Mom gets pregnant 5


“We must get out of our clothes, Michael.” Laura slipped out of her skirt and kicked off her shoes.

She unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall on the sofa. Her horny son tried to get out of his pants while keeping his eyes fixed on his mother’s naked cunt and almost fell on his ass in the process. When Laura unfastened her bulging bra and tossed it away, the boy had something else to keep his eyes on. When her naked tits burst into full view, his eyes widened.

“I see you like my titties, darling,” she breathed, standing naked before the youth. “I suppose you’d like to put your hands on my tits, wouldn’t you, Michael?”

“Oh God, yes!” Michael said in a throaty voice.

“Would you like to lick my tits and suck on my nipples?”

“And how!”

“But, Michael, how are you going to lick my cunt and suck my tits at the same time?”

“I… I don’t know, Mom!” The boy almost whined.

“Poor darling. You want to taste everything I have to offer you. You just don’t know where to start. Why don’t you have a nice suck at my titties first, darling? Will you suck them like a baby, Michael? Will you nibble my tits gently and flick your tongue over them while you suck them?”

“Oh, shit yeah! I wanna do it, Mom! I wanna suck your tits! They’re beautiful!”

“My tits are all yours, Michael. Come feel them. Play with them, darling. Fondle them. Make my nipples stiff. Make them tingle. I just love it when my nipples tingle.”

The boy stepped up to her and lifted her naked tits. Laura felt the incredible warmth of the boy’s exploring hands soaking into her bare tits. Her nipples were stiff, standing out from her goose pimpled areolas in little peaks of erectile flesh that she knew no male could resist. She felt the kid’s eager hands running all over her freely offered tits, kneading them gently, stroking her every rich full curve. When his hands reached her tingling nipples, she shivered with delight.

“Oh yes, Michael! Touch my nipples! Oh yes, Michael. It feels so good to have your fingers on my titties. You’re making me so hot, so wonderfully hot! Suck them, lover! Suck my tits! Oh, Michael, I’m so hot!”

Michael was dizzy with lust. His head was reeling with the wild excitement of the new and wonderful things he was doing. He sucked a stiff nipple into his mouth. Whenever his tongue flicked over her nipple, she moaned a bit. The boy knew that he was doing just what she wanted. He squeezed her naked tits while he sucked her nipples, thrilling to the silkiness and warmth of her tit-flesh.

“Oh Mom, you’ve got beautiful tits,” the boy muttered, his voice muffled by her tit-flesh.

“You suck my tits so perfectly, Michael. It’s hard to say who does it better, darling, you or your brother. Jimmy nibbles at my nipples and makes them feel wonderful, but then your tongue moves a little bit faster than his when you lick them. I just can’t say which of you sucks tit better.”

“I can do anything better than Jimmy!”

“Oh, Michael, don’t be so sure. Jimmy does wonderful things to me when he sucks and licks my cunt.”

“I can do it better, Mom! Just let me try. Please, Mom? I’ll do it real good!”

“I can’t resist, darling. Let me sit down on the sofa. You can get on your knees between my legs. That’s the boy. Now let me spread my legs nice and wide for you. God, I love doing this! I love exposing my hot dripping cunt to a young boy like you. It makes me feel so wild! Do you feel like you’re doing something nasty, Michael?”

“Yeah, Mom! It feels great! I feel like I’m doing something real bad and gettin’ away with it!”

“That’s the way I want you to feel, darling. Now do something real bad! Put your young face between your mother’s legs and start licking her dripping fucking cunt,” the lusty older woman told the kid.

Michael breathed in the hot musky fragrance of his mother’s open cunt and was immediately intoxicated by the erotic scent. He buried his face between her legs and began licking up and down the coral crevice between the lips of her cunt. Laura reached down between her legs with both hands and spread herself wide open. She felt lewd beyond belief now, capable of doing anything that came into her head to satisfy her craving for hot young men. She began writhing on the sofa, moving her pelvis and grinding her dripping cunt up against her son’s face.

“Lick it! Lick my fucking cunt, Michael Oh, yes! That’s so lovely! Up and down the crack of my cunt with that tongue! Lick my fucking hot cunt! It feels so good, Michael! I’m dripping for you, darling boy!”

She clamped her long silky legs around the boy’s naked shoulders, holding his face up against her hot cunt.

“It tastes so good, Mom! It’s hot and wet. Jesus! Your cunt is delicious, fucking delicious!” The boy said, his voice somewhat muffled by her pussy.

Laura could feel the boy’s eager tongue running wildly up and down the crevice of her pussy. He was licking her pussy so fast that it felt like two tongues working away between her cunt-lips. She was so satisfied by the boy’s incredibly fast puss licking that she couldn’t help wondering what two faces between her legs could do for her. How would it feel to have both Jimmy and his little brother licking and sucking her hot pussy?

“Lick me harder, honey. Make your tongue stiff now, and push it into my cunt. Oh God, yes! I can feel it moving in my cunt. I want it, darling. I want your tongue in my cunt. Lovely! Fuck me with your tongue, boy! In and out! Oh, Michael! Michael! It’s so good! Tongue fuck me now, lover! Tongue-fuck me, Michael! L love it! I’m so hot, so fucking hot! I’m coming, Michael! You’re making my cunt flash!”

Laura whimpered and moaned as her orgasm washed over her in wave after wave of sensation. The boy kept licking wildly at her gushing cunt, driving her wilder with his busy tongue. Her naked body shook as flash after flash of pleasure went through her. She reached down and held the kid’s head tightly against her orgasming cunt. When the boy’s mother and sex instructor finally let him come up for air, he smiled up at her, his lips and cheeks glistening with her cunt-honey.

“Do I have to stop now, Mom? I wanna keep licking your cunt!”

“Darling, I’m so glad you like licking me, but we have to take care of your needs, too. You have a big hard-on there that needs to be attended to. I have some wonderful ideas. Would you like to try some of those ideas?”

“Anything, Mom!” The boy said, beaming with youthful excitement.

“We can’t forget about Jimmy, you know. He’s up in his room all alone, Michael. I have to take care of his sexual needs too, you know. He’s probably just lying there in his bed jerking on his hard cock and waiting for me to call for him. Why don’t we pay him a surprise visit, Michael?”

She reached down, squeezing Michael’s dripping prick.

“I think we can have all sorts of fun together. It will be just the three of us in his bed.”

Laura led the boy to the stairs by his hard prick. She let go of him at the foot of the stairs and walked up the steps before him. She knew that his gaze was firmly fixed on the rising and falling cheeks of her fine naked ass. She knew that he could see the golden tuft of soft cunt-hair between her legs as she walked upstairs. She loved the rapt attention her son was giving her. But she knew that he and Jimmy together could do even more for her than either boy alone.

Laurie and her naked son stood for a second or two outside Jimmy’s room. She could tell that Michael was awfully embarrassed about entering his older brother’s room stark naked and with a hard-on jutting up in front of him. But she knew that he would do exactly what she told him to do, in spite of his embarrassment.

“Surprise!” She sang when she threw open the door and stepped inside, with Michael’s hand in hers.

It was a surprise for Jimmy, to put it mildly. He was lying on his bed, stark naked, his stiff cock in his hand. He had been slowly stroking his prick and trying not to shoot off, knowing that his mother always liked him to save his cum-load for her to take in her mouth or cunt. He had been wondering what was taking her so long. She had promised to call him, and he needed her desperately. His cock and balls were aching with need.

“Mom, what’s going on? How come Michael’s with you?” He rasped, jumping out of bed and trying to hide his raging hard-on with both hands.

“Gosh, Mom! Michael’s got a hard-on! What have you two been doing?”

“How observant, darling. Michael does indeed have a hard-on, and a very nice hard-on at that. Can’t you guess what we’ve been doing downstairs, darling?”

“But, Mom… Michael’s just a little kid!” Jimmy said, more out of jealousy than moral outrage.

“I am not a little kid, Jimmy! Shit, man, I’m only a year younger than you! Mom doesn’t think I’m a little kid, do you?”

“Jimmy, darling, your brother has a point there. He doesn’t perform like a boy by any means.”

“See, Jimmy, Mom likes the way I lick her pussy. And she says I have a big cock, too!”

“I bet she thinks I fuck her better than you do!” Jimmy said. “Isn’t that right, Mom?”

“Boys, boys! Really, boys, we simply mustn’t have all this sibling rivalry. You both make me feel just wonderful when you lick my cunt. You both have big strong cocks that would make any woman happy. Michael hasn’t fucked me… Yet. But I’m sure he’ll do that beautifully, too. You’re both perfectly marvelous young studs.”

“But we gotta know who’s the best,” Michael said.

“Well, boys, if you insist, I suppose we could have a little contest. It might even be fun. I can’t promise that I can choose the best all-around stud, but it would be a lot of fun trying. Why don’t we start in the pussy licking category? On your knees between my legs, Jimmy. That’s right.”

Laura swung her legs over the edge of the bed and opened them wide for her son. Jimmy licked at Laura’s sweet cunt faster than he ever had before. His tongue raced wildly up and down her cunt-slot. Her pussy flowed with honey, honey which the eager boy sucked greedily into his mouth. Laura shivered with delight as the kid put a finger in her cunt and began finger fucking her slowly while he licked her tingling little clit.

“Michael, darling, put your fingers between my legs while your brother licks me. Use your fingers to spread my cunt open even more wildly. I want you to open my hot fucking cunt while Jimmy licks and sucks it. God, I’m hot! My cunt is on fire, boys!”

She moaned, in a bit of depraved lust for her young sons.

“Can I do it now, Mom?” Michael asked, his fingers spreading open the lips of her cunt while his older brother had all the real fun, licking her cunt-crack.

“Of course, honey. Would you like to lick up some of the juice between my legs? Jimmy, I’m afraid you’ll have to let your brother have a turn now.”

Jimmy reluctantly got out of the way and let his kid brother take his place. He stood by, watching and slowly stroking his dripping hard-on while Michael ate her cunt for a while. When Jimmy couldn’t stand watching any longer, he pushed his brother out of the way and put his tongue back in his Mom’s hot wet cunt. One after the other, the boys licked and sucked their mother’s delicious cunt. Their young faces were covered with the pussy juice they had been lapping up between her legs.

“I want you both to lick me at the same time. Put your faces between my legs and lick me, boys. Oh God, yes! I’m so hot, so fucking hot. Lick me, both of you! Lick me fast! My cunt is dripping for you, darlings. Oh God, I’ve never been so hot! I’ve never had two tongues in my cunt before, boys. It feels so much better than just one. Lick me! Lick my cunt!”

She kept her pelvis gyrating, her cunt grinding against the boys’ handsome young faces. Laura was in heaven. She had never even imagined that anything could feel as good as the two wildly licking tongues that were buried in her dripping cunt. She heard the boys sucking and slurping at her juicy cunt. She heard them panting in their wild enthusiasm, trying desperately to catch their breaths without missing a lick at her tasty cunt. She just had to let the hard-working young boys dip their pricks in her cunt. She wanted to let them fuck her until their balls exploded with pleasure.

“I can’t stand it anymore, boys!” She moaned. The boys looked up at her, breathing heavily, their lips covered with pussy juice.

“I ate your pussy the best, didn’t I?” Michael asked.

“Mom liked to have me lick her cunt all the time. I do it better than anybody!” Jimmy challenged his little brother.

“Boys, I loved the things you did to me. You both lick pussy so well it’s terribly hard to decide which of you does it better. I’m afraid I’ll just have to think about it for a while, boys. In the meantime, since you like contests so much, why not have a fucking contest? Perhaps we can determine which of you fucks my cunt best with his big hard cock.”

“I’m first, Mom!” Michael said, grabbing his stiff prick and shaking it at his lovely mother.

“I think you should watch your older brother first, Michael, since you’ve never actually fucked me before. You might be able to learn a few things from Jimmy.” She smiled sweetly.

“Okay,” Michael said, just a bit disappointedly.

“Jimmy, honey, why don’t you show your brother how you drive me wild with that nice hard cock of yours?”

Laura lay on her back in Jimmy’s bed and raised her legs, opening herself to him, inviting him to take her. The boy scrambled into bed in a flash and fell on her. He was so hot and horny that he wasted no time getting his cock into her inviting cunt. She gasped when she felt the rigid head of his fucker parting the lips of her cunt and pushing into her.

“Your cunt’s hot, Mom, even hotter than usual,” Jimmy rasped, fucking his cock into her cunt all the way to his balls.

“I know, darling, I can feel it burning. It’s because I have two boys making me horny. I’ve never been so hot, boys. Your cock is hot too, Jimmy. I can feel it way up inside me. I can feel the big hard thing stretching me, swelling my pussy. It’s such a wonderful feeling. Fuck me”, she cried.

Michael moved over to his mother with his cock in his hand and positioned his cock over her face. He pressed down on his hard-on until it touched the silky flesh of her lips. She lovingly licked at his dripping prick, then turned her face to one side and let the boy rub his swollen prick-head against her cheek. Her cheek was soon covered in the slippery pre-cum that oozed from the swollen head of his cock. Jimmy’s cock was racing in and out of Laura’s cunt now.

He held his hard young body over her and bucked his ass, punching his prick in and out so hard that her cunt-honey was getting whipped into a heady froth. The boy’s balls slapped against the bed as he fucked her slippery cunt. The bed bounced wildly, so wildly that poor Michael had trouble keeping his balance.

“Take that dick, Mom! Oh, fucking shit! This is great! Suck that dick in there! Oh, shit, yeah! It feels so good! You’re gonna get it all, Mom! You’re gettin’ every fucking inch of my cock! Take that big fucking thing! Take it! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, shit yeah!”

“Fuck me! Fuck my goddamn cunt! I want to feel it, darling! Give it to me hard! Harder! Yes!! That’s it! You’re so good, Jimmy! You make me feel so wonderful! Fuck me, you horny young stud! Fuck my cunt! Oh, yes! Yessss!”

“Hear her, Michael? She loves it! I’m fuckin’ Mom better than anybody could! Hear her beg for it, Michael? Oh, shit yeah! Damn, this feels good, so fucking good!” Jimmy babbled, proud of his considerable prowess.

“I wanna do it, Mom! I wanna fuck you! Please let me, Mom. Please let me get it in your cunt. I… I’m so fucking horny, Mom! My nuts are aching. I gotta fuck you! Please!” Michael pleaded, grabbing his cock and jerking up and down on it, making it harder and hotter than ever.

“Are you about to come in my cunt, Jimmy?” Laura asked.

“Yeah, Mom. Yeah! I’m gonna fill you up with cum, just the way you like. Fucking shit! I’m so horny I could shoot gallons of it!” Jimmy rasped.

“Pull it out, Jimmy! Pull it out!” She ordered.

“But, Mom, I… I’m gonna shoot it!” The boy gasped.

“Not yet, darling. Pull it out now,” she said in a tone that made him obey.

“Oh gosh, Mom, my… My balls are hurtin’! They’re all swollen with cum!” Jimmy protested.

“I’ll let you shoot a wad way up in my cunt in a few minutes, Jimmy. Right now, I want your brother to fuck me for a while. Remember our contest?”

Reluctantly, Jimmy got out of the way and let his kid brother get in his position between her spread legs. Michael remembered enough about what he had seen his older brother do to get started the right way. He reached down and positioned his jerking cock between the pouting lips of his lovely mother’s cunt. But then he forgot all about going slowly and gently at first. Instead, the boy suddenly bucked his lean ass and fucked his cock into her cunt all the way to the balls.

“Oh, God!” Laurie cried out. “It’s so big!”

“Did I… Did l hurt you, Mom?” Michael asked, his cock buried deep in her tight wet cunt.

“Don’t worry about that now, darling. You’re doing very well. Just fuck me and worry about perfecting your technique later, darling. Fuck me so hard I’ll never forget it! Do it, boy! Fuck me, Michael! In and out! Oh yes! That’s so lovely! I’m so hot, so fucking hot! Faster and faster, darling! Oh, yes!”

“Oh, Mom, it feels so good in there! I’ve got my cock in your cunt! I don’t believe it! I’m fucking you, Mom, I’m really doing it! I’m fucking my mother! Oh, shit yeah! I’m doing it good, huh, Mom?”

“You’re doing beautifully! Oh God, yes! Move your cock around inside me! Grind it around inside me! Move your hips in a circle, darling! That’s it, Michael! I want to feel the head of your prick rubbing against the walls of my cunt! Oh God, it’s so good, so good and hot! Dick me, Michael! Fuck my cunt!”

Jimmy had been sitting on the edge of the bed, beating his meat. He had to get his cock back into his mother’s cunt, where he thought it belonged.

“I’ve gotta get it in again, Mom. I need it real bad! Michael had enough of a turn. Please, Mom. Please let me put it back in you.”

“Yes, Jimmy. I want you to. I want both your hard fucking pricks in my cunt. You must take turns. Michael, your turn is up. Let Jimmy fuck me for a while,” she said in a voice quavering with hot lust.

Dutifully, the youngster pulled out of her and let the older boy replace his swollen cock. Each in turn, the boys fucked their mother’s seething cunt until they couldn’t hold back their climaxes another second. Jimmy was the first to pump her cunt full of hot cum. Without much warning, his distended prick snapped up inside Laura’s cunt and started pumping what seemed like gallons of jism way up inside her. Her hungry cunt sucked it up.

“Oh, God yes, Jimmy! Do it! Shoot your hot fucking seed into me! I love it! Fill me up with it! Make me pregnant with your baby!” She cried.

Michael couldn’t wait for his brother to stop shooting before he pushed him aside and buried his jerking prick in her cunt. Jimmy’s cock was still spurting cum when Michael made him pull out of her. It only took Michael a few hard fast fuck strokes to bring himself off inside her grasping cunt.

“I’m doing it, Mom! Take it! Take my sperm!” He rasped.

Laura gladly took all the hot cum the boy could shoot into her cunt. When he had stopped blasting jism into her, he fell on her and she lovingly wrapped her arms around him. She wrapped her arms around Jimmy too, holding both boys and basking in the afterglow of their shared orgasms. The woman had never felt so well satisfied in her life. She knew that there would be many sexual adventures ahead of her with her horny and willing sons.