Femboi Cruising

Pretty 15yrs petite sexy naked body 5’5” 95lbs.. I cruise flirt innocently for older men in public places letting them know I wanna suck their cocks.

Sunday morning mostly older married guys with their wives at the mall I get excited I love sucking married guys they get so excited cum quickly so as not to caught.
I’m wearing panties short shorts my sexy ass kinda showing extra long dress shirt half buttoned showing off exposing my little nipples feeling sexy cheap slutty horny. I don’t care that sometimes I get disgusting looks mostly from women hardly ever from guys, it only turns me on.

I innocently bump into a old man slightly grabbing his ass following his wife from behind
“ Oh sorry mister I wasn’t looking where I was going” I whispered my other hand reaching over touching his zipper.
He turns his head I’m smiling licking my lips my finger in my mouth.
I turn around lifting my shirt showing him my ass cheeks giggling like a school girl I walk away teasing him.

I love doing this sooo much flirting teasing publicly not caring who watches I love the attention.
I see an older fat guy who probably seen i what I just did kinda smiling at me he touches himself looking around nervously.
I walk up to him licking my lips and slid my hand down his pants quickly I squeeze him pulling my hand out… I moan walking away lifting my shirt wiggle my ass and giggle.

Walking towards the restroom I turn my head and see three following me I wink lifting my shirt up unbuttoning. I walk to the last stall leaving the door open pull my shorts off my shirt I’m just in my panties my 4” cock hard.
The fat old guys cums in the stall first I reach over pulling his pants down grabbing his cock.
“ Mmmm do you think I’m pretty sexy slutty enough for you “ I whispered moaning like a girl.
“ Oooh god yes I never seen anyone like you before playing with strangers showing off your sexy little body in public not caring fuck boy you are so pretty”

He moans loudly I’m on my knees sucking his cock my fingers sliding up his ass the other two guys come into the stall closing the door.
I look at them with lust in my eyes as they pull their pants down showing me their hard sexy cocks.
The old man screams as he cums in my mouth I don’t swallow savoring the taste and reach over grabbing the other two cocks. I open my cum filled mouth and devour the cock closest to my lips. The other guy watching calls me a slut cunt sissy queer and starts jacking off on my face the guy I’m sucking is moaning loudly grabs my head and starts to cum.. so much cum in my mouth leaking down my chin I’m rubbing all their cum all over my naked body before I swallow

I look over the fat guy is filming this with his phone.. I’m panting on the floor covered in cum on my face body smiling like a good little boy into his camera. I start to cum in my panties moaning loudly.

They leave I’m still on the floor when I hear the restroom door open again.
“ Damn Jim was right fuck look at you boy so pretty young your body is covered in cum open your mouth bitch I’m gonna use your pretty lips just like a girls pussy my hot cum seeding your belly”

“ Oooh YES yes Ooh god my mouth my lips are your pussy my pussylips oooh god yes seed my belly use me like a girl oooh daddy please “ I’m begging pleading cum leaking out my mouth cum all over my naked body my face..my panties.