Cindy and Rob at 50 were no strangers to a variety of different ways of sexually pleasing each other, and themselves. After 25 years of marriage, they were open and extremely candid in their discussions on the matter. Lately, Cindy had been playing with both verbal and costume roleplay in order to stimulate Rob who appreciated every effort she made. This afternoon she had put on an ivory corset (which was pure make-believe as her figure had remained fabulous) and stockings and was in the process of fitting a latex hood over and already spread-eagled Rob’s head. The hood had small breathing and ear holes as well as Velcro eye and mouth covers which she had chosen not to remove as yet.

Stroking his 8-inch erection with warm oil she worked him as close as she dared to cumming several times before stopping and letting him come back from the brink, removing his eye coverings, “Watch as I mount you and cum on your hard cock.” She whispered at his ear, “and believe I am picturing you sitting across the room working your own hard-on as I fuck a complete stranger with a massive dick that makes yours seem tiny. After he cums in me and I crawl up to allow you to clean his spunk from my pussy. Now imagine he wants to be cleaned as well so I allow him replace me and place his cock where you can suck my juices and his spunk off it. You will never see him but you will remember his salty flavour.”

Noting that Rob’s cock could not get any larger, Cindy lifted herself up and impaled herself on him quickly grounding both of them to massive orgasms with Rob flooding Cindy’s pussy like she had never felt before. Squeezing her pussy to extract every bit of cum from Rob and to hold it all inside her, she slid off his cock and positioned herself with her knees by his ears and removed his mouth cover while covering his nose holes. As Rob opened his mouth gasp in air Cindy released his spunk into it and released his nose. As she expected Rob swallowed his entire load to avoid choking after which Cindy slid off his mouth and quickly French kissed him to enjoy the taste before rolling off leaving them both lying in exhaustion.

“Jesus Cindy, where did that come from? I have never cum that hard before and if I am not wrong a lot of that juice was yours. Two firsts, I have never imagined you wanting to fuck huge dick while I watch and second, I never been force fed my own cum before.”

“Rob, where that came from, I may share with you later, but right now I want you to answer, did you enjoy that as much as I did,” Cindy panted?

“Cindy, over the years you have taken me to places sexually I could not have imagined, and loved but nothing has ever come close to being as erotic and fantastic as what you just did. Give me some time and we can discuss various ways to do it again.”

“I am ready for that discussion whenever you are. I am so happy you are with me in this.”

Not quite sure where his wonderfully over-sexed wife was going with this, Rob quickly decided the ride might be more fun if he just didn’t know at this point.


Later, sitting enjoying the summer sun by their backyard pool, Rob was sipping his second Gin and Tonic while noting that Cindy was on her third.

“I sense you are bracing yourself for serious discussion,” Rob noted.

“I hope not serious, but after the success of our afternoon play date, perhaps forward looking,” Cindy answered in a voice that would have melted icebergs. “You and I have for years enjoyed kinky sex and I think I know you fairly well on that level. Several weeks ago, Moira and I were at the club enjoying the spa. In the steam room, as usual when alone we had dropped our towels.”

Rob was now listening intently as Moira of all Cindy’s girlfriends Moira was the sexiest and the most flagrant about her sexuality.

“There was a knock on the steam room door so I grabbed my towel and answered. Two guys were there asking if they could share the ladies’ steam room as the men’s was under repair. I said sure and shouted for Moira to grab a towel. When they were in and I closed the door Moira, being Moira, had not grabbed a towel. The guys took this as an opportunity to drop theirs so I was left the only one left covered. Then I looked at these guys’ cocks, maybe I shouldn’t have, but I did. Rob, they were both huge, and not even hard yet. Moira invited them to take a place of the bench and they settled in one on each side of Moira.

It was a bit much for me so I left but Moira later told me that I missed a lot of fun as she apparently screwed them both. After I got home, I realized how turned on I was by those guys and set up my little ambush for you. Even you have mentioned that you find large cocks on men a bit of a turn on. At 8 inches you are not small but imagine having one of those 10-inch monsters stuck in you.”

Rob was quiet for a few minutes thinking of how to respond, “Cindy, I understand now why you were so horny, it’s nothing to be worried about. I am getting a bit hard just thinking about you screwing a cock that big. I find big cocks interesting from that point of few, how you might enjoy them. I can imagine watching you.”

“Not so fast Rob. I believe that you have some conditioning to do before you would be able to allow, let alone enjoy, something along those lines. This is new to us and we should go slowly so we don’t ruin what is a wonderful marriage. Let me try some new things in the next day or two and we’ll see.”


The next day he asked her, “What sort of conditioning do you think I require?”

“Rob, you have never really liked your ass being played with and, the only cum you have ever tasted is your own. If we are going to venture further in this, direction those are two things are going to change.”

“Why another guy’s cum? Seems gay.”

“May be a bit gay but if I am going to fully enjoy a monster hung lover with you watching, a big part for me will you be cleaning my pussy me out after he’s done and then, I’ll fuck your ass and make you eat your own. Moira’s suggestion by the way.”

“OK, can I ask why she’s not part of this?”

“She wants to be and if you agree she will be. We probably get to tie her up first as she is a total bondage freak. Sound fun?”

“Seems like the party planning is up to you and all I have to do is say yes so, yes. Are you going to be upset if I decide to screw Moira?”

“Not at all. As a matter of fact, I was thinking about you doing just that. Moira is bringing her latest boyfriend by this afternoon. I think we should plan something wicked.”


When Moira arrived later in the day Cindy led her back to the pool and asked where her new boyfriend was. Moira explained that he would be there shortly and that she hoped we would like him.

Leaning to have a private word with Cindy, Moira whispered, “He makes those guys in the steam room look like little boys.”

Rob was used to Moira being Moira and always expected the worst so when she asked if she could swim, he was not surprised that he was left holding her clothes as she wandered naked to the pool, a very pleasant sight. When Cindy did the same, he knew an interesting evening was coming.

“Hi, I’m Cole, Cindy’s friend,” a loud voice announced behind Rob. “She said we were swimming. Are suits required?”

Before he could answer the 6’5” 250 pound toned black guy was naked and leading Rob to the pool. “Look what I found; a little dick white guy afraid to get naked. Take those clothes off, Whitey, or I’ll do it for you. We are going to have a cock comparison contest.”

With the ladies cheering him on Rob stripped off his clothes and looked down at Cole’s cock meekly. Cole’s 12-inch monster hung halfway down his thigh and hadn’t even started to stiffen yet. Cindy and Moira eased Rob forcefully to his knees. Moira gathered Cole’s black cock in her hands and brought the massive tip to her lips running her tongue around the head. “Robby, stiffen him for us will you,” she laughed

Pulling Rob’s head forward and guiding Cole’s massive cock into his mouth. Holding Cole’s cock shaft and the back of Rob’s hair she began to work more and more of the black snake into Rob. As Cole’s cock stiffened Rob’s task got harder. His mouth was barely big enough to accommodate the head let alone to shaft and he was soon gagging much to Cindy and Moira’s delight.

“Not as easy as it looks is it Rob,” Cindy said laughing? “Guys always want head but have no appreciation for the skills involved.”

Pushing Rob’s head off of Cole’s cock Moira took over, expertly sliding the head and half of the shaft down her throat.

“How can she do that?” Rob asked Cindy “Just the head felt like my lips would split.”

“She has had lots of practice. If you think your mouth was stretched wait until you see what Cole can do to your ass.”

Rob hadn’t thought about that and now was worried. Did he really want a massive black cock in his ass? “You know what Cindy? You set all this up so if you take that monster up your ass, I will.”

“Done” was all Cindy said as she turned to catch up to Moira and Cole.


Rob expected to find Moira and Cole engaged in some sort of sex act but he was pool area Moira had been busy convincing a naked Cindy that she could take Cole huge cock up her ass and orgasm doing it. Cindy was on her back and Moira was holding her legs back over her head exposing Cindy’s pussy and anus to Cole who was generously spreading lubricant over both and over his own cock.

“Just in time for the big show,” Cole shouted to Rob. “Get over here so you get a close look and help.”

Taking Rob’s hand Cole placed it around his huge cock and told him to direct it into Cindy’s pussy. As Rob eased the black monster toward his wife’s tender pussy Cole reached down nudged it off course and onto Cindy’s asshole. He pushed forward and the bulbous head stretched opened her cunt and popped inside.

As Cindy begged him to stop Cole turned to Rob, “this is the fun part,” and slid his entire 12 inches completely into her ass. On hi fingers and cock

Rob watched in wonder as his lovely wife began to cum while humping her ass upward. Cole placed 3 of his huge fingers on Cindy’s pussy lips and deep into her as she screamed for him to push deeper. After Cole came heavily deep in Cindy’s ass and she came impaled on his fingers and cock, he withdrew and as he did his thick white cream squeezed around his cock and out of her ass.

“Clean that up white boy,” he snarled, pushing Rob’s head into his wife’s ass.

Having trouble breathing Rob licked as fast and deep as he could to clean the huge load of spunk out of Cindy. When his tongue was a far up her ass as it would go Cindy came again from his manipulations. Pulling back, Rob’s face was smeared cum, and other offerings from Cindy’s ass. Cole apparently had a fast recovery cycle as he pushed his again stiff cock into Rob’s ass using Cindy’s excretions as lubricant.

Rob screamed as Cole’s cock opened his ass to the splitting point and plunged in. Moira slide under Rob and sucked his engorged cock into her mouth. As Cole pounded his ass and Moira sucked his cock Rob got into rhythm and moved with them until exploding into Moira’s mouth as Cole came for a second time into Rob’s ass.

When Cole withdrew Moira pushed Cindy into Rob’s ass to clean up. As Cindy complied, Moira rose over Rob and kissed him deeply depositing his own cum load down his throat. Cindy quickly followed with as much of the load out of Rob’s ass as she could hold, kissing Rob as Moira had done and filling his mouth again with Cole’s cum and his own bowel juices.

“That’s the kind of conditioning I was referring to,” Cindy whispered in Rob’s ear.