The Day I Knew I was Bi – Part 14

I was on my way to the old Mill on the following Saturday afternoon but had made no meeting with Paula but just wanted to put things there that may be good for our meetings and make our time better when one of the older boy’s from school caught up with me and asked me were I was going. Crump was older than me by a few years and had started conversations with me before, coming from another house I only saw him now and then.

We stopped and he asked me were I was going but I told him I was just out for a walk and had nothing planned so far, he looked at me long and hard for a moment and guided me up the school outer boundary fence for a short distance. Without a blush he told me he liked me and had been thinking of me a lot, I was surprised by this and had no time to stop him touching me and fondling me, truth is I liked it but asked him to stop all the same. I think you would enjoy some play from me he said and I would never utter a word about it to a soul. Now I had a problem, he was nice looking and from seeing him in our swimming baths were we all swam naked I knew he had a very nice cut cock and his pubic hair was nearly white making him look very sexy to me. He had a bulge in his pants now as he spoke to me like the hard one I had seen in the changing room at the pool when I was getting undressed to swim. The head was very red and it twitched as he watched me remove my clothes that day and I loved his cock and thought of it a lot at night. His name was Jake and now he was opening my trouser zip and a shudder of delight went through me as his hand found my cock and pulled it clear from its hiding place. We are safe hear he said and forced my trousers to the ground exposing my naked body as my pants had come away with them, I want you to be my Bum boy and have you when I wish, you will enjoy it I know as I saw your face in the changing room, you liked my cock hard and you turned your bum towards me that day and I nearly shot my load seeing the pink hole I wanted between those lovely cheeks.

He had moved behind me now and dropped his trousers, the head of his half erect cock was searching my bottom crack for his chance to enter as his hands were round me and playing with my cock in a way that was so nice I found my body pushing back on to his now totally had cock. The head was wet with a little pre cum and to be truthful it felt so good probing my anal entrance and I did give an extra push back allowing its head to just enter me as I bent over to be ready for his full thrusting to get that tool right inside to fuck me. He trusted and gained a proper entry inside me, my bottom up and my head down my body supported by my to arms at full stretch to the ground, my passage open his wetness allowing the free movement of his cock in and out of me and my delight at the thrills and mounting pleasure I had from the thrusting piston of his cock within me. I was light headed as he told me he wanted to fuck me and fill me with his cum and suck my cock for his share of my juices after he had climaxed deep within me. The words were making me horny as he used me and his cock showed the signs of a coming explosion within my bottom of his hot cum, fuck me I said but be nice to me to, I will he said and then shot all his cum within me and fucked me harder to make it go deep within me. The feelings were just so good I forgot were and what I was doing and told him I loved his cock and cum inside me so much, he withdrew and turned me round putting his cock in my mouth for me to clean his cum and the mixture of my anal juices which I took like a thirst dog. Cum was seeding from my hole and he let it dribble into his hand getting me to lick it from his open palm and drink it down with a wanton smile on my face like a whore, the whole thing was for me so good I was in my little heaven and my cock was next to give me pleasure as he sucked it till my foamy cum was sucked away by his mouth and he kissed me hard on the lips leaving some all round my mouth. He dressed and told me he wanted me later that evening behind the school boiler house were it was very dark and bushes gave cover, be there at 7 he said, I know you will like it.

I sorted my clothes out and went back to the road and off to the old Mill all the time wondering if I was able to have sex with him without others catching on as the truth was I had loved all of it and was left wanting more even now. At the Mill I was surprised to find Pauler and she was really happy to see me plastering me with kisses until she stopped and asked me why my lips tasted so funny, oh shit. I am not a guy who likes to lie so I told her we needed to talk, I explained that she was a real treat for me and I wanted her body in so many way’s but she needed to know that I was into men and women for sex and loved it very much. I had expected her to go mad but she just smiled and kissed me, that was male cum on your lips Julian was it not, yes I said and told her of my run in with Jake. She told me that the taste on my lips she knew very well so I opened up to her about being bi and after she she asked me to tell all I did. She looked shocked but still had a glint in her eye as I gave her the details of my early introduction to sexual practices with a man and on to my 3 some sex adventures on the cliffs here in Dover, she was quiet for a while when I finished my tale so I gave her time to reply. When she did it was me who was surprised, Pauler told me how she had been molested many times by a girl at school who was a lot older than her and like me she had ended up enjoying her fingering and licking her pussy but found as time went on she would cum when her nipples were sucked and teased even squeezed really hard, now it was my turn to be shocked. Wow, so you are bi to I said mildly, yes she said, I enjoy fingering and licking and sucking girls pussies and lots of other things when I get the chance to but cock is nice when it is in any of my greedy holes making me cum. I was at ease now and truly glad I had come clean with her as now it left the door open for us to have a lot of fun she could meet Meg and see what they would make of a little play with each other while Peter had his naughty way with me, so long as we were able to keep things private we should be able to enjoy a lot of sexual fun together plus I even had a cock waiting for me back in the school, things were looking good.

We had some fun in the Mill and I had her sit on my face giving her lovely cunt the best I could with my lips and tongue till she exploded her cum over my mouth wiping any traces of Jakes cum from my lips and leaving her smell there for me to enjoy for a while. She sucked my cock till my shudder led to her having a mouth full of frothy youth sperm which she dispatched telling me it was special and not salty like she had expected it to be. Both happy and reflecting on the new facts we had learnt about each other we parted and I left for school full of thoughts, what would it be like with Jake, how could I get Meg and Peter to come to the old Mill without the world seeing us there and not being able to have the fun we were all loving with each other, the sex was so good and worth a lot of risk I thought.

At 7 I did meet Jake and together we went to a brick toilet building on the edge of the sports field, he waisted no time in letting me know what he wanted from me, in his blunt manner he told me to take my trousers down and bend down with my arms out stretched to the wall, he dropped his trousers and his already hard cock was probing my already lubed anal passage. I had used some marge I took from the dinning hall as I left after supper and used it on my passage to avoid him hurting me as he attempted to gain entrance to me ad fuck me. He was surprised when his cock hit the spot and was straight inside me, he let out a grunt as the feeling of his cock inside me got through to him and he could drive it deep within my cheeks till he felt his thrill and his cock expanded to the size ready to fill me with his hot cum, it twitched and shot its creamy load into me and I again had a lovely feeling as he drove the delivery home time and time again my own cock tight and throbbing with the delight I was feeling hmm, loved it but truth wanted more and longer like Peter had fucked me and left me feeling so happy and full of nice internal thrills that made me so hot and horny for more cock and lots of creamy cum. Jake withdrew and I turned to him saying from my inner being, I don’t want you to fuck me anymore Jake, you just want to cum, I mean nothing to you at all and am not a bum boy just for your pleasure. He was shocked, yes I said, I love it but not from a person with no feelings, I like to kiss and and be sexy for the guy who wants my body, ride his cock so it brings him the very best feelings I can give and part as silent lovers, not just some hole to cum in. He did not know what to say, he pulled up his trousers and left, I slowly did the same and swore I would never do it for him again, nor did I.

I left a message for Meg asking her to see if she could get herself and Peter to meet next Saturday afternoon but by the shop in Guston as I had a girl there who they should meet for some group fun, I knew that would get Meg going and was really hoping she would have Pauler and share her round for us all to enjoy, I knew Pauler would want Meg to as she had such lovely breasts and showed them well nipples always visible when horny. Just had to dream every night now till the weekend and enjoy playing with my cock till my next chance for some lovely bodies to play with.

Part 15 very soon the Mill adventure.