Step dad and daughter

My wife’s daughter moved in with us about 6 months ago because she was having trouble with her ex-boyfriend. So when she moved in with us we had an extra bedroom for her to stay in until she can get back on her feet again! Everything was going well with the 3 of us living together. But after a month or so the sexual tension was building up with her and I. When she would take a shower she would leave the bathroom door slightly open and sometimes she would walk out of the bathroom with her towel rapped around her just enough to cover her firm breast and her nice firm ass and long legs. And that was a really big turn on for me. And sometimes when my wife and I were having sex I’d tried not to think about her daughter and it got to the point where I couldn’t control myself anymore and sometimes she would bend over and I would be able to see how firm her breast really are. I think she would do that to me on purpose to tease me.

My wife had to out of town for 2 weeks for work. And one night she asked me if I wanted to go to a local restaurant for dinner and a few drinks. So when we got back home I told her that I was going to take a shower because I needed to get up early in the morning to go to work! So just as I got into the shower she walked into the bathroom and taken her clothes off and got into the shower with me and she started kissing me on my lips and moved over to my ear and softly whispered into my ear telling me that she wanted me to take her right then and there! After she told me that in my ear with soft sexy voice I was so damn turned on now that I grabbed her and picked up and she wrapped her legs around my waist and I began kissing her neck and worked my way down to her nipples and started sucking on them and she started moaning. After a few minutes of me teasing her nipples she started grinding her hips against my already hard cock I layed her down on my bed and went down between her legs and started kissing her inner thighs and slowly working my way down to her already soaking wet pussy

And started working my tongue around the outer edge between her thigh and her pussy making her moan and telling me in her sexy voice to stop driving her crazy so I moved into her honeypot and started licking all of her sweet juices from between her legs. And the next thing I know she put her hands on the back of my head and forced my face hard against her pussy and started grinding on my face until she started squirting all over my face and in my mouth. I was already rock hard and when she squirted on my face she made me want to get up and push my cock balls deep inside her. And within 20 minutes she must of squirted 3 more times. I could feel that I was going to cum soon so I started to pound away inside her until I hit my breaking point and let go inside her with a really intense Sensation pumping and pumping my load deep inside her. And then I was finished she pulled me close to her and we started kissing again with me still inside her. She bit my lower lip and taken her fingernails and scratched my back with them! And when she did that to me I started to slam myself really hard inside her and make made her squirt one more time before I pulled out of her and laying down next to her in bed. She told me that she always wanted a man to do something for her after they had cum inside her and if I would let her do it to me. To be honest at this point I don’t even care what she wanted to do next.

So she got up and running herself around with her hand between her legs and the next thing I know she was over my face with her legs on both sides of my head and told me to clean up my mess that I made inside her and she will clean up the mess she made on me! At this point I would do almost anything for her. So I reached up and grabbed her ass and put my tongue inside her soaked pussy and started licking every inch of her split from her clit to her asshole making sure that she’s going to enjoy this night for a long time to come. And before I knew it she was squirting in my mouth and about a two minutes later I was shooting another load in her mouth! But instead of her swallowing my load she jumped up and turned around and started to kiss me while my load was in her mouth still and as we almost done making out she bit my lip so damn hard it started to bleed and when I tasted my blood coming from my lip. That got me so hard again that I grabbed her up and turned her over face down ass up with her on her hands and knees I got down between her bass cheeks and spread them open and started sticking my tongue inside her asshole getting it ready to fuck here in her ass! After a few slow minutes I was all the way inside her. After a few minutes she told me that she wanted me to see the look on her face while I’m fucking her ass like her exhausted never did to her before at all.

And when we got done we laid down in bed in each other’s arms until we woke up the next morning. With her head on my shoulder with her hot breath on my neck and one of her legs between my legs I was ready to go again but when I looked up at the clock and realized that that my wife was landing in v2 hours so we jumped up and started to clean up the house and change my bed sheets to make sure that she wasn’t to find any evidence of us having sex in our bed. So we got everything cleaned up before we had to go to the airport. So my step daughter and I in the way to the airport and my stepdaughter had a crazy idea in her head

Masco was driving to the airport she reached over and pulled down the top area of my shorts and leaded over and started giving me a blow job while I was driving. Within 5 minutes I was blowing another load off into her mouth! And when she was done she wiped up any mess from me and herself before we got to the airport. When we picked up her from the airport she asked me what happened to my lip. I told her that it happened at work.

Later that night after we sat down and had dinner she noticed that one of her daughters earrings was missing and she wanted to know what happened to it. She said that she must have lost it somewhere. So my wife and I went into the bedroom to get some sleep. And around 2 o’clock in the morning my wife needed to go to the bathroom and when she stepped out of the bed she stepped on her daughters missing earring on the rug next to the bed. So she asked her daughter how did her earring wind up in our bedroom on the floor next to our bed?

That’s when she noticed that we are acting weird around each other and asked us what happened between us while she was out of town. That’s when she told us that when she went to sleep she smelled a different perfume that she doesn’t wear but her daughter does! She was really pissed off with us and why did we try to hide it from her.

So when I was about to go to sleep the two of them walked into the bedroom and told me that she I accidentally her adopted daughter not her blood daughter that she adopted 4 years before we got married. She was 16 years old. And when she turned 19 years old they tried something different between them and experiment with each other bodies. When they told me that I asked them can I watch them together and maybe join in with them.

So they said yes and I can lay down between them and enjoy what they are going to do for me! That night was a start to a new relationship with them. Having sex with both of them at the same time and let them have me shoot my load on their faces and watch them lick it off each other face and swap it between their mouths. And when they are on top of each other licking each other’s hunny pots and me with my Vick inside the one on top going in and out of her. Y pulling out from one hole and putting it into another hole.

I’m such a lucky man to have a wife and her adopted daughter and being in a threesome!! 👍