Daughter’s Sex Lessons 7

George was very successful pimp and bookie and wanted to remain successful, he knew that if he put out the word out on the street that he a couple of new white whores working for him, especially, a white housewife and her 16-year old daughter. Most of George clients were all black businessmen that loved to fuck white pussy, most of his clients stepped out on their black wives, and loved to fuck married white women, they all said, there something erotic about fucking another man’s wife, especially white pussy. George knew he his clients were going want to fuck Sara and Jenna, even at the high thousand dollars a night or two hundred for an hour, three hundred if they wanted blowjobs, four hundred included fucking them in the ass. George worked out special prices for his repeat clients.

It was Saturday morning, it had been a week since Sara and Jenna had stared their new-found profession as George’s whores. In the past week they had been fucked by over fifty men, they had quickly turned into hardcore whores, on one occasion, a group of eight black men had paid George big money so they could use Sara and Jenna as their white whore slaves. These group of black men were doing things to Sara and Jenna they probably wanted to do to their wives, but they were even scared to bring it up to them for fear of divorce. The group chained them up and fucked them every which way they could, leaving wads of cum all over furniture and the floor. They put metal collars on them with chains and made them lick all the cum off the furniture and the floor. They were roughly pulled against their huge cocks and rammed them deep down their throats making them gag and throw up. The men sat on the couch while they passed Jenna and Sara from cock to cock. Several times two men had their huge cocks in their pussy and up their ass, they were leaving their pussies and assholes with huge gaps. The group tied sprawled out Jenna on the coffee table and tied her up and repeatedly fucked her ass, they did the same to Sara when they got done with Jenna. One man said, George told us you two have been fucked by over fifty black cocks this week, you’re not going to like small white dick when the hubby comes back from that business tip George told us about, but don’t worry call us and we’ll come and fuck you and Jenna right in front of him, so you and your daughter can show him how much you love being whores for black cock, the group of guys chuckled out loud and high-fived.

Scott arrived at 7:00 pm, walked in the house and heard loud moans coming from his bedroom. He thought it was Bill probably banging Sara, he thought, that’s it, Bill fuck the shit out that slut. Scott’s dick started to get an erection hearing all the loud moaning, he thought, he would go to Jenna’s room and fuck his daughter, he hadn’t had her young cunt in a week. As he walked closer to her room, he started hearing loud moans coming from her room, he opened the door and he could not believe what he saw, she was sitting on a huge black cock while another black guy had his huge thick shaft all the way up her ass and was plowing her ass hard, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, the guy fucking her ass said, YOU LIKE BIG COCK UP ASS WHORE? Jenna replied moaning, ooooh yeees, it feels sooo good. The guy fucking her cunt said, GEORGE DID SAY THIS YOUNG WHORE AND HER MOTHER LOVE TO FUCK LOADS OF BLACK COCK! Scott walked in and yelled, WHAT’S GOING ON HERE? There were two other naked black men behind him that quickly held him and dragged him to where four black men were taking turns fucking Sara. Scott kept yelling, WHAT’S GOING ON SARA? The guys started laughing, YOU SEE WHAT’S GOING WHITE BOY, YOUR WIFE AND DAUGHTER ARE BEING USED BY BLACK MEN, THEY BOTH ARE OUR BLACK COCK WHORES. Scott could hardly believe what he was seeing, Sara had always said she would never fuck a black man, was now screaming, FUCK ME, FUCK THIS MARRIED WHITE WHORE, she was being double penetrated by two of the biggest horse cocks he ever saw. Suddenly Bill showed up and Scott asked, what do you know about this? Bill explained to Scott what he had done, but he didn’t expect this, and it got out of hand, Sara and Jenna love to fuck black cock. George arrived and told one of the guys that was fucking Sara, well how do you like my new white whore? The guy replied, HELL YEAH, SHE LOVES TO FUCK, SHE’S A GREAT COCKSUCKER TOO.

Scott yelled out, THIS CEASES NOW, I DON’T FUCKING STRANGERS ALL OVER MY HOUSE, FUCKING MY WIFE AND DAUGHTER WHEN EVER THEY WANT. George replied, SHUT THE FUCK UP WHITE BOY, YOUR WIFE AND DAUTHER ARE MY WHORES, GOT THAT, NOTHING YOU CAN DO, IF YOUR NICE I’LL YOU FUCK FOR FREE! Scott replied, FUCK YOU NIGGA! George called a group of guys to come in then ordered, HOLD THOSE TWO WHITE BOYS ON THIEIR KNEES, I’M GOING TO MAKE THEM MY BITCHES. Three guys were holding Scott and Bill down on their knees, George walked over to Scott first and unzipped his crotch and out popped the biggest cock Scott had ever seen on a human being. Scott thought, I’m not gay, I don’t want this, but as George’s horse cock began to get harder and harder, he could see George’s strong veins all over his huge slightly curved cock, secretly down deep he was getting hot and excited looking at George’s huge manhood, it was enormous. George commanded, SUCK IT WHITE BOY, Scott replied, FUCK NO, George unloaded a hard slap across Scott’s face, and said, SUCK IT BITCH, YOUR WIFE AND DAUGHTER ARE MY WHORES AND I’M MAKING YOU MY BITCH, he slapped Scott hard again and said, OPEN UP BITCH, George put his hard rock hard monster and placed it right on Scott’s lips, George yelled out, I SAID OPEN UP BITCH and slapped Scott again, finally Scott slightly parted his lips, that was all George needed. George took his rock-hard huge cockhead and rammed in Scott’s mouth, he said, THAT’S IT WHITE BOY, START SUCKING ON THAT BLACK COCK, George stood rigid in place while he grabbed Scott by the side of his head; started forcing his mouth back and forth on his huge cockhead.

George yelled out, I’M GOING TO RAM IT DOWN YOUR THROAT AND YOUR GOING TO SWALLOW ALL MY CUM LIKE ALL MY WHORES DO. George said out loud, SOMEONE PUT A COCK IN THE BILLY BOY’S MOUTH, I KNOW HE’S BEEN WANTING TO SUCK BLACK COCK, I’VE CAUGHT STARING AT MY COCK EVERY CHANCE HE GETS, HE ANDRE’ GET THAT COCK IN THAT PUNKY WHITE BOY’S MOUTH. Andre’ was a very tall muscular young guy, about 30, he had a huge 11-12-inch thick erection. Totally naked Andre’ walked over to Bill and yelled out, YOU HEARD GEORGE, NOW WRAP THAT MOUTH AROUND MY COCK LIKE A GOOD WHITE BITCH UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR FUCKING FACE SLAPPED JUST HOW I DISCIPLINE MY WHORES, OPEN UP WHITE BITCH. Bill knew that he was always mesmerized by George’s huge cock, he looked at Andre’ huge monster, it even looked bigger, secretly he too like Scott was amazed at the huge black cocks he was seeing, even wondering if he could take it all in his mouth. Suddenly he heard again, I SAID OPEN UP BITCH, Andre’ had his monster right on Bill’s lips, Bill open up his mouth and started inserting Andre’ cockhead in his mouth, Bill thought, it feels so big and so hot, he could not believe he really was liking Andre’ cock in his mouth, a lot. Bill started to lick Andre’s shaft and balls, he was actually slurping as he sucked on Andre’s manhood. Andre’ yelled out, THIS WHITE BITCH LOVES SUCK COCK, LOOK AT HIM, then he said, THAT’S IT WHITE BITCH, TAKE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT LIKE MY WHORE’S DO. Bill’s mouth was distorted as he forced more and more cock down his throat, when he took out Andre’s, he would jack off his cock with two hands and kiss Andre’s balls. Bill was so hot, he was jacking off Andre’ very fast with two hands, finally Andre’ said, UUUGGGH, I’M COMING, SWALLOW IT ALL LIKE A GOOD BITCH. Bill wasted no time, he inserted Andre’s cock deep down his throat, Andre’ started dumping all what seemed a gallon of spunk down his throat, Bill thought, Andre’s cum felt so hot and creamy, it tasted so good, suddenly he realized he loved to suck big black cock. Andre’ said out loud, LOOK AT THIS WHITE BOY SUCK COCK, Andre’ took out his cock and said, OPEN UP OUR MOUTH BITCH, LET ME SEE THAT CUM IN YOUR MOUTH, Bill, quickly obeyed, he opened his mouth wide, Andre’ could see he had a mouth full of his spunk. Andre spoke in a loud voice, LICK MY SHAFT AND BALLS WHITE PUNK, LICK ME DRY AND SWALLOW IT ALL. Bill attacked his shaft breathing hard, he was licking and sucking Andre’s huge rod like a madman, Andre’ said in boisterous voice, FUCK, THIS FUCKING WHITE BOY HAS GREAT FUCKING HOT MOUTH, he again yelled out, HEY THOMAS, COME HERE AND TRY OUT THIS BITCH’S MOUTH. Thomas too was a very tall muscular young black man, he walked over naked with a huge hard cock, he didn’t even order Bill to suck his cock, Bill on his own was engulfing as much of Thomas’s monster as he could take in his mouth like a mad man. Thomas said out loud, THAT’S IT WHITE BITCH, YOU LIKE THAT BLACK COCK DON’T YOU? Bill looked up without saying nothing, but was taking Thomas’s cock deep down his throat. Thomas said, OH YEAH, LOOK AT THIS BITCH GO.

George said out loud, FUCK, CAN THIS WHITE BOY BITCH SUCK COCK! I DON’T KNOW WHO HAS THE HOTTEST FUCKING MOUTH, THIS BITCH, HIS WIFE OR HIS DAUGHTER, all the group broke out in a very loud laugh and chuckling. George yelled out, YO, HEY, TAKE THE TWO WHITE BOYS TO THOSE DOUBLE COUCHES AND FINISH THEM OFF, groups of black men started dragging Scott and Bill over to the couches positioned them on the couches doggy style, all the black men started taking turns fucking Scott and Bill. Thomas lubed his huge cock and placed on Scott’s asshole, Scott yelled out, NO! Thomas yelled out, SHUT THE FUCK UP, while starting to drive his cock head in Scott’s ass. Scott yelled out, UUUUGGGGGHH, UUUUUGGGGGGHHHH. Thomas yelled out, THAT’S IT WHITE BOY, YELL ALL YOU WANT BECAUSE I’M GOING TO PUT ALL MY BIG BLACK COCK DEEP IN YOUR ASS, JUST LIKE I DO IT TO YOUR WIFE AND DAUGHTER. Thomas said out loud, WE ARE GOING TO MAKE YOU AND YOUR BROTHER OUR BITCHES JUST LIKE YOUR WIFE AND DAUGHTER, DID YOU KNOW YOUR WIFE AND DAUGHTER LIKE IT BIG BLACK COCK DEEP IN THEIR ASSES. Thomas went saying out loud, THERE ARE PLENTY OF BROTHERS THAT LIKE TO GET BLOW JOBS FROM WHITE MALE BITCHES AND FUCK THEM IN THE ASS. Thomas began driving hard his entire big cock in and out of Scott’s ass, his strong pelvis and huge balls began hitting hard against Scott’s ass, THUD SLAP, THUD SLAP, THUD SLAP, THUD SLAP, THUD SLAP, THUD SLAP, Scott began grunting out loud, UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH. Scott turned over and saw his brother Bill was also getting fucked by another group of black men, as he also was grunting out loud. Thomas said, THESE TWO WHITE BOYZ ARE GOING TO MAKE SOME FINE BITCHES ON THE STREET.

Thomas yelled out, this fucking white boy is grunting to loud, someone put a cock up down his throat and shut him the fuck up. A guy named Jerome quickly started drilling Scott’s mouth yelling out, OPEN UP WHITE BOY, I’M GOING TO PUT ALL MY BLACK COCK DEEP DOWN YOUR THROAT SO YOU CAN SWALLOW ALL MY CUM. Thomas kept drilling Scott’s ass for another fifteen minutes while Jerome kept drilling his mouth. Scott had drool and vomit dripping down as Jerome kept drilling his big cock down his throat, but Jerome did not give a crap. Jerome said out loud, GET USE TO IT WHITE BOY, BECAUSE YOUR OUR LITTLE WHITE BITCH NOW, YOU GOING TO BE TAKING LOTS OF BLACK COCK UP YOUR THROAT AND ASS, YOU AND YOUR BROTHER ARE GOING TO BE OUR BITCHES. Thomas yelled out, I’M GOING TO NUT DEEP IN THIS WHITE BOYS ASS, and suddenly Jerome stiffened out and made a loud grunting sound as he started coming deep in Scott’s ass, suddenly Scott felt Jerome’s cock blowing a gusher of cum deep down his throat. Scott suddenly started hungrily devouring Jerome’s huge cock while Jerome said very loud, LOOK AT THIS BITCH GO, HE’S GOING TO BE A GREAT COCK SUCKER FOR BLACK COCK, THESE FUCKERS ARE GOING TO BE GOOD BITCHES FOR BLACK COCK.

Jerome and withdrew his cock and left Scott doggy style on the couch with lots of seaman dripping out of his ass and rolling down his legs. Steve got up and he also had seaman dripping out of his mouth. A young tall very naked black man with a very hard erection named Ortiz walked over to Scott stood close to Scott. Scott reached over and hugged him with his right arm and grabbed Ortiz’s huge monster with his left hand and started jacking him off. Ortiz let Scott jack him off for about five minutes and he asked Scott, YOU LIKE MY BLACK COCK LITTLE WHITE BITCH? Scott could no longer hide his fascination with huge big black cocks, he replied in a loud voice, YES, and he got down on his knees and hungrily started devouring Ortiz’s big black monster! Ortiz’s black snake was so long and thick that it stretched Scott’s mouth in ways that reshaped in his mouth in very odd shapes, but Scott did not care, he wanted all Ortiz’s cock down his throat. Scott was had been turned into a BBC sucking machine, he couldn’t get enough. All that day more and more groups of black men continued coming and going from Scott’s house, these groups of black men had turned Scott and his brother into their bitches just like his wife Sara and daughter Jenna. Over the next six years Sara and Jenna were bred, Sara the bitch that said would never fuck a black-men now had three black babies and Jenna by her 22nd birthday had four. George owned the whole family, and the plan was to keep inviting other groups of black men and whore out the whole family, he allowed some groups to keep breeding Sara and Jenna if the price was right. Sara and Jenna didn’t care, they both loved to fuck big black cock anyway. Scott and Bill had lost their jobs and were being used as male bitches, sometimes they fucked and sucked cock in cars, sometimes in alleys, one thing for sure, they both loved black cock in their ass and they sure were getting plenty of it, this was the ultimate sex lesson for Jenna and all her family, the whole family was now owned and dominated by GEORGE AND ALL HIS CREW OF BIG BLACK COCKS.