My hubby Rocky tells me he wants to get the inside of our house painted. Ok I agree with him and so we start getting estimates. We’re looking for a one man operation. I called a few places and the last one I called his name was Ernesto. He tells me give me your address and I’ll be right over. I give him our address and about an hour later the doorbell rings. I have on my red satin robe and a white bikini top and thong. I open the door and there’s Ernesto, all five feet of him and he smiles and he has a gold tooth. He comes inside and I put my hand out and say hi I’m Carol. Ernesto won’t let go of my hand and he’s staring at my big tits. He says I’m Ernesto but you can call me Ernie. Rocky comes down the stairs and Ernie lets go of my hand. Rocky introduces himself and says to Ernie this is what I want done. Ernie looks and gives us a price. Rocky asks Ernie when can you start and he says tomorrow. Rocky says I won’t be here but Carol will. Ernie looks at me and leaves. The next morning Rocky is gone and the doorbell rings, it’s Ernie. I have a king white terry cloth robe on but I’m naked underneath. Ernie comes inside and I ask him does he want a cup of coffee. He says yes and I grab a cup, put it on the table and pour it. My robe was loosely tied and Ernie got a real good look at my tits. He licks his lips and I say ok Ernie time to paint. I go to our bedroom and lock the door. I lay on the bed and I hear the knob jingling. I ask who’s there and Ernie says Carol it’s me Ernie. I get up and open the door. Ernie asks me if we have beer and could he have one. I said sure help yourself. I want to go by the pool but I feel uncomfortable with Ernie in the house. I don’t want to stay cooped up in our house so I put on my yellow one piece thong and walk down the stairs. Ernie looks at me and whistles. I laugh and tell Ernie thank you. It’s getting late and Ernie comes by the pool and says he’s leaving. I tell him ok I’ll see you tomorrow. Ernie leaves and I want to take a shower outside. I lathering up my body and all of a sudden I get very horny. I start by playing with my tits and putting two fingers inside me. OMG I cum and I get out the shower. I’m walking past the front door and the door opens. It’s Ernie and he said he left his keys. I do everything to coverup and Ernie again licks his lips looking at my naked body. I tell him goodbye Ernie and I’ll see you tomorrow. Ernie walks out the door and now he’s seen me naked. The next morning Im in the shower and the doorbell rings. I open the door and Ernie is standing there. He says good morning Carol are we having coffee. I said sure I’ll meet you in the kitchen. I tighten my robe and pour his coffee. I walk over to the sink and Ernie is behind me. I feel his hard cock up against my ass. I turn around and say Ernie WTF do you think you’re doing. Ernie unties my robe, but I hold onto it. I tell him Ernie I want you to leave. He grabs me and my robe falls to the floor. He grabs my tits and starts to play and suck them. Oh god I again tell him he better leave. He’s paying no attention to me. I feel his fingers go inside me and he says Carol you’re so wet. Then he says when you felt my hard cock against your ass, did that make you horny. I tell him no now go. Ernie has sweats on and he pulls them down. He says look what you did to me Carol. I look at his cock and it’s pretty big and it has a huge head on it. Ernie lays me down on the kitchen table and puts his head between my legs. OMG he’s sucking my pussy. I grab his head and start to buck my hips in his face. I tell him don’t stop Ernie make me cum. I cum all over Ernie’s tongue and face. He grabs my hand and says Carol I want to fuck you in your bed. Ernie throws me on the bed, I spread my legs and tell him Ernie give me your big Mexican cock. Ernie gets between my legs and pushes his cock into me. OMG his cock feels so nice inside me. Oh yes Wenie fuck me. 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