Milking Time Book 2 The Agony and The Ecstasy

These stories involves a group of shemales who live on an island that exists in our world, but they chose to remain mostly isolated. That’s part of the reason I also call them amazons.
The shemales in my stories have genitalia that start at John Holmes’ size, and then get much bigger. (This is a work of fantasy after all.) So if extreme size is not to your liking, I suggest you go elsewhere and pick another story.
To anyone who has read this story before, I’ve added many chapters to it, and there’s much more to follow. I’ll be posting more installments to it soon.

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Chapter 1: The Inquisition

Jordan returned to her quarters and spent the night dreaming and fantasizing about Tiffany, Barocca, and all of the other gorgeous shemale amazons on the Island.
The sight of Tiffany and Barocca’s cocks were everything that Jordan had been led to believe, and then some. The sight of Tiffany’s cock at full erection in the Milking device, and then filling the five-gallon container with her sperm was one that Jordan would remember for the rest of her life. The image of Barocca with her cock at full erection, waving it front of all the girls’ faces as she demonstrated just how quickly and easily she could make herself cum was still in Jordan’s mind also.
At that point, Jordan resolved to do whatever it took, no matter how outlandish it might sound or seem, in order to be accepted and adopted on the Island.
When Jordan awoke in the morning, an envelope had been shoved under her door. In it was a note from Tiffany saying that she had been excused from any chores or training for the morning. Instead, Jordan was to report to the Conference Room at 11AM. That was over two hours away, so Jordan used the time to shower and freshen up, and then to have something to eat from the kitchen.
Jordan settled on a dark blue bikini, which showed off her breasts, and displayed a lot of cleavage. She donned a Hawaiian flower print skirt over the bikini panties, and added a pair of sandals. This was how she had seen the majority of the girls dressed on the Island when she arrived yesterday.
As Jordan walked through the corridors, she couldn’t help but notice other girls look at her, and then quickly avert their gaze. Many of the girls turned and talked to one another as Jordan passed. Jordan couldn’t hear anything, but she was almost certain that they were talking about her.
“Good news travels fast,” thought Jordan. “After what I did yesterday, I’m surprised that they haven’t put my picture up at the Post Office.”

As eleven o’clock rolled around, Jordan made sure to find her way to the Conference Room. Jordan rapped politely on the closed door.
“Come in,” replied Tiffany’s voice.
Jordan entered the Conference Room and closed the door behind her.
Tiffany, Barocca and three other amazons were sitting in business style chairs in a semi-circle. All of them were dressed very similarly to Jordan’s style of dress. Tiffany and some of the others wore a little bit of jewelry on their arms or around their necks.
Tiffany pointed to an empty chair, and gestured to Jordan. “Have a seat, Jordan. I’m glad that you’re here.”
Jordan was now facing the five amazons, arranged around her in a half-circle.
“We’ve called this meeting,” said Tiffany, “to try and decide just what to do with you, Jordan. But first, some introductions are in order. You already know Barocca and myself from yesterday.”
“Next,” continued Tiffany, “is Dee Dee.” Dee Dee was an attractive blonde girl with bigger than average breasts, and nicely tanned, dark skin. Dee Dee’s blonde hair was a unique shade of blonde that Jordan couldn’t quite place, and it had a wavy-curly twist to it, as it flowed down her shoulders. Dee Dee had a cute face that might almost be mistaken for a schoolgirl’s. She had a set of dynamic blue eyes that sparkled like two diamonds, and her face hinted at lots of mischief, as she smiled at Jordan.
“Nice to meet you, Jordan,” said Dee Dee.
“Dee Dee is the ‘brains’ of the operation, so to speak,” said Tiffany. “She’s in charge of all the medical procedures here on the Island.”
“Including the one that’s probably on your mind the most, Jordan,” added Dee Dee.
“Dee Dee controls day to day medical activities here on the Island,” said Tiffany. “We’re not invulnerable here. We occasionally get sick, or need other attention. Dee Dee was also a medical student after her modeling days. She’s also in charge of refining the sperm we produce into the vitamin supplements and nutrients we need to maintain ourselves here.”
“Moving along,” said Tiffany, “is Clyda.” Clyda was a stunning, dark-haired brunette with a very full set of breasts that threatened to overflow out of her bikini top. Clyda had a beautiful face that Jordan could have looked at, and lusted after, even if she wasn’t on the Island with her and the rest of the amazons.
“Hallo, love,” said Clyda with a smile. “I’ve heard a lot about you already.”
“As you can guess by her accent,” said Tiffany, “Clyda’s from Britain, or ‘across the pond’ as she likes to call it. Clyda is actually part of the Royal family. A distant relation granted, but part of it none the less. Clyda’s connections in Parliament, and the various jet-set families in Europe were instrumental in pulling the necessary strings so that we could get the Island donated to us by one of the Caribbean nations in the first place.”
“And next,” said Tiffany, “is Ebony.” Ebony was a stunning, well-muscled black girl. Even though Ebony was sitting down, Jordan could tell that Ebony was considerably taller than anyone else in the room was. Ebony had to be well over six foot six inches in height. Ebony had a gorgeous set of full breasts that Jordan only now realized just how huge they truly were. Without the other girls in the room to compare to, Ebony’s figure was so symmetrical and naturally developed, it was difficult to realize how large she was.
“Ebony is in charge of our security needs here on the Island,” said Tiffany. “As well as physical conditioning and training for everyone. That includes various sexual techniques and other methods of using and maintaining your cock too.”
“Stand up, Jordan,” said Ebony. Jordan did as she was told.
“Now take off your skirt,” continued Ebony. Jordan removed her skirt and laid it on the arm of the chair.
“Now turn around slowly, Jordan,” said Ebony. Jordan felt as though she was a slave being put up for inspection, but she knew better than to complain, and did as Ebony asked. Jordan could feel Ebony’s eyes moving up and down, and all over her figure, sizing her up like a piece of meat. Jordan made a complete circle, and turned to face Ebony again.
“All right,” said Ebony. “Now put your hands behind your back, and bend forward towards me.”
Jordan bent forward, knowing her full breasts were almost completely on display for Ebony’s close inspection. Ebony gazed lustfully at Jordan, making no pretenses at hiding her feelings, and licking her lips in undisclosed lust.

“Okay, that’s enough,” said Ebony. Ebony turned to Tiffany and Barocca and said, “All right, she’ll do.”
“Okay, Jordan,” said Tiffany, “you can put your skirt back on, and have a seat again.”
Jordan did as she was told, and settled back into the chair to face the group again.
“Well Jordan,” said Tiffany, “I have to admit, you certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest of activity on your first day here at the Island. What you did yesterday is common knowledge by now amongst everyone here.”
“I have to say,” continued Tiffany, “that everyone here on the Island certainly has an opinion about your actions yesterday, Jordan. Roughly half of the amazons on the Island actually commended your actions, and defended you. They said it was time for change in the way we did things.”
“The other half,” interrupted Barocca, “feel you should be booted out of here with no questions asked.”
“Be that as it may,” said Tiffany, “we do run things in a somewhat democratic fashion here on the Island. While we don’t have any formally elected officials, we held a late meeting yesterday evening, and the five of us were selected to convene and try to determine your fate.”
“Barocca and I have been among the ones here the longest,” continued Tiffany. “Our ‘tenure’ plus the fact that we each had extensive video careers was what most of the other girls felt qualified us to judge you. Dee Dee is in charge of medical matters. Clyda’s connections with royalty and the jet set are what got her in. And of course, Ebony is in charge of security and physical training and conditioning.”
“We’ve actually been here for over an hour, debating about what to do with you,” said Barocca. “And I think we’ve finally come up with a solution.”
“I mentioned yesterday that you’d be doing ‘special duty’ for your earlier actions, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “Well, here’s what we’ve come up with. You’re going to have to pass several very rigorous ‘tests’ or ordeals here. We all think that each of them is nothing that you can’t do, but we are going to push you to your very limits.”
“First,” said Tiffany, “we’re going to turn you over to Ebony. You seem to like cock so much Jordan, we’re giving you up to the undisputed ‘size queen’ on the Island.”
“If you thought Tiffany and Barocca were big,” said Ebony, with a wicked smile, “you ain’t seen nothing yet, girl.”
“You’ll get to experience Ebony firsthand later,” said Tiffany. “I’ll be quite frank with you Jordan. Your session with Ebony is going to be a very severe challenge for you. Turning a new girl loose with Ebony is something that we ordinarily don’t do, for reasons that you can probably imagine. But because of your indiscretion yesterday, we all felt that you’re getting exactly what you deserve.”
“If you can satisfy Ebony, you’ll move on to phase two,” continued Tiffany. “From there, you’ll be turned over to Clyda. I know that you’ve only been here a couple of days, but if you ask any of the girls here about Clyda, you’ll hear nothing but good things. Clyda will also put you through the wringer, but she’ll show you just how good sex on the Island can be. As I said, some of the amazons stuck up for you, so we felt that in addition to your being severely tested, you should get a reward too.”
“After that,” said Tiffany, “you’ll have one more test to complete. You’ll have to satisfy all five of us at once, in a full-fledged, no holds barred gangbang. If you can take care of all five of us at once, then you’ll be officially adopted and accepted here on the Island. And then, we’ll turn you over to Dee Dee.”
“I’ll perform a surgical process on you that will graft a cock to you,” said Dee Dee. “And assuming you make it that far, the five of us decided that you should be rewarded for that too.”
“When we adopt new girls to the Island,” said Tiffany, “we do things to them in a very gradual process. The girls are taught how to perform and service the other girls, as well as taking care of themselves. As the girls gain experience, and they can satisfy the older amazons, they’re rewarded with more size, more control and more power over their cocks.”
“When Tiffany and I went through the process,” said Barocca, “it was over a year before we finally ‘maxed out’ at our current sizes. All the rest of the girls went through similar rites of passage themselves too.”
“But because we’re putting you through such an ordeal in such a short period of time,” said Tiffany, “we’re going to reward you if you make it through successfully. I’ve asked Dee Dee to put in a little overtime, and she’ll explain what she’s come up with.”
“As you’ve no doubt gathered,” said Dee Dee, “the girls are fed a variety of the special vitamins and nutrients that control the growth and development of their cocks. Ordinarily, this is done in gradual stages as they merit it.”
“Since yours is a special case,” continued Dee Dee, “we all agreed that you deserve special consideration, if you make it through all three ordeals. To that end, I’ve developed a one-time treatment for you, and you alone, Jordan. You’ll go through the same operation as any other girl, but after that, I’ll make a few special alterations to the program, and you’ll wind up getting a ‘big’ surprise.”
“In other words Jordan,” said Tiffany, “you’ll receive your full-fledged, fully developed cock almost overnight; whereas everyone else has had to earn theirs over time.”
“Well Jordan,” continued Tiffany. “We’ve done all the talking for a while. How do you feel about what we’ve just laid out for you?”

“I realize that what I did yesterday was inexcusable, and that I deserve to be punished for it,” said Jordan. “I’m also extremely grateful you’ve all decided to give me a chance to prove I can make it, and the opportunity to stay here on the Island and become one of you. I promise that I’m going to do whatever it takes, no matter what you put me through, no matter how many times I have to satisfy any or all of you in the next few days. You’ve given me a chance which I’m grateful for, and I’m going to make the most of it, and not let you down.”
“That’s the spirit, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “You’ll finish out the day doing some of the tasks that you’ll be expected to do as part of your normal duties here anyway. You’ll have until tomorrow morning to let everything sink in, and make a final decision. If you decide to go through with it, you’ll report to Ebony tomorrow afternoon.”
“We aren’t completely without mercy or without feelings here,” said Barocca. “If you’re fully committed, you’ll go to see Dee Dee for some treatment, before you go to Ebony. Dee Dee and Tiffany will explain in more detail what they’ll do to you, to prepare you to survive the ordeals to come.”
“All right,” said Tiffany. “I think that we’re finished here for now. Jordan, you’ll report to the kitchen for the rest of the day, and begin your duties there. The rest of us all have things to do, and places to be.”

Jordan returned to her quarters after her duties in the kitchen were completed. When she arrived, she found another envelope waiting for her, which had been slid under the door.
Opening the envelope, Jordan found that it was a hand written note from Tiffany.
Jordan: I knew what your response to our decision regarding you would be, even before you made your speech today. Since you’re so determined to become one of us, report to my quarters promptly at 9AM, tomorrow morning. What I have to tell you will be of vital importance, so that you can successfully pass all three of the tests we have lined up for you. Tiffany
“Well,” thought Jordan, “it looks as though I’ve got at least one friend here on the Island.” Jordan spent the night filled with dreams of anticipation of the tests and challenges ahead of her in the next few days.

Jordan awoke early, and after showering and preparing herself, arrived promptly at Tiffany’s chambers after an early breakfast, at 9AM.
Tiffany greeted Jordan at the door, and invited her in, and to sit down.
“Well,” said Tiffany, “all ready for the big day, Jordan?”
“You bet I am,” said Jordan. “I’m so excited, I hardly got any sleep last night.”
“You’re going to need all of your strength for what’s ahead of you, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “I want to clear the air, and tell you a few things, set your mind at ease about some of them, and warn you about others.”
“First, is that I’ve grown kind of fond of you, Jordan,” continued Tiffany. “As I mentioned to you the other day with Barocca, we’re more aware of things here on the Island than you might think. Clyda and I were very much aware of you from your time in the porn business, and we both thought that it was too good to be true when your name turned up on our screening lists.
“I know you’ve only been here a few days, but I did take a liking to you during the Milking Ritual. I want you to understand that I couldn’t just disrupt everything to respond to you one on one right then. I also had to take a bit of a snotty attitude at the end with Barocca, when we grilled you. If I didn’t, Barocca would’ve spread the word about me getting soft, and it would’ve just made things worse.”
“Well, I’m glad to hear that not everyone dislikes me, or turns away from me,” said Jordan. “All of the other girls are either afraid to talk to me, or won’t have anything to do with me right now.”
“That’s because you’re a bit of a cult celebrity right now, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “We’ve never had anyone in your situation before, so a lot of people aren’t quite sure what to do with you. I’ll tell you right now that a lot of how long you stay here on the Island is directly related to how well you can work with and relate to the various amazons here. I’m going to give you some pointers, tips and inside information that’ll help you make it through the tests to come.”
“Bear with me,” said Tiffany, “because I’ll be doing a lot of the talking, and I just want you to soak up as much of what I say as you can, like a sponge.
“Later today, you’ll be turned over to Ebony. When you’re with Ebony, do exactly as she tells you to do, and above all, don’t get sassy, and try to get uppity with her. Like we mentioned yesterday, Ebony is the size queen on the Island. You’ll find out just what she’s like on your own, but I can assure you, she makes myself and Barocca look underdeveloped.
“When you’re actually having sex with Ebony, let her be in command, and don’t try to thwart her in any way. I guarantee you’ll regret it if you do.
“When you’re with Ebony, or any other amazon on the Island for that matter, do not try to swallow anyone’s cum unless you’re specifically instructed to do so. Now that we girls have cocks of our own here on the Island, we can see what all the fuss over them is about. We really enjoy shooting off our loads, and then doing imaginative things with it afterwards. So keep that in mind, no matter whom you’re with while you’re here.
“You’ll also find that when you’re with Ebony, she has a sort of ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ type of personality. One minute she’ll be the sweetest thing you can imagine. The next, she’ll be a monster with no concern for anything but her own sexual release. That includes you, or anyone else she happens to be fucking. So be prepared for some mood swings from Ebony, particularly when she may be in the middle of humping you.
“One small consolation is that when Ebony loses control and starts acting really violent, she usually loses control over her cock. Most of the time, within a moment or two, she’ll shoot off her load. That’s not a guarantee, just a hopeful fact. She’s so huge and powerful though, it’ll only be a few minutes before she’s hard again, and ready to fuck again.
“Another thing you should know is that our cocks can sometimes be different sizes. Since our cocks are artificially developed, we can sometimes gain a few extra inches when we’re really in the heat of the moment during sex. It doesn’t happen that often, and the change isn’t that drastic. We’re back to normal after we shoot off. But you may see this occur during your time with Ebony or Clyda, or sometime down the road here. I thought you ought to know about it, so you’d understand better.
“Have I scared you away completely, or do you still want to go through with this?” asked Tiffany.
“It sounds like I’ll get the fucking of a lifetime from Ebony,” said Jordan. “But there’s no way that I’m about to turn back now.”
“You can say that again,” replied Tiffany. “All right. Since you’re committed, I’ll call Dee Dee and have her come over, so she can help you prepare physically for what’s about to happen next.” Tiffany reached over to the telephone, and pressed several numbers for Dee Dee’s extension.
“Hi, Dee Dee, it’s Tiffany. Yes, Jordan still wants to go through with it. Please come over to my quarters, and we’ll prepare Jordan to get her ready to face Ebony.”

Dee Dee arrived a few moments later at Tiffany’s chambers with a small medical case, and greeted both of the girls.
“So you’re still serious about going through with this, Jordan?” asked Dee Dee, after she settled in one of the chairs in the room.
“That’s right. I guess I’m past the point of no return now,” replied Jordan.
“Okay then. Here’s how things work on the Island,” said Dee Dee. “The sperm that Tiffany and the others generate during the Milking Rituals is much more high-quality, because so much time is spent building up to and then prolonging the actual ejaculation. You’ve seen the actual results for yourself.”
“From that sperm,” continued Dee Dee, “I’ve developed a process that refines and extracts the most important vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for developing and maintaining the growth of our cocks here on the Island. These are processed into pills and tablets, which are given to the girls once a week. They’re given instructions on which pills to take, and they simply wash them down with water several times a week.”
“You’ll eventually get something that looks like this,” said Tiffany. Tiffany reached over and showed Jordan a small plastic container, with small compartments in it, labeled for each day of the week. An assortment of pills of different sizes, shapes and colors filled almost all of the sections. “Some of these are directly related to maintaining my cock. Some of them help supply vitamins to the blood, and others are different sorts of health supplements. They’re optional, but I recommend that you find a fitness routine and stick to it, so that you can stay in good health while you’re here.”
“I’m going to stress one other thing while you’re here, Jordan,” continued Tiffany. “If you succeed and pass all of the tests, you’re going to get something that many other girls have had to work a long time for, or are still hoping that they’ll even make the cut and be accepted here for. In the future, if we find out that you’re boasting or bragging about how much you got, and how soon you got it, we’ll cut you off from the pills, and within a month, you’ll still have a cock, but you won’t even have what a junior high school boy has. On top of that, you’ll be sent packing back to the mainland.”
“I don’t mean to sound like I’m reading you the riot act, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “But it’s important that you realize the situation that you’re in, and above all, not to abuse it. We’ve explained to the new girls what’s happening to you, and that you’re being treated specially, but that’s all. We live in a delicate balance here on the Island, and it’s important that we’re all able to get along with one another.”
Tiffany paused for a few moments. “Okay. Enough doom and gloom for one day. I’ve already explained some of the mental tricks you’ll need to make it through a session with Ebony. Dee Dee will now explain some of the physical things we’ll do for you.”
“As Tiffany has already explained,” said Dee Dee, “Ebony is literally a beast when it comes to having sex. And an unpredictable beast at that, because of her personality. We’ve all been exposed to her, and we’ve all had to learn to live with her. We can’t do anything about the size factor that you’ll face with Ebony. So in response, I’ve come up with this.”
Dee Dee reached into the case, and produced a tiny prescription bottle, with a small, dark gray pill in it. Dee Dee handed the pill to Jordan. “Wash this down with a glass of water, Jordan.”
Jordan did as she was told, and made a face as the pill turned out to be bitter tasting, as she swallowed it. “Yuck! Tastes like rubber.”
“Very observant, Jordan,” said Dee Dee. “Although it’s not completely rubber, that pill does have a number of its properties in it, and it’s those properties that are going to help you make it through a session with Ebony.”
“What’s making me sick to my stomach got to do with having sex with Ebony?” asked Jordan.
“The nausea you’re feeling will pass in a few moments,” said Dee Dee. “The ‘rubber’ properties of the pill are going to have a somewhat similar effect on certain parts of your body. I’ll let Tiffany explain the details of that.”
“That pill you just took,” said Tiffany, “is going to allow your mouth, your pussy and your asshole to assume some of the properties of rubber for the next forty-eight hours, Jordan. It’s going to allow your body orifices to accept Ebony’s cock, and other body parts, to be inserted in them, without doing serious, permanent injury to you. The pill will also allow your stomach and your bowels to contain the tremendous amounts of sperm that Ebony will pump into you, when she doesn’t feel like pulling out and shooting off. Your tummy will actually expand, and you’ll look like you’re a few months pregnant. But only for a little bit. When your body recognizes that a huge load of sperm has been dumped into it, it will produce powerful enzymes that will go to work almost instantly, and you’ll be normal looking again in no time. We’ve been able to do a number of things to help you out. But we didn’t have any choice but to have Dee Dee whip up an emergency pill like this on short notice for you.”
“What Tiffany means,” said Dee Dee, “is that the girls are usually given pills on a gradual basis, and they can eventually accommodate any size cock or fist in them, after a while. It eventually becomes second nature to the amazons on the Island, once they’ve been exposed to the supplements for a long period of time. You probably noticed how Tiffany and Barocca could swallow the entire cockhead during the Milking Ritual, while the new girls were instructed to only try and take part of it in their mouths. But as Tiffany mentioned, this was a short notice project, so there is one serious setback that you have to know about.”
“What kind of ‘setback’ are we talking about here?” asked Jordan with a trace of fear in her voice.
“The pill you’ve just taken will protect you from serious or permanent injury, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “But because it was a rush job, Dee Dee was unable to include anything in it to help you with the pain you’ll experience. You’ll still be able to walk, and of course all of your organs will still be in the same place and function properly. But you’ll feel every inch of Ebony’s cock inside of you, as she has her way with you.”
“Oh jeez. I think I’m starting to feel sore already,” groaned Jordan.
“I tried to stall for time, and make some other type of arrangement for you Jordan,” said Tiffany. “But when Ebony and Barocca found out that this was all that Dee Dee could come up with on short notice, they thought it was the perfect test, and the perfect type of retribution for your actions during the Milking Ritual.”
“If you can manage to survive your session with Ebony,” said Dee Dee, “I know I’ll have the right kind of pill made for you, so that you can experience how good things can be with Clyda. That’s what Tiffany hinted at the other day, when she indicated that one test would a real ordeal, and the next would be a reward for you.”
“I guess that I don’t really have any choice, do I?” said Jordan. “But like I said before, I’ve come too far to turn back now, so let’s go ahead and get this over with. But I don’t think I understand why Ebony and Barocca seem to have so much power?”

“That’s a long story, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “But here it is in a nutshell. Ebony was also one of the first girls here, and one of Dee Dee’s first ‘patients’.”
“After the operation, Ebony was more or less like everyone else on the Island,” said Dee Dee. “But after about a month, she had some type of reaction to the procedure I’d done on her. Within two months, Ebony suddenly grew another foot larger. Both upstairs and downstairs. I still haven’t been able to figure out what caused the reaction in her.”
“Ebony already had a very dominant, aggressive personality when she came here,” said Tiffany. “Growing another foot larger was only adding fuel to the fire. We didn’t really know what to do with her, so we put her in charge of security, as well as physical training and conditioning here on the Island.”
“Barocca came on board a little after Ebony arrived here,” continued Tiffany. “The two of them had known each other on the outside world from their career in videos and magazines. They became quite popular among most of the girls here on the Island, and they wound up carrying a lot of clout here. That’s why we’re forced to turn you over to Ebony without as much preparation as we’d like. But there isn’t any other way at the time.”
Jordan stood up from her chair, and went over to hug Tiffany, and then Dee Dee.
“I really appreciate everything that you’ve done for me, Tiffany,” said Jordan. “And you too, Dee Dee. Nobody said that this would be easy. But like I said before, I’ve got one chance at my dream, and I’m damn sure gonna make the most of it while I’m here.”
“All right, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “Ebony holds a conditioning class from twelve to one in the workout room. If you go through the workout routine with the rest of the class, it’ll help the pill spread into your bloodstream, and get you ready. After that, you’re in Ebony’s hands.”
“I’d recommend that you go back to your quarters and change into some type of leotard or workout suit,” said Dee Dee. “You’ll fit in better with the rest of the girls in the class that way, and be less of a distraction to her class. It’s not much, but any edge you can give yourself against Ebony will be a plus for you.”
“One last thing, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “I’ve got all the confidence in you, that you’ll make it through a session with Ebony in one piece. But to be on the safe side we’ll be monitoring you through a closed circuit camera. If you get to the point where you honestly have to back out, or if Ebony completely loses control, stick one hand out with three fingers extended like this, and wave it like mad. That’ll be the signal for Dee Dee and myself to come in and break things up.”
“We don’t think you’ll need it,” said Dee Dee. “But it’s always good to have a backup plan, just in case.”
“Okay, thanks,” said Jordan. “That’s good to know.”
“All right, Ebony,” thought Jordan. “You want me, you got me. Get ready, ’cause here I come.”

Chapter 2: Ebony & Jordan Part 1

Jordan stopped by briefly at her quarters to change into a light green, one-piece workout suit. It covered her from mid thigh, and fitted over her shoulders like a tank top. While not nearly as skimpy and revealing as the bikini, it still emphasized Jordan’s figure nicely.
Jordan then went to the gym where Ebony held her conditioning class, and took part in the aerobics and other workout exercises with both the new girls to the Island, as well as some of the shemale amazons too.
Jordan had tried not to stare at Ebony, as she went through the workout. Likewise, Jordan tried not to meet anyone’s gaze as she went through the exercises. It was obvious to everyone in the room who Jordan was, and what she’d done.
Jordan watched Ebony’s muscles flex as she stretched and toned, and led the class through the session. Watching Ebony’s large breasts bulge and shift beneath her tight leotard had gotten Jordan incredibly horny.
When the class was over, Ebony called everyone’s attention to her.

“Okay, everyone,” said Ebony. “We’ve got a little bit of a celebrity in our midst today. I think everyone here knows Jordan, right?”
Jordan blushed with embarrassment, and there was an assortment of laughs and giggles from the other girls in the room.
“For anyone who may not know,” said Ebony, “Jordan was a little rambunctious during the milking ritual with Tiffany and Barocca the other day. As a result, she’s earned a little bit of punishment today: a one-on-one session with yours truly this afternoon.”
There was a series of derisive ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ from the other girls in the room at that statement from Ebony.
“However,” said Ebony, “Anyone who thinks this a trivial matter, or who has something to say about it can step forward, and they’ll get what Jordan’s about to get, and then some.”
Ebony folded her muscular arms across her chest, and glared at the rest of the class.
“Does anyone have a problem with this?”
The room had suddenly gone seriously quiet.

“I didn’t think that there would be any objections,” said Ebony. “Class dismissed.”
The girls began to file out. Jordan knew what was expected of her today, and stayed behind in the room. Ebony stood up from the weight bench, her dark brown skin glistening with sweat. “I saw you watching me, honey,” said Ebony. “Did you like what you saw?”
“Oh yeah,” said Jordan. “I’ve never seen anyone so gorgeous like you with muscles and a set of tits like yours.”
“You haven’t seen anything yet, girl,” replied Ebony. “I’ve got one last ‘muscle’ that needs some really special attention. Do you think you’re up for it?”
Jordan looked down towards Ebony’s crotch, and could see a huge bulge running down her thigh, plainly visible under her tight workout pants.
“Some of the other amazons have said some really good things about you, Jordan,” said Ebony, with a smile on her face. “I also know that you got off to a bit of a ‘rough start’ with Tiffany and Barocca the other day. Isn’t that right?”
“Yes, that’s true, Ebony,” said Jordan, somewhat embarrassed.

“You do want to do whatever it takes, Jordan, so that you can become ‘one of the family’, here on the Island, don’t you?”
“Absolutely, Ebony,” said Jordan. “I’ll do anything. Just name it.”
“That’s just what I wanted to hear girl,” said Ebony.

By now all the other girls had filtered out of the workout room. Ebony turned to the wall, and pressed a few keystrokes on the door lock mechanism. “Just so we’re not interrupted,” said Ebony.
“All right girl,” said Ebony. “By now Tiffany’s probably told you all about me. It’s no secret that I’ve got the most cockmeat of anyone here on the Island. And that’s the way I like it. You’re mine to do whatever I want with for the rest of the day. If you can make it through a session with me, you’ll move on to the next step.”
“Let’s get a couple of things straight right away,” said Ebony. “You’ll do exactly as I tell you, no matter how many times I want to fuck you, or have you suck me. No questions asked. If I leave my dick inside you, I expect you to take in as much as you can of my cum. If I pull out, I want to see myself shoot off all over you.”
“The next thing,” continued Ebony, “is I know what’s on your mind. You’re thinking ‘just how big is Ebony’ after all you’ve been through the last couple of days here. Well, just sit back and relax darling. You’re gonna get a firsthand display of how fucking big I really am right now.”

Ebony pulled off the leotard top she had been wearing, and fully exposed her huge breasts to Jordan. Ebony’s juggs were huge, fully rounded dark globes, that sat firm and high on her chest almost like two basketballs. Because of Ebony’s tremendous height, her chest and shoulders were much broader than a normal girl’s, and the two oversized globes that were her tits seemed perfectly fitted on her frame.
Mounted on Ebony’s breasts were large thick nipples. Jordan guessed that the areola were at least four inches across. The nipples themselves were thick twin teats that cried out to be licked and sucked on. Each one stood out over half an inch from the surface of Ebony’s breast, and was thicker than Jordan’s thumb.
Jordan found herself breathing faster, and licking her lips in anticipation at the sight of Ebony’s tits.
“Well, I’m glad you appreciate a great set of tits when you see them,” said Ebony. “But I’ve heard a lot about you too, Jordan. I understand you had a fairly decent career in videos, as well as posing for magazines before you came here. Take that leotard off, girl. I want to see you naked.”
Jordan quickly kicked off her sneakers, and then slipped the leotard off her shoulders, so that it fell down to her waist, and her breasts were fully on display for Ebony. Then Jordan pulled her leotard completely down, and deftly slipped all the way out of it, and stood before Ebony completely naked.
“I like what I see, girl,” said Ebony. “Play with those titties of yours a little. That always gets me warmed up.”
Jordan moved her hands to her breasts, and began fondling and squeezing them. Although Jordan had never had the biggest set of boobs in porn, she had a very full, ample set of tits, and knew how to use them. Lifting them up, and holding them high against her chest, Jordan made her boobs look even bigger. Jordan tweaked the ends of her nipples, and saw Ebony lick her lips, as she became aroused watching her.
“You’ve got a damn nice set of tits, Jordan,” said Ebony. “As well as looking fine in all the other places too. But remember what you’re here for girl. I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. If you’re good, and really get me off, you might get a taste of these beauties of my own later on.”

Ebony flashed a wicked smile as she pulled open the zipper of her workout pants, and then peeled it off her legs like a banana. Ebony pulled her pants down but Jordan only saw part of the fat shaft of her cock as the rest was tucked down the leg of her panties.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so big,” said Jordan.
“You ain’t seen nothing yet, girl,” replied Ebony.
Ebony smiled at her and grabbed her leotard at the waist. With a push she slipped her workout pants down till they fell around her ankles.
Now Ebony stood there, wearing only black panties, her humongous black cock sticking down and out the bottom of her panties and dangling lengthily down her thigh. The tip of Ebony’s cock came to just above her kneecap.
“Oh my god, that’s incredible,” Jordan said as she drooled at the sight of Ebony’s monstrous pole and ran her eyes up and down the long hard shaft. She once had a police officer’s flashlight in her car, the kind with the 6-D batteries, but this thing was both longer and fatter than that. Ebony let her panties slide down to her ankles, deftly stepped out of them, and kicked them to the side.

“This is what you wanted to see, isn’t it, girl?” teased Ebony, as she stood straight up, and placed her hands on her hips. Ebony closed her eyes for a moment, and began to concentrate, as she relaxed her mental control over her cock.
From between Ebony’s legs grew a phallus of inhuman dimensions. The first thing that startled Jordan was the thickness of Ebony’s shaft. Ebony’s cock swelled in girth until was easily several inches across.
Inch after awesome inch of Ebony’s monster cock emerged and grew. Jordan’s eyes got wider and wider as she inadvertently stepped back, in complete awe at the size of Ebony’s cock.
While it was yet to reach full erectness, Ebony’s cock stuck out well over a foot from her crotch at a ninety degree angle, gently throbbing in mid-air.
Jordan looked up at Ebony. Ebony still looked slightly flushed, but was becoming more aroused by the second, as she drank in the feeling of pride and lust, as she watched her cock grow erect in front of Jordan’s eyes.
Ebony’s smile grew even broader, and Jordan turned her full attention back to the beautifully huge cock in front of her.
Ebony’s cock was as big around as Jordan’s forearm and its urethra was almost an inch wide. Blood began to fill rapidly in Ebony’s member, causing it to lurch skyward, and grow at an alarming rate. More and more of Ebony’s awesome black meat continued to grow in front of Jordan’s gaze. Ebony was now easily as large as either Tiffany or Barocca was during the milking ritual. But Ebony was nowhere near her full erectness yet.
Ebony’s prick continued to grow and lengthen until the head was past the level of her nipples. As Ebony’s penis grew, Jordan’s eyes widened in awe at the sight of the monster cock. Jordan’s saucer-shaped eyes never left Ebony’s gigantic member. As thick as a baseball bat, Ebony’s raging hardon was almost three feet long.
“I’m not finished yet, girl,” said Ebony. “Take a look at this.” Ebony flexed her arms in the classic bodybuilder pose. Ebony’s biceps swelled visibly on her arms. Ebony closed her eyes in concentration again. Thick veins like cables began to emerge and fill with blood on the shaft of her cock. The sight of seeing the veins fill and expand on Ebony’s cock reminded Jordan of the cartoon scenes of animals burrowing underground, and seeing their progress by the earth they displaced. “And finally,” said Ebony, “the finishing touch.”
The areola of Ebony’s nipples began to grow thick and stiffen. It was like watching cookie dough expand and rise in the oven. Ebony’s areola rose at least half an inch from the rest of her breasts. Her nipples themselves had become even thicker, and Jordan thought that Ebony could produce milk from her tits if she wanted to. Ebony drank in Jordan’s emotions, as the lust of seeing such an organ transform before her eyes slowly turned into trepidation and fear.

“All right, now I’m ready to have some fun,” said Ebony. “I’ll let you know a couple things before we get started Jordan. I don’t expect you take all of me inside of you. Nobody on the Island can do that to me. But I do know that Tiffany and Dee Dee had to give you some kind of help so that you can take more of me inside you than you think you can.”
Ebony turned to face Jordan and put one hand on her hip and with the other pointed down at the mat in front of her.
“I’ve heard about how you like cock so much,” said Ebony. “Now I want to see what you can do with a real piece of meat.”
Jordan reached up towards Ebony’s crotch, and worked her hand under Ebony’s shaft and found the huge balls dangling against her pubic mound. Each testicle was at least the size of a tennis ball. Jordan could barely grip one of them in her hand.
Smooth and streaked with sweat, Jordan felt as though she was trying to hold two billiard balls in her hands. As she applied a little force, Jordan could feel her fingers kneading and massaging Ebony’s balls, as they moved and slid inside her scrotal sac.
“Yeah,” Ebony groaned appreciatively. “You like my nuts, don’t you slut?” said Ebony. “You feel them swelling up and getting fatter don’t you?”
“Oh yes, Ebony. They’re gorgeous,” said Jordan.
Jordan could feel Ebony’s breathing increase, as the black girl became excited. The blood began to pulse and surge through Ebony’s body, and Jordan could feel the already huge balls begin to swell, and Ebony’s cock slowly began to assume a life of its own.
Gently rubbing the top of her head against the hard, washboard stomach of Ebony’s abdomen, Jordan glanced towards her lover’s cock. Stooping slightly, Jordan moved down along Ebony’s tummy; rubbing her head and hands against the massive shemale’s belly and thighs.
After a few moments, Jordan faced the monstrous cock. Ebony’s cock ran from between her legs and stretched all the way up across her body so that the head of her cock was almost level with her chin. Ebony relaxed her control over her cock slightly, and let it droop somewhat, so that it was now thrusting straight out from her crotch like a battering ram.
Jordan slowly moved her hands to cup the lower extreme of Ebony’s cock, and caress its hard, warm and heavy expanse. With her fingertips, she slowly ran her hand up the length of Ebony’s shaft, pausing to wrap her palms around the massive testicles that hung an arm’s reach away. Each of Ebony’s balls was at least several inches wide and hung down from where they attached to the base of her penis. Squeezing lightly, Jordan hefted one of the massive orbs and stroked its bulbous surface. Above her, she could feel a shudder run through Ebony. Smiling to herself, Jordan stroked back along the shaft towards the tip. Licking it briefly, she cocked her head and slowly slid her hands along Ebony’s penis. A low gasp came from Ebony as her legs stirred and shuffled at the sexual touch.
Jordan moved her head to the end of Ebony’s cock, and surveyed the massive ramrod. Gradually Jordan pushed her tongue into Ebony’s cock hole and began to stroke the amazon’s cockhead provocatively. Ebony moaned, pushing herself against the erotic stimulus. Jordan paused in her licking, but constantly kept her hands stroking the smooth, hard surface of Ebony’s cock.
Pressing forward, Jordan spread her lips around Ebony’s thickening cockhead and began to suck. Gently, she drew deep breaths, her suction making Ebony moan and shudder.
Bringing her left hand forward, Jordan rubbed the tip of Ebony’s cock gently, tickling it and teasing her massive lover with tentative strokes. Jordan’s mouth barely fit over the first third of Ebony’s cockhead.
Jordan concentrated, and tried to force her mouth open further. Slowly but surely, Jordan felt her jaws expand, but she thought she would wind up breaking or dislocating something, if she ever took Ebony inside her mouth.
Ebony groaned deeply and began to grind her legs against the mats on the gym floor. Jordan’s breath sent shivers of pleasure up her shaft as Ebony longed to plunge her whole, hardening cock deep within her minuscule lover. Nonetheless, Ebony reacted on instinct, reaching down and holding Jordan’s head as she tried to shove her rod down Jordan’s tiny throat.
Jordan, helpless in Ebony’s powerful grip, struggled in vain as she felt her cheeks stretch and her jaw distend in an attempt to accommodate Ebony’s gargantuan cock. Sweat beaded down Jordan’s brow in a blend of fear and exhilaration as she thought she felt her jaw virtually pop out of its socket.
Carefully, Jordan began to lick the underside of Ebony’s cockhead, and rubbing its massive shaft with her hands and massaging the pulsating shaft. Each thrust of Jordan’s tongue over the surface of Ebony’s cockhead sent shivers through the towering shemale.
Ebony began to gasp and moan, pumping her powerful legs, pushing her bloated cockhead further into Jordan’s eager face. Ahead of her, Jordan watched as Ebony’s balls bobbed and swayed, each one slightly swollen at the attention the rest of her cock was getting.
Jordan rubbed her tongue along the huge cockhead in her mouth and kept licking the massive meat that was throbbing inside her mouth. Reaching forward, she extended her arms and wrapped her hands around the barrel shaft of Ebony’s cock and began to pump wildly.
“Suck it harder, girl! I want more of my fucking cock in you!” grunted Ebony. Ebony’s thrusts grew more earnest. Unable to engulf more of Ebony’s massive cock with her mouth, Jordan increased her efforts with her arms and tongue. A trembling rushed through Ebony’s enormous shaft. Jordan watched the monster cock swell with the rush of an eruption that she knew would happen sometime soon.
Ebony’s pumping grew more intense and violent as her muscles spasmed and she started to lose control. Ebony’s balls almost seemed to have grown. Jordan had never heard of such a thing before, but they were definitely larger than their size when they had started, and were now swaying and dangling heavily between her legs.
Another huge shudder wracked Ebony’s muscles and she began to buck uncontrollably. Feeling the tensing in the Ebony’s balls, Jordan began licking and rubbing Ebony’s cockhead as fast as she could. Ebony pushed and shoved her cock forward relentlessly, her pressure making a tight seal of Jordan’s lips around her cock-slit. A huge wash of precum gushed into Jordan’s mouth, causing her cheeks to swell, and Jordan was surprised she didn’t gag form the force of it. Jordan washed her tongue about in its sweet, warm taste. And then Ebony came.
Ebony’s semen jetted from her gargantuan cock like water from a firehose. Thick sweet cum swelled Jordan’s cheeks and neck, stretching them to the bursting point. Huge drops gushered out of Jordan’s mouth from the overflow. Jordan felt every push and every spurt of the massive shemale cock. More and more of Ebony’s jism filled her, and Jordan felt her stomach expand and swell.
Ebony clenched her eyes and roared as she thrusted and bucked, splurting her spunk into Jordan’s eager mouth. Ebony’s cock and balls flexed with each push and every shot. Ebony clenched her face tight as she pumped harder and faster, feeling Jordan’s mouth stretch further and further around her throbbing cockhead.
Jordan gasped as Ebony pushed harder against her. Jordan’s mouth formed a seal around Ebony’s cock, as she pushed it deeper into her mouth, and her face began to distort.
Jordan felt her facial muscles distend and stretch like thick, hard rubber to accept Ebony’s freakishly large cock. Jordan quivered as she felt the hot cum splashing into her with geyser-like force. Jordan stroked the throbbing length of Ebony’s shaft as Ebony finished her climax in a series of short, heavy bursts of cum that further pushed the massive cockhead deep into Jordan’s stretched gullet.
Ebony pulled her cock from Jordan’s mouth with a slight popping noise. In a few moments, Jordan’s face gently shifted back to its normal shape. Ebony’s huge cock before her bobbed like a log between her legs, dripping with its hot spunk. Ebony looked down at Jordan with a wicked smile.
“I told you I’d do it to you like never before, girl,” said Ebony.

As she sat on the floor, and tried to recover from the force of Ebony’s orgasm, Jordan felt an odd pressure in her abdomen. Her belly stuck out like she was several months pregnant. Jordan looked as if she had swallowed several large rocks or at least gallons of Ebony’s fluids.
Jordan was on the verge of panic as she looked at her distended belly. Within moments, the pill in her system began doing its work, and started eating away and dissolving the huge amount of Ebony’s sperm inside of her. After a short period of time, Jordan’s stomach had returned to normal.
“Well, it looks as though Tiffany and Dee Dee took care of you after all,” said Ebony, as she patted Jordan’s tummy. “You’re almost back to normal already. That’s good, because I usually like to take it easy the first time around with someone. Get up and get ready, because I’m just getting started here.”

Chapter 3: Ebony & Jordan Part 2

“Okay,” said Ebony. “See that pile of mats over there? Get on top, and stretch out on your back. I’m gonna feed that little blonde pussy of yours its first dose of real cock that it’s ever had on the Island.”
Jordan moved over to a large pile of floor mats that Ebony indicated, and climbed on top as she instructed. Now Jordan was lying in a horizontal position, but she was elevated several feet off the floor.
“That’s perfect girl,” said Ebony, as she lined up her massive cockhead with Jordan’s pussy. “Any last words?”
“I’m going to shove this black monster of mine inside you,” said Ebony. “I’m going to fill you up with more cockmeat than you’ve probably ever had before in your life, and then you’re going to beg me for more of it. Do you understand?”
“Yes, mistress,” replied Jordan.
“I’m going to fuck you hard and heavy, like you haven’t had it done to you since before you came to the Island. And probably not even then.”
“Keep in mind that I’m only going to put some of my cock inside you this time, girl,” Ebony continued. “Right now you can only take so much, no matter how horny you might think you are. That’ll change when it’s time for the main event. But that’s later on.” Ebony moved closer to Jordan and positioned her cockhead directly against her pussy.
“Holy shit, that thing is huge!” cried Jordan. “Please go easy on me with it.”
“I’m going to have a little fun, and I’m also going to fuck the living daylights out of you,” said Ebony. “Relax and enjoy the ride, girl.”

Ebony rubbed her fist-sized cockhead back and forth between Jordan’s tight pink pussy lips till they parted and the tip of her cockhead popped inside. Ebony squeezed her hands into Jordan’s rump and hips, and moved her back and forth, until her entire cockhead pushed its way inside Jordan’s pussy.
“Damn, your pussy is tight!” Ebony squealed as she pushed her stiff pole into Jordan, forcing the giant black shaft to stretch her pussy wider and wider. “You’re going to crank open that tight little blonde pussy and take my big black cock inside of you.”
Ebony released her grip on Jordan without warning, gave a powerful surge forward, forcing her fuckpole heavily into Jordan. Several inches of black cock rammed its way inside Jordan without mercy.
“Holy fucking shit!” yelled Jordan. Jordan had no experience to describe the feelings that were happening to her now. Part of her was simply awed by the sensation of Ebony’s cock inside her. Another part of her was actually frightened by the power of Ebony’s cock.
“Do you like my big, black cock, slut?” asked Ebony.
“Yes, mistress,” gasped Jordan. Tears were running down Jordan’s cheeks from the shock of Ebony’s cock inside her for the first time.
“Would you like some more of my cock inside you, girl?” asked Ebony.
“Yes, please, mistress,” said Jordan. “Your cock feels absolutely exquisite inside of me.”
Jordan’s mind was swirling with the mix of pleasure and pain that she was feeling from Ebony’s cock inside of her. But Jordan knew that the more she pleased Ebony and the other shemale amazons, the better her chances were at being adopted into their society.
Ebony placed her hands again on Jordan’s waist, and flexed her muscles, and forced Jordan onto her cock again. Five more inches of steel-hard black cock rammed and forced its way inside Jordan’s pussy.
Jordan felt as if her ribs were being pushed up into her throat to accommodate Ebony’s enormous black shaft, but she held on tight, her sphincter muscles clutching and relaxing in uncontrollable cycles. Jordan gritted her teeth, closed her eyes and held her breath, as she spasmed while being impaled by the massive girth of Ebony’s cock inside her.
For a few moments Ebony just held her. Jordan’s body was jerking and reeling in reaction to Ebony’s battering ram cock stretching her pussy to undiscovered limits. A thin trickle of creamy white cum rolled down along Ebony’s shaft and onto her black balls as she now slowly began to move her hips, forcing her giant black shaft to squirm and wiggle inside of Jordan. Jordan whimpered and squirmed on Ebony’s big pole.
Ebony’s noticed the jism collecting on her shaft as it oozed out of Jordan’s cunt, and scooped a dollop of it on her finger.

“Are you enjoying yourself, girl?” asked Ebony. “You must be, ’cause this is way too early to be any of mine.” Ebony lifted her finger to her mouth and tasted Jordan’s cum. “Oh yeah,” said Ebony. “You’re really getting off on this, now matter how much you want to squirm and whimper. But we’re just getting started here.”
Without warning, Ebony shifted forward again. Ebony’s motion caused several more inches of black cock to force its way inside Jordan’s tight cunt. Jordan squealed in a mixture of surprise and pain, as she thought her pussy was going to be split wide open.
Jordan’s feet twitched feebly, as Ebony placed her hands on her hips.
“How do you like my cock inside of you, slut?” asked Ebony. Ebony turned so that she faced one of the full-length mirrors in the workout room.
“I like it…very much…mistress,” replied Jordan. Jordan was struggling to maintain her control over her body, as she felt Ebony’s fuckpole pulsing inside of her like a dynamo.
“You can stop the act, Jordan,” replied Ebony. “I’ve already spoken to both Tiffany and Barocca. They told me all about how you nearly lost control when you saw them during the milking ritual. Isn’t that right, slut?”
“Yes, that’s true,” answered Jordan. She lifted her eyes to meet Ebony’s gaze directly.

“That’s more like it, girl,” said Ebony. “There’s no sin in being horny. It’s why we set things up the way we did on the Island here in the first place. But there is such a thing as showing respect and following instructions. That’s one thing you’ve got to learn if you’re going to make it here.”
Without warning, Ebony bucked and gyrated her hips. Jordan was lifted into the air, a few inches off the surface of the mats she was lying on, sending waves of both pleasure and pain throughout her body. Ebony placed her hands on her hips, flexed her muscles slightly, so that Jordan was sure to notice them.
“Take a good look in the mirror, slut,” said Ebony. “Have you ever, in even your wildest dreams, seen a cock this huge, this hard, this magnificent?”
Jordan looked at the reflection of herself and Ebony in the mirror. Ebony’s balls were swollen so large that they were larger than tennis balls. The shaft of Ebony’s cock was like a tree limb as it thrust outward from her crotch. Over a foot of cockmeat was visible to Jordan before it buried itself inside her pussy. Jordan was completely impaled on her back, filled with Ebony’s cock, and totally at Ebony’s mercy. Jordan shook her head meekly in reply.
“That’s right, girl, you haven’t,” said Ebony. Ebony slapped Jordan on the ass, bringing her to attention, and looked directly into Jordan’s eyes. “I’m through taking it easy on you girl,” said Ebony. “You’re gonna get fucked hard now.”

Jordan gasped as she felt Ebony’s thick black shaft stuffed deep in her dripping pussy. Ebony’s black balls were now streaked in a sticky white cream that flowed out of Jordan’s stretched cunt.
Jordan’s tanned breasts flopped heavily to each side from the force of Ebony’s thrusts into her pussy. Ebony gripped her enormous pole and shoved it further between Jordan’s legs again.
“Oh fuck!” Jordan screamed as Ebony stuffed her full of nineteen inches of her black shaft. “Oh god, fuck me!”
Ebony howled, and powered herself into Jordan’s tight young cunt. Another four inches of the massive black missile slammed into Jordan. Jordan’s screeching continued.
Ebony tightened her hold on Jordan’s hips, and again smashed her rock hard cock into her box. Jordan’s cunt continued to part under Ebony’s relentless pounding. Four vicious thrusts later, and Ebony had pounded almost two feet of her massive cock deep within Jordan’s pussy. Jordan screamed until her lungs were raw. Her pussy felt like it was about to explode.
Ebony grunted violently as she slammed into Jordan. So thick was Ebony’s intruding cock, that it rippled the surface of Jordan’s abdomen in time with its penetrations. Jordan placed a hand just below her navel, and felt the thrusting bulge forge deeper.
The tightness of Jordan’s cunt on Ebony’s battering ram cock produced a wet sliding sound with each in and out stroke. Jordan’s head shook wildly from side to side, her mouth open in a silent scream. Smash fucking into Jordan, Ebony increased her fuck pace.
Ebony’s cock head rammed the width of Jordan’s cunt, punching into its deepest recesses and far beyond. Ebony moved with nearly blurring speed, fiercely pumping in and out of Jordan’s cunt.
Jordan prayed that she would pass out, but she continued to wriggle on the end of Ebony’s monster cock. Jordan gritted her teeth, trying in vain to black out the rising waves of pain that burned through her body.
Jordan was impaled on Ebony’s massive pillar inside her. Ebony was growling gutturally, the rabid humping continuing without mercy. More cock than Jordan had ever seen in her life was smashing in and out of her pussy like a runaway train.
Then the dam burst. Jordan thought she could even hear the hot sperm from Ebony splash the insides of her womb. The sperm began flooding, and pouring from Jordan’s crotch.
Jordan groaned in pain. It felt like her stomach was expanding and her insides were rearranging themselves to house the relentless flow of jism from Ebony. Jordan felt like she was being torn apart, as her insides continued to expand. Just when Jordan was sure she couldn’t take anymore from Ebony, the pounding mercifully stopped.
Ebony slowly pulled her massive shaft out of Jordan’s aching cunt. Ebony’s cock was completely coated in both girls’ juices, and throbbing like it had a life of its own. Ebony gripped her cock with a grip of iron, to temporarily stop her rampaging orgasm.

“Oh we’re not finished yet, baby,” replied Ebony. “I’m just getting started. Sit back and enjoy the show, and watch what I can do next.” Ebony pulled back until she was standing back between Jordan’s legs again. Ebony’s massive member was still rock-hard and glistening with sweat and saliva from Jordan.
“Look at this girl,” said Ebony. Ebony grabbed the shaft of her cock with her right hand, and gripped both of her enormous balls in her left hand. Ebony’s cock was now pointing straight up. Jordan was awestruck at the sheer size of it.
“Let me show you how to really suck a cock, girl,” purred Ebony. With that, Ebony lowered her head slightly, and bent her back forward just a bit, and went to work on her own cock.
The first thing that surprised Jordan was Ebony’s tongue. Ebony’s luscious pink tongue oozed out of her mouth at least several inches. Ebony slurped and licked the head of her cock with her tongue until it positively glistened. Then Ebony stuck the tip of her tongue inside the hole at the head of her cock, at least half an inch deep.
When Ebony removed her tongue, she had a large whitish droplet of jism balanced on the tip of her tongue. Ebony leered sexily at Jordan, and then brought her tongue back in her mouth, and swallowed it with glee. Jordan could see Ebony slathering it in her mouth, and watched her throat contract as Ebony finally swallowed it.
“There. That’s got me good and warmed up, girl. Now for the finishing touch. Watch closely, honey,” said Ebony. Ebony now set aside any pretenses at foreplay, or teasing herself or Jordan. Ebony lowered her head, and easily engulfed the entire head of her own cock.
Jordan gasped. Where she had had to work herself up to getting all of Ebony’s cockhead into her mouth, Ebony engulfed all of it as though it were second nature.
Ebony now began to furiously stroke the shaft of her cock with her right hand, squeeze both of her balls with her left hand, and suck on her cock with her mouth all at once.
Jordan watched with awe as Ebony’s muscles flexed and bulged, as Ebony pleasured herself, at an almost impossible pace. Ebony worked on her cock and balls for almost five minutes in this manner, without letup.
Jordan began fingering her pussy, and squeezing her boobs as she got more and more turned on watching Ebony. Ebony in turn looked directly at Jordan from time to time with an expression of uncontrolled lust, as she heard the moans of pleasure from Jordan.
Finally, Ebony released her cockhead from her mouth, and began stroking her cock even faster than before. It didn’t seem possible to Jordan, but Ebony’s cock looked even huger and more powerful than when she’d just had her pussy reamed with it shortly before.

It was difficult to gauge any true size difference on something so huge, but Jordan could see multiple veins rippling up and down the shaft of Ebony’s cock. And the main shaft that carried the jism from her balls throughout Ebony’s prick looked as though someone had taped a garden hose to the shaft of Ebony’s cock.
“Get ready, girl. Here it comes!” cried Ebony. Ebony had pulled slightly back, so that the head of her cock was just about directly over Jordan’s pussy now.
Low, guttural moans came from Ebony that Jordan could barely recognize as the voice she had just heard from her. Ebony’s cock was now pointing directly at Jordan. Without warning, the first load of jism shot directly at Jordan. It was almost a single continuous stream that stretched the several feet between Jordan and Ebony. It landed with an audible sound, directly on Jordan’s neck, between her breasts. Jordan was shocked at the impact, and could feel it sliding down onto other parts of her body from the force of the impact.
Jordan jerked slightly as she felt the heat of Ebony’s jism on her skin. It wasn’t scalding hot, but it was definitely much warmer than she had ever experienced before.
Jordan inadvertently opened her mouth in an expression of surprise, as she felt the hot jism. Thanks to this Jordan caught almost all of the next splurt from Ebony directly in her mouth. It was hot, sweet and the most delicious thing Jordan had ever tasted.
Seeing Jordan enjoy the taste of her cum in her mouth drove Ebony to a higher effort. Ebony continued stroking her shaft as fast as she could, as her orgasm over-powered her. Ebony was caught in the throes of ecstasy for almost another minute, as her massive hardon pumped out over a dozen more thick streams of jism all over Jordan.
By the time Ebony’s cock had finally exhausted itself, Jordan was thoroughly coated in the thick white jism from her waist to her face. Jordan eagerly massaged the jism all over herself, making it look as though she’d just emptied a can of shaving cream onto herself.
Ebony came closer to her and embraced Jordan, enjoying the hot sticky feel of her own cum, as she and Jordan smeared it liberally all over each other. Slowly the girls began to scoop the jism up on their hands and fingers, and serve it to each other, as they greedily lapped as much of it as they could up.
Several times Ebony would let a large load of her jism slide into her mouth, and savor the taste. Then she would hold Jordan close, and kiss her, and transfer the delicious load in to Jordan’s mouth, which she greedily swallowed. Jordan would also repeat this ritual with Ebony, until the girls had swallowed almost Ebony’s entire massive load between them. Jordan swallowed the last handful of jism from Ebony’s fingers, and smiled at Ebony.

“All right, girl,” said Ebony. “Break time’s over. Gent over on your hands and knees. You’re gonna get your ass fucked now.”
Stepping stiffly with her massive schlong bobbing rock-hard before her, Ebony moved around to the back of Jordan. Quickly, Ebony positioned herself between Jordan’s legs and pressed her cockhead hard against her anal entrance. Beads of sweat from Ebony’s still pulsing cock served to lubricate the entrance to Jordan’s butt as Ebony leaned forward, beginning to force her giant cock into Jordan.
Jordan stiffened and let out a gasp as her ass was spread open by the biggest piece of meat she’d ever felt. Her high-pitched intake of air gradually lowered to a moaning groan.
Deeper and deeper Ebony fucked Jordan’s ass. Pounding painfully into her body. Smashing inwards inch after inch. Ebony’s anal plunging seemed to know no limits, seeking ever further recesses of Jordan’s ass to stretch wide and deep. Jordan’s ass was forced wider and wider open as Ebony’s massive cock seemed to plunge inches deeper into her with each thrust. Jordan shook, vibrating her entire body in the throes of agony.
Ebony only smiled and kept pressing her throbbing erection deeper and deeper into Jordan. Amazed at Jordan’s fortitude, Ebony pushed further and further. Jordan felt the thick, hot meat of Ebony stretching her ass wider and wider. The pill she’d taken allowed her to take more and more of Ebony’s cock. But it did nothing for the pain Jordan still felt. It felt to Jordan like someone was trying to pry her ass apart with a crowbar.
Moaning loudly, Jordan shifted her weight and tried forcing more of Ebony into her. Deep within, Jordan felt a wrenching inside her, as her innards seemed to twist and slide themselves around Ebony’s intruding organ. Jordan could feel every rock hard inch of Ebony as her body stretched and threaded itself around the freakishly large cock.
Ebony merely grunted loudly and began her long, heavy thrusts into Jordan’s widely stretched ass. The force of Ebony’s strokes caused her balls to begin slapping back and forth against her own thighs, with a steady rhythm as she forced well over a foot of her cock into Jordan’s ass.
Shocks and tingles of pleasure began to rock the two lovers as Ebony pumped harder and harder into Jordan. Another tingle soon began surging through Ebony’s flexing muscles and clenched teeth. It seemed almost as if Jordan’s ass was resisting her, as if it had gotten tighter.

“Putting up a fight are we?” teased Ebony. “That’s good, girl. I love a challenge.”
“Just because you may think you’ve got a prayer of stopping me, here’s a little reminder of who’s in charge here,” continued Ebony. Jordan felt Ebony push further into her and her body slowly stretch to accommodate her. It hurt so much, Jordan almost didn’t notice that Ebony’s cock was getting thicker. Jordan grimaced but could do little but moan and claw her hands at the floor mats as she felt her ass getting slowly lifted off the ground, embedded on Ebony’s cock. Jordan’s body writhed as Ebony’s cock quickly grew in size.
Jordan gasped, as deep within her, she could feel Ebony’s shaft getting bigger and bigger. Moaning, she felt Ebony’s cock stretching her buttocks apart and shredding her guts, trying to push into her stomach. More and more, Jordan felt her ass widen and stretch. Ebony’s cock was truly bigger than any of the other shemale’s on the Island.
Ebony struggled, some of her cock still jutting out of Jordan, but most of it still deeply embedded deep in her ass. The agony of the situation blotted out most of Jordan’s rational thought as Ebony moaned and felt her climax building. Ebony fucked Jordan’s ass in this position in a series of long powerful strokes for over five minutes.
Eventually the pressure within Ebony’s balls flooded past the point of no return. Her legs stiff, Ebony bellowed out loud as her orgasm ripped out of her engorged shaft and flooded deep within Jordan. Her giant balls bounced repeatedly, swinging wildly as she jetted her thick, creamy cum into Jordan’s ass, as she was stuck on her massive cock.
Jordan grimaced as she felt Ebony begin to fill her with her jism. Gush after gush of thick cum pumped into her ass, and then her bowels.
Finally, Ebony shuddered as her climax began to abate. Huge, shuddering sighs wracked her body as she felt her intercourse with Jordan fade. Her muscles and lungs heaving, Ebony looked down at Jordan. On the floor beneath her, Ebony could faintly see some creamy, white cum that must’ve come from Jordan in her throes.
Jordan panted weakly and turned her head halfway to glance up at her monstrous lover. Jordan’s bowels felt like they were trying to contain a gallon of boiling liquid. After a moment the pill kicked in, and Jordan breathed a small sigh of relief as she felt the incredible pressure in her guts begin to abate.
Jordan gasped and thought to herself: “I can only hope it’s gonna be tough for Ebony to top that one.”

Chapter 4: Ebony & Jordan Part 3

Jordan collapsed onto her stomach after Ebony pulled out of her ass, and lay gasping, trying to catch her breath and recover, after Ebony’s onslaught. Ebony reached over and spun Jordan around, so that she stood right in front of Jordan’s face with her dick right level of with Jordan’s mouth. Jordan screamed as Ebony pushed her huge cockhead against her lips.
“No please! You can’t,” Jordan wailed, her cries cut short as Ebony forced her huge cock into her mouth.
“I’m gonna fuck your throat. Suck my cock, and suck it hard slut!” Ebony yelled as she lunged forward with one massive powerful thrust.
Jordan realized what Tiffany and Dee Dee had told her earlier. Ebony’s personality had suddenly shifted, bringing out the berserker in her character. Jordan’s only hope lay in trying to satisfy Ebony as quickly as possible, hoping that she would return to normal.
Jordan gagged, trying to open her mouth around Ebony’s huge invading member. Her eyes watered as she felt Ebony’s enormous cock stretching her throat. Jordan gagged convulsively as Ebony held her cock down her throat for what seemed like forever. Jordan flailed her arms, her body straining, but her strength was like a child’s compared to Ebony.
Somehow Jordan’s natural gag reflex was overpowered by the pill she had taken, as it forced her passage open wide enough to accept Ebony’s cock. Jordan felt like her jaw was going to be ripped off of her skull.
The result of Jordan’s frantic efforts produced a squeezing and masturbating effect on Ebony’s huge cock and Jordan couldn’t control it. Jordan could barely control her own breathing and her attempts at sucking in oxygen only had the effect of applying powerful suction to Ebony’s cock.
“Suck on my cock, until I tell you stop slut!” growled Ebony, her face filled with unbridled lust. With Jordan in this helpless position with her throat in a straight line, Ebony could fuck her throat just like a pussy. Spreading her legs just a bit wider, Ebony pulled her huge dick halfway way out of Jordan’s mouth and then plunged over a foot of her meat into Jordan’s throat.
Jordan nearly choked, her throat filled completely by Ebony’s huge cock, nearly cutting off her air supply. Jordan panicked. She realized she had to completely pleasure Ebony quickly or she might suffocate.
Ebony pulled her huge cock out of Jordan’s wet tight throat and then rammed it back in even harder this time, followed by a loud groan from Jordan.
“Choke on it, girl! Suck on my big cock!” thundered the muscle-bound amazon.
Ebony plunged her huge erection down Jordan’s throat repeatedly, establish-ing a steady pace which got faster and faster.
Jordan sobbed and gagged as she sucked deeply on Ebony’s cock each time she forced it into her mouth. Jordan’s cheeks hollowed out around Ebony’s giant member as Jordan took deep powerful pulls on her monstrous prick. Jordan didn’t want to take any chances with Ebony in this state of mind. Jordan knew her only chance was to bring Ebony off as quickly as possible. Jordan could see Ebony’s breathing had increased steadily as she forced her cock down her throat. Ebony’s face was also dark and flushed, as she gave in to the lust and rage that was overcoming her.

Ebony grunted as she braced her hands against the wall for leverage and fucked Jordan’s mouth with animalistic intensity. Jordan lost track of time once more. All Jordan could focus on was Ebony’s huge cock slamming down her throat and her battle to breathe. Jordan sucked for all she was worth, making wet sucking sounds as she moaned around Ebony’s plundering dick. It seemed like half an hour passed, before Ebony began to reach her climax. Ebony shoved her dick further down Jordan’s throat again and kept it there.
“I’m gonna cum! Suck me harder, slut!” the massively muscled Ebony roared, throwing her head back and spreading her legs even wider apart.
Jordan sucked as hard as she could, thankful that this might all soon be over. Jordan could barely hold on much longer. Jordan’s head felt dizzy and faint, and her jaws throbbed from being pried open so wide for so long. Ebony’s dick was so thick and solid and huge that it was like having a steel post forced down her gullet. Suddenly Jordan’s eyes widened in surprise when she felt Ebony’s giant cock spasm. Ebony came so hard that the erupting of the jism blasting from her steely black penis was making her head swim.
Jordan gulped as fast as she could as massive blasts of cum blasted straight into her stomach. Again and again Ebony’s cock shot literally gallons of cum into Jordan’s stomach, filling it completely. Jordan’s throat bobbed up and down as she audibly gulped and glugged down great thick globs of Ebony’s creamy sperm, looking up at her face the entire time with a look of utter submission.
Jordan’s belly was soon quite distended and swollen, completely and utterly packed with Ebony’s sperm. Soon, cum was squirting from the sides of Jordan’s mouth as she choked and gagged.
Ebony pulled her cock out of Jordan’s mouth, her monstrous dark pole dripping with ropy saliva and creamy white cum. Jordan gasped for breath as Ebony took her dick in her hand and pointed it at her face. Great slimy streams of cum splattered onto Jordan’s face and hair. Ebony placed her cockhead in Jordan’s mouth and filled it with cum once again. Ebony held it in Jordan’s mouth for several moments, forcing her to swallow yet another load of her jism.
Ebony’s cum was salty and tangy almost like the sperm of any male that Jordan had tasted, but it was a bit more thick and gooey. Ebony rubbed her spurting dick all over Jordan’s face, smearing the cum into it until the Jordan’s face was a messy mask of gooey sperm.

Without giving Jordan a chance to catch her breath, Ebony shoved Jordan so that she sprawled on her back on the mats again. Quickly, Ebony fitted the head of her massive penis onto the lips of Jordan’s waiting cunt. Jordan’s pussy gaped and stretched obscenely as Ebony pushed her entire cockhead into her with one swift stroke, stretching Jordan’s cunt nearly to the breaking point. Jordan groaned heavily, crying out in agony.
The pill from Dee Dee had begun to work, and started dissolving the tremendous amount of sperm in Jordan’s belly. But for a while, Jordan looked like an inflated rag doll with her huge belly rocking back and forth in tandem to Ebony’s powerful thrusts.
Heedless of Jordan’s cries, Ebony slammed into Jordan again and again, merci-lessly pounding the inside of her pussy. The inner walls of Jordan’s dripping tunnel stretched tight and felt like they threatened to rip apart, but still somehow contracted around Ebony’s huge invading shaft. Ebony continued thrusting, her shuddering strokes rocking Jordan and increasing in intensity with each powerful stroke. Ebony showed no signs yet of returning to anything that resembled her normal personality yet. Jordan had to hope she could ride out her wave of anger and still survive. Ebony rocked and powered into Jordan like a battering ram for ten minutes.
By then, the pill had done its work, and Jordan’s stomach had returned to its normal shape again. It was a small consolation to Jordan, as the path of Ebony’s monstrous shaft could be seen from the outside as it displaced the flesh across her abdomen. Still Ebony pounded into Jordan like a piledriver.
After continuing to pound into Jordan’s pussy for several minutes, Ebony tired of fucking Jordan in this manner, and Ebony pulled her huge cock out of Jordan’s pussy, which made a wet sucking sound, and gripped her massive dark penis by the base.
With her free hand, Ebony picked Jordan up bodily and turned her over, so that she landed on her stomach, forcing the air from Jordan’s lungs with a gasp of pain and surprise.
Ebony guided her gigantic slippery wet dick to Jordan’s buttocks and pushed the huge mushroom-shaped tip between her rounded ass globes. The huge head of Ebony’s enormous hard-on disappeared between the deep cleft of Jordan’s ass and bumped up against her anal opening. Fear gripped Jordan as she realized what Ebony was going to do to her again.
With a loud roar Ebony put one hand against the back of Jordan’s head, and shoved her head into the floor mats, and held her dick steady with the other. Ebony rammed forward with another savage roar and impaled Jordan, as over a foot of her colossal erection mashed through and into Jordan’s ass in one brutal stroke.
Jordan grunted in pain, as she felt Ebony’s massive invading cock ram deep inside her. Jordan’s eyes were tightly shut and her face grimaced in abject agony as she felt her rectum stretched wider than she would have thought possible. Jordan struggled under Ebony’s strength, pounding at the mats and gritting her teeth. This was far more painful than anything she’d yet experienced from Ebony. Jordan had even had anal sex a couple of times before, but nothing at all compared to the blinding pain she was feeling right now.
Ebony roared and pulled her huge cock almost completely out of Jordan’s gaping sphincter. Ebony lunged forward with another vicious thrust, her cock slamming into Jordan’s buttocks with the tremendous force of the giant amazon. Jordan’s body trembled from the collision and the force of Ebony’s savage thrust rocked her slender frame.
Jordan screamed as loudly as she could. This was far worse than anything Tiffany and Dee Dee could have prepared her for. She felt Ebony’s left hand on her back, forcing her down with steady and unyielding force. Ebony yelled as she started fucking Jordan’s ass with quick, hard, punishing thrusts.
Again and again Ebony lunged into Jordan like a wild beast. Jordan’s screams were accentuated by Ebony’s roars and the steady colliding of Ebony’s monstrous black cock powering into Jordan’s helpless ass.
Ebony used her strength to press into Jordan so hard she had trouble breathing. Jordan’s blonde hair swung back and forth wildly in tempo with Ebony’s hard rapid thrusts.
Ebony gripped Jordan’s waist with both her hands and savagely slammed her massive cock up Jordan’s ass again and again, violating her to her very core. With bone-jarring impact Ebony power-fucked Jordan’s ass with all her incredible might. Jordan’s sobs and screams only aroused Ebony to even greater ferocity.
“I’m gonna cum inside your fucking ass!” roared Ebony. Throwing her head back, Ebony gave a loud primal roar. Ebony’s huge dick spasmed and began pumping cum up Jordan’s rectum with remarkable intensity. Blast after blast of thick creamy jism flooded Jordan’s ass and squirted out from the sides around Ebony’s big cock.
Jordan moaned and sobbed as tears ran down her face. Jordan struggled to endure the horrible pain of Ebony brutalizing her ass. Jordan’s body was shaken by the brutal thrusts as Ebony pounded her huge cock up her sperm-packed anus. Jordan could tell Ebony was almost through, when her thrusts became slower and less frequent, but it seemed to take forever. Ebony released her hands from Jordan’s waist and slowly pulled her cock out of Jordan’s ass cheeks.
Ebony’s cock was still spurting slightly, and she rubbed the remainder of her jism all over Jordan’s big well-rounded butt globes, smearing them in her gooey cum.

Chapter 5: Ebony & Jordan Part 4

The onslaught from Ebony continued throughout the afternoon. Jordan lost track of how many times her ass, her pussy and her throat had been violated by Ebony.
Sometimes Ebony would talk to and tease Jordan as she fucked her steadily and powerfully. Other times, Ebony was a raging beast with no thought for anything but her own pleasure and release. The only thing that remained constant was the incredible and almost unceasing pounding that Ebony exerted on Jordan’s body.
Jordan felt like a water balloon that had been filled up and emptied too many times. By now, Jordan’s body ached to the point that she felt she it might never return to normal again.
Jordan lay sprawled on her back on the mats after Ebony’s latest assault on her pussy. By now, Tiffany and Dee Dee’s instructions to Jordan were a thing of the distant past to Jordan. It felt like weeks since Jordan had spoken with the other two amazons, and not just earlier today.
Ebony leaned forward with her hands on the edge of the pile of mats. Ebony’s monster cock was still at nearly full erection, stretching out an inhuman three feet from her crotch. Ebony relaxed her mental control over her cock, so that it came down from its upward pointing position, and now faced straight out from her crotch. Ebony let her heavy shaft land on Jordan’s tummy and abdomen. Jordan’s figure was coated with sweat and cum from Ebony’s earlier orgasms. The sound of Ebony’s cock hitting Jordan’s body made a loud, sticking and slapping sound.
Ebony nudged her cock forward, forcing it between Jordan’s breasts, and pushing them to the sides of her chest. Ebony’s cock stretched from between Jordan’s legs, all the way to her chin. Ebony gently pushed her cock against Jordan’s chin, like a puppy wanting to play.

“Wakey, wakey,” teased Ebony, “we’re not finished just yet.” Jordan tried to hide the despair and fear she felt at hearing Ebony’s words. Jordan reluctantly opened her eyes to meet Ebony’s gaze.
“Still with us, huh?” asked Ebony. “I’ve got good news and bad news, Jordan.”
“The good news,” continued Ebony, “is that we’re almost done here. You’ve been a real trooper, girl. I’ve been impressed at the way you knuckled down and took me inside of you so far. Everybody I’ve ever done it to has squealed, so don’t think anything less of yourself for letting go earlier. I’d be worried if you didn’t.”
“I’m almost afraid to ask what the bad news is,” replied Jordan.
“The bad news is I’ve got one last test for you Jordan,” said Ebony. “One more fuck from me, and you’ve made it through stage one. But the way I’m gonna fuck you this time may just push you over the edge, girl.”
Jordan summoned up all the courage and determination she could. “After what I’ve just went through with you so far,” said Jordan, “I’ve come way too far to turn back now. Let’s do it!”
“All right, girl,” said Ebony. “Here we go.”

Ebony exerted her control over her cock again, so that it pointed straight up towards the ceiling. Ebony had a penis size more than equivalent to her mass. As thick as one of Jordan’s arms, it was three feet in length. Curved slightly like a banana, it was pointing skywards in erection.

Ebony reached down where Jordan lay on her back, and hooked her hands around Jordan’s legs, just under her ass, and easily hoisted her into the air.
Jordan gasped with surprise at the ease with which Ebony lifted her off the ground. She was no small girl, being five foot, eight inches tall, but the incredible Ebony was over a foot taller than Jordan, and lifted her as if she were a child. Ebony’s muscular arms easily held Jordan’s entire body weight.
Ebony flexed her arms and lifted Jordan upwards. Behind the shaft of Ebony’s cock, her flat muscular stomach passed before Jordan’s eyes. Ebony’s massive testicles were now swollen larger than two softballs from all the previous activity. The thick shaft of Ebony’s cock was like a dark, flesh-colored telephone pole as Jordan was lifted higher and higher.
Then Jordan was dangled in the air with her face level with the mushroom-shaped cockhead. Jordan’s feet treaded air above the gym flooring. Thick precum ooze was leaking out of Ebony’s dick, beginning slowly to run down the underside of the head of her prick. Ebony’s eyes met Jordan’s as the two girls gazed at each other over the massive head of Ebony’s cock.

“All right, Jordan. Final exam time. It’s time to see if you’ve really got what it takes,” said Ebony. “Do you think you’re ready?”
“I’ll do whatever it takes, Ebony. You know you can count on me.”
The dark-hued Ebony lifter Jordan even higher, and then lowered Jordan downward towards her cock until Jordan felt the massive cockhead brushing against her pussy lips. It was monstrously long, and corded with bulges along its length. Jordan thought she saw her life flash before her eyes, and the only thought that came to her mind was of old cartoon characters in a ‘flagpole sitting’ situation.
“Ok, girl. Get ready. Because I’m going to put my cock inside you one last time today,” said Ebony. The bulbous head pressed against Jordan’s vagina. Ebony pressed against her, and her hard abdominal muscles tensed and clenched, as did her massive arms that were holding Jordan’s flailing body in place. Ebony released her grip on Jordan without warning, letting Jordan’s own body weight force her onto her fuckpole heavily.
Jordan fell like a lead weight onto Ebony’s rock-hard cock. Several inches of black cock rammed its way inside Jordan without mercy.
“Holy fucking shit!” yelled Jordan. Jordan had no experience to describe the feelings that were happening to her now. Part of her was awed and amazed by the size and heat and hardness of Ebony’s cock inside her, and she couldn’t get enough of it. Another part of her was actually frightened by the incredible size and power of Ebony’s cock, and the fear of what it could do to her in this position.
Ebony began to slowly impale Jordan on her monster cock, pushing into her, distending Jordan’s body as it moved itself up through her pussy. After so many brutal invasions of her pussy by Ebony’s ramrod, Jordan was almost numb to what was happening to her. Once Ebony’s cockhead passed all the way into Jordan’s pussy, and Ebony began her thrusting in earnest, the agony was rekindled anew.
Jordan began heaving and panting like a marathon runner, trying to maintain some type of control or composure over her body. The frantic heaving caused Jordan’s tits to bounce in a pleasing display, and the desperate noises of her struggling respiration were also pleasing to Ebony’s ears. Deeper Ebony plunged, stopping at twelve inches of penetration. Stopping only so Ebony could begin the fucking process to Jordan again.
By now, Jordan had screamed her lungs raw, from Ebony’s earlier invasions of her body. Jordan’s throat was so sore, just talking normally was an effort. Jordan could only manage a series of rasping grunts and groans.
Thrusting heavily, Ebony’s cock speared like a missile up between Jordan’s legs. Ebony’s cock plundered deep into Jordan’s pussy. Jordan felt each cord and bulge and knot of Ebony’s dick as it stretched her pussy wide and deep.
Ebony lifted Jordan with her hands just under her armpits with her arms, and Jordan was pulled back up the long cock. Then Ebony let Jordan drop back down on it, letting her own body weight force more and more of her cock into her pussy. In this manner Jordan’s pussy was pounded at by Ebony.
Ebony was ramming over one third her of length into Jordan. Feeling inside Jordan’s body with her prick. So delightful. Grunting now with pleasure, as Jordan tried to find the strength to scream more. Ebony was grunting like an animal with each inward push. Feeling her crown and shaft harden inside of Jordan.
Ebony was ramming her deepest yet, lusting to fire yet another of her loads into the core of Jordan. Fifteen inches went into Jordan. Then eighteen inches between her legs. Up inside. Pumping Jordan. Fucking her like a tiny doll.
Now Jordan had almost two feet of Ebony’s cock rammed inside of her, stretching her pussy to limits that she thought were not humanly possible.
Ebony forced Jordan up and down on her mammoth cock like a monkey on a stick for over ten minutes, lusting in the incredible pleasure it brought to her, and her total dominance over Jordan.
Jordan washed in and out of consciousness as the pain from Ebony’s assault threatened to overcome her. After what seemed like an eternity to Jordan, she felt the awful pounding from Ebony stop. As Jordan’s head cleared, she met Ebony’s gaze through a mist of pain.

Ebony still had a look of sexual hunger and desire for Jordan, but the fierce, berserker rage had passed. Jordan was no longer afraid of Ebony as she balanced there, suspended on her cock. Jordan pushed a lock of hair away from her mouth, as Ebony reached out to her and kissed her.
Jordan trembled as Ebony’s mouth enveloped hers but instead of pulling away she parted her lips and felt the other woman’s hot tongue stab between them.
“Mmm,” Jordan moaned, as Ebony put her hands on her neck, turning her head slightly as she passionately rolled her tongue in her mouth. Jordan responded in turn by sucking on Ebony’s tongue, slipping her own hot pink probe into her mouth.
Ebony released her lips from Jordan’s, and Jordan pulled away from the kiss for a moment, her own breath ragged and uneven.
“You’re holding up better than I ever thought you would, Jordan,” said Ebony. “Since you’ve made it this far, I thought I’d give you a bit of a reward. I like the way that you’ve been staring at my tits all afternoon, especially during the workout class.”
“Suck on my tits and play with them, girl. You’ve earned it,” continued Ebony.
Jordan found Ebony’s big brown puffy nipples and twisted them between her slender fingers, tugging them into even harder nubs. Playing with Ebony’s massive breasts was like heaven to Jordan. It was like trying to manage two flesh-colored volleyballs in her hands. Yet at the same time Ebony’s breasts were soft and pliable. Jordan pressed her face into Ebony’s huge mounds, and lost herself in the warm sensuous softness of Ebony’s flesh. Jordan soon found one of Ebony’s thick, protruding nipples, and began eagerly sucking on it. Ebony’s nipples were so large and thick, it was like sucking on her little finger.
After a moment, Jordan received a shock when Ebony’s nipple began squirting liquid into her mouth. It wasn’t milk, but it was a warm, sweet nectar that tasted delicious as it ran down Jordan’s throat.
Ebony saw Jordan’s eyes widen in surprise as she suckled on her breasts. “I told you that you deserved a break, Jordan,” said Ebony. “I thought I’d let the ‘milk’ we can produce here on the Island be a surprise to you. By the way, don’t forget about the other one. You’re making it jealous.”
Jordan blushed a little bit, and turned her attention to Ebony’s other tit, and began giving the other nipple the same attention. Jordan found that the liquid from Ebony’s breasts was actually having a revitalizing effect on her. Jordan’s throat quickly felt nearly normal again, so that she could speak clearly again, and she thought she could even shout again if she had to. Jordan’s body also began to feel energized and renewed. It would be a while before she recovered completely from her session with Ebony, but Jordan definitely felt better than at any time since before the sex had started, hours ago.
Ebony could sense Jordan’s strength returning, as she sat straighter on her cock, and some of the color returned to her face. Ebony gently lifted Jordan’s mouth off of her breast, and Jordan sat straight up, meeting Ebony’s gaze again.

“I told you it’d be worth the wait for you to get your hands on my tits, girl,” said Ebony.
Now Ebony slid her hands up, pushing her black hands onto Jordan’s ample breasts. It felt good to Jordan to have an amazon touching her like this. Jordan moaned quietly as Ebony squeezed her breasts.
Ebony kissed Jordan again, as her hands slid over her huge soft, tanned globes. Ebony’s mouth slid off Jordan’s, suckling her neck and then down to suck wetly over her right breast. Ebony sucked on Jordan’s tweaked nipple, biting it gently as she pulled and twisted at the other to keep it hard.
“Oh God,” she moaned as Ebony sucked on her left nipple now, playing with the right in her fingers.
“You’re almost home, girl. I shoot my load into you one more time, and then you’ve made it through this part of the test.”
“If I’ve been able to take everything that you’ve dished out to me so far, I guess I can survive whatever else you got in mind for me,” said Jordan.
“Glad to hear you say that, girl,” said Ebony. “Because here we go again. The home stretch.”
Over two feet of Ebony’s cockmeat pounded into Jordan, fucking her body in a violent thrust. Ebony quickened her pace. The massive prick of Ebony was a blur ramming into Jordan. As Jordan absorbed the relentless battering, she was determined to give Ebony one last thing to remember her by.
Ebony had her hands on Jordan’s shoulders, holding her in place, as she rammed her cock in and out of her pussy like a jackhammer. Jordan had no idea just how much cock Ebony had shoved inside her, but she knew it was an almost inhuman amount.
Jordan was sitting low enough on Ebony’s cock that when she extended her arms, she could brush them against Ebony’s thighs. Jordan summoned her courage, remembering Tiffany and Dee Dee’s warnings about angering Ebony. After everything Jordan had been subjected to so far today, she threw caution to the wind and went ahead with her idea.
Jordan reached down and found Ebony’s balls swaying below the base of her cock. Each of Ebony’s nuts had swollen so that it was larger than a softball, and Jordan could barely grip one in each hand.
After all the activity throughout the afternoon, Ebony’s scrotal sac had swollen and loosened considerably. When they had first started, Ebony’s nuts were riding high and firm, directly beneath the shaft of her cock. Now they each hung down several inches, and swung freely in time to Ebony’s thrusting.
Jordan grabbed each of Ebony’s balls in one hand, and pulled them upwards. Ebony’s scrotal sac was now pulled up and wrapped around the shaft of her cock, like a blanket draped around a log. Then Jordan twisted one testicle around the other, almost like tying a knot, and began rhythmically squeezing Ebony’s nuts in time to her thrusting. Jordan’s work on Ebony had an instant effect on her, almost like a cock ring on her shaft and balls.
“Oh, fuck, yes!” shouted Ebony. “Squeeze those nuts harder, girl! Don’t stop until I tell you to stop.”
Ebony intensified her thrusting into Jordan. Ebony’s cock had already been well primed and nearly ready to shoot a few moments ago, before she stopped to let Jordan sample her breasts.
Within moments, Jordan sensed the beginnings of vibrations inside Ebony, that were transmitted throughout her body also. Ebony unleashed her most powerful orgasm of the day into Jordan. Ebony screamed like a wild beast as she began to empty her seed into Jordan, and Jordan shrieked in ecstasy as well as her throat would allow.
With her teeth clenched, Ebony’s cum rocketed into Jordan. Ebony’s dick rammed and jammed the cum shots into Jordan’s womb. Spurt after spurt like hose blasts pounded thick, syrupy sperm into Jordan’s deepest insides. Jordan’s face was flushed, veins pulsing on her forehead. Ebony pounded her cock into Jordan harder as she thrust her cum seed between her legs.
Ebony began lifting Jordan higher in her thrusting strokes. This caused Ebony’s balls to stretch even further in their sac, and combined with Jordan’s squeezing hands on them, made Ebony’s cum jet out even faster into Jordan.
Ebony’s hot load erupted like a volcano. Surging like a molten river. Hosing Jordan’s insides with the thick syrupy goop. Ebony watched Jordan’s mouth, half-expecting some of it to wash out the other end of her.
The first cum load hit Jordan’s insides like a tidal wave. Then Jordan felt the next wave of cum pound into her. Jordan’s wet pussy lips smacking around Ebony’s shaft with each thrust,
her small tight body coaxing cum, and more cum out of Ebony. Ebony was shaking in joy. Tremors of purest pleasure flowing through her dick in as she orgasmed.
Jordan felt the cum inside her, inflating her like a balloon. Excess sperm poured back out of Jordan’s pussy, adding to the slippery wetness of the fucking. Ebony’s legs were soon coated with her own thick white semen. Streams of jism landed loudly on the floor, as they fell from several feet above.
When Ebony’s load was finally spent, and the final thundering orgasm had passed, Ebony gently lowered Jordan back to the pile of mats, and laid her on her back again. Ebony pulled out of Jordan as gently as she could, with her cock making a popping sound, as the huge head left Jordan’s cunt for the final time that day.
Ebony was coated with sweat, and her cock was still dripping with sperm and Jordan’s own sweat and juices. Pushed to the point of exhaustion, Ebony sprawled out on her back on the mats next to Jordan. Jordan felt a warm glowing feeling in her stomach, and knew that the pill was doing its work, dissolving the tremendous amount of Ebony’s sperm still inside her.
Ebony rolled over on her side and gazed at Jordan.
“That was incredible, girl,” said Ebony. “So far, no one has ever had the brains or the guts to do that to me while I’m fucking them.”
“I think you’re gonna do OK here, Jordan,” continued Ebony with a wicked smile. “Just relax here for a few minutes until your stomach settles back to it’s normal shape. After that, take a shower and clean up. Then report back to Tiffany and Dee Dee for the next stage.”

Tiffany and Dee Dee watched Ebony and Jordan finish the last intercourse through the closed circuit monitor. When it was finally over, Tiffany shuddered and turned to Dee Dee.
“I wouldn’t have thought it was possible, but Ebony’s gotten even bigger and more uncontrollable than before,” said Tiffany.
“You can say that again,” said Dee Dee. “I was almost certain that she was going to push Jordan completely over the brink any number of times this afternoon.”
“How long was Jordan in there anyway?” asked Tiffany.
“Let’s see,” said Dee Dee. “Exercise class was over at one o’clock. And it’s now just past six. My god. Jordan must feel like she’s been put through the wringer.”
“To say the least,” replied Tiffany. “But you’ll notice that she still had enough spunk in her to make it through the session, as well as tempting fate by grabbing Ebony’s balls like that at the end.”
“And she looked like she still would’ve taken more from Ebony, if she’d made her do it,” added Dee Dee. “We’ve gotta be careful with Jordan if she sticks around, Tiffany. We may wind up creating a monster.”
“I think we already have,” said Tiffany.

Chapter 6: The Inquisition Part 2

After her ordeal with Ebony, Jordan staggered to the shower and cleaned herself off, enjoying the cleansing feeling of the water cascading down over her body. Emerging from the stall, she found a note from Tiffany left on her clothes.
Jordan: Congratulations on making it through your test with Ebony with flying colors. I can tell that now there’ll be no stopping you from reaching your goal. Your next test will be with Clyda. Come and see me in my quarters again tomorrow morning at 9AM. You’ll be briefed again by myself and Dee Dee on what to expect.
The next morning, Jordan awoke early again, and after showering and preparing herself, she settled on a green bikini. Jordan donned a different Hawaiian flower print skirt over the bikini panties, and added a pair of sandals.
Jordan strode through the hallways and arrived promptly at Tiffany’s chambers after an early breakfast, at 9AM.

Tiffany greeted Jordan at the door, and invited her in, and to sit down.
“Morning, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “You put on quite a show with Ebony yesterday.”
“Thanks,” said Jordan, with a touch of resentment. “I should be able to sit down without any pain again in a few days.”
“Look, I said yesterday that I was sorry for having to turn you over to Ebony,” said Tiffany. “There just wasn’t any way around it at the time. But now we’ve bought ourselves a little time, and we’ve got Ebony and Barocca off our backs for a little while.”
“I didn’t mean to be so grumpy,” said Jordan. “But after that experience with Ebony yesterday, I’ve got no desire to repeat it again. I’ll be sure and watch my temper and my personality here on the Island.”
“Smart girl,” said Tiffany. “As I explained yesterday, if you made it through Ebony, you’d get a reward. And today’s the day. We’re going to turn you over to Clyda this afternoon. Let me give Dee Dee a call, and she’ll come over to get you ready for Clyda.”
Tiffany reached over to the telephone, and punched in Dee Dee’s extension.
“Hi, Dee Dee, it’s Tiffany. Yes, Jordan’s ready for the next round. Please come over to my quarters, and we’ll prepare Jordan to get her ready for Clyda.”

Dee Dee arrived a few moments later at Tiffany’s chambers with her medical case, and greeted both of the girls.
“Hi Jordan. I understand you came through intact after a day with Ebony?” asked Dee Dee, after she settled in one of the chairs in the room.
“Just barely,” replied Jordan. Jordan rubbed her butt to indicate where Ebony had done the most damage.
“Believe me, we didn’t want to put you through that,” said Dee Dee. “But the pill I gave you yesterday will take care of that pain. You’ll be back to normal again in no time. Tiffany tells me you’re ready to take the next step?”
“That’s right,” said Jordan. “You’re going to turn me over to Clyda next. I’m not sure I like the way you phrase that around here.”
Tiffany laughed. “I’m sorry, Jordan. That’s just an expression we have around here. Yes, we’re matching you up with Clyda later today. But we’re not throwing you to the lions, like we did with Ebony yesterday.”
“I’ve got another pill ready for you,” said Dee Dee. “I know that you’re probably a little leery of pills after your ordeal with Ebony, but you’ll just have to trust me on this. I guarantee that you’ll come out of your session with Clyda with a totally different attitude.”
Dee Dee reached into her medical bag, and produced a small prescription jar. In it was one pill that was a dark pinkish-red in color. “Go ahead and wash this down with a drink of water, Jordan.”
Jordan swallowed the pill. “Mmm,” said Jordan. “That’s more like it. Tastes kind of like cinnamon.”
“Well, the exact ingredients are ‘trade secrets’,” said Dee Dee. “But this pill will let you really enjoy your time with Clyda. I’ll let Tiffany explain the details.”
“This pill isn’t too much different from the one you took yesterday,” said Tiffany. “But this time, Dee Dee was able to include some ingredients to take care of the pain you might ordinarily feel while having sex with one of the amazons here on the Island.”
“You’ll experience some brief bouts of pain as your mouth, your pussy and your ass get used to Clyda’s cock,” continued Tiffany. “After that, your body will be able to adapt and compensate to whatever Clyda puts in it. Then you can really enjoy having sex with Clyda.”
“That part does sound great,” said Jordan. “But why do I get the feeling that I’m being ‘given up’ or sacrificed to someone every other day around here?”
“Again, that’s because you’re a bit of a celebrity here, Jordan,” said Tiffany. “And as I said yesterday, some of the amazons, like Ebony and Barocca, didn’t care for your actions at all, when you got here. If Barocca had her way, you would’ve gotten another ordeal, similar to what Ebony gave you, at her hands.”
“Remember your first day here, when Tiffany and Barocca said we videotape almost everything here?” asked Dee Dee. “Well we weren’t kidding. All of your session with Ebony was filmed, as well as all of your other sex sessions during the ‘tests’ will be filmed.”
“As a matter of fact,” continued Dee Dee, “Barocca is going to show bits and pieces of Ebony having her way with you, as a method of showing other girls what can happen if they get out of line. With a little bit of editing, she’ll have something that’ll be very graphic and quite convincing too.”
“That’s for sure,” muttered Jordan. “Barocca’s got more than enough footage to choose from for a scene like that. I’m a star before I even know it here.”
“Well, there’s nothing we can do about that now,” said Tiffany. “As I was saying just a moment ago, other amazons, like myself, Dee Dee and Clyda, did take a liking to you, and stuck up for you.”
“I couldn’t be so bold as to be the first one to speak out and request you,” continued Tiffany. “That would’ve been too much of a giveaway after the way you had behaved, and too many others would have taken it as a sign of weakness on my part. But Clyda could. And since she outranks Barocca in terms of seniority, Clyda pulled rank on her, and used her clout so that she could be the first to have you after Ebony.”
“So you see, Jordan,” said Dee Dee, “you’re not being ‘given up’ at all. You’ve become quite popular in a short period of time, and the other girls are asking for you.”
“This afternoon, you’ll meet Clyda,” said Tiffany. “I know that you don’t know many other girls on the Island, but Clyda has a tremendous reputation as a real sweetheart. I won’t kid you, that Clyda isn’t completely meek and mild. She can get a little feisty in the heat of the moment, just like any of us can from time to time. But Clyda has a completely different personality than Ebony does, and I know you’re going to really like being with her today.”
“Just a couple of basic facts to review, before we set you up with Clyda,” continued Tiffany. “When you’re with Clyda, or any other amazon on the Island, don’t try to swallow her cum unless you’re given permission. Now that we girls have cocks of our own here on the Island, we really enjoy shooting off our loads, and then doing imaginative things with it afterwards. So keep that in mind, no matter whom you’re with while you’re here.”
“When you’re with Clyda,” said Dee Dee, “I’d advise you to do as she tells you. Clyda has a sense of humor, and likes variety and pizzazz in her sex. And she’s not nearly as likely to go ballistic on you, or try and take revenge on you like Ebony or Barocca might do, if you tried anything on her. But having Clyda give you a glowing review can only help you while you’re here on the Island, so bear that in mind.”
“We’re both confidant that you won’t even need to think of using it,” said Tiffany, “but Dee Dee and I will be monitoring you again as we film your session with Clyda. So in the remote chance you need to use it, remember the hand signal we agreed upon.”
“Besides, you’ll be too busy having a good time anyway,” said Dee Dee. “And I think that after you’re done with Clyda, we’ll have plenty of scenes that we can edit together for a sure-fire ‘best seller’ for our line of videos!”
“I sure hope you’re right,” said Jordan. “This afternoon sounds like it’s going to be unforgettable. Get ready, Clyda. ‘Cause here ‘cums’ Jordan.”
All three girls laughed and hugged together at that. Then Jordan left for Clyda’s quarters for the next stage of the tests.

Chapter 7: Clyda & Jordan Part 1

Jordan was standing outside of Clyda quarters, mentally preparing herself for the next test. Clyda had chosen Jordan to be the next amazon she had to satisfy in her ordeal to become one of the amazons. Jordan rapped politely on the door to Clyda’s quarters.
Clyda’s voice answered from inside the room. “Come on in, please.”
As Jordan entered Clyda’s quarters, Clyda was relaxing on the bed. Clyda had on a dark red, tube top. The cut and fit of Clyda’s tube top did more to emphasize Clyda’s figure than to hide it. Below that, Clyda wore a pair of black workout pants.
Like most of the other amazons on the Island, Clyda had a figure that was sleek, and well conditioned. Clyda still had a shapely, curvaceous figure, but Jordan could see that Clyda possessed considerable strength in her arms and legs.
Clyda was stretched out on the bed on her back. As Clyda’s breathing raised her chest up and down, Jordan was greatly aroused at the sight of her massive breasts, as they bulged inside the tube top. Jordan was naturally busty herself, but Clyda had to be considerably larger than she was, judging by the amount of flesh she could see exposed at the top of her tube top.
As Clyda heard Jordan enter the room, she sat up on the edge of the bed and greeted Jordan with a warm smile.
“Hallo, love,” said Clyda. “Still with us after being turned loose with Ebony for a day?”
“All I can say is I’m sure glad that it’s over,” said Jordan. “I hope I don’t have to go through that ever again.”
“Well, I can promise you a much better time with me, than with Ebony,” said Clyda. “I’ve really been looking forward to this, Jordan. Come here and sit down next to me.”
Jordan strolled over to the bed, and sat down by Clyda’s side.
“Tiffany and Dee Dee said that you specifically asked for me,” said Jordan.
“We’ve heard a lot about you Jordan,” said Clyda. “We’re not completely cut off from the outside world here. We have a satellite dish, so we can get a certain amount of television programming. And we’ve also got a T1 link to the Internet for our computers. So we’re just full of surprises here on the Island.”
“I spent a fair number of years in the modeling business myself, Jordan,” continued Clyda. “I didn’t make nearly as many videos as you, because I started a few years earlier than you. But I built up a network of contacts and friends through my years in the business, and whenever I spotted someone new who really caught my eye, I’d ask them if they could find out anything about them, or tell me more about them. When I found out that your name had come up through our screening process for applicants to the Island, and we verified that it was you, I was really excited.”
“Well that’s really flattering to know that you and some other girls already know about me, and like me here,” said Jordan. “As a matter of fact, I think I remember seeing you in some old girlie magazines that I found in my brother’s room, years ago. I don’t think I’d ever forget seeing a set of breasts like yours.”
“If only I had a dime for every time someone said something to me like that about my tits,” giggled Clyda. “Every once in a while I regret having to carry them around. But then I look at myself in the mirror and come to my senses. They kept me working for a number of years, and also opened quite a few doors to me in other walks of life too.”
“But were not here to philosophize or reminisce today, Jordan,” said Clyda. “You’ve earned a treat for surviving a day with Ebony, and I’m the girl to give it to you. Stand up and let me get a good look at you Jordan.”

Jordan stood up and moved a couple of steps back from Clyda. Jordan simply stood there for a moment, letting Clyda look at her, gazing at her figure.
“Now take off your skirt and sandals, love. But leave your bikini on for the time being,” said Clyda. “Turn around slowly and pose for me, Jordan. Pretend like you’re back in the real world, doing a magazine shoot.”
It hadn’t been that long since Jordan had done exactly what Clyda requested, so the routine quickly came back to her. Jordan posed and strutted and flaunted herself to Clyda for several minutes. Jordan showed off all of her body to Clyda, knowing just when to fondle and squeeze her boobs; both with her hands on the outside of her bikini, and also by pushing her arms together to display an impressive span of cleavage. With a pout here, a smirk there, and a devilish grin added in, Jordan soon had Clyda equally as aroused as she was.
Jordan could see that Clyda’s breathing had audibly increased, as she became more and more turned on. Clyda’s nipples had started to grow hard and erect beneath her tube top, and Jordan could see the tips of them straining and pushing at the fabric.
Jordan tried not to be too obvious about it, but she couldn’t see any signs of real enlargement or activity down at Clyda’s crotch when her gaze wandered there.
Clyda’s sexy voice brought Jordan back to attention. “Yes, you’re everything they said you’d be and more, Jordan. Forgive me if I indulge in one of my vices that’s also a favorite of Ebony’s too. Come a little closer to me. Now put your hands behind your back, and lean forward towards me.”
Jordan did as Clyda instructed. Jordan’s breasts were now less than a foot away from Clyda’s face as she leaned forward and thrusted her chest out.
Clyda gazed deeply at Jordan’s full, ample breasts, which were only inches away from her face. Clyda could smell the sweet aroma of Jordan’s sex, as both girls had gotten increasingly aroused as Jordan displayed her body.
In the position she was in, the only part of Jordan’s breasts that weren’t visible to Clyda were the undersides, and part of her nipples.
“You’ve got a gorgeous set of knockers there love,” said Clyda. “Nice and full and firm. And from what I can see, they’re nicely tanned all over. I really like that in a girl. Tell me, Jordan. Does that tan of yours cover all the parts of your body?” “There’s only one way to find out,” Jordan teased back.
“You’re right. There is only one way,” agreed Clyda. “But everything in good time. Right now I want to get a good unobstructed view of your tits. Hold still a moment, love.”

Clyda reached up behind Jordan’s neck and gently undid the knot holding the upper half of her bikini, behind her neck.
The top two strings of Jordan’s bikini fell down and dangled loosely. Jordan had started to sweat ever so slightly as she posed and strutted for Clyda. The light coating of moisture on her body just barely held the cups of Jordan’s bikini onto her breasts for now.
All of the top half of Jordan’s breasts were clearly visible to Clyda, including parts of Jordan’s nipples, as the fabric began to slowly loosen its hold.
“Lovely. Absolutely lovely,” panted Clyda. “Now just hold still while I undo the other end, and we’ll be ready for the ‘grand unveiling’ in a moment.”
The knot to the lower portion of Jordan’s bikini quickly parted under Clyda’s fingers. Only a scant amount or perspiration was holding the bikini cups onto Jordan’s breasts now.
“If you’ll do the honors, Clyda,” asked Jordan. Clyda delicately plucked the cups of Jordan’s bikini off, and tossed it to the side of the bed.
Jordan’s full, rounded globes thrust proudly out towards Clyda’s face. Clyda lifted her gaze to Jordan, and a look of unbridled passion and lust in her eyes. Jordan knew the look of another woman who wanted her more than anything else very well. Performing and stripping for a lover who obviously appreciated her had gotten Jordan quite excited, and her nipples were standing stiff and erect. Clyda reached out, gently stroking and cupping Jordan’s breasts in her hands.
“Your tits are gorgeous, love,” said Clyda. “Nice and firm. And such a delicious even color from tanning all the time too. Do you go to a tanning salon? Or are you a naughty girl, and do it by other means?”
“A girl’s gotta have fun somehow,” giggled Jordan.
“And that’s exactly what I intend to do here,” replied Clyda.
Clyda began licking and sucking on Jordan’s breasts, licking the wide areola until it stiffened and rose slightly from the rest of her breast. Then Clyda brought Jordan’s nipple into her mouth, and began sucking and gently teething on it. Jordan tried to stand as still as she could while Clyda pleasured her, but found it difficult. Jordan reached out and put her hand on the back of Clyda’s head, and pressed her to her chest, exhorting Clyda to greater efforts.
Finally, Clyda had slaked her thirst for Jordan’s breasts, and brought her back so she could gaze at Jordan. Both girls were breathing heavily from the other’s attentions, and a sense of electricity and passion was in the air between them.
“Well,” said Clyda, “after that, it’s only fair that I return the favor to you, love. You’ve earned yourself some time with my babies.”
Clyda slipped her arms out of the tube top, and pulled it completely over her head, so that her huge breasts were fully exposed. Clyda tossed the top over to a corner of the room.
Jordan gasped in astonishment. Clyda’s tits stood out proud and firm like two huge torpedoes from her chest. Clyda’s breasts were almost twice as large as Jordan’s, yet there wasn’t a hint of sag or droop to them. They were almost exactly as Jordan remembered seeing them in those old girlie magazines of her brother’s, years ago.
“Do you like?” asked Clyda with an impish grin on her face.
“I think that they’re fucking gorgeous,” said Jordan.
Jordan moved closer to Clyda so she could fondle and caress the two mammoth globes on her chest. Jordan had to use both hands, and even then, she could barely contain one of Clyda’s colossal tits. Jordan massaged and stroked the two breasts like they were separate lovers.

Finally Jordan made her way to Clyda’s huge nipples. Each teat was a delicate shade of dark brown, several inches wide. At the edges, the skin assumed a delicate, almost perforated color and texture that told Jordan Clyda was extremely aroused from her attention to her breasts so far.
Jordan settled her mouth over one of Clyda’s nipples, and slowly engulfed the entire teat, as well as a small part of Clyda’s breast in her mouth. Jordan tongued and massaged Clyda’s nipple in her mouth, and gently gnawed on it, until Clyda was positively squirming next to her.
Clyda reached out and embraced Jordan in her powerful arms. “That feels absolutely exquisite, love,” said Clyda. “But don’t forget about the other one now.”
Jordan turned her attention to Clyda’s other massive breast, and gave the nipple the same undivided attention she had to the first one. Clyda had her arms wrapped about Jordan and was massaging and stroking Jordan with sensuous caresses anywhere her hands could reach.
By now, Clyda was pushing and grinding extremely close to Jordan, as Jordan worked on her tits. Jordan knew that Clyda was obviously enjoying and responding to her efforts. What baffled Jordan was why she had yet to see any sort of rise or growth from Clyda’s crotch by now. There had been times when Jordan had made love to other girls like this, that she’d had them cumming in their panties by now. But so far, nothing out of Clyda.
Clyda truly was a handsome woman, Jordan thought. Strong and muscular. A long, luxurious mane of jet-black hair. She was definitely a gorgeous chunk of shemale flesh. And tits that she could get lost in for days at a time.
Finally, Clyda gently pulled Jordan’s head off of her nipple, and smiled at Jordan.
“My goodness, but I think that’s enough of that for now,” panted Clyda. “If I didn’t make you stop there, I might never get around to showing you what you really came here to see. And we couldn’t have that, now could we?”

Chapter 8: Clyda & Jordan Part 2

Jordan’s eyes wandered to Clyda’s crotch.
“All right, love,” said Clyda. “I guess you’ve waited long enough. You’ve hardly taken your eyes off my crotch since you came in here.”
Jordan nodded her head, her eyes filled with uncontrolled lust as she stared at Clyda.
“I’m sorry,” said Jordan. “Have I been that obvious?”
“That’s Ok. Just sit back and just watch the show for a minute,” said Clyda.
Clyda unzipped the workout pants, and stepped out of them, and then placed them over on top of her tube top she had discarded earlier. Beneath her pants, Clyda had on a skimpy pair of dark red panties.
“Since I’m now almost totally in the buff, I think it’s only right that you do the same, love,” said Clyda.
Jordan quickly removed her bikini panties, and stood there trembling, waiting for Clyda to take the next step.
“I imagine that Tiffany and Dee Dee have already told you this,” said Clyda, “but we’re taught a number of mind control techniques here on the Island. In other words, most of us can control exactly when we want an erection or not. It comes in very handy not having to lug around a salami in your panties all day long.” Jordan tried to suppress a giggle as Clyda continued to explain.
“We still have our cocks all the time. They’re just kept at a very small, manageable size, much like any normal male’s is, when it isn’t hard. It’s not that you didn’t give an outstanding effort there, Jordan. I can’t remember when someone’s paid that kind of attention to my tits. But I wasn’t going to show you my cock until I was ready to. And now I am.”
Jordan folded her legs and sat on the edge of the bed. As Jordan watched, Clyda concentrated and released her mental control over her cock, and let it begin to grow and expand in front of Jordan. Clyda’s cock began enlarging in front of Jordan’s view.
At first, it looked as though someone had shoved two large pairs of socks, or an equivalent sized bulge into Clyda’s panties. Clyda’s cock filled with blood, causing an almost instant increase to six or seven inches in length. The sudden change in Clyda’s cock, when it was already stuffed inside her panties, made it seem as though her crotch had instantly become alive.
A second later, the head of Clyda’s cock poked above the rim of her panties. Clyda giggled at the sensation of her sensitive cockhead rubbing against the rim of her panties. Clyda’s shiny phallus lengthened itself immediately, quickly reaching the height of her belly button. Jordan’s mouth hung slightly open. Her breath came in small, shallow gasps.
Clyda noticed Jordan’s obvious attraction to her rapidly growing member and flashed her a wicked smile. “You haven’t seen anything yet, love.”
One of Jordan’s hands had flown to her breast at her first sight of Clyda’s immense penis. That hand now began to pinch and pull at her rapidly hardening nipple. Jordan’s other hand wandered to her crotch, and her fingers began to rub insistently at the swollen wetness she found there.
Clyda’s exquisitely splendid penis began extending and enlarging to form an amazingly beautiful staff. It was dark brown, glistening under the bright light. The head was smooth and rounded. Clyda’s nostrils flared, her eyes flashed, and her penis grew another several inches in one pulse. Clyda stepped back and removed her panties so that she was now completely naked in the room with Jordan. The size and weight of Clyda’s cock caused it to sag slightly downwards.
More and more of Clyda’s enormous shiny, cock became visible. It hung now nearly to Clyda’s knees. As she stood transfixed, Jordan saw that it was pulsing and growing both in thickness and in firmness, as though it had a life of its own. Clyda’s cock began to rise up slowly like a hard iron rod until it was sticking nearly straight up, angling above Clyda’s belly, slightly away from her body, at a forty-five degree angle. Jordan, unaware that she was moving, leaned hesitantly toward Clyda. It kept growing and growing, until it brushed the bottom of Clyda’s huge breasts.
“Oh, Clyda,” she said as she fell to her knees at her side. “That is the most beautiful hunk of meat I think I’ve ever seen.”
Clyda’s massive cock was now sticking straight out and grazed Jordan’s belly. It bobbed slightly to the beat of her heart. Clear fluid began to drip from Clyda’s cock in long, sticky strands. Jordan reached out a hand and collected a large dollop of Clyda’s precum. Jordan eagerly tasted Clyda’s juices, and rolled it on her tongue, savoring the rich sexual flavor of it.
“You taste absolutely incredible, Clyda,” said Jordan.
“Glad you like it love,” giggled Clyda. “But you’re going to get a whole lot more than just a taste in a little bit. Now suck on my cock like a good little girl.”

Jordan reached out a shaky, smooth-skinned hand and touched Clyda’s slick, shiny cock. It did not feel wet or clammy as she had expected. It was dry and smooth and supple. It was soft and yielding to her touch like fine leather, yet underneath she felt a firm hardness like a stalk of wood as she encircled her fingers only a little more than halfway around Clyda’s massive cock.
There was a heat Jordan felt coming out of that tumescent flesh; a heat she knew must be satisfied. A heat Jordan herself felt deep within her own oozing, young pussy, which now had three fingers from her other hand plunging into it. Jordan’s copious flow of cunt juices ran out where it dripped off to join with the pool of pre-cum forming on the bed below the bobbing tip of Clyda’s, shiny cock.
Jordan, without even thinking about what she was doing, was leaning forward. Rocking forward on her knees, she sought to bring her yearning lips into contact with the satiny-smooth, skin of Clyda’s cock. Heat bathed Jordan’s face as she reveled in the sensation of the veiny texture of that cock flesh. The smell sent Jordan to new heights of arousal. It was a rich, clean, sexy kind of smell that inflamed her desire.
Jordan reached under Clyda’s stiffening shaft, and found her thick, heavy balls. Jordan began squeezing and fondling Clyda’s nuts in her right hand. Clyda’s balls were as large as two tennis balls, and felt as smooth and sleek as billiard balls.
Clyda gave a husky sigh, as she responded to Jordan’s lips on her cockhead. Jordan could feel more blood surging into and filling Clyda’s balls, and felt them become noticeably heavier and larger.
Jordan’s mouth dropped open and she ran her tongue along the side of Clyda’s mammoth cock. Jordan absolutely loved the bumpy feel of the veins passing over her tongue. All along one side of Clyda’s huge cock she ran her tongue. All the way up to the flared end, which was larger than Jordan’s fist, from which now trickled thick, viscous pre-cum. Jordan stuck out her delicate tongue to gather up some of the hot slime oozing from Clyda’s engorged penis. Jordan slaked her thirst on that white jism, truly loving the flavor of it.
It was like an all-powerful aphrodisiac. Jordan became ravenous in her need for more of that fluid. Jordan opened her mouth wide and took the massive head of Clyda’s cock. At first, Jordan could only get her mouth over the opening at the tip of Clyda’s cock, and get part of her cockhead in her mouth. Jordan longed to take the entire head, and as much of Clyda’s shaft as she could deeply inside her mouth, and then exhaust herself sucking hard to draw out that delicious juice from Clyda.

For a moment, Jordan didn’t know what she would do, but then she remembered Tiffany and Dee Dee’s instructions. Things worked differently on the island, because of all the hormones and diet supplements that everyone took. Tiffany and Dee Dee had told Jordan that if she relaxed, and believed, and just let nature take its course, that her body would be able to do things that she had never thought possible.
So Jordan relaxed as much as she could, and tried to let her body go as limp as possible. In a moment, Jordan felt a fuzzy sort of numbness in her head and jaws, almost like the feeling she would get when the dentist gave her a shot of novocaine. But although Jordan felt the numbness come over her, she lost none of the sensitivity in her tongue, and savored the taste of the tip of Clyda’s cock on her lips.
Next, Jordan felt her jaws opening wider than she had ever been able to open them before. It was as though part of her chin had turned to soft, elastic rubber. As Jordan’s jaws opened wider to receive Clyda’s cock, the entire head slowly entered Jordan’s mouth, followed by two inches of the shaft. Jordan caressed Clyda’s cock with her tongue in her mouth, and couldn’t believe how wonderful and delicious it tasted.
By now Clyda’s penis had grown to an awe-inspiring twenty plus inches! It was easily three inches across. Clyda playfully thrust her hips forward gently, letting Jordan discover just how huge and powerful her cock truly was.
Thrusting her upper body forward, Jordan tried to stick herself on Clyda’s mighty rod, striving to drive it down into her very guts. Wildly her mind spun with what she was doing. The amount of cock that Jordan had in her mouth far surpassed anything she had ever sucked before in her life. Clyda thrust her hips forward and another several inches of her cock entered Jordan’s slender mouth and throat.
The gag reflex that Jordan expected never came. Clyda’s mammoth cock continued its inward journey until part of it was actually sticking down Jordan’s throat. As long as Jordan remained calm and concentrated on breathing through her nostrils, Jordan felt like she could take an unlimited amount of cock down her throat.
Jordan was down on her knees under a huge and powerful shemale amazon, an amazon that she loved. And Jordan was sucking the mammoth, nearly two-foot long cock of Clyda. And she loved it, loving every minute of it, every raw second. Reeling with the wild passion of what she was doing, Jordan knew that she would not stop, simply could not stop, until she had sucked her lovely shemale amazon Clyda to completion. Not until she had sucked to her very hearts content on that mighty, enormous staff, and until she had sucked Clyda herself to the climax she knew Clyda needed so badly to achieve, and she as well. Only after Clyda had pumped her copious flood of seed into Jordan’s mouth and down her greedy, gulping throat would Jordan be able to make herself stop.
“And then, I just know Clyda will want to fuck the living daylights out of me,” Jordan thought to herself.
Jordan closed her eyes and found herself contracting and using her throat muscles in new ways that she had never thought possible, as she sucked and massaged and literally fucked Clyda’s enormous cock with her mouth and throat.
Jordan lost track of time as she engrossed herself in working on Clyda’s cock. Some ten minutes later, she could feel Clyda’s breathing increase, and she could feel the shaft of Clyda’s cock begin to pulse and vibrate faster.
“Oh, yeah. Oh yes! Don’t stop, damn you. Don’t stop!” cried Clyda.
Clyda began to fondle and caress her own breasts as she sought more release and satisfaction, while Jordan worked on her cock.
From the look of the spasms in Clyda’s hips, Jordan realized, she was going to soon get her share of Clyda’s cum, and then some. Clyda was now thrusting her powerful hips forward in an unmistakable rhythm. Clyda would pull her cock out until the tip of her cockhead would just graze the inside of Jordan’s teeth, and then shove it back down Jordan’s greedy throat again.
Clyda was seeking her release. When Clyda pulled her cock back, Jordan stabbed her tongue deeply into the drooling pisshole at the end of the shemale’s massively turgid cock, drawing it back out slimy and coated with thick white jism. Then Clyda would thrust her huge pole back into the sensuous depths of Jordan’s gullet again. Jordan’s young hands flew up and down the lengthy girth of Clyda’s mammoth penis. Jordan was trying to grip the mighty shaft, and jerk Clyda off as best she could from her kneeling position.
Clyda was making whimpering noises now, her hips thrusting her huge prick forward into Jordan’s open mouth. Fully eight inches of that gigantic organ were thrust down Jordan’s throat, and was then pulled back until only the flared head remained in Jordan’s wide-stretched mouth.
With mighty lunges, Clyda fucked her stalk into Jordan’s hungry gullet as she teetered on the very brink of orgasm.
Jordan’s mind drifted back for a moment, and she quickly recalled how Tiffany had grabbed her own balls, and literally milked the jism out of them, during the milking ritual.
Reaching out, Jordan found Clyda’s two swollen balls, resting against the base of her thighs. Each testicle had swollen to the size of an orange, and felt as smooth as a billiard ball. Jordan found them to be firm at first touch, but after a moment, they became somewhat pliable, and Jordan could squeeze them handily with a little exertion. Jordan began squeezing and tugging on Clyda’s balls to match the rhythm of Clyda’s thrusts down her throat.
Clyda lifted one of her heavy tits to her mouth and began eagerly sucking on her own nipple. Clyda’s nipples were several inches across, and the areola had swollen so that they were puffy end erect from the rest of the surface of her breasts. Clyda’s nipple was now almost an inch long, and as thick of the tip of her little finger. Almost like a miniature cock. Clyda teethed and sucked on her hefty nipple, and she could soon feel sprays of milk spurting from it inside her mouth.
Caught up in the ever-increasing cycle of pleasure from sucking on her own nipple and Jordan sucking on her cock, Clyda quickly escalated to the point of no return.
Clyda gave in to the wave of pleasure building within her, and surrendered her control over her body. Clyda gave a throaty moan of pleasure from deep within, which signaled to Jordan that the moment of climax was imminent.
After several more inward lunges from Clyda’s cock, Jordan’s throat and cheeks swelled up and her eyes appeared to bulge outward for a moment, the result of an unimaginable amount of thick, white spunk bursting out from Clyda’s throbbing hunk of meat.
The first gusher of Clyda’s jism went straight down Jordan’s throat, and Jordan could feel it land in her belly, like someone pouring a glass of water. The shock of this sensation caused Jordan to loosen the grip of her throat on Clyda’s cock, and Clyda pulled her cock back somewhat, so that only the head was in Jordan’s mouth again.
Jordan had thought that Barocca’s cum had tasted sweet a few days ago, when she received some at the end of the milking rituals. It was nothing compared to the sweet, sensual taste generated by a shemale amazon like Clyda, when she was lost in the throes of love-making.
Streams of cum began to appear around Jordan’s tightly stretched lips, momentarily coating her face before it began to drip and run off in heavy dollops that fell to Jordan’s ripe, young tits.
The ravenous Jordan then pulled her head back until the massively flared end of Clyda’s cock was just outside of her open mouth and she continued to jack Clyda off with her smooth, young hands. Jordan stroked Clyda through half a dozen more mighty jets of semen. Clyda’s stream of spunk was an inch wide where it exited her huge penis, and each jet filled Jordan’s mouth to overflowing before she was able to swallow it all down.
The next colossal splurt from Clyda’s humongous cock nearly tipped Jordan all the way over. It rocketed out of Clyda’s huge cock and filled Jordan’s mouth and poured down her neck in a river. By the time Clyda’s emissions had subsided somewhat, Jordan was coated from her neck to her tits with a thick slime of shemale cum.
Clyda closed her eyes as one of the most intense orgasms she ever had overtook her. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure overwhelmed her as she looked down at Jordan sucking on her monster cock, and imagined just how glorious that wonderful deluge of jism must taste. Clyda recalled how truly wonderful her first taste of shemale cum had been, and looked lovingly at Jordan as she swallowed every drop she could.
Jordan again thrust her mouth onto Clyda’s mighty rod and greedily drank down what dribbles remained.
Jordan finished up with Clyda, letting her still erect staff slip from her now sated lips and bringing her ripe tits up to her mouth where she could lick up all the leftover spunk from Clyda’s furious emission. Clyda squatted down, and held Jordan’s breasts with her own hands as well. Together, the two girls licked every drop of Clyda’s cum off of Jordan’s breasts.

Chapter 9: Clyda & Jordan Part 3

For a few moments, Jordan lay on the bed and simply gasped in astonishment at what she’d just done, and the incredible glowing feeling of sexual excitement that was rushing through her. Clyda’s cum had tasted more delicious and more satisfying than anything Jordan could recall, and she had loved every second of the blow job she had given Clyda.
Clyda lay down next to Jordan, and for a moment, they simply held each other. Clyda had let her cock soften and shrink back to almost the original length of six inches.
Jordan eagerly sucked on Clyda’s large, firm breasts, feeling the stiff teats harden and grow erect in her mouth. Clyda moaned responsively with pleasure, and began fingering and rubbing Jordan’s clit and pussy with her free hand.
After a few moments Jordan could wait no longer and moved between Clyda’s legs. She lightly ran her fingers over Clyda’s cock, feeling the velvety softness with the tips of her fingers and quickly moved her open palm to cup Clyda’s balls in her hand.
Jordan had returned to Clyda’s shaft and had begun to rub her with increasing firmness and gasped as the tip of her cock began to swell and started showing signs of coming to life again. It was a luscious mixture of soft texture and hard cock that was filling Jordan’s hands.
Jordan bent her head and greedily accepted the knob of Clyda’s cock into her open mouth, flicking the head with her tongue at the same time. The smell and feel of that monster weapon was sending Jordan into further depths of excitement and she increased the pressure on the tip of Clyda’s cock.
Clyda was enjoying the feeling of being sucked and relaxed her control over her cock, so that she could reward Jordan with her growing and lengthening organ. Clyda’s cock was still limp but it quickly grew to almost a dozen inches long with a ribbing effect caused by numerous veins coming to life and filling with blood along the shaft. To Jordan this was heaven and with Clyda’s cock still in her mouth gripped the shaft with her hands and slowly began to masturbate Clyda.
Jordan returned her attention to Clyda’s breasts and rolled the nipples between her thumb and forefinger before she gripped them tight and pulled gently on the stiff teats that yielded to her touch. Clyda groaned softly as the mixture of her humongous cock in Jordan’s mouth, and the feelings of Jordan also squeezing and teasing her tits became intensely pleasurable.
All the time Clyda’s monster cock in Jordan’s mouth was growing by the second and filling her to the bursting point as the head of her prick flared to the size of a large toadstool.
Clyda’s cock was nowhere near full erection, but it was rapidly becoming too large for Jordan to completely engulf at the moment. Clyda gently shook Jordan’s shoulder, and gripped the shaft of her cock. Clyda pulled back lightly to get Jordan’s attention.
Disappointed at having to take her mouth off of Clyda’s delicious cock, Jordan reluctantly gave up her hold with her mouth, and gazed up at Clyda’s sweet face.

“I want your cock inside me,” panted Jordan. “I need to feel it filling me up.”
“And you’d better believe I’m going to fill you to the fucking limits, love,” said Clyda. “But first, I’ve got to get that pretty pussy of yours ready for my cock.”
Clyda moved back a short distance from Jordan. “I want you to grab all of the pillows, and stack them against the wall, honey.” Jordan did as she was told.
“Good. Now scoot that pretty little ass over here,” said Clyda.
Jordan leaned back on the pile of pillows, which were propped against the wall.
“And now, spread those legs wide open, dear,” said Clyda. “There. That’s perfect.”
Jordan presented her dripping cunt Clyda to do whatever she wished with.
“God, but you’ve got a gorgeous, pussy, Jordan,” said Clyda. “Get ready, because I’m gonna get that little box of yours primed and ready to take my cock in a little bit.” Jordan instinctively leaned back with her legs spread open as wide as she could and her pussy lips parting temptingly.
Clyda reached over to the nightstand and opened one of the drawers on it. From the drawer, Clyda pulled out a small glass jar, which was filled with a thick, clear substance, which sloshed back and forth slowly inside.
“This is a special lubricant jelly, that we produce here on the island, love,” said Clyda.
“Not only will this allow that pussy of yours to take me inside you even easier, it’ll also make you feel out of this world. I guarantee it.”
Clyda opened the jar, and scooped out a huge handful of the jelly, and spread it all over her right hand, coating every digit, and her entire hand halfway up her forearm. Clyda’s hand looked as though it had been coated in plastic now, as it glistened in the lights of the room. Clyda brought her hand up to Jordan’s face.
“Take a good whiff of my hand”, she instructed Jordan.
Jordan inhaled, and was instantly aroused by the scent of the jelly. It was a rich, thick sensual aroma, that Jordan took an immediate liking to. Jordan’s first reaction was to open her mouth, and extend her tongue, to try and taste the attraction in front of her. Clyda pulled her hand back, and shook her head.
“No you don’t,” Clyda said. “This stuff is lubricant. It may smell great, but you don’t want to eat any of it.”

Clyda knelt down, and brought her right hand up to Jordan’s pussy. Clyda first began to knead and tease Jordan’s clit with her fingers. Jordan moaned in appreciation, and her clit grew and swelled slightly from Clyda’s attentions.
The wonderful feelings from Jordan’s clit caused the rest of her pussy to become warm and tingly next. Clyda began gently rubbing her fist against Jordan’s pussy lips. To Jordan, it felt as though a miniature vibrator was busily working away on her labia lips. Clyda then began probing Jordan’s pussy with one finger at first, and then slowly working her way up, until she had four fingers inserted into Jordan up to the third digit. Each additional finger that Clyda inserted in Jordan amplified and increased the joyful pleasure that Jordan was feeling now.
“You like what I’m doing to your pussy, don’t you Jordan?” asked Clyda, with a nasty grin on her face.
“Oh fuck, yes,” Jordan panted in response.
“All right then. Take a deep breath and get ready, honey,” said Clyda. “Now we take things to the next level. I’m getting ready to put the rest of my hand inside of you.” Clyda increased the speed of her stroking with her hand into Jordan. Without warning, Clyda gently folded her thumb down on the inside of her hand.
“Here it comes, love,” warned Clyda. On the next stroke, Clyda pushed her entire hand into Jordan’s pussy, up to her wrist. Jordan squealed in pleasure, and rocked back and forth on the bed against the pile of pillows. “I thought you’d like that,” giggled Clyda.
Jordan began to clamp and squeeze her pussy rhythmically on Clyda’s hand, as she stroked her hand in and out of Jordan’s pussy.
“You horny little minx,” said Clyda. “I’m getting turned on just watching you there. In fact, just look…,” Clyda shifted her body slightly and reached down with her left hand. Clyda’s cock had begun to grow and stiffen. “You’ve woken up the ‘one-eyed snake’ again, love,” said Clyda.
Clyda’s cock grew stiff and erect before both girls’ eyes. The head quickly passed Clyda’s navel, and was soon brushing up against the bottom of Clyda’s heavy tits. As Clyda became more aroused, Jordan could see the veins appear on the shaft, and fill with blood. The large urethra shaft became thick and bulging, like a cable strapped to Clyda’s cock.
“That’s it, girl,” coaxed Clyda. “Work that pussy of your back and forth, and all around on my hand. You’re a natural born slut aren’t you?”
“Uh huh,” Jordan whispered back.
“All right,” said Clyda. “For my next trick, we’ll try something a little different on you. I’m going to pull my hand out of you, and lube it up some more. And then I’m going to put my fist inside of you. Do you think you’re ready for that, love?”
Jordan’s eyes lit up. “I was born ready for you, Clyda. Let’s do it.” Clyda removed her glistening hand from Jordan’s pussy, and applied a fresh coating of the lubricating jelly to it.
Clasping her right hand into a fist, Clyda brought her hand to the edge of Jordan’s pussy. Jordan’s breathing increased as she could feel Clyda’s fist brushing the edges of her pussy lips.
Clyda mashed and rotated her fist against Jordan’s pussy in a series of slow, back and forth, and then in and out movements to get her ready.
“Good girl. You’re doing great,” said Clyda, after she had primed Jordan’s pussy for a few moments. “Now, here comes the hard part. Be a good girl and open wide…” Clyda used her other hand to partly open Jordan’s pussy, and with her right hand, slowly forced her entire fist past the outer lips of Jordan’s pussy.
The sensation of Clyda’s fist entering Jordan was not nearly as painful as Jordan had thought it might be. This was due to the lubricant jelly Clyda had used, as well as the special pill Tiffany and Dee Dee had given her before her session with Clyda had started.
Jordan squirmed around for a moment, and found a position where Clyda’s probing hand wasn’t so deep. Jordan soaked in the new sensations of Clyda’s fist inside her, and began flexing her thigh and hip muscles. As Jordan quickly felt the different feelings from the various contours of Clyda’s fist rubbing her pussy walls, she gently began to grind and hump against Clyda’s fist.
Clyda grabbed Jordan’s leg and, began to slowly fuck Jordan’s cunt, getting deeper with each thrust, until the widest part of her hand was slapping into the vaginal muscles. Jordan quivered with delight. Damn but this felt good! Jordan began to gently thrust back to the rhythm, getting into the swing of it, and matching Clyda’s thrusts. Then Clyda tensed her hand and looked at Jordan. “This is gonna sting a little bit, love. I’ve got to get your box primed so I can put my cock inside you later.”
Clyda pushed hard, driving her hand past the wrist into Jordan’s pussy. Jordan shrieked and clutched at the pillows, and begged her to withdraw it, but Clyda ignored her, and instead stretched her fingers out, so that they probed at the sensitive inner flesh, eliciting a strange cry indeed from her new sex slave.
Jordan forced herself to relax as Clyda’s hand continued deeper. Clyda extended her fingers while inside Jordan, gently parting the second ring of flesh, allowing the arm to pass in even deeper. Clyda spent some time there, gently massaging the inner regions of Jordan’s pussy, prying it open, and forcing it to accept this intrusion. Jordan soon began to relax, and enjoyed the strong sensations that were being created by Clyda’s action. Jordan had a series of gentle orgasms as Clyda’s fingers probed deeper and hit some unknown spot.
Clyda’s arm began to get sucked in by the hungry hole, and Clyda giggled as she looked down and saw she was halfway up her forearm into Jordan’s cunt. The widest part of her fist was now attempting to force its way into the deepest inner depths of Jordan’s pussy.
“Well, just look at you,” said Clyda. “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”
Jordan panted as the orgasms Clyda had just forced on her slowly subsided. “Just beginner’s luck, guess.”
“Beginner my ass. You’ve swallowed my whole fist and half my arm like a fucking pro, Jordan.” Clyda began moving her hand and arm in and out, in deliberate forceful motions. Clyda rubbed and teased her hand against almost all of the inner walls and surfaces of Jordan’s pussy. “Damn but I’m getting turned on just watching you work on my hand,” said Clyda. “In fact, just look at what you’ve made me do…”
Clyda’s cock had swollen to its full erection by now. Jordan thought that she could actually see the veins pulsing, from the blood rushing through them, on Clyda’s shaft. With nowhere else to go as it had risen upward, the head of Clyda’s cock was now hidden as it had lodged itself between Clyda’s huge breasts. “You’ve almost got me ready to shoot off already,” teased Clyda. “But we can’t have that, now can we?”
“Fortunately for you,” Clyda continued, “I know just what to do in a situation like this.”
With her left hand, Clyda moved her breasts to her sides, so that there wasn’t nearly as much cleavage showing as there was a moment before. With no obstructions, the head of Clyda’s cock finished its final upward journey, and came to rest just before her chin.

“Holy shit,” gasped Jordan. “I knew your cock was huge, but it looks like it’s even bigger than before!”
“Don’t you remember Tiffany explaining some things before we got started?” asked Clyda. “That’s because depending on how turned on we are, our cocks can sometimes be different sizes and shapes at different times. And I must say, you’ve definitely brought out the beast in me today, Jordan.” Jordan didn’t have a tape measure, but it looked as though Clyda’s cock had grown several inches longer than it had in their first sex session.
“Let me show you something else, love,” said Clyda. “Let me show you a trick that you’ll be able to do soon enough, if you’re a good girl, and play your cards right.”
Clyda held the shaft of her cock steady with her left hand, and then bent her neck downward. Clyda opened her jaws wider than Jordan thought was possible, and completely engulfed her cockhead in one gulp.
Clyda’s face looked like a chipmunk’s stuffed with too many acorns, as her cockhead filled her mouth to the bursting point. Clyda closed her eyes and made an assortment of loud sucking and slurping sounds, as she pleasured herself. After a moment, Clyda opened her eyes and stared directly across at Jordan. Jordan returned her stare with uncontrolled lust. Clyda released her cockhead from her mouth. It glistened and shined in the lights of the room from her saliva on it. Jordan gave a surprised yelp of pleasure, as she felt Clyda’s hand and fingers return to their work in her pussy.

“I’ll bet you thought I’d forgotten about that pussy of yours, didn’t you?” asked Clyda.
“I’m glad you didn’t,” replied Jordan with a smile. “But how do manage to take your entire cockhead in your mouth so easily? It’s bigger than my fist.”
Clyda chuckled and shook her head. “You really weren’t paying attention earlier, were you?”
Jordan’s face reddened with embarrassment. “With that much gorgeous shemale flesh around me, I’m surprised I still remember my name.”
“It’s because we live here on the Island, and take the special vitamins and other supplements on a daily basis,” said Clyda. “Our mouths, as well as our pussies and rumps expand and contract to accommodate whatever sexual situation we’re in, without thinking about it. The pills and the lubricants will help you a lot, and that’s why I’ve been spending this time priming you, and getting you ready for me to stick my cock inside of you.” Clyda grabbed the shaft of her cock, and pushed it forward, so that the head of her cock was closer to Jordan’s face. “You’ve been a good little girl so far,” said Clyda. “You’ve earned this. Lick my cock with me.”
Clyda and Jordan extended their tongues and licked and probed the enormous swollen cockhead that was thrusting upward between them. The girls’ tongues would meet as they moved about the sides of Clyda’s cockhead, and they each enjoyed the sweet sensual taste of the other’s mouth. Clyda continued probing and exploring Jordan’s pussy with her fist. “Once we get this mastered, you’ll be a true fist-slave, and I can punch-fuck you every day. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”
Jordan nodded mutely, then shrieked in surprise as Clyda’s arm was sucked in up to the elbow. Smiling broadly, Clyda informed Jordan of her progress, and Jordan almost passed out. Certain that her pussy would never be the same again, Jordan began to cast aside her doubts and fears and enjoy it for what it was worth. After a short time, the pill she had taken did its’ work, and Jordan enjoyed the full mass of Clyda’s arm and fist inside her.
“Does my fist feel good inside of you, love?” Clyda continued. “Does it feel like your pussy’s about to burst at the seams?”
“It feels fucking great, Clyda,” said Jordan.
“That’s just the word I wanted to hear you say, girl,” said Clyda. “Because that’s what I’m just about ready to do to you next.” Jordan’s eyes widened in anticipation as she heard Clyda’s words. Seeing that Jordan was more than ready, Clyda carefully began to ease her hand out of Jordan. Clyda shifted her arm, sending waves of pleasure through her dyke lover, and then slowly withdrew, until her fist was just inside Jordan’s vaginal opening. Clyda pulled her fist all the way out of Jordan. “I may have to learn to be left-handed after letting you get a hold of me,” she laughed, and Jordan joined in with her. “All kidding aside though, Jordan,” Clyda continued, “What’s in store for you next, will make my fist and arm inside you seem like a walk in the park, once I stick my cock in you.”
Jordan’s eyes widened in astonishment. Clyda’s arm and fist inside her had almost made her pass out.
“I’m going to remind you again,” said Clyda. “Relax and let the pill do its’ work, and you’ll be fine. There will be a little pain as you get used to me inside you, but it’ll pass quickly. Between the pill and the jelly on my hand that I’ve smeared inside your cunt, you’ll be fine, and then you can really enjoy the ride.
“Now pull the pillows up closer to the edge of the bed, and make a pile there with them. Then stand on the floor next to the bed, and lean over onto the bed so that you can use the pillows as a cushion to lay on.” Jordan hopped off the bed and began to arrange the cushions.
“While you’re doing that, I’m going to take a moment, and clean all the goop off of my arm.”
“All right, Jordan,” said Clyda, “Lie face down across the bed. Rest your tummy on the pile of pillows. And stick that gorgeous pussy of yours up here where I can get at it easier.” Jordan did as she was told, and Clyda stood up.

Holding her cock in one hand Clyda gently pried open Jordan’s pussy lips so that the moisture seeped onto her fingers. Clyda came up behind Jordan and put her hand into Jordan’s cunt again. Clyda pulled out more lube and slapped it all over Jordan’s cunt. Clyda then stood up and planted her legs against the edge of the bed, on either side of Jordan’s ass.
Steadily Clyda took her mighty cock and brushed it against Jordan’s pussy lips so that her moisture lubricated the tip of her weapon. Clyda let the shaft of her hardening cock brush against the edges of Jordan’s cunt and her ass. Both girls started moaning at the energy of sex surging around the room.
With each stroke of Clyda’s cock against her cunt, Jordan groaned softly, realizing that ultimate pleasure was only moments away. Jordan thrust her hips up to try and meet Clyda’s cock and strived to open herself even more so that access was as easy as possible for Clyda.
“All right, love,” said Clyda. “I think that you’re about as ready as you’re ever going to be. I’m going to stick the head into you now. Once that’s in, the rest will go easier. Just remember what I’ve told you before, and this will be easy. OK?”
“Yes, Clyda. Go ahead. Just do it,” replied Jordan. Jordan braced herself; unsure if Clyda could ever get that big slab of meat into her cunt. Clyda then released her cock and let it land on Jordan’s ass. It was big, hot, heavy, and slippery. Just the feeling of having it land on her butt nearly brought on a small orgasm inside Jordan. The only comparison that came to Jordan’s mind was as if someone had dropped a large salami, covered in oil, on her ass.
Clyda moved back a little and the head of her cock slid down between Jordan’s ass cheeks until the head fell at the entrance to Jordan’s womanhood. Jordan felt Clyda’s cockhead against her cunt lips. Clyda started to push forward.
Clyda placed her huge cockhead against Jordan’s pussy lips. Clyda continued rubbing her cockhead against Jordan’s lips with more insistence, easing just a little more of the fist-sized weapon inside those delicate gaping lips of Jordan’s each time.
“Here it comes, love,” Clyda warned Jordan. Clyda kept pushing her cock slowly forward.
Jordan felt the pressure build up against her cunt as Clyda continued to push. Right when Jordan wasn’t sure this wasn’t going to work, her cunt started to open up, and soon Clyda’s cockhead was entering Jordan’s vulva. The pushing continued and more of Clyda’s cockhead entered Jordan. Clyda soon had her cockhead an inch or two inside of Jordan. With a swift movement Clyda guided her cock home and watched with lust as she saw her the head of her prick invade Jordan’s gaping cunt.
“Holy shit!” squealed Jordan. “I thought your fist was big enough inside me earlier!”
“Remember what I told you earlier, girl,” said Clyda. “My cock inside your cunt is going to make my fist seem trivial by comparison.”
“Just think of what’s in store for you, Jordan,” continued Clyda. “If you can satisfy others girls on the Island the way you’ve been doing with me, you’ll fit in just fine around here. And if you can manage to satisfy me today, you know what that means, don’t you?”
“That means,” said Jordan, “that I’ll become one of you, and get a cock of my own?”
“Well, you’ll be two-thirds of the way home,” said Clyda. “That’s right, you horny little minx. Think about it. You could actually wind up with as much meat, and maybe more than I’ve got, between your legs. And as for sex, there’s no way to describe how incredible the new sensations feel, when you discover having sex with a cock for the first time. All of that and more can be yours.”

Jordan’s mind wandered for a moment, as she pondered all of the delicious possibilities of her future that was ahead of her on the Island. Suddenly, Jordan gasped in pleasure, as she felt her cunt expanding to take the head of Clyda’s heavenly penis.
Jordan’s womb relaxed and accepted Clyda’s cockhead. The pressure was intense, and so was the pleasure. What had felt like an impossible ordeal only moments before, was now a degree of pleasure that Jordan had never felt before. It felt so good; words couldn’t do justice to describe the feeling. Clyda left the cock head inside Jordan and worked the couple inches in and out of her cunt.
“See? What did I tell you?” asked Clyda. “Just keep doing what you’re doing. I’m going to start putting the rest of me inside of you.” Clyda began working her cock gently in and of Jordan with short, sharp strokes. Clyda kept this up until several inches was sliding in and out of Jordan. Every time Clyda pulled her cock back, it felt like Jordan’s cunt was getting pulled out with it. Clyda’s cock plunged a little deeper into Jordan’s cunt each time, and Clyda could see Jordan’s wetness smeared on her shaft as it pushed further and further inside of Jordan. After working Jordan for some time longer, Clyda was sliding several inches of her cock effortlessly in and out of her.
As Clyda’s cock bore deeper, inch by inch into Jordan, panic briefly set in with the pain from having such a monster impale her for the first time. As Jordan’s body became tenser, the ingredients from the jelly and the pill kicked in, and shortly allowed Jordan to accept this amount of Clyda’s cock inside her. As four and then five inches of Clyda’s throbbing cock pierced her, Jordan gripped the pillows with her fists.
Just as before, Jordan’s panic quickly turned to lust, as her body accepted the huge pole of Clyda inside of her, and her fear of possible pain turned into anticipation of greater pleasure to come. Squishing sounds could be heard as Clyda pummeled her pole deeper between Jordan’s legs. Clyda’s in and out fuck strokes were now reaching five inches, and then six inches in length.
Huge veins pulsed along the length of Clyda’s rock-hard member like ribbed ridges. In and out of Jordan’s pussy hole it rammed. Inch after wide inch of massive shemale cock continued to disappear inside of Jordan’s pussy. Seven inches, eight inches, then nine inches. Here Clyda halted, to allow Jordan to catch her breath. Clyda’s mammoth missile had entered Jordan fairly slowly, but its sheer size had forced its way up into Jordan’s body. Jordan’s vagina convulsed on the humongous intruder, trying to regain to its rightful position and shape. Jordan’s pussy spasms masturbated Clyda’s rock-hard cock, giving the amazon incredible pleasure.
Clyda pulled her cock back out of Jordan’s pussy, even more slowly. Three inches, four inches, five inches came back out of Jordan’s pussy. Jordan’s eyes opened wide, and she inhaled mightily, absorbing the release of the pressure on her innards. Jordan took a deep breath, and tried to steady herself for what she knew would come next. Then came Clyda’s powerful inward thrust.

With a lunge Clyda thrust forward, pressing the knob-like head of her cock inside Jordan’s groaning pussy. Jordan writhed under the monstrous penis of the huge amazon Clyda. Clyda lunged forward again, splitting Jordan’s pussy even deeper with her gigantic penis.
“Oh god!” Jordan screamed, her breasts heaving as she gasped for breath. Jordan had glimpsed Clyda’s monstrous cock briefly, before they had started, but now the huge shemale amazon filled Jordan with the sensation that she would never stop pushing her cock deeper inside of her. Clyda lunged again and sank half of her cock up Jordan’s pussy.
“Ugh!” Jordan grunted in pain. At this point, Clyda paused in her inward thrusting, to let Jordan regain some of her composure
“Well, what do you think love?” asked Clyda. Clyda was sweating from the exertion, and her face was flushed with the sexual heat of forcing her way into Jordan. “I figure that you’ve got just over half of me inside of you right now. How does it feel?”
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding!” yelled Jordan. “It feels like there’s a telephone pole shoved inside of me! I don’t think that I can take anymore.”
“Oh ye of little faith,” Clyda muttered to herself. “I warned you that this wouldn’t be easy, girl. But I also told you that all you had to do was relax and let the jelly and the pill do their work, and you’d be okay.” Clyda reached down and gripped Jordan’s hips with her hands.
“Well, Jordan,” said Clyda. “I don’t know how to break this to you, but we’re past the point of no return here. If we stop here, we stop everything. You’ll leave the Island. And then everything you’ve worked for will be for nothing. Do you still want me to stop?”

Jordan pulled her head up, and twisted her head around as far as she could, so that she could look Clyda in the face. Jordan’s face was flushed and sweaty with the effort of what she’d done so far. Tears had run down her cheeks, and her hair was mussed and tousled from ramming her head into the pillows. Despite everything she’d been through, Jordan still a look of incredible determination and desire in her eyes.
“No!” Jordan exclaimed to Clyda. “I want that fucking monster of yours all the way inside of me. I don’t care what it takes; I’m never going back. Keep going!”
“All right then! That’s what I wanted to hear from you,” said Clyda with a hint of surprise in her voice. “They told me that you had a lot of spirit in you, but I certainly didn’t expect this, though. Hold on tight, love,” continued Clyda. “Because here we go again!” Clyda tightened her grip on Jordan’s hips, and exerted her strength as she forced her cock forwards, and deeper into Jordan’s pussy. Fourteen inches, then fifteen inches, and finally sixteen inches of Clyda’s cock forced its way into Jordan’s cunt without mercy. By now Clyda had sunk two-thirds of her cock length up Jordan’s cunt.
Jordan flailed at the pillows and the bedcovers with her fists, as Clyda continued to force her way into her pussy with her monster cock. Another two inches of Clyda’s mammoth meat entered Jordan’s pussy. “Oh God! Please!” Jordan screamed. Now just over three-fourths of the amazon Clyda’s enormous cock was buried up Jordan’s pussy.
“No! It’s splitting me in two! It hurts! It hurts!” Jordan wailed, her body rocked by Clyda’s powerful thrusts. The huge mushroom head of Clyda’s dick stretched Jordan’s womb almost to the breaking point. But thanks to the special enzymes and other ingredients from the pill she had been given earlier, as well as the jelly that Clyda had applied to her cunt, Jordan had so far managed to take almost all of Clyda’s entire huge cock up her pussy, without being seriously physically injured.

The sensations that Jordan’s body told her it was still experiencing, were another matter entirely, however. Jordan felt like she was on fire. Jordan thrashed her head from side to side and her whole body quivered, as she was impaled on Clyda’s massive cock. Clyda pulled out partway from Jordan, and then lunged forward again with a bone-jarring thrust.
Jordan’s response was another sobbing cry as she buried her mouth against a pillow to try and mask her cries. But this only seemed to arouse and excite Clyda and the amazon hauled her dick back and slammed into Jordan again with a loud thudding and slapping sound.
The pain almost caused Jordan to faint. Jordan’s womb was being violently punched each time Clyda rammed into her, and her thrusts were becoming more and more frequent. The loudest sounds to be heard were the violent impact of Clyda’s thrusts and the accompanying grunts and screams from Jordan.
The strength of this great shemale amazon was tremendous and every ounce of it went into Clyda’s punishing thrusts and jabs as she hammered away at Jordan’s pussy with her monstrously huge cock. Before long Clyda was pounding into Jordan with rapid jabs that took her breath away. Jordan lost all track of time, and after what seemed like an eternity, Clyda buried her dick up Jordan’s pussy and held it there.
Jordan threw her face into one of the pillows. The force of Clyda’s thrusts into her pussy caused her to feel light-headed, and to see flashing colors before her covered face, from pressing her head too tightly into the pillows.

Eventually, Jordan returned to consciousness, after what she felt could only have been a few moments. Jordan felt gentle strokes on her arms and shoulders. Jordan realized she was now lying on her back, instead of on her tummy, as she was before.
“Glad to have you back, love,” said Clyda. “You almost had me worried there for a minute.”
“What happened?” stammered Jordan.
“I’m afraid that you passed out for a few minutes,” replied Clyda. “I confess that I got a little excited, and I lost control for a little bit there, when I was humping you…”
“Excited?” snapped Jordan. “If that was being excited, I don’t think I want to be around if you ever go off the deep end!”
“My but we’re touchy, aren’t we?” chuckled Clyda. “As I said, I’m sorry I was a bit rough on you there. But I think you’ll find out that it was all worth it.” Clyda reached over and picked up a remote control unit that Jordan hadn’t noticed before. “Let me show you what I was able to do in the last few minutes…”
A series of full-length mirrors slid into place around the room, coming up from the floor, and down from the ceiling. In moments, Jordan could see herself and Clyda from multiple angles at once, as they perched on the bed together. The first thing that Jordan noticed was that Clyda was standing flush to her crotch. Clyda had her entire cock completely inside of Jordan’s pussy!
“But how…?” was all Jordan could muster, as she tried to take everything in.
“Simple, love,” said Clyda. “The pill and the jelly did their job, just like I told you they would. Unfortunately, I got a bit carried away, as I said, and I humped you too hard, too fast. The drugs inside you over-compensated, trying to keep up with me, trying to adapt your pussy to me. The result was that you had a minor overdose, and passed out for a few moments, until everything in your body equalized itself. I pulled out just enough so that I could turn you over…”
“And now,” continued Clyda, “just look at you. You’ve got almost two feet of my cock-meat shoved inside that tight little pussy of yours! How does it feel?”
As Clyda’s words sank in, Jordan could feel the size and mass of Clyda’s cock filling her pussy to lengths and depths that she’d never imagined were possible before. By now, all the pain had passed away, and Jordan felt much like she did when she had a cock in her before coming to the Island. Only Jordan had never been filled the way that Clyda was filling her how.
“It feels absolutely incredible, Clyda,” said Jordan. “In my wildest dreams, I never imagined that it could feel this good.”
“Well, I’m glad you like it, love,” said Clyda. “It’s been so long since I’ve done it to a girl from the outside world, that I’d almost forgotten what fucking a fresh pussy is like, myself. But we’re only just getting started, Jordan,” Clyda continued. “Now that you can take me inside of you, without being hurt, I’m going to do what you’ve wanted me to do since we started here.”
“Fuck me slowly, please, Clyda,” groaned Jordan. “I want to feel your cock ream me.”
“Well, because you asked me so nicely,” said Clyda, “I’m going to start out slowly with you, Jordan. Now that I’m certain you’re all right, I’m going to pull out for a moment, and you’re going back onto your tummy, so I can finish humping you that way I started out.”
Clyda pulled her mammoth, glistening rod out of Jordan’s box, and Jordan quickly assumed the position. “Now I’m going to fuck you, like you’ve never had it done to you before, Jordan.” With that, Clyda began humping Jordan with slow, powerful strokes. Clyda would pull her cock out six or seven inches, and then thrust it back in slowly, letting the thick veins on the shaft of her cock rub against Jordan’s pussy lips.
“Damn, that’s good, Clyda,” said Jordan. “Keep going. Please don’t stop.” After several minutes of this, Clyda began to shift gears in her humping of Jordan.
“I’m happy you enjoyed that little display, love,” said Clyda. “But now it’s time for some serious fucking today. Get comfy there on the pillows, because I’m gonna be here a while. Enjoy the view of this from the various mirrors, Jordan.”
Clyda began pulling out to where the inward thrusts of her cock into Jordan were almost ten inches long. Clyda’s thick, heavy balls began slap loudly against Jordan’s ass cheeks in rhythm to her thrusts.

Jordan could feel the thick, massive prick of Clyda inside her, stretching her to the limits, but now she could thrust back her pussy to impale herself on Clyda even more, and match her thrusting. It felt so good to Jordan, and each thrust from Clyda was harder than the one before. This was the fucking of a lifetime and Jordan meant to enjoy every moment of it. Jordan’s pussy lips were distended beyond anything she thought possible even though she had fucked countless times before, often having many people watch her performances while filming as an adult starlet. The thought heightened the pleasure as Jordan screamed and bucked against Clyda’s wonderful cock.
“God it feels so good. I can hardly believe your cock is opening me up so much and fucking me so deep.”
“That’s right, love,” said Clyda, “and you’re enjoying every fucking minute of this, aren’t you? Did you ever wonder why so many guys wanted to hump you in this position, girl? Why practically every director of a fuck film had this type of scene with you in it, at one point or another?”
“Now that you mention it…” panted Jordan, as she absorbed Clyda’s jackhammer pounding to her pussy.
“It’s because this is the ultimate fucking position for a man, when he does it to a woman, Jordan. You’re in total control, and the sensations are at their highest. The other positions are a lot of fun for both parties. But nothing compares or even comes close to this.”
Jordan began to thrash on the pile of pillows, but was unable to move very far as Clyda’s huge phallus was pinning her down and pushing inside her.
“Your cockhead is flaring… it’s so wonderful. I don’t want this to stop. Fuck me, Clyda. Fuck me harder.”
Clyda intensified her pounding into Jordan. Jordan could only hang on for dear life and enjoy the ride. Jordan lost track of how many times Clyda’s pounding missile brought her to orgasm, and then repeated the process, as the relentless assault drove her into ecstasy over and over again.
Just as Clyda had told her, Jordan could now enjoy the full pounding effect of Clyda inside her with no pain at all. As Jordan enjoyed Clyda’s efforts on her, she had to wonder at just what type of effect and feelings were running through Clyda herself.
After over ten minutes of continuous, pile-driving humping from Clyda, Jordan could sense the tell-tale vibrations in the shaft of Clyda’s cock, that told her Clyda had passed the point of no return, and would soon be shooting off her massive load of jism.
Jordan knew what was going to happen next and felt a little despair as Clyda’s huge cock throbbed and pulsed inside her. After so much glorious humping had taken Jordan to heights of ecstasy she had never experienced before, Jordan was sorry that her sex session with Clyda would be coming to an end shortly.

Clyda bucked her hips forward and the whole length of her cock was rigid as she cried loudly and began to pump her semen deep inside Jordan’s cunt, washing her cervix with cum so hard that Jordan orgasmed from the force of it.
Jordan felt a blast of thick viscous liquid squirt inside her well-fertilized womb from Clyda’s cock, and then another and another and another. Clyda was climaxing and filling Jordan with her spunk. Clyda shot load after load of her gooey cum-spunk up inside Jordan and while still climaxing, started pumping her cock in and out of Jordan’s slimy, sperm-dripping pussy.
Clyda gripped the shaft of her cock with her strong hand, determined not to miss out on seeing the power of her own climax, and quickly pulled out her horse-sized weapon out of Jordan’s pussy. Clyda gasped as she tried to contain the throbbing force of her cock in the middle of a full-force orgasm. It was like trying to hold a fire hose steady with her bare hands.
Clyda released her cock once it was out of Jordan, and sprayed hot jism as it jetted into the air from the built-up pressure after leaving the grip of Jordan’s pussy. Clyda stepped back a short distance so that her cockhead was even with Jordan’s buttocks, and pointed it towards the back of Jordan’s head. Clyda stroked the shaft of her cock as fast and as hard as she could, knowing that she still had several large splurts of jism left inside of her. The first shot of jism from Clyda’s cock hit Jordan squarely in the back of her head.
“Hey! Watch what you’re doing with that thing!” squealed Jordan. Clyda squeezed her balls with her other hand, milking the jism out of her cock, adding to the pressure of her ejaculation, and driving herself to greater heights of pleasure.
The remaining splashes of cum landed all about on the bedcovers and pillows that Jordan was lying on. Several of the splurts went completely past Jordan, to hit the wall on the other side of the bed, a couple of feet from Jordan’s head. One of these hit with enough force that it still ricocheted off of the wall, and a little bit of jism landed on Jordan’s face. Jordan’s ass and backside looked as though someone had spilled a carton of milk all over her.

Once Clyda’s cock had finally subsided somewhat, and stopped shooting off, Clyda couldn’t resist and bent her head to lap up the remainder of her own semen as it continued to drip steadily from her cock, and collected on Jordan’s ass and backside. Clyda licked as much of the shaft and head of her cock as she could reach with her tongue, greedily swallowing the delicious liquid and gulping it down, eager for more. It tasted sinfully delicious to Clyda, and after draining the last drops from her own throbbing prick, Clyda put her mouth over Jordan’s shaven cunt to drink and suck the cum from inside her.
Clyda didn’t know what had come over her, as she couldn’t get enough of this nectar and was loving it even more because she had to drink it from this blonde beauty, Jordan. Clyda held open Jordan’s cunt lips and plunged her tongue deep inside that inviting orifice, enjoying the moaning that was coming from Jordan as she was tongued to yet another orgasm.
Faster and more urgently Clyda probed and moved her thumb to stimulate Jordan’s clitoris that now felt as though it were on fire, such was the intensity of the climaxes that were now coming thick and fast through Jordan.
“Fuck!” screamed Jordan as she shuddered to her final orgasm and then collapsed into a quivering heap across the bed totally drained by her sexual excesses.
Clyda lied down on the bed next to Jordan, smiled and took Jordan in her arms. This had to be one of the highlights of Jordan’s sexual life, a beautiful shemale amazon had taken her, and to do with as she would. The thrill of having that mighty amazon cock had filled her with a satisfaction the like of which Jordan had never known before. If only other women could experience this, they would never want anything else, thought Jordan.

Chapter 10: Clyda & Jordan Part 4

As Jordan and Clyda lay on the bed and basked in the warm afterglow following sex, Jordan reached over and pulled Clyda’s head close to her and whispered, “Could I have more, please, mistress?”
Clyda’s eyes widened in astonishment. “They told me that you were a horny little thing, but I had no idea, you’d want it again so soon.”
“Now that I’ve felt how good it can be here, I can’t seem to get enough of it,” replied Jordan.
“All right then,” said Clyda. “If you want cock, you’ve certainly come to the right place for it. But you’re going to have to work for it, before I put it inside you again. Get to work on my cock, and get it hard again.”
Jordan began stroking and fondling Clyda’s cock, which had shrunken back down in size to a more normal looking six inches, after her climax. Jordan picked up quickly on which techniques worked the best for handling such a huge piece of meat, and soon had Clyda’s cock growing and lengthening again.
Jordan ran her tongue along the sides of the shaft of Clyda’s cock, feeling the veins as they filled with blood and stood out like little cables. Jordan was able to work and suck on Clyda’s balls before they swelled too large. Each of Clyda’s nuts was now the size of an egg, and there was enough play in the loose flesh of her ball sac for Jordan to pull and stretch them considerably. Jordan’s jaws expanded a little just by concentrating, so that with a little effort she could stuff the entire testicle in her mouth.
Jordan ran her tongue over Clyda’s nuts, and did some very gentle kneading and teasing with her teeth. First one testicle and then the other received this new treatment. As Clyda grew aroused, Jordan could feel her balls swelling and expanding, along with the rest of her cock. It was like trying to keep a balloon that was filling with air inside her mouth. Clyda had never felt this particular sensation before, and it drove her crazy with lust.
“That feels delightful love,” said Clyda. “But unless you want your jaws to be stuck on my nuts, you’d better let go, and get back to work on the rest of my cock.”
Jordan released Clyda’s nuts from her mouth, and started her attentions again to her cock. As Jordan began to lick Clyda’s shaft, Clyda playfully grabbed her hair, and shook her finger at Jordan.

“You’re not getting off so easy this time, girl,” scolded Clyda. “The first time I let my cock get hard while most of it was still in your mouth. This time, you’re going to get me rock hard, and then suck me off when I’m at full size. I’m going to put your cocksucking skills to a real test, love.”
Jordan was a little startled by Clyda’s demands, but she welcomed the chance to prove she really had what it took, and the monstrous size of Clyda’s raging hard-on wasn’t going to deter her in the least.
Clyda’s cock was already about halfway to full erection, being just about a foot long now. Jordan grabbed the shaft with one hand, and one of Clyda’s balls with the other, and began to squeeze and massage. Jordan’s hands weren’t the strongest, but she knew what she was doing when it came to playing with cocks.
Jordan knew the size of the beast she was bringing to life, so she purposely exerted more strength than normal on Clyda’s cock, to really stimulate the blood flowing through it, and bring it to its peak.
Jordan used a variety of fondling and massaging techniques on Clyda’s shaft, but found that she got the most response out of Clyda when she grabbed both nuts with one hand, and pulled them back as far as she could between Clyda’s legs towards her ass with them. At the same time, Jordan gripped the shaft near the head, and clamped on the loose foreskin, and jerked it towards the very tip of Clyda’s cock.
Although Clyda had a circumcised cock, she was so huge that Jordan could pull the loose flesh over an inch past the tip of her cockhead. Jordan’s efforts were definitely having the desired effect on Clyda. With each stroke, Jordan could feel Clyda’s cock enlarging, and growing before her eyes.
After several minutes of Jordan’s stroking action, Clyda began to thrust her hips forward without thinking about it, in response. Jordan could see precum dripping from the tip of Clyda’s cockhead, and she stopped long enough to insert the tip of one finger into Clyda’s cockhead, and grab a sample of the delicious fluid. With her other hand, Jordan rubbed the excess precum all over Clyda’s cockhead.

After a moment, Jordan paused to admire her work, as she tasted Clyda’s juice. “Well, I think I may have you ready for the next step, whenever you’re ready,” said Jordan.
Clyda admired her reflection in the mirrors, and caught her breath in wonder. Clyda’s cock was sticking out proudly from her crotch at a thirty-degree angle, pointing slightly upward. The massive pole of meat was two feet long, and corded with delicate veins running up and down the shaft. It was thicker than Jordan’s arm, and Jordan could barely get one of her hands halfway around the shaft. Clyda’s balls hung like two overripe oranges between her legs. Clyda’s balls had swollen so tightly from Jordan’s teething and kneading that they looked as though they would burst if they were handled roughly.
Clyda’s magnificent cockhead was twitching slightly in the air in front of Clyda. The opening at the tip was dilating open and closed very slowly as though it had a life of its own. After being stroked and aroused to such monumental dimensions, it was like an animal, insistent and demanding that the attentions paid to it must continue, so that it could seek ultimate release later on. The huge cockhead was larger than one of Jordan’s fists, and it glistened a dark reddish brown in the lights of the room, from having Jordan rub the precum over it.
Clyda gazed at her awesome reflection with pride. Even though Clyda had been a shemale amazon for some time, she’d rarely seen herself, or anyone else for that matter, brought to such a fantastic degree of arousal as she was just now, by Jordan.
Clyda took a deep breath, and tried to maintain her composure over the situation. “Damn but you’ve done nice work here, love,” said Clyda. “By all means, continue, Jordan. I want to see if you can finish what you’ve started here.”
Jordan positioned herself directly in front of Clyda’s cockhead, and gently pulled the shaft lower, so it was even with her mouth. Looking directly at Clyda’s cock like this was like staring down the shaft of a baseball bat to Jordan.
Jordan took a breath to compose herself, and opened her jaws for the job to come. Slowly, Jordan’s jaws opened wider and wider. Jordan began by licking and tonguing Clyda’s massive cockhead. Jordan probed the tip of her tongue into the slit on Clyda’s cock and reveled in the delicious sweet taste of Clyda’s precum.
In a few moments, Jordan’s jaws expanded wider, and Clyda’s cockhead slipped inside her mouth, this time even easier than the time before. Jordan worked the sides of her mouth and her tongue all over Clyda’s sensuous cockhead. The tip of Clyda’s cock pulsed and throbbed inside of Jordan’s mouth.
“Very nicely done, love,” panted Clyda. “But you’ve still got a big job in front of you, if I do say so myself. Show me what you can really do, Jordan.”
Jordan concentrated again, and felt the back of her throat enlarge and open to begin accepting Clyda’s cock. Slowly, inch after inch of Clyda’s tremendous cock began to plunge down Jordan’s throat.
Jordan relaxed, and Clyda’s cock went deeper and deeper. The pill had worked its’ magic on Jordan, and her throat was able to accept more of Clyda’s cockmeat than Jordan would have thought was humanly possible.
“That’s it, love,” purred Clyda, “you’re doing sensational. Please don’t stop.” Clyda gently thrust her hips forward, and several more inches slowly forced their way down Jordan’s throat. Jordan found that by focusing her attention, she could contract her throat and larynx muscles, and actually massage and stoke Clyda’s cock without using her hands.

Finally, Clyda’s balls were close enough that Jordan could feel them brushing against the top of her breasts and her forearms, as they swung back and forth. Jordan realized then that she had at least ten inches of Clyda’s cock down her throat. Although part of Jordan had once been afraid of being suffocated, she remembered Clyda’s earlier words, and her body had reacted remarkably to the situation. Clyda gave another gentle push, and Jordan responded with a slight forward surge of her own. Two more inches of Clyda’s luscious cock found their way into Jordan’s throat.
The arousing thought of deep-throating over one foot of Clyda’s shemale meat, and knowing that there was still half of her cock still exposed and waiting for her outside made Jordan’s arousal rise to new heights, and the strangest thing happened to her body. Jordan’s throat willingly accepted the intrusion of Clyda’s humongous cock, and her gag-reflexes receded to almost nothing and her body stopped shaking. Noticing this, Clyda started to withdraw her member from Jordan’s throat, and she pulled it out until only four inches remained in Jordan’s mouth.
Jordan drew a few breaths of fresh air, and then Clyda pushed her meat down Jordan’s throat again. Clyda now started to fuck Jordan’s throat with long, firm thrusts, allowing Jordan to breathe between her blows. As Jordan felt inch after inch of Clyda’s cock slide up and down her throat, she actually started to milk Clyda’s cock with her throat muscles.
Clyda continued to fuck Jordan’s throat for several minutes, and Jordan sucked and milked her cock as best she could. Jordan’s body came closer and closer to orgasm, so close she felt herself lose all control over her body, but she couldn’t come. Soon Jordan could feel Clyda’s member start pulsating and grow even a little more, and thought that now Clyda was nearly ready.
Jordan felt that now was the time to do something a bit unexpected, and show Clyda just how determined and talented she really was. Clyda pushed her cock down Jordan’s throat in another long thrust. Jordan focused all of her will and concentration, and constricted her throat muscles as tightly as she could on Clyda’s cock.
“My god!” exclaimed Clyda. “What do you think you’re doing down there?”
Jordan was gripping Clyda’s cock with her throat almost like a vise now, and milking Clyda’s monster shaft like a suction pump. Jordan had well over a foot of Clyda’s cock in her throat, and was holding on for dear life.
Clyda had never felt a deep-throat experience like this from any of the girls on the Island. The feelings racing through her cock were stronger than she’d felt in a long time. Clyda threw her head back and enjoyed the incredible sensations, and just held her cock still as Jordan worked her magic on her.
Jordan could literally feel Clyda’s cum rushing through her cock and down her own throat, even right down into her tummy. It felt like a garden hose was turned on, and was emptying directly into Jordan’s stomach. Feeling Clyda start to cum was the last little push Jordan needed. In the same moment, Jordan could feel her own orgasm start deep inside her body.
Jordan started sucking frantically on Clyda’s throbbing cockmeat while her own orgasm got even more violent and energetic. Jordan’s head trembled, and her body spasmed and bucked as Clyda continued to unleash her load.
Clyda shook her head, and began to moan with passion, as she began to empty her seed into Jordan. Jordan could feel Clyda’s throbbing cock shooting off again and again, deep into her gullet, and emptying directly into her stomach.
Jordan felt Clyda continue spurting cum deep inside her. Clyda’s cum seemed to produce a feeling of hot warmth spreading though Jordan’s body, as her orgasm finally faded away. Jordan felt a warm, lazy feeling coming over her as her throat muscles finally relaxed.
Clyda withdrew her cock and squirted the last few drops of her semen all over Jordan’s face.

“My god, but I haven’t been sucked off like that, since I can’t remember when,” said Clyda, as she relaxed on the bed next to Jordan again. “A girl that performs as well as you just did deserves a reward, Jordan.”
Clyda climbed off the bed, and knelt on the floor with her head directly between Jordan’s legs. The huge amazon Clyda began nuzzling and licking Jordan’s pussy then, using her tongue and fingers in ways that Jordan had rarely experienced from other lovers. Clyda gently teased Jordan to and from the brink of ecstasy, as Jordan had always dreamed an experienced lover might.
Jordan lay sprawled out on her back, gazing up at the ceiling, as the very tip of Clyda’s tongue flicked back and forth just inside her cunt opening.
“Ooh, yeah, Clyda,” moaned Jordan. “Keep doing it to me that way. Lick my belly button from the inside.”
“When I’m done with you, girl,” retorted Clyda, “I’ll do more than lick your belly button.”
Jordan finally raised her head, and found that Clyda was staring at her longingly. Clyda stood up, and Jordan saw that her massive cock had grown very large again, and quivered slightly with each heartbeat. It was hard as a baseball bat, and Jordan knew then that she had to have it inside her again.
“Do you like what you see, girl?” asked Clyda.
All Jordan could do was nod yes, meekly.
“Later on, I’m going to shove my cock so deep inside of you, you’ll taste it,” said Clyda.
The size no longer mattered to Jordan; she was consumed with an overwhelming desire to have that huge rod inside her and to please Clyda as well. Jordan spread her arms, closed her eyes, and lay back on the bedcovers. Jordan knew that Clyda would fuck her nearly sense-less again, like a rag doll, and that she’d love every minute of it. Jordan would be pressed to her very limits and then some, but she now knew that somehow, someway, she would know be able to satisfy Clyda once again.
And she did. Clyda knelt back down again, and Jordan felt Clyda’s powerful tongue begin to gently lick her slit. Then Clyda moved up to her breasts, her forelegs straddling the bed. As Clyda moved forward, her massive cock brushed against Jordan’s thighs and belly, and also the edges of her breasts. It was like being massaged with a warm, soft log.
Jordan began to shiver, partly from anticipation of the event she longed for, and partly from the slight breeze blowing in from the window that began to caress her naked flesh on the satin sheets, causing her nipples to harden like leather buttons. Clyda stopped licking then, and Jordan started spreading herself wide with anticipation and desire as Clyda stepped up closer to her goal.

“Please, Clyda,” panted Jordan. “Put it in me again. I need it so bad.”
Clyda moved back down to the foot of the bed, and positioned herself on the floor.
The tip of Clyda’s massive cock touched Jordan’s pussy lips. Jordan felt a shock when the hot, wet head of Clyda’s shaft rubbed against her clit, and Clyda reached down with one of her hands to grasp her dark member. Clyda rubbed the tip of her cock up and down against Jordan’s slit, working the combination of precum and woman-juice around the lips of Jordan’s passion. Jordan wanted Clyda inside her so badly; Clyda rubbed faster and faster, until she stopped, placing the head of her cock in exactly the right position to enter Jordan. One thrust and it would be in, Jordan fantasized to herself.
Clyda pushed gently at first, and Jordan could feel the moist tip of Clyda’s cockhead brushing her pussy lips. Jordan used her fingers to spread herself as wide as she could, and she felt Clyda spear her a little more, but she was still far from entering fully. Frustrated, Jordan began masturbating with her right hand and guiding Clyda’s cock in with her left, but no matter how wet or wide she got, Clyda still would not fit inside. Jordan began to moan and writhe.
“Oh, please, Clyda,” she gasped, “Please help me, mistress. I’m desperate for the feel of you between my thighs again!”
“Take it easy, love,” panted Clyda. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know. Even though your body can accommodate my cock now, it’s still going to take a little time to get used to accepting it inside. Remember, this is only your second time with me.” Clyda grunted a bit then, and thrust at Jordan a little more forcefully, watching her intently for any sign of pain.
Jordan began to feel a tingling in the pink flesh of her labia, and it felt as though some invisible fingers worked to spread her pussy lips even wider. Gasping with this wonderful sensation, Jordan moved her hands away and started stroking Clyda’s huge breasts, which hovered just above her. Jordan was being spread wider and wider, opened by the invisible force more than she had ever been, and there was no pain at all, only the stimulating tingling in her flesh. Still Jordan was pulled open even wider, a feeling that was thrilling in itself.

Then Jordan’s swollen pussy lips widened a fraction of an inch more, and she felt a popping and slipping, and Clyda’s enormous prick-head finally forced its way inside her as the amazon thrust her hips. Jordan tilted her head and looked across the room at herself in the mirrors, at her situation, and she got even wetter with the thought of what she was doing.
“God, that feels good again, Clyda,” Jordan whispered. “Fuck me deep and hard, Clyda. Do it to me good.”

Jordan laid her head back and felt the tip of Clyda’s hot dick deep inside her cunt, and gave it a squeeze with her pussy as she began fingering her clit. Jordan looked down again, and whether it was the thrill of her dream realized or something else that caused it, Clyda’s huge, dark prick slid into her even deeper.
Jordan moaned and started to grind her hips a bit, but Clyda’s cock wasn’t too much for her to take now. As Jordan started thrusting against Clyda’s enormous cock again, she went deeper still. A full ten inches of cock was inside Jordan’s love hole, and she felt full and wet. Jordan started pumping, seeking to slide Clyda’s thick prick in and out of herself to stimulate them both even closer to orgasm, but Clyda only went deeper inside of her.

Squealing with delight and pleasure at what was happening, Jordan writhed on Clyda’s thick shaft, wondering just how much of Clyda’s meat was inside her, when she felt it plunge even deeper.
Jordan was now holding over a foot of Clyda’s huge shemale cock in her cunt, and she felt it ramming up against the sides of her tunnel. She groaned and her cunt muscles started twitching by themselves.
Feeling this, Clyda pumped her dick in and out of Jordan. Clyda pumped slowly and strongly into Jordan. After a few moments of thrusting with her cock, Jordan’s pussy gently opened a little larger, and accepted another inch or two of Clyda’s cock, with no pain or discomfort. In this manner, each time going deeper and deeper, after a few minutes of humping, Clyda pounded further and further with her cock inside of Jordan.
Amazingly, after about fifteen minutes of building by gradual humping and insertion, Jordan held the entire length of Clyda’s huge shaft in her wet, ever-stretching pussy.
Jordan then felt something heavy and wet slap against the cheeks of her ass with an audible sound. With a shock, Jordan realized that Clyda’s balls, each one swollen to almost the size of a softball, had slammed against her ass.
When Jordan felt the hot, thick veins surrounding Clyda’s cock shaft rubbing up against her clit, Jordan squealed in delight and surprise. Clyda looked down again in surprise to see what had happened, and moaned with pleasure as she basked in the joy of finally having all of her monster cock fully buried inside Jordan’s cunt.

“Well now, look there,” said Clyda. “Just look at you. All of me inside of you, and you’ve hardly uttered a word of protest.”
“Damn, but this feels good,” replied Jordan. “I never imagined it could feel like this.”
“We’re just getting started, love,” said Clyda. “Remember what I told you earlier? Hang on, because here we go.”
Clyda now began to pull her cock out five or six inches and then thrust heavily back inside of Jordan. Jordan could feel Clyda’s thrusts so deep within her she wasn’t sure where they were going, and her eyes rolled back in their sockets to their whites as she grunted and bucked.
With more strength than Jordan would have thought possible, Clyda stood up fully erect, and raised up off the bed, physically lifting Jordan off of the bedcovers.
“Whoa! Take it easy with this thing!” cried Jordan. “No one said anything about doing it in mid-air. Are you sure it won’t break or anything?”
“You’ll find that we’re just full of surprises here on the Island, girl,” Clyda replied with a grin. “As for breaking anything, I hope that your pussy’s insured, because it’s going to get the workout of its life just now.”
Jordan was now suspended underneath Clyda by only the sheer size and strength of Clyda’s cock inside her cunt. Jordan was hanging just over the bedcovers, Clyda’s immense cock holding her up with no trouble at one end. Jordan’s first thought was that she had become some sort of human shiska-bob.
Although Jordan instinctively reached out and gripped the bedpost with her hands stretched out above her head, Clyda was still fully supporting Jordan with the shaft of her cock. Jordan felt herself impaled on the sweetness of Clyda’s shaft, and closed her legs so that her inner thighs could share in the pleasure of her situation too. This added dimension of the new sensation thrust another wave of orgasmic spasms through Jordan, and as her pussy walls squeezed Clyda’s shaft of their own volition.

Clyda reached down and gripped Jordan’s waist, just below the ribcage. Clyda then responded with another bout of humping thrusts. These ended up swinging Jordan back and forth like a pendulum, so that after only a few thrusts she was sliding at least a foot off of Clyda’s cock, only to crash back down onto her, shoving Clyda’s cock into her even deeper than before with each push. Jordan screamed again with pleasure, and incredibly, came even more intensely than she had thought possible.
Jordan squeezed her eyes tightly shut, all the better to devote all her sensations to her purpose. Jordan could feel Clyda’s slippery dick coated with her shemale cum and her own cum sliding in and out, in and out, her knuckles whitening on the bedpost as they fucked in the air above the bed. Jordan’s legs, growing tired, sagged downward, but her swollen tunnel was still impaled on Clyda’s heavenly, engorged shaft, so she continued to hang there, suspended in front of Clyda.
This change in position also angled Jordan’s clit so that it contacted even more of Clyda’s hot cock than before, rubbing and tingling deliciously with every tiny movement. Each time one of the huge bulbous veins that criss-crossed the shaft of Clyda’s cock ran against her clit, Jordan was overwhelmed by another wave of ecstasy.
It felt so good to Jordan to have Clyda deep within her, Clyda’s huge cockhead up where nothing had ever been before, back it seemed, behind her stomach or maybe tickling her lungs, but she felt no discomfort, only the most intense, astonishing pleasure of her life.
Clyda began swinging her legs back and forth, as if she was on a chair that was too tall for her, and the twisting motion it caused made them both shiver. Once again, Jordan could feel the telltale vibrations from the shaft of Clyda’s cock, that signaled Clyda had passed the point of no return, and that she would soon be reaching her climax.
Jordan took a deep breath, and flexed her thigh and leg muscles as tightly as she could on Clyda’s cock. Although Jordan could not completely control the savage pounding and thrusting of Clyda’s cock inside of her, she had managed to constrict the length of Clyda’s thrusts so that they were now considerably shorter.
Clyda gave a series of almost animal-like moans, as her climax overtook her, and she began pounding at Jordan’s pussy, as her balls began to release their load into Jordan.
Jordan could feel the huge knob of Clyda’s cockhead ripple back and forth inside her, fucking her whole body as she squeezed the last orgasm out of herself, and felt Clyda shoot out what must have been at least a quart or more of hot jism into her insides.
Jordan felt as though she’d been filled with molten lava. Clyda’s cum felt at first as though it was going to burn her up, from the inside out. In seconds it was replaced by a warm, glowing, tingly feeling, that caused all of Jordan’s lower body to vibrate in a fantastic kind of new pleasure that she’d never felt before.
Jordan savored her impalement for a few minutes more. Then slowly, Clyda gently lowered her back to the bed and eased out of her. Jordan was sad to give up the experience, yet more satisfied than she had ever dreamed possible. The cum of both the lovers oozed out of Jordan onto the bedcovers, and she gazed at Clyda again, still marveling at what had just happened.
Clyda stepped back, and lay down on the bed herself. Clyda’s cock was still rock hard, and glistened from her balls to the tip with both her own and Jordan’s cum on it. Clyda was stroking her cock, massaging the cum and juices up and down the glistening shaft. Clyda had the oddest expression on her face, as she stared at Jordan.
Clyda had the look as though someone had just short-changed her at the store or played some other type of trickery on her. Jordan basked in the glow of countless orgasms that Clyda had just forced on her, and gave in to the warm feelings, and let herself drift off to slumber, exhausted from the effort she’d just exerted to keep up with Clyda.

Chapter 11: Clyda & Jordan Part 5

Jordan awoke a few minutes later, to find that she’d been turned back over onto her stomach, and was lying on the pile of pillows again. The first thing Jordan noticed was a probing, almost burning sensation in her ass.
“What happened?” muttered Jordan, as she regained consciousness. “And what happened to my rear? It feels funny.”
“I see you’re awake,” replied Clyda. “That’s good, because I certainly don’t intend on letting you sleep through what’s going to happen next.”
“What are you talking about?” asked Jordan.
“Don’t play cute with me you little snit,” retorted Clyda. “The first time you did it, I was caught by surprise, and didn’t pay attention to what was happening. The second time, it dawned on me what you were doing, but I couldn’t pull out of you in time.”
“I still don’t have any idea what you’re talking about,” said Jordan.
“I’m talking about you trying to take control of things during sex, and thinking that I wouldn’t notice,” said Clyda. “When you sucked me off earlier, you slurped almost all of my jism down your gullet for yourself. I gave you the benefit of the doubt there, because it was one of the first times you’d ever sucked me off.”
“I was just trying to show you how much I like your cock, and the taste of your jism,” said Jordan.
“Well, you’ve certainly acquired a taste for it, I’ll say that much,” replied Clyda. “And then when I was fucking you just a few moments ago, you clamped down on my cock so hard between your legs, it felt like someone slammed a door on it. Then you drained me inside of you again.”

“There are a few things that you don’t really understand about life here on the Island,” continued Clyda. “Bear with me as I run them down for you. Number one. We amazons treasure our cum shots, when we have sex. Whether it’s jerking off, or with one partner, or in the middle of an orgy, it’s the most important thing to us.
“Yes, there are times when we suck each other off, or shoot off inside a partner. But only when it’s been mutually agreed upon by the participants.
“The other thing is discipline. I hadn’t given you my permission to take all of my jism inside of you. I was considering being lenient, since you’re still new here, but you pressed your luck, and did it not once, but twice in the same afternoon. Tiffany and Barocca had told me about how you’d behaved during the Milking Ritual, and that you might try something similar with me.”
Jordan just lay there on the bed, not knowing quite what to say to Clyda.
“Nothing to say for yourself?” asked Clyda. “Well that’s all right, because I’ve got something to tell you Jordan. You’ve earned yourself a punishment and a reward at the same time.” Jordan tried to think of Clyda could possibly mean by this.

“I knew that once you woke up, you’d still be horny and asking for more,” said Clyda. “And since you’ve been a naughty girl, not only am I going to fuck you once more, but we’re going to cover the only part of you that hasn’t been used so far.”
Jordan felt a knot in the middle of her stomach as she realized the position she was in, and the meaning of Clyda’s words hit home.
“That’s right love,” said Clyda. “I’m going to put my cock inside your asshole next. And you’d better ask Tiffany to assign you to some type of duty that you can do standing up for the next few days. Because I don’t think you’re going to be able to sit down for a while.”
“The first thing I’m going to do,” continued Clyda, “is get your ass ready for my cock. And I can’t think of a better way to do that, than with my fist. Don’t you agree?”
“Uh, yes, Mistress,” replied Jordan, realizing the situation she was in.
Jordan twisted her head to one side, and in one of the mirrors, she could see Clyda applying a thick coating of the lubricant to her fist again.
“I’ve already applied a small coating of the lubricant to your butt while you were dozing off,” said Clyda. “That’s why you felt your ass tingling when you woke up.” Clyda knelt next to Jordan, and rubbed her fist against Jordan’s asshole. “And because you’ve been a naughty girl this afternoon, I’m not going to be as gentle with you as I was earlier. That’s all the warning you’re going to get, slut.” With that, Clyda pushed her entire fist into Jordan’s asshole in one motion.
“Holy shit!” cried Jordan.
“That’s right, slut,” said Clyda. “Feel my fist inside of you. Stop your sniveling and start working your ass on my fist. Do it now!”
Jordan forced herself to concentrate, and began gyrating her rump, and clenching her buttocks as best she could in the position that she was in.
“That’s better, you little trollop,” taunted Clyda. “Work that sexy little ass of yours around my fist, until I tell you to stop.”
Clyda began pulling her fist from Jordan’s asshole and then plunging it back in. All Jordan could do was let out loud groaning sounds as Clyda pistoned her fist in and out of her tight asshole. Jordan’s anal hole opened and closed repeatedly to accommodate Clyda’s fist. A couple times Clyda pulled her fist out leaving a giant gaping hole where her fist had been.

“Look at this fucking asshole.” Then Clyda would plow her fist back in before Jordan’s asshole closed up. “And just think, Jordan. You’ve only felt a fraction of what you’re going to feel, once I put my cock inside your ass.”
Then Clyda closed her hand making a fist inside Jordan giving her a little more room to make an even deeper entry. Again Clyda pushed and another three inches of arm entered Jordan’s ass. It almost looked like Clyda had her whole arm inside Jordan. Jordan’s asshole had to be stretched almost four inches across to accommodate the thick fleshy part of Clyda’s arm that approached her elbow. Then with her other hand Clyda flicked Jordan’s clit a couple times and Jordan shuddered from the sensations.
Jordan screamed at Clyda to fuck her asshole harder while her body twitched and rocked while impaled on her arm.
“I’ll be damned,” said Clyda with amazement. “It’s just like Tiffany and Barocca said. No matter what happens to you, you just come back and holler for more.”
Clyda pulled her arm back out of Jordan’s ass a little and rammed it home up her anal chute until she hit bottom again. Then again Clyda pumped her arm up Jordan’s butt, bottoming out deep in her ass. Clyda repeated her anal fist fuck into Jordan’s ass over and over slamming her fist as far as it would go, forcing it until she hit the soft flesh in the deepest part of Jordan’s rectum.
Reaming Jordan’s asshole like this was so arousing Clyda was in a frenzy too, and felt nearly ready to cum. “Tilt your head and take a look in the mirror, Jordan. Get a good look at my cock.”
Clyda hadn’t even touched her cock, while she’d been busy fisting Jordan. Clyda’s cock was at its massive size of almost two feet long, and delicate veins ran up and down the shaft.
Clyda ripped her arm out of Jordan’s ass. Jordan screamed from the instant surge of pain as Clyda’s fist passed through her sphincter so abruptly.
“Did that get your attention, girl?” Clyda teased. “I hope so because here comes the moment of truth. I’m ready to shove my cock inside your tender little asshole now.”

“All right, girl,” said Clyda. “Relax that butthole of yours. You were able to swallow up half my arm a few minutes ago. So you’re almost ready to take my cock inside of you. Now open wide.”
Jordan concentrated and tried to make her body follow Clyda’s instructions. Jordan could feel Clyda prying open her asshole with her fingertips. After being reamed for more than ten minutes by Clyda’s fist and arm, the lubricant and the pill had done their work, and Jordan found she could relax her muscle control, and Clyda was able to pry apart her anal opening considerably.
“Nice going, love,” said Clyda. “Your bunghole’s almost three inches wide, as I look down on it from up here. It’s just begging me to shove my cock inside it. Are you ready?”
“Yes, mistress,” murmured Jordan.
“What’s that?” asked Clyda. “I didn’t hear you.”
“Yes, I’m ready!” squealed Jordan. “I want you to shove that fucking monster of yours inside me, until it splits me apart!”
“Well, that’s more like it,” said Clyda. “Here it comes, love. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. But this is the only warning you’ll get.”
With that, Clyda grabbed the shaft of her cock, and took careful aim at Jordan’s gaping asshole. In one swift motion, Clyda rammed her entire cockhead and several inches of her shaft into Jordan’s waiting asshole.
“Oh my gawd!” yelled Jordan. Jordan’s fingers dug into the sheets and pillows, and she struggled to maintain her position, so she wouldn’t fall off of the pile of cushions.
“Tight fit, isn’t it?” quipped Clyda. “You know, Jordan, you really should’ve taken some of those video producers up, when they offered you some anal scenes, back in your video career. It might’ve helped prepare you for what’s coming next.”
“Gee, thanks,” grumbled Jordan. “Now is a great fucking time to tell me that!”
“Always with the wisecracks, I see,” replied Clyda. “Well, just lay back and enjoy the ride, love. You’ve earned this, in more ways than one.”

Clyda began slowly forcing more and more of her huge cock into Jordan’s ass. Clyda shifted her position so that she was directly above Jordan, and could use her full body weight to press her cock into Jordan.
Six inches, seven inches, then eight inches of Clyda’s cockmeat forced their way into Jordan’s asshole. The only difference between Clyda’s fist and her cock was that now Clyda couldn’t flex and move her fingers inside Jordan’s ass. It felt as though a red-hot baseball bat was being slowly, inexorably shoved inside Jordan’s rectum.
Now Clyda began to pull back and begin stroking her cock in and out of Jordan’s ass.

The speed and force Clyda had used when she fucked Jordan’s pussy were almost nothing compared to her efforts now. The positioning of Jordan’s body allowed Clyda to use all of her amazon strength and power, as she brutally fucked Jordan’s asshole.
Jordan twisted her head to one side, so that she could see Clyda’s reflection in one of the full-length mirrors. What Jordan saw caused her to gasp in astonishment. Jordan’s butt was pointing almost straight up in the air, as she lay on the pile of pillows. Clyda was standing directly above her butt, with her cock pointing straight down, and inserted into her asshole.
Clyda was moving up and down, almost as though she was riding a pogo stick. It reminded Jordan of seeing cartoon pictures of the old pile driving and well drilling machines from earlier years. Jordan shivered as she felt the thick veins that bulged along the shaft of Clyda’s cock rub and brush against the lips of her asshole, as Clyda pumped herself into her.
Ten inches, eleven inches, then a full foot of Clyda’s meat found its way into Jordan’s rump. The first few moments of Clyda’s cock inside Jordan’s ass had almost brought her to tears. But by now, the lubricant and the jelly had done their work. Although the sensation of Clyda’s monster cock inside her ass was completely new to Jordan, she was now able to revel in the feelings and enjoy the ride.

“You’re awfully quiet down there, love,” said Clyda. “Having second thoughts yet?”
“Could I have more please, mistress?” asked Jordan.
“You really must be part nymphomaniac, after all,” said Clyda. “Well, you’ve made it to the halfway part of me. Let’s take things to the next level, and see if you’re still so greedy.”
Until now, Clyda had been doing a series of squatting movements, forcing herself in and out of Jordan, and occasionally using her hands to balance herself on Jordan’s hips or buttocks.
Clyda stopped momentarily on her next downward thrust and gripped her hands firmly on the sides of Jordan’s waist. Clyda gritted her teeth and exerted her strength, and thrust her powerful hips forward. Six more inches of Clyda’s cock forced their way into Jordan’s asshole in one savage stroke.
The sudden impact of so much of Clyda’s cock inside her asshole made Jordan almost pass out. For a moment the stabbing pain was so great, Jordan didn’t know if she could take any more. Jordan flailed her fists at the pillows, and stuffed the pillow into her mouth as she squealed in pain.
“Not so cocky and confident are you now, love?” asked Clyda. “That’s all right, because I’m just getting started up here.”
Clyda had slowed her thrusting down to a more normal level. Jordan felt each inward thrust with all of her body. The huge pole of Clyda’s cock forced and rammed its way into Jordan, deeper than she had ever been penetrated before. Each stroke of Clyda’s cock seemed to probe deeper, and burn hotter than the one before.
For a few moments, Jordan simply gritted her teeth, and forced herself to accept and endure Clyda’s cock inside her asshole. Ever so slowly, the burning pain slowly subsided, as Jordan’s body reacted to the pill and jelly, and let her accommodate Clyda’s meat inside of her ass. Determined not to give in and ask Clyda to stop, Jordan reached down into her spirit and willpower, and summoned all her courage together.
“Fuck…me…harder!” shouted Jordan.
Clyda stopped in mid-stroke into Jordan, and shook her head, as if she couldn’t believe what she’d just heard. “I must be hearing things,” Clyda muttered. “For a minute there, I thought I heard you ask me to go harder on you.”
“I said I wanted you to fuck me harder,” said Jordan, emphasizing the last word. “And deeper.”
“My god, I think we’ve created a monster here,” replied Clyda, with a surprised tone. “All right, love. You asked for it.”

Clyda increased the speed and power of her strokes into Jordan again. Three more inches of Clyda’s cock slid into Jordan’s asshole. There were now over twenty inches of rock hard shemale cock buried inside of Jordan’s butt.
Clyda reamed and fucked Jordan for over twenty minutes in this position. Clyda varied the speed and tempo of her strokes. By now, Jordan’s body had allowed her to accept almost the entire length of Clyda’s fuckpole into her rectum. Clyda pulled out so that the length of her strokes into Jordan were over a foot long, and let the full weight and power of her body propel her downward and into Jordan’s ass. This only caused Jordan to intensify her efforts, and to scream to Clyda to redouble her thrusting into her. Finally, Clyda reached her limits again with Jordan.
“Well, love,” panted Clyda, as she kept thrusting into Jordan. “I don’t know how you’ve done it, but you did it. You’ve swallowed damn near my entire cock inside your butt, and you’re still screaming for more.”
“I haven’t fucked anyone like you before,” continued Clyda. “You’re so crazy about my cum, get ready, love. Because I’m going to shoot my load inside your ass in a minute.” Clyda intensified her thrusting into Jordan, and humped her like a jackhammer for a few more minutes.
“Here it comes!” yelled Clyda. Clyda’s cum erupted into Jordan’s ass like a firehose.
“Oh, fuck, yes!” squealed Jordan. It felt like her ass was being filled with molten lava. Spurt after spurt of Clyda’s cum gushered into Jordan’s but. After a few moments, the combin-ation of Clyda’s massive cock, and the torrent of cum she was unleashing was too much for Jordan’s ass to contain.
The sensation of Clyda’s cock smashing into her anal walls, surrounded by a torrent of her hot jism, was something Jordan had never felt before, and it was driving her crazy with delight. Clyda’s cum began to spill out the edges of Jordan’s asshole. As Clyda increased her thrusting, more and more jism squirted out, and began to run down the sides of Jordan’s butt and hips. Each stroke by Clyda’s cock now made a squishy, slopping sound, as the massive pole of her cock forced out the excess jism in Jordan’s ass.
The force of Clyda’s thrusts into Jordan’s ass caused the jism to be expelled out with greater force. Soon Clyda’s waist, tummy and her breasts were splattered with her own jism.
Jordan’s backside looked as though someone had tried to paint her skin with the jism.
Clyda finally emptied her last shot of cum into Jordan, and slowly pulled herself out of Jordan’s rump. Clyda’s cock made an audible ‘popping’ sound as she pulled the head out of Jordan’s ass. Clyda let her cum-soaked cock land on Jordan’s ass and backside. A small dribble of jism rolled out of the head of Clyda’s cock, and down Jordan’s back.

“That was in-fucking-credible, Clyda,” panted Jordan. “That felt almost as good as the other ways that you fucked me. It was an incredibly wonderful new sensation for me.”
“Well, I’m certainly glad you enjoyed it, love,” said Clyda. “I’m glad to be a part of it too, you know. I haven’t fucked anyone who’s responded like you did in ages.”
“My god,” continued Clyda. “It looks like Mount Vesuvius went off back here. We’ll just have to clean up this mess, now won’t we?”
Clyda began massaging and rubbing in the jism into Jordan’s back with her hands. Clyda also reached down and massaged some of it into Jordan’s breasts, as far as she could reach in her present position.
“Hey. Don’t waste all of that lovely cum,” protested Jordan. “The least you could do is save a little of it for me.”
“Why you’re right,” responded Clyda. “Where are my manners?” Clyda scooped up a handful of her jism from Jordan’s backside, and brought it down to Jordan’s mouth. Jordan opened her mouth and extended her tongue, and greedily lapped up as much of Clyda’s jism as she could. Jordan slowly sucked each of Clyda’s fingers and savored every drop of it.
In this manner, Clyda soon had Jordan’s backside cleaned again, and Jordan had swallowed almost every remaining drop of jism.
“Now roll over, love,” said Clyda. “You didn’t think I was going to forget about all the cum that got splashed on me did you?”
As Jordan changed to a sitting position in front of the pile of cushions, she saw what Clyda was referring to. It looked as though several cocks had shot their loads onto Clyda’s waist, tummy and breasts.
“What are you waiting for?” asked Clyda. “Get to work.”
With a delicious smile, Jordan began slowly lapping up all of the excess jism that had gathered on Clyda’s body. Jordan paid extra attention to Clyda’s breasts, spending extra time on her large nipples. Jordan teethed and sucked on Clyda’s nipples until they stuck out from the surface of her breasts. Clyda’s nipples were so swollen, it looked as though Clyda’s big toe had been mounted onto her nipples.
Finally, Jordan worked her way up to Clyda’s face, and she and Clyda embraced in a long sensuous hug. The two girls kissed, and Jordan’s tongue found its way into Clyda’s mouth, where it was met by Clyda’s own slithering tongue.
Eventually, Jordan with drew her tongue, and her eyes met Clyda’s with uncontrolled lust.
Almost shamefully, Jordan looked at Clyda, and slowly, brought the phrase to her lips that she hoped Clyda would want to hear.
“Could I have more please, mistress?”

Chapter 12: Clyda & Jordan Part 6

Clyda opened her eyes in shock as she heard Jordan’s latest request. “You have got to be fucking kidding me!” exclaimed Clyda. “You aren’t human girl.”
“Didn’t Dee Dee and Tiffany tell you that I was crazy about cock, Clyda?” asked Jordan.
“They didn’t tell me that you had a bloody terminal case of it, love,” retorted Clyda. “Well, I think I’ve got one last good load in me for you,” continued Clyda. “You’ve got to realize that we’re not all rampaging beasts like Ebony, who can do it almost non-stop for hours at a time. Not that we haven’t tried mind you…we just can’t keep up with someone like that.”
“Please, Clyda,” pleaded Jordan. “One more time. I just cant get enough of your cum.”
“All right, Jordan,” said Clyda. “I’ve got one last idea that I’ve never tried before. You seem to be an ‘anything goes’ type of girl. Do you think you’re ready for my last trick of the afternoon?”
“I was born ready for you, Clyda,” said Jordan enthusiastically. “What have you got in mind?”
“Like I said, Jordan,” said Clyda, “this last stunt of mine is something I’ve never tried before. But if it works, it should produce enough jism to satisfy even a cum junkie like you. What I’m going to do will be new to you, but I think you’ll get a bang out of it anyway.”
“To make this work, I’ll need a couple of things from the dresser,” continued Clyda. “I’ll be right back.”

Clyda strode over to the dresser, and rummaged through the drawers for a few moments. She returned to Jordan with several bottles and jars, and a small vinyl case, like a toilet case, in her hands. Clyda spread everything out on the bed next to Jordan.
“There. I think that ought to be enough to get things done,” said Clyda.
“What are you planning to do, perform some kind of operation on me?” asked Jordan.
“Actually, that’s not far from the truth, love,” said Clyda. “But what remember what curiosity did to the cat. You were so insistent about having me do it to you one final time. Now you’re going to get your wish.”
“Now to begin with, you’re going to prepare my cock for the grand finale today,” continued Clyda. “But first, you’ve gotta get me hard and ready to play again.”
Jordan’s eyes lit up at Clyda’s words. Jordan began eagerly fondling and stroking Clyda’s shaft and balls with her hands. No matter how many times Jordan saw it, the sight of one of the shemale amazon’s cocks coming to life and reaching its full size and hardness would always fill Jordan with a sense of awe and wonder.
Clyda’s shaft filled with blood, and expanded and grew in front of her eyes like it had a life of its own. Her balls quickly swelled and filled with blood so it looked like two tennis balls were stuffed underneath her cock.
As Clyda’s meat grew fully hard and erect, the urethra shaft on her cock swelled and protruded like a cable strapped to the shaft of her dick. Numerous veins became engorged and filled with fluid, and stood out proudly on the shaft of Clyda’s cock. In no time, Clyda’s cock quickly grew into the two-foot long tree limb that Jordan remembered being gleefully impaled upon this afternoon.
Clyda could see Jordan’s eyes glowing with sexual energy and anticipation, as she stared at Clyda’s powerful hunk of meat in front of her face.
“I want you to take this first bottle of lotion,” Clyda pointed to the first bottle closest to Jordan, “and lube my cock up with it. But only apply that to the shaft and head of my cock. Don’t get any of it on my balls.”
As Jordan eagerly applied the thick liquid to Clyda’s cock, the smell and texture of it seemed familiar to her.
“You may recognize this substance from your first day here, love,” said Clyda. “It’s the same solution we have applied to our cocks to get them ready for the Milking Ritual.”
Jordan spread the liquid thoroughly over the shaft of Clyda’s cock, and soon had it glistening from the base to the tip of the fist-sized cockhead with the protective lotion. Caught up in the heat of the moment from having such a massive rock-hard piece of meat so close to her, Jordan began to instinctively stroke and massage Clyda’s cock. Clyda gently laid her hand on Jordan’s shoulder, and shook her finger at her.
“No you don’t, love,” scolded Clyda. “As tempting as the offer is, I’ve got other plans for you and my cock today.”
“I want you to take this second jar of cream,” continued Clyda, “and work this into my balls. Be careful and don’t get it anywhere else.”
Jordan opened the second small jar that Clyda pointed to on the bed. Inside the jar was a dark red cream or jelly. Upon feeling it, the texture of it was similar to Vaseline. The stuff had a strong, hot scent to it, much like that of muscle relaxers and lineaments. This cream also had a very strong sexual smell to it, similar to incense. When Jordan stuck her fingers into it, the stuff was warm to the touch.
“What is this stuff?” asked Jordan.
“Well, as Dee Dee would say, its exact name and ingredients are ‘trade secrets’,” said Clyda. “This is something we use once in a while for some extra-added stimulation, here on the Island. You’ll see how it works and what it does in a few minutes. For now, be a good girl and spread that all over my balls. Nowhere else though.”
Jordan scooped out a liberal handful of the stuff, and applied it all over Clyda’s balls. The effect was almost immediate. Clyda’s balls instantly began to flush and turn a darker red in color. They were also growing bigger. So big in fact, that it almost looked likeClyda’s scrotal sac couldn’t contain the two new melons hanging below the cock.
Clyda’s nuts now were larger than two softballs, and they hug down at least five inches from her cock. Jordan looked at the results of what she had done to Clyda, and clamped her hand over her mouth in astonishment.
“Oh my God, Clyda! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you. I didn’t know it was gonna do that to you,” Jordan blurted out.
“That’s all right, love. Don’t worry about it,” replied Clyda. “It’s working just like I thought it would. I’ll be this way for about an hour, and then I’ll return to normal. More than enough time to do what I’ve got in mind.”
“As you can tell,” continued Clyda, “I’ve now got over double the nut size I usually do, without having to spend a lot of time working up to it. And as you’ve also doubtless noticed, I’ve got a lot of free room and play in my sac downstairs too.”

Jordan watched, as now Clyda could freely grab each nut, and pull and twist them to her heart’s content. Clyda could stretch them, and place one on top of the other, and do all sorts of odd things with her balls now.
“Kind of makes me feel like I’m that Plastic Man fellow from the comic books,” laughed Clyda. “But what I’ll do to you with these nuts in a little bit is one hundred percent real, love.”
Jordan had a look of excitement and bewilderment on her face. “I’m ready for anything, Clyda. I just wish I knew what you were getting at,” said Jordan.
“You wanted a grand finale, love. And you’re going to get it,” said Clyda. “Just how you’re going to get it is up to me, and you’re going to get a surprise.”
“Now for the next stage of the trick, we’re going to need something else,” continued Clyda. “I want you to go in to the other room, and in the closet, there’s a large clear plastic container in it. I want you to fetch that, and bring it back here. While you’re doing that. I’ll be getting myself ready for the next stage.”

Jordan walked over to the adjoining room of Clyda’s quarters, and went to the closet. At the bottom of the closet, was a large plastic container, as Clyda had said. Jordan guessed that it was about two gallons in size. As Jordan returned to the first room with the container, she saw that Clyda had been busy while she was away.
Clyda was applying the protective lotion to one of the large plastic type sheaths that Jordan had seen used on Tiffany during the Milking Ritual.
“Glad you’re back, love,” said Clyda. “I just need a little help here, and then we’re almost ready to get started. While I get the sheath fitted onto my cock, I’d like for you to put some of the lotion onto the headpiece, and get that ready for me. You do remember how to do that from the Milking Ritual, don’t you?”
Jordan flushed with embarrassment for a moment. “You bet I do,” said Jordan. “But are you going to milk yourself or fuck me? I don’t see how this all fits together.”
“Silly girl,” teased Clyda. “If you already knew all of the details, then it wouldn’t be much of a surprise, now would it? Don’t worry. You’ll get what’s coming to you.”
Clyda slowly slid the sheath down onto the shaft of her cock. Life Tiffany’s the other day, Clyda’s sheath covered all of her cock except for an inch or two below her cockhead, and the same amount just above the base of her cock.
“Starting to look familiar, Jordan?” asked Clyda. “Now be a dear and hand me the headpiece, now that you’ve got it all lubed up.”
Clyda fitted the headpiece onto her humongous cockhead. She was now the spitting image of Tiffany during the Milking Ritual the other day. Clyda’s balls were swollen roughly as large as Tiffany’s had been at her peak. But Clyda had hers at this size in minutes, and they now hung considerably lower than Jordan had seen on any other girl on the Island.
“Okay love,” said Clyda. “We’re almost ready here. I want you to put the container on the edge of the bed, against the wall for me.” Jordan placed the container in the appropriate position.
“That’s good,” said Clyda. “Now I’m going to put one end of the connecting tubing on my cockhead, like so.” Clyda walked over so that she was standing directly against the edge of the bed.
“Now I want you to assume the position, love,” said Clyda. “I want you lying on top of the pile of pillows again, with that pretty little ass of yours sticking straight up into the air.”

Jordan climbed onto the bed, and placed herself with her crotch on the very top of the pile of cushions. This position had Jordan’s asshole pointing almost directly up in the air. It also had Jordan’s face on the mattress, right next to the large plastic container.
“Very good, girl,” said Clyda. “You’re gonna have a bird’s eye view of the finale. Now I’d like for you to take the other end of the connecting tubing, and attach it to the little stem on the top of the container for me.”
Jordan did as Clyda requested. Now the tubing ran from the tip of Clyda’s cock to the plastic container.
“The tubing might brush against your head or shoulders while we’re having fun,” said Clyda, “so expect that from time to time.”
“But if you’ve got your cock connected to the container with the tube,” asked Jordan, “how are you going to fuck me?”
“Of course I’m going to fuck you Jordan,” said Clyda. “But this time, I’m going to use my balls, instead of my cock to fuck you.”
“You can’t be serious,” exclaimed Jordan. “They’ll never fit!”
“Are you, or are you not,” asked Clyda, “the same little cum-crazed blonde slut who swallowed two feet of my cock up your ass, and then begged me for more? Not to mention going one on one with Ebony in the same hole, who happens to be substantially bigger than I am?”
“Well, yes…” Jordan admitted with embarrassment.
“And you’re making a fuss over something the size of my balls going in there too,” demanded Clyda. “Have a little faith girl. I wouldn’t be trying this on you, if I didn’t think you couldn’t do it. That pill that Dee Dee gave you hasn’t worn off yet.”
“It’s not that I don’t want you to do it, I’ve just never heard of something like this before,” said Jordan.
“All right,” said Clyda. “It’s time for another brief lecture about cocks. I’ll make this quick, because I’m getting horny as hell here.”

“In addition to intercourse and good old-fashioned jerking off,” Clyda continued, “a cock can be made to cum in a number of ways. One of them is the sheath I’m wearing. It simulates a woman’s pussy, and applies tremendous pressure. Another way is by the proper squeezing and fondling of the testicles themselves. You can’t just pound and smash on them. There’s an art to it. That’s another advantage that Dee Dee included when she ironed out the details in giving us our cocks, here on the Island. Dee Dee has a number of other surprises about our cocks and balls, but you’ll find out all about that from her later on.”
“Now, I’m going to put my nuts inside of you,” said Clyda, “and then I’ll instruct you on how I want you to work your ass.” Clyda reached over to the side of the bed, and picked up a third small jar.
“This is the same jelly that I used a little while ago, to get your ass ready for my cock,” said Clyda. “Anyone as sex-crazed as you are shouldn’t really need this, but I’ll lube your butt up again to prepare you, just to be on the safe side.” Clyda applied a liberal coating of the jelly onto her right hand and wrist, coating it fully.
Clyda made a fist, and slowly plunged it into Jordan’s ass. After the reaming Jordan had received just recently, Clyda’s fist went easily in and out of Jordan’s butt. Clyda quickly was working her arm in and out, halfway up to the elbow. Jordan began to moan and pant, and her buttocks began to tremble slightly.
“There. I told you there wasn’t anything to worry about,” said Clyda. “Now just keep that pretty little tush of yours in one place, love. If you start squirming later on, and cause either of us to fall off and injure something, we’ll have one hell of a time explaining ourselves.”
Jordan began to laugh anyway despite Clyda’s warning. “All right, all right! Give me a minute to catch my breath, and then you can get started.”
After a moment, Clyda climbed on top of the mattress with Jordan. Clyda was now standing on the edge of the bed, and her crotch was directly on top of Jordan’s buttocks.
“All right love, here we go,” said Clyda. “I’m going to pry your ass open one more time, and then I’ll put my balls inside you.” Clyda took three fingers from each hand, and placed them on the edge of Jordan’s sphincter. With a little pressure, Jordan’s anus quickly opened to a gaping hole.
“That’s beautiful love,” said Clyda. “Now I want you to exercise a little control over your own body for me. If you concentrate, I know you can keep your hole open like it is now for a moment, so I can use both my hands for the next step.”
“Okay. I’ll try,” said Jordan. Jordan focused her mind on the task at hand.
“Here comes the first one, Jordan,” said Clyda.
Clyda grabbed her left testicle in one hand, and placed it at the opening of Jordan’s anus. Clyda applied some pressure, and part of the testicle oozed into Jordan’s ass. Clyda’s nuts were now each hanging down five inches from the shaft of her cock, so there was plenty of play and room in the scrotal sac for her to do this.
Clyda exerted more of her strength and half of her testicle disappeared into Jordan’s butt. To Clyda, it felt somewhat like pushing a Nerf ball through an opening that was too small for it. It could be done, but the process was slow and tedious. After more pushing and prodding, Clyda’s entire left nut was inside Jordan’s ass.
“There. We’re halfway home. How does that feel, love?” asked Clyda.
“Do you really want me to answer that?” muttered Jordan.
“Sorry. I wasn’t thinking,” said Clyda. “Trust me. After a few minutes, the pills and the jelly will take affect and, you’ll feel completely different.”
Clyda then took her right testicle in her hands, and placed it at the opening of Jordan’s ass. After another few minutes of very careful pushing and prodding, Clyda soon had both of her nuts buried in Jordan’s ass.
“All right, Jordan,” said Clyda. “How does it feel now?”
“Well, it feels different,” said Jordan. “Now it doesn’t feel like I have to go to the bathroom anymore. Your balls feel really warm. Even hotter than a cock inside there.”
“That’s the jelly on my balls mixing with the lotion inside your ass,” said Clyda. “I told you that you’d like the sensation.”
“The sensation is also different,” said Jordan. “It’s not a long pole or shaft, like a cock feel like in there. I can actually feel both of your nuts inside of me.”
“That’s right, girl,” said Clyda. “Now just a few final instructions, before we shift into high gear. The pill, the jelly and the lotion are helping your ass to be able to take my nuts inside of you.”
“The jelly on my balls made them larger, and also made them a bit more soft and pliable, so I could squeeze and force them inside of you,” continued Clyda. “For a limited time, it’s also made them slightly tougher and stronger than they usually are. I’ll be able to accept your squeezing and churning on my balls with your ass muscles, but I’m not invulnerable down there. You do exactly as I tell you, and back off or stop when I tell you, and we’ll be fine. If you get out of hand and squeeze me too hard, there may be hell to pay later on.”

“I understand, Clyda,” said Jordan. “I may kid around once in a while, but I’d never do anything on purpose to really hurt you.”
“I trust you too, Jordan,” said Clyda. Clyda reached down and picked up a small remote control with her hand. “And now we’re ready to start. I’m going to use this on very slow, very gradual settings. Just enough to keep me hard and ready. You’re going to do the majority of the work here, love.”
“Just tell me when, Clyda,” answered Jordan.
“For starters,” said Clyda, “move your ass back and forth, and then up and down.”
Jordan responded to Clyda’s commands, and began slowly gyrating her ass.
“Now while you’re doing that,” said Clyda, “clench and unclench your butt cheeks.”
“I can feel it already, Clyda,” said Jordan. “Your nuts are getting hotter inside me.”
“By the time I’m finished with you, your ass’ll feel like it it’s on fire,” said Clyda.
While Jordan worked her ass cheeks on Clyda’s balls, Clyda used the remote control to slowly bring her cock just to the brink of orgasm, and then hold off, letting the feelings die down and subside. Then Clyda would repeat the process again and again to her cock.
Jordan slowly began to get a vague type of control over her ass muscles, and what she could do to Clyda’s balls, without using her hands. Jordan assumed the pill and the lotions must have granted her more control than she would normally have, but she didn’t care at the moment.
Jordan found that she could exert gentle pressure over one or both of Clyda’s nuts at the same time. She could pull them forward to the deepest recesses of her anal passage, or she could force them backwards until she felt the last testicle nudging up against her anal opening.
“Oh yes, girl,” exclaimed Clyda. “You’re a born slut, Jordan. You’re driving me fucking crazy. Keep doing what you’re doing. Now squeeze me just a little harder and faster.” Jordan concentrated and exerted as much control as she could, so she could increase the speed and pressure on Clyda’s balls, without injuring them.
Jordan’s efforts on Clyda’s balls were having a compound effect on Clyda’s cock. The force on her balls from Jordan caused the pressure in Clyda’s cock to swell and throb faster and higher each time that she began using the control to stimulate the shaft of her cock.
Even though Clyda was one of the senior amazons on the Island, she was hard pressed to keep her control over her cock in this situation. The longer and harder that Clyda let Jordan squeeze her balls, the hotter they became inside of Jordan’s ass. Although the shape and feeling were far different from any cock that Jordan had ever had inside her butt, Jordan began to revel in the new sensations that this brought her.
For half an hour, Jordan and Clyda fed off of each other’s efforts. Clyda would instruct Jordan to squeeze harder and faster on her nuts. Jordan would become more and more aroused from the feelings inside her ass. And the pressure and intensity inside Clyda’s cock kept building inexorably towards the breaking point.

Finally, Clyda could hold herself back no longer. Clyda set the control to pump and stimulate the shaft of her cock at maximum speed and intensity. Clyda gripped Jordan’s hips with her hands.
“All right love, now’s the time!” exclaimed Clyda. “Squeeze me long and hard and deep. And don’t you dare stop until I tell you to stop!”
Jordan let loose with all of the strength she could muster in her position. As Clyda’s orgasm began to hit her body, it felt like an earthquake was trying to rip her ass apart. Clyda’s balls had been gradually increasing in heat, as the sex progressed. Now it felt to Jordan like two balls of molten lava were rolling about in her anus. Clyda felt the insurmountable pressure build up in her cock, and knew that she was only seconds away from shooting off.
“Good fucking grief!” exclaimed Clyda. “You wanted cum, girl. You’ve got it!”
Clyda’s cock shot off the first torrential stream of cum. The force of the jism passing through the tubing was so great, it caused the tubing to snap taut for a moment, almost like cracking a whip. This startled Jordan, and caused her to snap her eyes wide open.
An instant later, the first stream of jism landed in the plastic container. It made a long, loud, streaming sound, like someone pouring a glass of water onto the floor. The entire bottom of the container was quickly filled with Clyda’s jism.
The succeeding bursts of cum from Clyda’s cock hit the container with such force, that Jordan had to hold it steady with both of her hands, to keep it from toppling over. As Clyda’s cum filled the container, it grew warmer and warmer to the touch.
For several minutes, Clyda shrieked like a banshee, as she emptied her nuts into the container. Jordan watched in awe as Clyda filled it past the halfway mark, before she even began to show signs of slowing down.
Each splurt of incoming jism hit the pool below it with surprising force, causing it to splash and slosh all about the container.
Both girls had managed to remain remarkably still in the delicate position they were in, without causing themselves to trip or fall, and spoil the moment. Eventually, Clyda decided that her balls had been inside of Jordan long enough.

“All right love,” gasped Clyda. “You can release your deathgrip on my nuts now.”
Jordan relaxed her muscle control, and Clyda tenderly pulled her swollen balls out of Jordan’s anus. Clyda’s balls were throbbing and swollen, but Clyda still managed to milk and squeeze them for just a moment with her hands, and produced several more lengthy splurts of jism into the container. By now, the two gallon container was over three-fourths filled to capacity.
Clyda’s neck and face were flushed, and she was sweating from head to toe from the exertion she had just put forth. Jordan’s body was streaked with sweat. Despite the aching she felt from having Clyda poised on top of her for so long in such an awkward position, Jordan couldn’t stop staring at the container filled with Clyda’s jism in front of her. Jordan had a glazed look in her face, as if she’d just experienced nirvana, or found the Holy Grail.
Clyda released the tubing from the tip of her cock, and then gently slid the piece covering her cockhead off. Clyda found a small plastic device, similar to a thimble, and placed it on the end of the tubing, so none of the cum would leak out.
Then Clyda picked herself up off of Jordan’s backside, and promptly sprawled out on the bed next to Jordan on her back.
“Well love, I hope you’re fucking satisfied,” panted Clyda. “You’ve drained my tank; you’ve broken the bank. Hell, I’m too damn tired to even think up any more witty remarks.”
Clyda lay there panting on the mattress, catching her breath.
“And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for love,” said Clyda. “I reckon that there’s enough cum in this container to satisfy even you. I want you to take a couple of pillows, lie down and get comfortable on the floor, with your head close against the bed.”
Jordan did as Clyda instructed, her body trembling with anticipation.

“Now while you’re doing that,” said Clyda, “I’ll get things ready upstairs.”
Clyda placed two pillows close together on the edge of the bed. Clyda slid the jar containing her cum close to the pillows, and held it carefully in her hands. Clyda slowly tipped the container over, so that it rested on its rounded side on the two pillows. The nozzle that the tubing attached to was in the bottom, or six o’clock position on the container now. So gravity would do most of the work for releasing the cum from the container. Clyda brought her hand down and gave Jordan the end of the tubing.
“Here you go love,” said Clyda. “All you do is place your thumb on the button on the side here to release the cum. Take it off to stop it. You’ve earned this. Bon appetite.”
Jordan had an expression on her face like a young girl who had just gotten everything she could possibly want for Christmas, and then some.
“Oh my god, Clyda,” said Jordan. “You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do something like this, and be able to take my time and enjoy it.”
“Oh, I’ve got a really good idea about how much you’d like it, after Tiffany and Barocca told me how you’d acted during the Milking Ritual,” said Clyda.
Jordan promptly placed the tubing in her mouth, and trembling with anticipation, placed her thumb on the release button. Savoring the energy and satisfaction of the moment for a few seconds, Jordan depressed the release button.
Jordan shuddered with pleasure as the first wave of jism entered her mouth. It was hot, sweet, and delicious tasting. Jordan let her mouth fill to almost overflowing with the cum, and then stopped the flow. She let the first massive dose go down her throat in one huge gulp. Jordan could feel it sliding down her throat, and collecting in the pit of her stomach. Then Jordan would experiment with taking a slow steady stream of jism down her throat for moments at a time, seeing how long her throat muscles could keep up with the flow.
Jordan began fondling and squeezing her breasts as she drank the cum, and Clyda watched her nipples grow hard and erect, as she continued her swallowing. After several minutes, Clyda began to feel incredibly horny, as well as slightly jealous of just how much cum Jordan was pouring down her gullet. Clyda was kneeling next to Jordan with her hands on her hips.

“You are going to save some of that cum for me, aren’t you?” asked Clyda, with a trace of sarcasm in her voice. Jordan appeared to be oblivious to Clyda, and kept on steadily draining the container.
“You know, I did have a little part in producing that load of jism you’re being so selfish with,” said Clyda with a bit of resentment. Still Jordan appeared to be lost in a world of her own sexual bliss and enjoyment.
“I can see that this situation calls for drastic measures,” muttered Clyda to herself.
Without warning, Clyda gave Jordan a sharp slap on the tummy with her palm. Not enough to hurt Jordan, but enough to get her attention, and cause the tip of the tubing to fly out, as Jordan made an assortment of coughing and choking noises. Clyda deftly grabbed the loose end of tubing, and flicked the button to stop it from releasing any more jism.
“My, my,” said Clyda. “Aren’t we the greedy little thing today?” Jordan’s face flushed with embarrassment again.
“I’m really sorry, Clyda,” said Jordan. “I’ve just never been in a situation like that where I could gorge myself, and I just lost control.”
“You can say that again,” retorted Clyda. “You’ve drained almost half of this thing! If that little slap hadn’t got your attention, I was seriously thinking about tipping the container over, and letting it bonk you on the noggin.”
“What this situation calls for,” continued Clyda, “is a little sharing between us. And I’ve got just the thing for it.”
Clyda reached up to her bag on the bed, and rummaged through it for a moment. Clyda produced a similar piece of tubing, which split off into two separate pieces at one end of it.
“Stay where you are, love,” said Clyda. “I’ll make the switch upstairs. Then we can both enjoy the fruits of our labors.”
Clyda quickly tipped the container to its upright position, and then switched the tubing. She lowered it back onto the pillows, and then settled down next to Jordan in a sitting position against the bed. By now, Clyda’s balls had shrunken down to their normal size, and her cock had returned to about six inches in length. Clyda handed Jordan one of the ends of the tubing. “One for you, and one for me, Jordan.”
The two girls embraced as they slowly drained the jism in the container. Few words were spoken, since their mouths were obviously quite busy at the time. Clyda did hug and fondle Jordan, and Jordan responded in turn, as both girls rubbed their breasts and nipples together as much as the situation would allow.
As they swallowed the incredible amount of Clyda’s cum between them, Clyda held Jordan very close and gazed into her eyes. No words needed to be spoken at a moment like this, as Jordan and Clyda bonded together in the throes of rapture as two soulmates who had finally found each other.
Finally the last of the cum was drained from the container. Clyda gently plucked the tubing out of her mouth and Jordan’s. Jordan turned over and looked at Clyda with a look of utter loving and contentment in her eyes.
“Could I have…” Jordan began to ask.
“Don’t you even think about it!” exclaimed Clyda. Clyda fought back an urge to laugh and be angry at the same time. “I don’t know how to tell you this girl, but six times in one afternoon is my limit!”
“Okay, I’m sorry,” said Jordan. “I also just wanted to say thank you for the best sex I’ve had since coming to the Island. And for probably the best experience that I’ve ever had in my life.”
“Well you’re welcome love,” said Clyda. “I enjoyed it too, if I do say so myself.” Both girls giggled and embraced again.
“I’ll give Tiffany and the others a very glowing review about your performance here this afternoon, Jordan,” said Clyda. “After that, we’ll set up a time for the final test. You know what that means don’t you?”
“That I’ve gotta find a way to satisfy all five of you at once,” replied Jordan. “Part of me is scared to death just thinking about it. And part of me can’t wait to get started.”
“Believe me, Jordan,” said Clyda, “if you can survive an afternoon with Ebony, and then keep up with me, and still ask for more, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”
“Head back to your quarters and clean up, love,” continued Clyda. “I’ll get in touch with Tiffany and let her know what a show-stopper you were today.”

Tiffany and Dee Dee sat together in one of the offices, watching Jordan and Clyda through the monitor, as they concluded their session together, as the girls drained the cum from the container.
“Didn’t I tell you that Jordan was a real trooper?” asked Tiffany. “I knew that she could do anything, if she put her mind to it.”
“She certainly gave Clyda all that she could handle,” agreed Dee Dee.
“How long were Jordan and Clyda together this afternoon?” asked Tiffany.
“Well, we sent her over there at one o’clock,” said Dee Dee. “And it’s now four thirty.”
“She’s been a busy girl all right,” said Tiffany. “I just had a gut feeling about her, when I first saw her, that she’d fit right in, if she ever made it here.”
“Tiffany,” asked Dee Dee. “You do realize that the only reason Jordan’s session ended now is because she practically wore Clyda out, don’t you?” Tiffany stopped for a moment as Dee Dee’s words sank in.
“That’s literally un-fucking-heard of around here,” exclaimed Dee Dee. “The only one who’s ever pushed Clyda that far before was Ebony.”
“My god, you’re right,” said Tiffany. “And since we’ve filmed everything Jordan’s done to make an example out of her, for her actions, it won’t be long before the whole Island knows about it.”
“If Jordan makes it through the main event,” said Dee Dee, “and quite frankly, after what I’ve seen of her in action the last two days, I can’t see any reason why she won’t; we’ll be between a rock and a hard place.”
“You’re not kidding,” said Tiffany. “We could put a telephone pole inside that girl, or try to drown her in cum, and I still don’t think either one would stop her. She wouldn’t quit unless she croaked.”
“So if, or should I say when Jordan clears the final hurdle,” said Dee Dee, “we won’t have any choice and we’ll have to make her one of us. Can you just imagine what she’ll turn into when she has a cock between her legs?”
“She’ll be uncontrollable, to say the least,” said Tiffany. “Jordan will turn into a miniature version of Ebony. A little bundle of blonde dynamite right in our midst.”
“Not only that, Tiffany,” said Dee Dee. “But Barocca and Ebony may try and sway Jordan, so that she sees things their way, and sides with them. If Jordan turns out the way I think she might, and joins their faction, they could wind up making life miserable for us.”
“Shit. I hadn’t even thought of that,” said Tiffany. “All right. Here’s what we’ll do. I’ll call Clyda and some of the other senior amazons that we know are still loyal to the way that you and I see things. We’ll have an emergency skull session, and see if anyone has any ideas on what to do with Jordan.”