How A Little 10 Year Old Girl Changed My Life ;)

I try not to look, I really do, But I cant stop looking , It’s right there on the table.
What I’m looking at.. and trying not to ,is a huge dildo on the coffee table. As the Women goes on describing her mobility Scooter’s quarks and problems my eye’s are drawn to the huge sex toy like a magnet. For one I’ve never seen one in real life and two is her complete lack of caring that I, a stranger is in her house and she doesn’t seem to care that I see it.

I was dispatched to this house to by my company, I fix and repair mobility scooters. My day is usually made up of going to retirement home’s and shopping mall’s fixing ” Mart carts” for the masses to use. But this day I was in a house trailer, No, sorry “Manufactured housing” that’s what the training videos say I should call it. But no training video could have prepared me for one, Ms. Karen Holsten, age =53 and suffering from some malady, perceived or real that requires her to have a mobility scooter.

Ms. Karen was wearing a tank top, not that unusual in Florida, but Karen’s was about two sizes two small and her with ample breast, and no bra was at the best, distracting.. She was not a small women, but not fat, she just had a huge breast and a rather large ass. She was walking around the trailer fine, I suspected the scooter was really not needed ,but some Doctor had prescribed, and the state paid for , Just another one of Florida’s Problem’s, welfare fraud.

After hearing all about the “Piece of shit” scooter the state bought her, I got down to business, I got my probe and tool’s out to diagnose the problem, and as I suspected the onboard charger failed and burned the twin batteries out. As I kneeled on the floor and Karen leaned over, her breast swinging like pendulum’s right in front of my face, she ask “Is this going to be expensive” ? , smiling. When I responded that it required new battery’s and a new charger plus the service call fee, all in all, about $900.00. As she pondered this, I went to the van to see if I had the proper batteries. I did and when I went back into the house, I got a huge surprise.

One. Ms. Karen Holsten was setting on the couch, looking thru her check book, with her tit’s hanging out of the tank top, completely exposed. Acting like nothing was wrong, She said in a little girl voice, “I’m a little short this month, maybe we could work something out?”.

Now I want my reader’s to know, I’m not like some of the guy’s back at the shop. I’ve been married 30 years to my high school sweet heart. I’m a back-up Sunday school teacher at my church. My oldest Daughter , Faith is even a Missionary in Africa, my youngest Daughter, Becky is in the church choir. But when Karen proceeded to start to fondling her huge mommy melon’s, pinching her massive nipples, making them so big and hard, and smiled, knowing the effect she was having on me, I was mesmerized , I couldn’t look away. When she knew she had my attention, she held her ample tits to her mouth and started sucking her each of her own nipples in turn. She knew she had me as she reached for the massive dildo on the table. As she looked into my eye’s she rubbed the buzzing toy on her sex, thru her spandex leggings. Holding her arm under her tit’s to suckle at them as she used the toy on her slit . I was a lamb, and she was the wolf. My wife has , at best a “B” cup and doesn’t even like me to see her naked. So Ms. Karen’s show was quite an “Eye opener” for me.

I’m not proud of what happened, but I am a week man. As we lay there on her bed fucking like two dog’s in heat I didn’t care. Karen loved cock and was so loud in her demand’s to “Fuck me, Fuck me. Put it in my fat ass” my wife is quite in bed, nothing like this women. Karen Gave me my first blow job and let me probe her hot ass with cock at will.

And that’s how it started. Now I visit this trailer about once a month, after all I have to check on her batteries. She is usually wearing just a tank top and nothing else, laying on the couch with her leg’s spread and her shaved pussy on display, or
plowing at her cunt with a dildo, she has so many toy’s. She use’s that “little girl” voice she has when we fuck, she calls me “daddy” and begs for “daddies” cock. She knows it’s such a turn on for me. She once told me that her real Dad had started fucking her when she was 10, but she wasn’t bitter, she told me she loved it. And it shows.

Today when I visited, she had some news. Seems her Daughter (that I didn’t even know she had) was arrested and would be the guest of the state for four years. And the state was giving her (Karen) custody of the child till her Mother was released. Karen then went on to insure me that this wouldn’t matter for what we did , and I should continue to stop by. I did feel a little strange, knowing a child would be in the house while we committed adultery in the bedroom, Karen seemed amused when I told her of my concern’s.

Despite my concerns, I was at Karen’s door the next month like clock work. I couldn’t help myself. When I knocked, and as I entered, I seen Karen laying on the couch as usual, dog cock shaped pink dildo ,plunging in and out of her pussy. hands kneading her huge tit’s, eye’s rolled back, moaning in pleasure. What made this scene different was the dildo was in the hand’s of a little Girl, about 10. This little girl was standing between her Grandmother’s legs working the doggie dildo deep in her massive cunt. Smiling the whole time.

I was introduced to the little girl, her name was Lilly, dirty blonde shoulder length hair, blue eyes and a real cutie. like my Daughter Becky, This girl was also
10, but unlike Becky, Lilly was not some shy wall flower, Lilly was definitely not shy. I was shocked seeing all this, but at the same time turned on by it, The little girl spread Karen’s pussy lips and with her free hand worked her big clitty like a pro. I could tell Lilly was no stranger to sex.

With grandma’s encouragement Lilly pulled my raging hard cock out of my jean’s. I know I should have stopped her, but I didn’t. I just watched as the little girl , kneeled down and took my man cock in her little mouth, she got on her knees and with Grandma standing beside me sucked my cock off, I did not even last a minute. I grabbed the little girls head and held it there as I pumped wave after wave of cum in mouth. She took it all, swallowing every bit and wanting more.

It seems that incest is very common in Karen’s family She told me her Daughter, Lilly’s Mom was laying with her and her husband since she was a little girl, and Lilly’s mom let her boyfriend’s use Lilly anytime they wanted, “After all, it’s what all men want isn’t it?” she said. And even knowing it was so wrong to think so, I had to agree.

The next time I visited Karen she had Lilly in full make-up and even had glitter on her little flat chest and cherry lip gloss on her baby nipples. Karen set on the chair, fingerfucking herself , watching Lilly and I make out on the couch. Lilly rubbed her baby slit on my cock as she set on my lap, I was so hard for her. Then it happened. Karen came over to us and guided Lilly to lay back on the couch. Granny took KY and generously lubed Lilly’s pink baby slit. Lilly laid back on the couch spreading wider. Karen guided my man cock into her Grand Daughter’s slick slit, I was gentle and went slowly, I was not the first cock in this baby’s tunnel of love and she loved it.

With this ten year old little slut laying under me, I pumped gently at first, and soon with more force. I could see her skinny tummy rise and fall with my thrust, her baby uterus filled with man cock, her eyes rolled back in her head, moaning and gasping with pleasure. Granny was reaching under me and playing with my balls as I fucked the little girl, whispering in my ear, “fuck her, fuck her, the little cunt loves it”. And fuck her I did, soon doggy style with her baby ass cupped in my hands, she was so tight and sooooo willing.

I pumped so much cum in her, it ran down her thighs when I finally pulled out.
I felt a little shame in knowing what I had done, but this was soon forgotten as I watched the little girl play with her baby cunt, rubbing and playing with my cum as it leaked from her little pink pussy.

Soon I was visiting Karen weekly. Karen knew when men liked, she would have the little girl in all kinds of sexy costumes when I arrived. And the sex was fantastic, even at 10 Lilly was a better lover than my wife of 25 years. With Granny’s guidance I was soon fucking her Tight little ass along with her pussy. The girl was learning to be a better slut ,and I was learning that I loved little girls.

Today on the way home from work I stopped and bought my youngest Daughter, Becky some make-up, at 10 it was time she came out of her “shell”. I’d visit Becky’s room tonight when my wife went to her weekly Women’s prayer meeting. It was time for Becky and I to get to know each other a little better 😉

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