Ghazal a lonely housewife 03

Dawood. “Ohh sorry Ghazal baji please stop crying. Ohh shit I just broke your mood. Please stop crying”

Ghazala wipes her tears and said, “Hmm Ok, lets go”

Dawood again started to drive. They need to travel 10 min to her home. Ghazala don’t say anything.

Dawood again said. “Ghazal baji, why are you crying?”

Ghazala. “No Dawood, l just think about my life that get me sad that’s why I cry. In these 3 months before he goes, he
was very busy with his work and he don’t have any time to consider me. We don’t get time to shopping together and watch movie etc. Remembering that I get worry. Its ok. He will come after 4 or 5 months.”

Hearing Ghazala words Dawood get happier. He now knows that she doesn’t get love from him about 4 months also may don’t get sex.

Dawood. “It will be all right. You don’t worry, you can do many things to get pleasure yourself Just find and go.”

Ghazala. “Hmm”

The rain got strength again. Also got thunderstorm. Dawood has difficult to see the road. The time is about 12:00 am. Finally they reached there. He stops the car in front of the gate. Ghazala gives the key and umbrella to him. He went out and opened the gate. And come in the car and moved to the porch and park the car. They come out, Ghazala sees that the light was off in the sit out.

Dawood. “Ghazal baji, electricity shot down. I think it will come back tomorrow”

Ghazala. “Ohh no it never happened before”

Dawood. “I don’t know may be happened”

Ghazala. “Ok Dawood. We have an inverter is here. I think that’s connection may go. Can you check that?”

Dawood. “Of course, Ghazal baji.”

Ghazala. “Thanks Dawood. Can you close the gate first? I am feared to go there in this thunderstorm.”

Dawood took the umbrella and went to gate and locked that. Then come back. Ghazala was stood there by caught her mobile light. He places the umbrella in a corner. Ghazala gives the key to Dawood and told him to open the door. She shows the light. When they went in.

Dawood. “Where is the room which the battery is placed.”

Ghazala. “Come with me”

Ghazala put her purse on the sofa and then walked to the room. Dawood followed her. She enters in a room near the kitchen and showed the place.

Dawood. “Ghazal baji can you give me a towel to wipe and wear my body. I am fully drenched, its risk to touch there with wet body”

Ghazala. “Uff I forget that, wait I will took the towel”

Ghazala went to store room near the kitchen where the washing clothes are stored she took her towel and come back. Dawood took the towel.

Ghazala. “I wait outside.”

Dawood. “Ok”

Ghazala went out and Dawood removed his clothes and wiped his body and smelled the towel. He got exited after smelt that. He doesn’t remove his underwear. He wrapped around his waist and called her. Ghazala comes with the light.

Dawood. “Ghazal baji please focus to the battery.”

Ghazala did that and Dawood tried to fix it. He mentioned that the connection is going only to upper portion. It is not possible to get the current in ground floor. Dawood think that the electricity was only coming to Ghazala’s master bedroom. It was David’s lie, to trap the victim. He deliberately cut off all connections except the master bedroom.

Dawood. “Ghazal baji, the connection is going to the upper portion. May be to your bedroom. Let me check that?”

Ghazala. “Ok, come with me.”

Dawood walked just after Ghazala by wearing the towel. When they reached hall a big lightening is happened with high volt and big sound. Ghazala frightened badly. Her mobile slipped down and she turned with fear and come near to Dawood and place her head on his chest, her hands around his naked back and hugged him.

Ghazala. “I am feared lightening.”

Dawood got very happy. That was the first time Ghazala huge spongy boobs hit on his chest. He took his hand on her bare back and rasp there with his hand.

Dawood. “Don’t worry Ghazal baji l am here. You just don’t fere. I am with you”

There is another big lightening is happened. That time Ghazala gripped Dawood tightly. This time her huge and fat boobs crushed on his hard chest. He also rasped bare part of
her back. After some minutes he again started the previous subject to her.

Dawood. “Ghazal baji, if your hubby is here you never fear about this lightening, I think your hubby don’t give any value to you. If he give any value, he must be here with you this time. He never leaves you alone here in this condition.”

Ghazala. “Please don’t tell like that he loves me”

Dawood. “I know, you have very faith in him, that’s why he does like this. If I married, I will never leave my wife alone, everywhere even in the bathroom. We never apart each other.”

Ghazala. “Dawood your wife will be very lucky to have you”

Dawood. “Ghazal baji, now I know your pain in your heart, how much you miss your husband. But he doesn’t know how much you pained in your heart. You love him a lot but he not back to you”

Hearing Dawood’s words Ghazala started to cry. Tears come from her eyes. He lifts her face and wipe her tears.

Dawood. “You trust me, I never let you cry”

Ghazala. “When hear your words got cried”

Hearing that Dawood give a kiss on Ghazala’s forehead. When she felt kiss by his hard lips, her whole body vibrated with excitement. But she doesn’t tell anything. Her silence makes him bold and he again kiss on her cheek, eyes and neck. Ghazala’s womb began to chemically dissolve, but then she woke up from her dream.

Ghazala said. “It’s wrong”. And she pushed Dawood’s hand away and walked forward. But due to fear on lightening she don’t move away. The torch light in the mobile on the floor can see her position.

Dawood walked back Ghazala and catch her hand and kiss on her neck slowly.

Dawood. “It’s not wrong Ghazal baji”

But Ghazala “it’s wrong” saying this she took her hand on Dawood’s face and push back. But he catches her hand and place on his mouth and kiss there.

Ghazala was new to this act. In her body she felt exotic feeling. At once she felt its good but otherwise she knows it is wrong.

Ghazala. “Please its wrong Dawood”

Dawood remove Ghazala’s hands from his face and kissed on her ears.

Dawood. “It’s not wrong, I can’t see your cry again, I will give you pleasure in your life Ghazal baji. Just be silent. Actually you unblessed in your married life”

Ghazala. “No, it’s not right. I am only for my husband”

Hearing that Dawood place his finger on her lips and said. “Just hear me, what you know that, did your husband have you only. He is enjoying many girls outside the house but you here alone without love and care. You also need it, Ghazal baji. Waheed bhai don’t mind because he always looks for money”

Ghazala don’t answer because she doesn’t have any sex before 4 months. Dawood kiss on Ghazala’s ears makes her aroused feeling in her body. Ghazala’s silence may know Dawood that its very near to get her pussy. Then Dawood took the mobile from the floor and lift Ghazala in his strong arms and walked to upstairs because of darkness he can’t see her beautiful body. So he know that the light is on her bedroom.

While Dawood was gone upstairs, carried Ghazala in his arms, she asked him, “Dawood what do you want.”

Dawood. “I just want to give you pleasure on your body and mind you just need it”

Dawood opened the door and enter in and make Ghazala stood there and come behind her and kiss on her shoulder. And also place his both cold hands
over her bare silky stomach. While Dawood bit Ghazala’s right shoulder makes her body vibrated also he insert his
finger in her sexy navel and tickled her. Ghazala closed her eyes with ecstasy.

“Hmmmmmmm. Hssssssssssssssss”

Hearing Ghazala’s moan Dawood becomes excited. He caught her stomach strongly. Now Ghazala ached back and her fat bubble buttocks pressed over Dawood’s dick. He extends his tongue and lick on her neck. That made her more aroused. Ghazala responded with moans. She never experienced this before. Waheed only fucks her pussy never fore played with her.

Dawood’s magical tongue makes Ghazala pleasure. She places her both hands over his hand and press them. Dawood slowly moved his tongue towards Ghazala’s cheek, and lick there. He slowly turned her by press her stomach. Ghazala automatically turned because she was in a dream world by feel pleasure which she never felt.

Dawood placed his hands on Ghazala’s bare waist and place his mouth on her eyes and lick there. Ghazala moaned with
pleasure. She placed her both hands on his back and hugged him tightly. Dawood slowly moved his mouth to her lips. That time an unexpected thing is happened. When Dawood touched Ghazala’s lips with his lips, she kissed him back.

She started to kiss his lips and he also chewed Ghazala’s rosy puffy lips. She is in seventh heaven. He now moved his both hands on her ass and press them

“Ohh what a smooth and soft ass Ghazala have.” Dawood thinks. Also he bit Ghazala’s lips passionately. Now he extends his tongue in to her lips. When Dawood’s hot tongue touched her lips Ghazala started to suck that like a lollipop. He inserts his tongue in her mouth and lick every nook and corner of her mouth.

Ghazala became very hot and She didn’t want to stop that. Dawood do disgusting things, He make a glob of saliva in his mouth and enter his tongue in Ghazala’s mouth with full of saliva. Her mouth fill with his saliva which she drinks and chew Dawood’s tongue.

Dawood know that Ghazala is very horny now, he slowly moved his head back but She placed her hands on his face and continued her kiss. Now Dawood place his hand on Ghazala’s left shoulder and undid the pin from the blouse which hold her pallu. Ghazala never sensed that, because she was busy with kissing Dawood madly. He pulls down her pallu and move his hands on her silky stomach and insert his finger in Ghazala’s navel and twinkled her. Ghazala became double horny and kissed Dawood vigorously.

Dawood moved his hand down and insert his middle finger in Ghazala’s petticoat and took back the saree plate from waist. Now the costly red silk saree slowly fell down on the floor and make a circle around her feet. Now Ghazala was only in her blouse and petticoat.

Dawood then presses Ghazala’s bubbling ass over the petticoat. “Wow, what a soft and big ass Ghazala have. If it’s very smooth over this petticoat, then how soft when she will be naked” Dawood thinks.

Then Dawood place his right hand on Ghazala’s navel again and fingering her navel. Ghazala moaned with pleasure.

In these time Ghazala don’t hear the lightening sound as she was concentrating for the love making. Dawood never think that he gets a most beautiful and sexy girl in his family. They gone mad and suck each other tongue and lips. Ghazala’s lip stick spread all over her face and Dawood lick it at her face by ribbing his tongue. Ghazala’s face began to shine with lipstick and Dawood’s saliva۔

After 20 min, Dawood broke the kiss and moved to Ghazala’s ear and asked۔ “Did you like this Ghazal baji?”

That time Ghazala sense that what happened there. She apart from him.

Dawood. “What happened Ghazal baji”

Ghazala. “Oohhh sorry I just forget myself, its wrong Dawood. Please don’t do this. We are siblings. Please forget it. I am a married woman. I can’t cheat my hubby”

Dawood know that Ghazala was back to her sense. If it stops here he will never get her. He took the mobile and find the switch on the wall and make the light ON in her room. When light come Ghazala felt some relax. But she senses that her saree is gone. Ghazala tries to do an impossible thing, hide her very big and fat boobs like watermelon by her hands. Ghazala’s effort could only hide her big nipples and girth, but the rest of her white boobs were bare.

Dawood moved towards Ghazala and she moved back and said. “No Dawood please don’t do this”

Dawood stopped there. He was now only in his underwear. Ghazala was very embarrassed to see his muscular bare chest. She thinks how she kiss and suck his tongue a man other than her husband. He also licks her face with his tongue and she drunk his saliva. Thinking these Ghazala got very shame on her and felt to vomit.

Dawood just moved towards Ghazala.

Ghazala. “Dawood please get out from my room. Please”

Then fortunately for Dawood and unfortunately for Ghazala, again there is a big thunderstorm is happened with big bang sound and high volt lighting. Also the light in bedroom dim for a second. Ghazala really frightened and with no way she moved towards Dawood and stopped close to him by closing her eyes and hides her ears with her hands.

Dawood don’t want to miss the other chance which nature give him. He placed his both hand on Ghazala’s shoulder and pull towards him. Due to fear Ghazala automatically moved towards his chest. Dawood hugged Ghazala in his hand and whispered in her ear.

Dawood. “Ghazal baji I know you are really need it. You are trying to avoid me but your body not doing. Just think Ghazal baji, Waheed bhai really is cheating you and he is enjoying with his partner’s sister in Karachi. Then why you have faith on him. How much love you need. Do you know Ghazal baji you kiss me like a crazy and You were so much in love that you didn’t even know that your saree was gone. Then why you stop me. Just go on and enjoy this in your life. No one will know this. I will do anything for you for your pleasure.”

Hearing Dawood words make Ghazala again cry. He consoled her by patted on her back. And hugged her. Then he lifts her face and see tears rolled on her cheeks. Dawood just kiss on Ghazala’s eyes. She closed her eyes. He licks her cheek and drunk her salty tears.

Dawood moved his hand on Ghazala’s blouse and slowly squeezed her 38DD boobs.

Dawood. “Ohhh what a spongy big boobs”

Doing this Dawood slowly moved his hand down and undid the knot of Ghazala’s petticoat. The loosened petticoat moved down to her feet in a jiffy motion. Ghazala moved back and
turned back with shyness. Seeing Ghazala’s round 38″ sized ass make Dawood crazy.