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Sophie told me that she had spoken to kev about visiting max , so off we were to ballymum in the back of his care at 7 am , I d dressed her up , pig tails in her hair , in the car she removed her knickers , so me and kev could see her parts in the car . We pulled up outside maxs place , we made her ring the bell , he opened the door , all he was wearing was a dressing gown , it was open and his old black cock was on show , Sophie followed him in , I ve been hard all night waiting for my favorite schoolie to visit , he kissed on the lips and then sat on the bed , put on a show for me said max , kev had stripped as well , sat next to each other on the bed maxs fat old black cock standing proud and kevs younger black shaft ready for action , what do you mean said Sophie , talk sexy and take off your things said max , Sophie pulled up her skirt and flashed her bald slit turned around and flashed her bum , do you want to stick it in me she said , she looked at them , max you can stick your pipe in my slit , you can go first , she dropped her skirt to the floor and took off her sweeter and vest , totally naked , and my 12 year old daughter was in charge , she went over to them stood in front of them then opened her legs , max put his hand onto her slit , and began rubbing her I love these lips he said so small do pink , kid my boobies she asked max (there hardly boobies) he kissed her tiny buds she giggled , max said I want you to kiss my my cock , and I want to kiss your slit , he laid on the bed , kev picked her up and positioned her on maxs face , see sweetie if you sit on maxs face , I can stand her , and you can suck me , Sophie that on the old man , it tickles she said I like it , maxs tongue buried deep inside kev was in front of her now you can kiss my cock , he held her head and Sophie began kissing his cock how much can you fit in your mouth , kev pushed into her tiny mouth , suck it like a lollipop , Sophie was sucking and licking kevs big black cock , her slit begin eaten by a hungry old pensioner , Sophie pulled away swap she said , she jumped off maxs face , kev laid down and she sat on kevs face , and sucked on maxs cock , yours tastes off goo already said Sophie he kissed her putting his tongue in Sophie’s mouth , my kisses taste of your slit he told her , yes they taste of my fingers when I play with it . Now who wants to shag me first asked Sophie , kev said I am having you first , because I will be hard again when max has finished , kev lay her down max held her legs in the air . Kev positioned himself and pushed into her slit without any resistance I thought to myself just a few months ago , she was so tight getting a finger inside was nearly impossible , and now she’s taking nearly all his fat black cock without much trouble , a few minutes later my daughter was yelping like a little puppy , max says she’s cumming , bless the tiny tart . Then kev let out a moan , there you go sweetie , your first spunk of the day , Sophie . He pulled out , her tiny slit , gaping open and his cum all over , inside outside dripping , gooo goody goo she said max moved round what a lovelly mess he said , Sophie looked at max stick your old pipe in me goo me . He pushed his fat old cock into Sophie and began thrusting , he had tight hold of her hips , and was ramming in hard and fast , I shouted to Sophie is that ok , yes dad she said max is making me tingle all over ,
Max thrust into her slit his old body on top holding her down , Sophie moaning , he began calling her names , slut , whore . Tell me you want my goo inside you , yes max I do , tell me tell me you want my black goo in you tiny slit . Max I want you to goo in me , max pulled out sit on my cock , he laid on the bed his old black clock standing up she lowered herself onto his cock and began bouncing , singing to herself goo goo goo , he grabbed her hips pulling her down hard and fast , I am cumming he shot his old seed deep inside , that’s two load I said , yes dad two lots today , she stood up legs apart and dollops of cum running out of her slit . Kev was hard again , I want to shag you again , would you like to try it up your bum hole again , it was too big last time , he pushed her face down on the bed a cushion under her tiny hips he picked up a tube of lube and began to work it into her bum hole fingerling her arse , I stood next to her wanking myself max was watching , your daughters a sexy slut , she can take my load anytime he said , kev had worked a couple of fingers into her bum hole , how’s that sweetie he said , it’s ok Sophie replied , he pulled his fingers out , I pulled her bum cheeks apart as kevs cock pushed against her bum hole the bell end slipped in ow Sophie said , he held her hips , just like that said Sophie it’s too big just shag me like that , he pushed in an extra inch and began to shag her arse with just a portion of his cock , Sophie was moaning and kev holding her hips he lasted a couple of minutes , her arse is so tight he told me , suddenly he emptied his balls again this time into my daughters bumhole , he pulled out his cum inside her , goo is good for you he told Sophie , my bum is sore she said , never mind have a bath when you get home , she stood up pulled her slit open so I’ve got max and kevs goo in here , and she patted her bum and kevs goo in here , but I havnt had any goo to drink , she came over to me , looked me in the eyes can I drink your goo , she asked , she began to suck and lick me , and within seconds I’d filled her mouth she drank it down like her mouther never would my balls emptied she pulled away , trickles of cum on her lips , she went back to max , thanks max she kissed him her hand on his cock , come on dad she picked her skirt up and sweeter , dressed straightened her pig tails , and kev and myself followed her back to the car . In the car driving home she rubbed herself off . Did you like that I asked , yes I like maxs cock , do you want him again I asked , yes please I like shagging , how’s your bum asked kev it’s ok , I said how’s the goo , Sophie smiled it’s in all of me now in my slit and my bum and in my mouth and in my tummy . We were back home by 8.30 , Sophie into the shower just as mum was getting up .

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