A date turns into more Part 1

Well friends of my wife and mine were over one night. Of course they know I am completely smooth except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and hair long hair. I was dressed as Paula that night. He kept rubbing my stocking covered leg under the table and then he smiled at me. We after a couple of hours playing cards . His wife made the suggestion that two losing hand’s had to go out on date the next night. Well I got a very bad hand and to my surprise his was worst. So meaning he an I had to go together.
So the next day I got nails done and filled an painted. My wife picked out outfit very short and tight Mini dress and corset and stockings and heels. Did my makeup and lipstick and hair and ect . When he and his wife came over he said that I looked very beautiful and sexy as well as his wife did to. So my wife and his wife said that we could not come back till the next day. He spoke up and said that good. So we left he opened the car door for me and we left.
On the drive to go see a movie he said that he hope that I wasn’t upset about last night him rubbing my leg. I grabbed his hand and putting it on my stocking covered thighs and said no I wasn’t. He said that he should be honest with me that he has had a crush on me for a few years now. I said really then I said well you and I are together now and I am completely 100% your woman tonight. He said that I have to tell you something. I said ok and he said that he was bi. I said you know that I am very bi and I am completely a total bottom. He said that was perfect.
We got to the movie theater and he opened my door and took my hand and we went in . We sat down guess since a Saturday night it was very dead. During the movie his hand was on my thigh and even up under my mini dress and I even had my hand on the crotch of his pants. After a few minutes of the movie since nobody was around us and I was glued down to look like a woman’s pussy he had his hand completely inside of my g-string. So I slipped it off putting it my purse. He also unzipped his pants. I slipped my hand inside of them feeling his cock and balls.
After the movie we got to the car before he opened the door he took me in his arms and kissed me passionately.He cupping my ass an my arms around his neck as we kissed passionately.
He opened my car door and said that I kissed better than his mom wife. I said thank you. When he got in the car I said to that I guess I was his wife tonight. Then he said yes and he was my husband. We kissed for a few minutes in the car. Then he asked me if I was as horny as he was. I said yes I am darling. He asked me if I wanted to go to a hotel. I said yes if you want to. One kiss more and then we left for a hotel.
He went in got a room we parked an went up to the room. As soon as we got in the room he stripped completely naked and I removed my Mini dress so I was just in my corset and stockings and heels. We got on the bed kissing an making out heavily. Our hands all over each other and then I worked my way down his body licking and kissing his balls and cock. I took his hard cock between my red lipstick lips and sucking him slowly from tip to balls. He moaned loudly saying that he could not believe that I was deep throating him and not a gag. A few minutes later he was shooting his cum down my throat and I was so delicious I swallowed every single drop. After that we kissed passionately and then he kissed my neck and down my body and licking my glue down boi-clitty area before he licked and buried his tongue in my boi pussi. He had me moaning in pleasure for a while. He was rock hard again. I begged for his cock inside of me. He didn’t need lube since I was very wet from his tongue.
His cock slipped in good he slowly fucked me for a long time till he shot his massive load deep inside of me. I screamed in total pleasure when he did. We laid there kissed and cuddling without saying a word. Then his phone went off he got a text message. His wife asked him where we were at an doing.. I was very surprised when he messaged her back saying that we were in hotel room in bed together. She said that she didn’t believe we were so he set the phone up so he could take short video of us kissing and making out showing us in bed. He sent it to her and she texted back saying is Paula what you expected and wanted. He said an far more than he could have ever image. After that we spent the night together fucking in different positions and ways.
When we got home the next morning I was completely creampied freshly. Our wives were still asleep nude in bed and sheets soaking wet. So we went to the kitchen and I made pot of coffee. As the coffee was brewing he had me against the counter my arms around his neck and his around my waist and our lips locked together we didn’t even stop when our wives came in. When my wife said well I guess that you to had very very very good time. I said well I suppose that you two did also. Well his wife whispered something to my wife. Then mine whispered something back and then left. He and I locked lips again. He whispered in my ear telling me that he wanted to be with me alot more. I said how are you going to prove it. He kissed me passionately and then gave me a big hickey on each side of my neck and I did the same thing to him.
Well a couple of minutes later our wives came back in the kitchen we all drank coffee. Part 2 coming

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