Erotic Lesbian Encounter with My Mother in Law

This is Suly, 33 years old, stand 5’7″ and hold a perfect body of 34-28-36. I am quite fair in complexion and have jet black long hair. I was married at a very early age in London. My parents shifted to U.K. when I was young. We got in contact with several mixed families with a nice blend of British and Indian culture and I started dating a guy right after my high school. I was barely 18 when I got married to him. This is the story about an erotic lesbian encounter with my Mother in Law. Though I had been a straight throughout my life, I remember that sometimes I have had lesbian curiosity in the back of my mind but never paid significant attention to those feelings. However, after the marriage, the sight of my sexy mother-in-law was constantly drawing my attention towards such thoughts.

One day, when my husband was already asleep after having sex with me, I started feeling hungry. It was quite late at night so I wrapped a towel around me and went downstairs in the kitchen to get a glass of milk for myself. I thought everyone might have gone asleep. But then, out of nowhere, my mother-in-law appeared behind my back quietly and held me tightly with her hands around me! I could feel her heavy, busted chest touching my back as she gave me a soft kiss on my cheek and said in a sensual voice, “What you are doing hottie”?

She then brushed her mouth against my neck and pressed her body against my back. Then, she brought her hands closer to my breast and she pressed them slowly. This sudden and fast friction made my towel loosen its grip, and it dropped on the floor, making me completely naked in front of my mother-in-law. Her hungry and lusty eyes gazed at my breasts as she scanned me from top to bottom with great excitement and a wicked smile on her face. Though I was being completely naked in front of my mother-in-law, I don’t know why I felt no trace of embarrassment.


Maybe that’s what I wanted, an erotic lesbian encounter with my Mother in Law. I was enjoying her eyes piercing my skin. Before I could have figured out anything, she moved towards me and kissed my lips softly, followed by a sensual lip sucks for a few moments. As she kissed me with utmost passion, she helps me tightly against her body, making me completely submissive to her. As I was busy enjoying her deep tongue melting inside my mouth, I noticed her glance getting stuck on my breast and her lips stopping the action. She was noticing the dry cum spots that were sticking on my breasts.

Something triggered inside her and she went down near my breasts and licked the cum drops her son unleashed on me. Then, she pushed me towards the counter of the kitchen and sucked my breasts, until they were red. I was enjoying her tongue on my boobs and then it happened! Her hand was exploring the opening of my pussy as I felt her fingers circulating on my vaginal lips. She then pulled her fingers out and licked it off. She then kissed me on my ear and said, “Oh God! What a sexy little slut you are. But what special can you do? What makes you a bigger slut?”

Her words unleashed the sex goddess in me, and I decided to show her what a sexy bitch I am. I asked her to go to her room and wait for me as I will be there in sometime. She got all excited and went upstairs. I too went to my bedroom and saw my husband half awake. I got hold of his dick and started stroking it. He looked at me with half-open eyes and asked me to give him a blowjob as he is too tired to fuck. I obeyed. Within a few minutes, he unloaded his cum inside my mouth. I then waited for him to go to sleep while holding the cum in my mouth. As he was tired, he fell asleep soon.

Then, I rushed out of my bedroom and slipped into my mother-in-law’s bedroom. She opened her eyes with excitement on my sudden entrance into her bedroom. She smiled at me and without saying a word, I went near her and bent over her face as if I was about to kiss her. She parted her lips a little bit with opened mouth and as I softly kissed her, I dropped the warm cum of my husband into her mouth and whispered in her ears “This is your son’s fresh cum mommy.” Her eyes got wide and she gulped it all in excitement. Then, I came out of her bedroom quietly, leaving some excitement for my next encounter with her.