Svetka in striptease club

In this story Svetka tries to work as a stripper in a striptease club. This is another episode about young exhibitionist model Svetka. In the first episode Svetka delivered pizza topless. In second episode she completed her first photo shoot and earned 1000 €. In the 3rd episode she served beer to the customers in the bar while completely naked.

Svetka was eastern European girl, slim, blond, with short hair. She was a student and she worked part time as a waitress in a bar. She attended classes at day time and worked as a waitress in a bar in the evening. But she was constantly out of money. Her part time job did not pay her well enough. She tried going to a modeling agency to become a model, but they did not have job for her.

Svetka was not afraid to be naked in public. She actually enjoyed that. She learned how she felt aroused and excited when men looked at her naked breasts and body. So, she decided, may be she can make it a profession?

She came to a night club and asked to see a manager. The manager came and she asked if he has a job for her as a stripper.

“May be,” said manager. “Can you dance? Can you move on stage?”

“I have my moves,” answered Svetka. She liked dancing. She went to dance and disco clubs often. So she was confidant that she can dance well. But that was a different kind of dancing, as she soon learned.

“Have you work as a stripper before?” He asked.

“No,” replied Svetka. “But I can dance and I like to be nude, so I am sure that I can do stripping well.”

“How old are you?” Asked manager. “Show me you papers.”

Manager looked at her documents. She was 19 so the age was not an issue.

“Which days can you work?” He asked.

“I can work Saturdays and Sundays,” she replied. “I work in the bar on weekdays.”

“Very well,” said manager. “Come next Saturday night at 5 pm.”

Next Saturday, Svetka came to the strip club a quarter before 5.

The manager said, “This is simple. When the music starts, you come on stage. You dance holding by the pole. Then you strip your clothes and the customers throw money on stage. Then in the end you pick up your money.”

“Understood,” said Svetka. That sounded rather simple.

“We have changing room for strippers in the back of the club,” said manager. “Go there and change to your stage costume before the performance. Your first dance will be at 5:30.”

“But I don’t have a stage costume,” said Svetka, sheepishly. “These clothes is all I have today. Can I borrow a stage costume from somebody?”

“You may try to ask other dancers about it,” said manager frowning. “But I doubt that anyone would lend to you her costume. Go now and be ready at 5:30.”

“And remember,” he added to her, smiling shrewdly. “You cannot have sex with customers on the club premises. This is not a brothel. I will fire you immediately, if I catch you doing that in the club.”

Svetka was shocked by his rude remark, but replied indifferently “I will remember.”

Svetka was upset. She did not have any stage dress or costume. She went to the changing room and asked other strippers to lend her some stage costume. But they only laughed at her, and nobody gave her anything.

“Girl friend,” said one woman, smiling. She was wearing shiny silver bikini and a matching high hills stiletto shoes on 10 inch hills. “You must be new here or you would not ask such question.”

“Stage costume is like your own trademark. Every stripper has her own and none will lend it to you. You suppose to buy your own stage dress to be ready for performance.” Everyone laughed.

Poor Svetka did not know what to do. She was at the verge of tears.

She thought that a stage costume and shoes like that woman wearing might cost at least 400 €. May be more. If she would have that kind of money she would not be here.

She looked at other women in the changing room. Other strippers looked older than her, more mature, with large silicon enhanced breasts, and lots of makeup on their faces. They all had different stage costumes like shiny bikinis or skirts with big feathers.

“No matter,” thought Svetka. “I will show them what I am. I am younger, slimmer, prettier, and have natural breasts. May be I won’t need a stage costume and lots of makeup, like they do.”

When her time came, at 5:30, Svetka went on stage, wearing same clothes in which she came to the club. It was winter, so Svetka came in her sweater, jeans and boots.

When music started Svetka stated dancing. She did not know how exactly she supposed to dance here so she just danced wildly like in teen disco club. Then music changed to slow tune. Svetka thought it was a clue to begin stripping her clothes.

It was hot in the club, so Svetka got sweaty. Svetka started stripping her clothes, holding hand on the pole, like manager said.

She took off her sweater, then her bra and stood there topless, just in her jeans. She sat down and made seducing moves, holding by the pole. Svetka smiled and closed her eyes.

The clientele of the club consisted of foreign tourists, mostly Americans. They liked striptease entertainment more then the typical local men do. Most were older gentlemen who stared at Svetka with excitement and lust in their eyes. She looked fresh and young and sweaty and gorgeous without and special costume or makeup. Men started throwing money on stage under her feet, mostly American dollars, but some Euro banknotes also. Viewers whistled to cheer her for more action.

Svetka felt great. She was always turned on by being nude in front of a public. She waved to audience and made more seducing moves. She took off her boots and left standing in socks. She unzipped jeans slowly and pulled them down half way. Then she pulled of her jeans and panties and left standing just in her socks.

Men started throwing more money on stage. When every banknote landed on stage, Svetka turned to the man who threw it, and said “Thank you.” Then she sat down, smiled and showed her butt or boobs to him. Soon she got a mount of banknotes on stage.

Then music suddenly stopped. Svetka bent down on her knees and picked all banknotes from stage, showing her cute round butt to the viewers.

After the performance Svetka went to the back changing room and counted her money in front of other strippers. She has earned $ 140, and 45 €. Then she went to the cashier and he converted her banknotes dollars to Euros. She has got in total 164 €. Other strippers looked at her with envy.

“Not bad, for the first performance,” said to her the same woman in silver bikini. “I see that you can handle that without a costume.”

“Thank you,” said Svetka smiling. “I hope I can improve it.”

“You dance all right, schoolgirl,” said the woman in silver bikini. “But your moves are pitiful. You should move your ass close to their face and roll your butt slowly in circular motion, to give them a better look on your genitalia.”

Svetka winced from that words, but said politely, “Thank you for advise. I am Svetka, by the way.”

The woman smiled sardonically and said in reply, “I am Anetka, but everyone calls me Mimi.”

“Nice to meet you, Mimi,” smiled Svetka. She has got her first friend here.

Svetka performed same repertoire one more time that evening, at 8:30. That time she earned 155 €.

Not bad for a first evening, thought Svetka happily.

But she soon learned that most money are not made on stage there. A stripper earns more money by taking a client to a private room in the back of the bar, and stripping exclusively for him, moving her boobs or her butt or vagina close in front of the customer’s face, sometimes just a few inches from his nose. Some customers pay $ 60, or more, for such performance.

A stripper can earn even more money by having sex with the customer. However strippers were not allowed to do sex on the club’s premises.

“This is not a brothel,” said Anetka, smiling. She explained all that to Svetka while they sat in the changing room, waiting their time for performance.

Anetka whispered, “Some strippers have sex quietly with clients, in the lady’s bathroom. But better to take client to the Motel across the street. It is safe and more private and Motel has special rooms reserved for that at night.” Anetka smiled shrewdly.

Svetka felt sick after these words, and she thought that she wanted to go to the bathroom and threw up, but she held her breath, and the desire to threw up passed.

Svetka left the club at 10 pm, and went to a bus stop to get home. She earned 319 € that evening. Not bad for a new strip dancer. She did not take men to the private room for performance, neither did she take men to the Motel rooms across the street.

But she did not feel very happy. That job felt almost like a prostitution to her. She decided she would not work in that club again. She thought that may be she could find another club, where conditions of work are different.