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Hello, all you horny gentlemen and kinky ladies! Let me introduce myself. I am Ash, a 28-year-old single man from Texas with an athletic built and fine sized manhood. So let’s start my story that dates back to April 2015. As a single man with commitment phobia, I am constantly surfing dating apps with the idea of having something casual with someone every now and then. It was just another day of April when I was swiping on this famous dating app and I could not believe my luck of meeting someone crazy that led to hot steamy sex with a married woman.

As I was busy swiping left to the majority of girls, my eyes got stuck to the profile of a beautiful girl named Becky. Becky was a fair girl with blonde hair and cat coloured eyes with measurement of 34-30-38. I swiped right and it was a match. Becky was married but was not happy with her husband. She has been looking for something casual yet satisfying. We started chatting on the text and then had long calls which sometimes used to take erotic turns.

Finally, after a month of text, calls and video chats, we decided to meet. As planned, she came down to my place. As she came, I hugged her and we went inside the bedroom. As we both lay on the bed, I moved my fingers on her hair slowly while rubbing my feet with hers. Her body was turning warm, so I slipped my hand inside her top and moved it softly on her back that gave her goosebumps and made her horny.


Then, I moved my hand in the front and pressed her round and firm boobs while kissing her neck and licking her ears. She then turned towards me and kissed me on my lips passionately. I could sense how lonely she was from within. As we were kissing, I softly bit her lower and upper lips and sucked her tongue with my mouth. I then pulled her top and then unhooked her bra, stripping her from the upper body.

Her nipples were erected and were ready to be sucked. I licked each of them and then sucked them with passion. She was moaning loudly. She gripped my hair and thrust her pussy with my crotch. It was making my dick go hard. Then I moved up and started licking her neck, giving her love bites. She got fully aroused and demanded to get fucked.
I slipped my hand down her waist and pulled down her pants. Then, I removed my boxers, took her hand and gave her my dick. She started stroking it and I was getting wilder.

She then pushed me to the bed, got up, bent and started sucking my dick and rubbing my balls. It was one of a classy blowjobs I ever got, may be she was too thirsty. I pulled up and kissed her and then pushed her on the bed and then made her lay on her stomach. Then I spread her legs wide and went down to suck her pussy. I licked her vulva opening, and tongue fucked her. Then, I got up and pulled her hands on the back, held it tightly and then pushed my cock in one go inside her cunt.

She screamed, and that unleashed the devil inside me. I humped her hard for a long time and made her squirt. Then, I turned her on her back and fucked her in the missionary position with her legs resting on my waist, making me penetrate it deep inside her. I could not realise when I came inside her pussy; I was deeply interred in the sex.

After a rigorous sexual encounter, we took a rest for a while and then went to take a shower together where we had another wild session. The whole day we kept fucking like no tomorrow. Married woman needs sex with seduction and I enjoyed hot steamy sex with a married woman.