Foursome with 2 of my siblings and maid

I finaly fucked my big sis and bro, dads pissed

One day i was in the kitchen making sandwhich when my maid come up from behind and pulls down my pants and slides his cock between my thighs

“N-no not today jake and sara are home” i said softly

“Come on their in their rooms” he says grabbing my chest

“Okay fine but make it quick” i sqeeze my thighs slightly

He takes my shirt off before picking my up and laying me on the counter he teases me by rubbing my pussy with his tip i start to moan

He pushes it in deep and i let out a quick loud moan but cover my mouth before i continue
He fuckes me deep before picking me up and fucking me while stanfing up he grabs my hand and i let out the loudest moun i could

Hearing me jake and sara quickly come downstairs and rush into the kitchen and see me being ravaged by a massive cock

He laughs and says

“Didnt know your little sis was such a slut huh?” My face turns deep red but i cant stop moaning and dripping, they just stand there speachless

“Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna join in” he says in a demanding voice

They look at each other then at jakes hard on, he blushes while sara gets on her knees and kisses his bulge before pulling down his shorts taking a hold of his cock

“Atta girl” he says before pulling me close and putting his hand on my throat, making me cum

Sara happily engulfes jakes cock while jake is all red and flusterd, i must say he had never been cutier

He lets go and i fall forward but sill being held up by his cock, its never been so big, im so happy we make him so horny, he cums deep into my pussy once i fall

Sara slobs jakes cock untill he cums and she swallows it all

“See that wasnt so bad” she says teasing him we head to the living room,

The maid laying on frool for sara to ride him and jake pushes me onto the couch to have his way with me, hes starting to get the hand of it, he pushes agaist my asshole and we both moan loud

Sara mounted and has started to ride and moan loud

Hearing them moan ecouraged him to push in he fucked me deep and hard to 10 when we both cum and the same time, after a little bit sara is ontop of me making out and rubbing me all over jake sits next to us getting a handy from the maid, sara moves aside and spreads her legs and lean in and rub my pussy agaist hers we moan and drip for a while making a mess of the couch in the back we hear jake cumming, this turns us both on to have one of the best orgasms we’ve ever had

Sara got a call from dad saying he was on his way home, he wasnt supposed to come back for three more days

“He sounds pissed” she says nervously

We all scatter to our rooms and the maid heads home

Sorry for the cliffhanger but this will be too good:)

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