on top of both of them. Julie kissed me and then Anna in turn. And then turned and spoke to me.

‘You know, I think we all needed that, maybe we better go to sleep now, I have a feeling we may want to try it again later…’