Early adventures

My story began before this time as a young male in an all male school, but this is how it continued. I had just turned 18 and was in a new city, I had heard there was a place (circuit) that gays drove around in their cars, so one night I was very horny so decided to check it out, was walking around for a while when a man pulled up and asked if I would like a ride, I said sure and hopped in (wasn’t as dangerous then as now so wasn’t that afraid), we chatted for a while and he put his hand on my leg and rubbed, I got hard immediately, he asked if I had every been sucked before and I told him that I had, so we pulled into a secluded spot and he pulled my 6″ uncut cock out and immediately began to suck it, I think I lasted about 2 minutes because it had been a while since I had any action, he kept on and next thing I knew I was getting hard again, he ask me to pull my pants down so he could suck in my balls so I did and we continued on for a while, eventually reached over and grabbed his cock which he had been stroking and he asked if I had every sucked, I assured him I did and he pulled my head down, he was just a little bigger than me and I enjoyed sucking him, he told me he was ready to cum would I take it in my mouth, I shook my head and he gasped and came, at this time I was a spitter, so he came in my mouth and I spit it in a towel he had, after I came again, he asked if I was there on Fridays and I said I could be and we began hooking up every week, he lived to far away to go to his house but said he would like to lick my ass and if I would like fuck me, we had no where to go so it didn’t happen. After the first night I realized this would be a place I would come a lot, and I was there almost every night, met one gentleman one night and he sucked me and when I grabbed his cock, it was huge, 9 to 10″ long, I could only get some of it in my mouth but he seemed to like me sucking him, he took me home one evening and when we went inside there was 2 other people there, he introduced me and we went to the bedroom, we were 69ing and he was fingering my ass, which really turned me on, after some more 69ing he turned me around and tried to put his big cock in my ass, it wasn’t working so we held off and he said, my friends aren’t as big as me would I be willing to try them and them try him again, I thought this sounded interesting, and said sure, he went to the living room and came back with a man about 7″ and we sucked a little and he put me on my knees and slowly put his cock in after fucking me for about 10 minutes he said he was ready to cum, he pulled out and came on my ass and back, I really enjoyed it and thought I was ready so, my original partner who had been watching, pulled me over the edge of the bed and slowly tried to enter me, it took some work but he finally got the head in, a little painful but pleasureable at the same time, he slowly put more in until he was almost entirely in, I really felt filled up, after a little while he began moving and it became very enjoyable, he didn’t last very long but I was his. I also sucked the other guy so guess this was my first gang bang. We had a weekly thing for a couple of months, then he was called out of town. The adventures continued for a couple of years.