Daddy’s boy (Part One)

a story on how i (14m) sucked my dads thick cock. x

A quick description of me, i’m around 5”9 and have a relatively average build, my hair is short and dark brown and i’d consider myself attractive.

It all started when i turned 14, i had come out as gay to my parents a few months prior and although my dad had taken it fine as his coworker was gay and they got along well, my mother was less than than pleased. We were sat at the kitchen table and let’s just say my mother didn’t finish her food. After that, my mom barely talked to me and when she did it was a snide comment or a sarcastic asking about my day. However in this time, my dad and I had become much closer. At first it was just talking a bit more but then it turned into hanging out all the time watching movies or playing COD together. So although my moms behaviour hurt me it wasn’t all bad.

About 3 months after i came out i went out with my dad. We went to a restaurant i liked then went to an aquarium near us that had opened recently. It was a really nice day and probably one of the best days i’d had in a while. But of course it couldn’t last forever. When me and my dad came home it was around 8:30PM and we walked in to the living room where my mom sat. She looked me up and down and grimaced. Which i have to say annoyed me a good bit.
“ How’s your date been you faggot? “she spat at me. I looked at her in complete shock. How could my own mother say that to me. My dad was furious and began to yell at her for treating her only son like shit just for being gay. After a short outburst from my dad my mum stood up glared at me and went upstairs to bed.

After that little altercation i was shaken and sat down on the couch while my dad went into the kitchen where after a few minutes he came back with two beers, i think they were corona’s but my eyes were teary and i didn’t take much notice. My dad sat shoulder to shoulder next to me and pulled me into a hug before handing me the beer. My dad had always been fairly lenient when it came to alcohol with his only rule being not to get a girl pregnant which i doubt he was too worried about anymore.

After a while we had both finished our drinks and he got up to get another two.
“put on a movie or something kid”
I readjusted and opened netflix where i put on one of the movies that popped up at the top when you open it. My dad walked back in and sat back down and put his arm around my shoulder before pulling me in closer. I won’t lie im a bit of a lightweight when it comes to beer so i was a little drowsy so i was more than happy to lie on his comfortable chest.

I woke up a little while later, my dad was fast asleep and i checked to see we were about an hour into the movie. My head was still against his warm chest and my arms were inbetween us on the seat. I was about to wake him up when i realised something, underneath his jeans was a sizeable bulge. My face immediately went red hot as my eyes stayed glued to it like it was calling me. I held there holding my breath when my arm seemed to move on it’s own up over his leg and hovered over his semi-erect penis before i placed my palm against it. My dad was still sound asleep and i was getting hornier by the second so i slowly pushed my body further back on the couch so i could lay my head on his lap. I was now about an inch from his penis and my heart was beating so fast i was scared it would wake him up. I slowly moved my head closer and closer moving centimetres at a time so that my lips pushed against the beast hidden between his legs.As i let out hot breath onto it my dad began to move his arms. Realising this i quickly shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep. My dad rested his hand on the back of my head as he slowly ran his thumb in circles around my ear and with his other hand he placed it on my ass which he began to squeeze. My face was pointing towards him as my head was on his knees so i slowly opened my eyes ever so slightly to see that his cock was now as erect as cocks come. My dad lifted his hand off my head and unzipped his jeans before slowly rubbing his cock underneath them. My heart was now racing so fast that i was sure that he could hear it and with a small fit of courage i pushed my head forward so my lips were against his boxers which made him let out a moan. My dad leant over my head and whispered in my ear
“are you awake?”
For a few seconds i held completely silent before letting out a faint

My eyes were now open looking up at my dads face and as i looked i realised he was rather good looking, his face had a light stubble and a strong jaw line and his hair was like mine just a little longer. As we looked at eachother he let out a small smirk before slowly putting his hands underneath his boxers and pulling out his dick. It was now in front of me and it was big. It must’ve been around 8 and a half inches which is a lot more than my 6” and just as slowly as he pulled it out i moved my head up his shaft before taking its entirety down my throat. My dad let out a moan as i made my way up and down his thick shaft. After about 40 seconds his hands had made his way on top of my head as he pushed and pulled my head lightly and after about 40 more seconds he pushed my head down against his smooth base before cumming deep into my throat. As it dripped down my mouth the flavours filled my head with love and i think i became addicted immediately. As i sucked his sweet semen into my stomach he let out a moan that made me even hornier. I slowly lifted my head up and kissed his tip before licking it up and down for any trace of his sweet juices. I raised my head to his and gave him a light kiss on the cheek before getting up and walking to my room. I jacked off that night and i don’t think i’ve ever cum that much before. After cleaning up i went to sleep with the flavour of salty goodness still swirling around my tongue. x

This is only the start of my relationship with my dad and i plan to tell you more about it. x

If you want to talk to me, my snapchat is charlie.7443
i’d love to hear what you’d do to me x