Cousin’s sexy feet

I will start out by saying I have a huge foot fetish. I have always been drawn to women’s feet, and recently also drawn to men’s feet. I am a bi single male loving life.

During the summer of 1995, I took a road trip with some family members to Florida. It was a trip to celebrate my grandparent’s anniversary. My 2 cousins, who are brother and sister, my mom and her niece. My female cousin was a very attractive blonde, with nice sized breasts, and amazing feet. Her name is Lori, and her brother is Chris. I will have a later story with Chris.

Started of a nice fall day, talking and getting along as family does. We drove in a conversion van, which had captain seats and a bench type seat that turned into a bed. I sat on the bench, and Lori sat on the other part of the bench. After a while, the sun was setting and us riders were getting sleepy. Lori, laid down and put her socked feet right next me. Touching my leg, wow lucky me. I brushed my hand against her foot, and she curled her foot towards me. I thought it was my in. So I grabbed her foot and started massaging it. She smiled and closed her eyes. I couldn’t believe it I was touching her sexy feet. By this time I couldn’t help my self and was getting hard. Lori was also wearing some shorts, and a half shirt, showing glimpses of her breasts every once in a while.

She grabbed a nearby blanket and draped it over herself, and I continued to massage her feet, getting harder. She put her other foot in my lap, right on top of my hard cock, she knew right away, she gave me a smile, and rubbed her foot a little bit. I took her white socks off, and gave it a quick whiff, she smiled again and winked. I was now rubbing her bare feet, her soft soles and long toes mad it tough for me to concentrate on anything else. She continued to rub her other foot on my bulging cock, by this time I was almost ready to shoot my load. I then saw her mover her hand down towards her mid section, and saw her rubbing her mid-section, and going back and forth, can she be playing with herself, right in front of me.

By this time, it was dark enough around and the others were sleeping. I grabbed her foot put it up my face and gave it a deep smell, wow was that amazing, she curled her toes, and I started sucking her big toe. Lori gave out a moan, but thankfully with the radio volume up no one heard. I continued to suck on her toes, and lick her feet. She kept moaning and squirming, it seemed she liked it. I ran my hand up her leg inching my way to her ass, to my surprise and excitement she had he shorts down and was fingering away. I put my fingers near her wet pussy, and she grabbed my fingers and forced them in. Oh heaven. I fingered her for a few miles, until I heard we were going to stop and get a hotel. I did not want this to end. We both pretended like we were sleeping, and heard them say,if you can hear us we are getting a room come in when you wake up. They all went in and she just smiled at me. After sucking her toes for a bit longer, I wanted to eat her pussy, I moved to her pussy and started eating that golden box, that young tasty muff lasted for a while. She moved around so she could start sucking my cock. Sadly I wasn’t able to last long, but she took in every last drop. She took off her panties and said these are for you. I took her socks, and we ended up falling asleep in the van.

As the trip went on we had a few more adventures……….