The guy I met on the internet the shared his daughter with me

I horny boy on the internet finds a dad that fucks him in exchange the boy gets to fuck his 10 year old daughter.

I’m 15 Male, I am a virgin and I’ve never had sex. I think and fantasize it all the time. So non of my stories are true, they are just fantasies but I would love for them to come true. And sorry for the poor grammar and punctuation. BTW love comments.

Like any teenage boy, I got on the internet looking for a new porn website to pleasure myself with. As I was scrolling I found a Sex Chat. I enter the chat as a guest and the first thing I said was “Hello I’m 15 m bi virgin” . After that my private messages were over flowing. I clicked on one of them and it said “ Hi my name is Jacob, I’m 30 Male and the father of one”. I asked him if he like younger boys like me and he said “absolutely”. After that he asked me If I would like to meet and exchange he would let me fuck his daughter? The question caught me by surprise. I hesitated to respond. I thought about it a little bit. I then asked how old she was? He respond immediately and said “ My daughter is 10 years of age, she has long brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and is skinny and has a fat ass. I thought about it and said why the fuck not. I responded and said that “I would love to”. We then exchanged locations and arranged a time that would work for the both of us.

About a week later on my walk from school he pulled up beside me in a beat up, old white van. This was the first time I had seen his face. He looked like the age he told me, he had a shaved face and short brown hair, he was about 6 foot and had a dad bod. After getting a good look at him, I hopped in the van without hesitation. I looked around and didn’t see his daughter. So I asked we she was. He said that she was tied up and gagged in the hotel room he had gotten for use. He proceeded to tell me that he brought some sex toys too. We talked a little getting to know each other better. He then asked me the pull down my pants and show him my cock. I did as he ask and pulled down my pants. My cock sprung out because I was already horny as fuck. “ I’m a pretty big guy. Im not fat but muscular with a little fat. I have brown curly hair, and a OK build. I have a fat ass and a Ok cock size being around 5 and half inches.” He proceeded to stroke me and fondle my balls. He then pulled something from is pocket. I was confused what it was a first. But then I realized that they were panties. I assume that they were his daughters. They were pink with Disney princess on them. He rapped them around my dick with one and and drove with the other. The felt so good, it was a sensation I had never felt before. Jacob stroked me all the way to the hotel. When we pulled up he told me to keep them rapped around my cock and to put my pants back on. We walked in the hotel and went straight to the room.

I walked into the room and turned the corner to see a 10 year old little girl tied up to a chair and gagged with a rage. She was crying, with tears running down her face. He asked me if I liked what I saw. I responded with a nod. My dick was bulging from my pants. I guess he noticed because he told me to get naked. So I did as he asked and got naked, and so did he. Jacob’s cock was massive, it was probably a good 8 inches. He told me to take out the rage from his daughters mouth and put in the panties that were still around my dick. He then walk behind me and grabbed my ass and pushed me on the bed with my ass in the air. Jacob started to eat out my ass for a minute or two, then turned me around and put me on my knees and made me suck his dick. I was so big that it started to make me gag and made my throat hurt. When he was done with that he told my to bend over because he was going to rape my virgin hole. Jacob had told me in the chat that he liked rough and abuse so this wasn’t really unexpected. He slowly put the head of his penis in the pushed it all the way in. It hurt like a motherfucker. I screamed and even started cry as he mercilessly raped my hole. He was going fast and hard in and out for about 2-3 minutes before he slowed down. I felt a warm liquid in my ass. He had cam in me. When he pulled is dick out I could feel his cum oozing from my asshole and down my balls. He then said a deal is a deal and untied his daughter. He took the panties from her mouth and through them aside. Jacob slapped her around a little before making her lick the cum out of my ass and on my balls.

After that I got up and had her sit on my knee. I caressed her little body and rubbed her pussy. I made my way up her flat chess and pinched her nipples and yanked on them. She let out a scream with in return got her hit by her father. I then laid her down on her stomach and started playing with her ass. I began licking her asshole then I put in a finger. She squirmed around a little so I took my finger out. I got on top of her and with out mercy rammed my dick in her ass. She hated it and said that it hurt and that she could not take it. Which only made me go harder. I raped her little ass till a cam. Her dad the got in front of her on the bed and made her get on all fours. He inserted his dick into her mouth and told me to put mine in her pussy. So I did and we went non stop for about 10 minutes.

For the rest of the night we did all kinds of things to her. We wiped her, we spanked her, used dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, panties/ball gags, and fingered her. We all cam more times than I can count. When he took me home he gave me his panties as a trophy I guess. Now I use them to cum in almost ever time I masterbate.

I hope y’all enjoy this. This is my first story. I would love to talk to others about this kind of stuff so leave a way for me to contact you in the comments.