Doggy Sex Slave: The Wedding

The white lace lingerie felt cool and smooth against my skin as I stood on my hands and knees at the altar. My wrists and ankles were chained together and my master held the leash attached to my collar in his hands. My soon-to-be husband sat regally next to me, his ears perked up and holding attention to the minister officiating our marriage.

I was forced to sign my name on our marriage certificate, although forced is a strong word as I have come to love my life as my husband’s slave and lifelong bitch. After my master made me sign the paper, he yanked on my leash, making sure I settled back in my place. The minister then placed an ink pad in front of my husband, who placed his paw on and stamped his print on the certificate, sealing my fate.

“Now that the certificate has been signed, you both will be forever bound to each other in holy matrimony. Groom, you may have your bride.” With those closing words from the minister, my husband sprang up and moved to stand in front of me. He bowed his head toward mine and began licking my lips, which I immediately opened to accept his tongue. We licked and panted in harmony, my small tongue overpowered by his long one shoving itself in and out of my mouth.

I could see his large red cock slowly growing out of his furry sheath, and my asshole winked in anticipation. Angelo soon grew disinteresting in kissing me, and moved forward so he stood over my body, placing his cock in front of my face. His doggy musk was strong, a scent I have come to crave. I gave his cock little kisses and licks at first, teasing and worshipping him with my lips.

His hips thrusted towards my mouth, and I greedily accepted his warm meat in my mouth. I could feel him quivering with pleasure and excitement, and he began to lick my asshole as a reward. Angelo certainly knows how to treat his bitch. In and out of my boy pussy his tongue darted, and in and out of my mouth was his cock. I sucked and licked on it like a professional slut, wanting to show my gratitude to my husband. I was soon rewarded as I felt him begin to swell up in my mouth. But, to my dismay, Angelo pulled his dick out of my mouth before he could shoot his doggy sperm down my throat.

Instead, he walked over my body and around to my ass. I could feel his hard, slimy dick drag across my back as he did so, leaving a trail of saliva and precum on my back. Angelo went back to licking my asshole, but this time he was able to work his tongue deep into my hole due to his new position. My asshole contracted and relaxed in time with his licks, and I could feel the warmth wriggling in and out of me.

My eyes closed in appreciation and I moaned like a bitch in heat. When I opened my eyes, the minister’s hard, dripping cock was in front of my face. “Time to show your gratitude to me for marrying your pussy off to your husband there, bitch.” My master tugged on my leash, pulling my neck up so my lips could meet the minister’s tip. I looked up a his face and into his eyes, which sent him into a frenzy.

“Kiss my cock and show me how much you love it,” he growled. My lips placed light kisses on his dick and all down his shaft before I came back up and started making out with the tip, my tongue circling around the head. I felt his hand reach around to grasp my hair as he started forcing his cock into my mouth, face fucking me hard as his lust became uncontrollable.

“That’s it, you little slut. Suck me good and I’ll reward you with lots of cum down your throat.” My mouth filled with saliva as I sucked and licked him with all I had. I wanted the cum in my mouth that Angelo had failed to give me.

Angelo had other plans for his prized sperm, though. He jumped onto my back as I was having my face stuffed with cock, wrapping his paws tightly around my waist. I could feel his big cock searching for my hole, jabbing a couple times at my ass cheeks before finally hitting the target on his third try. I moaned around the minister’s cock as I felt my husband hit home and start pumping furiously away at my asshole. My own dick hung uselessly below me, caged permanently in the little pink cage my master bought me as my wedding gift. It swung in time with Angelo’s thrusts in and out of my boy pussy.

I looked over to my master in my lust-fueled haze, and he looked pleased as he held my leash in one hand and a camcorder in the other, forever saving my special day on film. I moaned louder as I fully took in the cocks pumping both of my holes and knowing that my master was filming my humiliation for anyone who wanted to watch the cum hungry slut that I had become.

The cocks in my mouth and ass were getting close to exploding as they pumped harder and faster. I sucked on the minister’s cock like a pro, wanting to taste his cum as soon as possible. At the same time, I contracted and relaxed my boy pussy in time with Angelo, who was panting and thrusting into me hard. His knot was growing huge, and I could feel it pop in and out of my trained asshole until it grew too big to come back out. With short, quick thrusts from Angelo and a loud, satisfied groan from the minister, both of them painted my holes with cum.

“Swallow it all, slut! Drink up my cum; savor it!” the minister screamed as he bucked his hips and held my head on his cock. Angelo’s body was a weight on top of my back, pinning me in place while dick knotted my ass and bred my pussy.

As I gave in to exhaustion and drank up the sperm I was being given to consummate my marriage, I could hear a faint “good girl” from my master before I drifted away.

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