First Gloryhole

I was loving my new life away from my family and I had become more adventurous and using more drugs. I was in my leather as usual, high on meth and coke but was nervous as I was taking more risks and so had come to hampstead heath at 2am to see if any bikers were around. I walked through the park smoking a cig to the bit where the action usually took place. I waited around for a bit but it was quiet and I wanted to snort a line so I walked into the skanky park toilets and into the cubicle, where I snorted some coke and swallowed some meth as I thought what the fuck I love being high anyway. I was down by the toilet lid snorting another line when I heard someone come in. I froze as I thought it could be police and heard him go to the adjacent cubicle.

I heard him snort a line inside and then I as I was sat on the toilet seat noticed a hole in the door, I got on my knees on the dorty pissed covered floor and had a peek and saw a guy sat with his leather trousers and boots on and I got so horny. I coughed, and heard him get up. After some few seconds but what felt like hours of silence, I heard him unzip and saw his huge shaved thick hung cock slowly come through the hole. I touched it gently, smiling to myself remembering all the straight gloryhole porno I watched in the past when I got high and horny at home. I slowly rang my finger (fingerless leather gloves tonight) up the shaft. I thought how no one I knew family or friends wise would even think I did things like this, and it gave me a rush, and I held his cock and licked the tip. I started licking it up and down, and was about to deep throat him when I noticed it start to dribble piss. I licked the wet end and got his cock in my mouth and he let go and my mouth filled with piss. I opened to dribble it on my leathers, and he kept pissing. I directed his cock to drench all my leather and then aimed the stream in my mouth and spat it on my leather jacket. I started deep throating and gagging on his cock as I forced myself to take all 9inches down my throat. I held it there until I gagged and nearly threw up. His cock sprang out of my mouth, covered in my spit and drool, and then I sucked him again. I was playing with his big shaven balls to and after I gagged again I got his balls in my mouth. He was moaning and loving it. I got him in my mouth again, and deepthroated again. This time as I came up for air, he started to cum as his cock was leaving my mouth, I loved the cum on my lips and wanked him and he spunked on my leather jacket. I was licking the cum when his cock went back in through the hole and I heard him left.

I was covered in spunk and piss and I loved it. I smoked one more bowl and then lit a cig and left the toilet.