Ghazal: A sister lives with five brothers

In morning when Ghazala woke up, she found herself in the bedroom sleeping with just a blanket on her. She was trying to remember the previous day’s incident but she couldn’t. It was already 2 pm and there was no one at home.

When Ghazala walked towards bathroom, she realised that her thighs muscles were stretched and it was hard for her to walk or even stand properly. Still she managed to walk. Ghazala got rid of the blanket and examined her body in the bathroom and saw some dark spots near her breasts and light spots near her pussy and thighs.
Ghazala soon realised it was cum marks but she was confused. Was she raped by my own cousin? She was shocked.

Everyone were on duty so she didn’t call them. She waited for them to return home. Dawood 3 arrived early before the others. He directly went to his room.

Ghazala went to his room and asked what happened yesterday. Dawood 3 was silent and not replying. So Ghazala understood she was fucked by her brothers yesterday.
Ghazala told him that they all drugged her and fucked her. Dawood 3 said he was not involved in the action and it was Dawood 1 and Dawood 2.

Ghazala and Dawood 3 waited for both of Dawoods to return and in next one hour, both arrived together. As they entered in, they looked at Ghazala, quite scared. Ghazala told them to sit and also called Dawood 3 for a talk.

They all sat in the main hall room. All 3 Dawood were silent. Ghazala asked them why they did this to her? No one replied. So Ghazala said she love them all and if had admitted to her about this, she would have surrendered herself to them.

Ghazala said, “There was no need to give me drugs. I love all of you so much. You take care of me so much, you treat me like a princess, you all always keep me happy. So I should also do something for you to keep you happy. I am yours, have me whenever and wherever you like it”.

Then all three Dawoods came near Ghazala and hugged her and said sorry with their hand folded. Ghazala hugged them and said, “It’s ok no worries just forget about it and you can consider me as your wife, slut gf or whatever”.

Ghazala asked them whether they enjoyed their cousin sister’s pussy last night. All Dawood laughed and said they have a lovely sister with a great tight pussy. Ghazala told them to make it loose – pussy and ass hole both.

After the conversation, Ghazala prepared dinner for Dawoods and they all had dinner together. Dawood 1 and Dawood 2 were tired so they said they would like to sleep. Ghazala kissed them both on lips before they went to the bedroom.

Dawood 3 went to another room. Ghazala went to the kitchen and cleaned all utensils and then went to Dawood 3. She asked him why he didn’t fuck her yesterday with them and whether he didn’t like his cousin sister. He said he loved his sister.

Ghazala just stretched her skirt and raised a little and within seconds Dawood 3 face moved to her thighs. Ghazala smiled confidently and said, “They didn’t use me well yesterday.”

Dawood 3 pulled Ghazala panties and recline her on the bed. He started stretching her pussy lips and licking her pussy and kissing deep there. Ghazala felt amazing, getting her pussy sucked by her cousin. Soon they both were naked and Dawood 3 entered his dick inside Ghazala. It was really big, maybe 9 inches. Ghazala was impressed by his size.

Dawood 3 kissed Ghazala passionately and she responded by kissing him back passionately. He resumed fucking her again while kissing on her neck line. Soon Dawood 3 gained speed and Ghazala wrapped her legs around his waist. After banging her in this position for few more minutes, Dawood 3 flooded inside Ghazala. Ghazala smiled meekly as she reached her orgasm also. They both slept naked on same bed.

Next morning when Ghazala woke up Dawood 3 who was still sleeping. She went naked to the bathroom for a bath. Ghazala heard a knock on the door so she opened. It was Dawood 1 and Dawood 2. She smiled and welcomed them inside.
As both entered the bathroom, they sandwiched Ghazala between them, kissing her on her lips, neck, shoulders and back. They were sucking her nipples and squeezing her big boobs too, in intervals.
Then both Dawoods pushed their dick in Ghazala pussy and ass simultaneously and started to fucking her aggressively. They were hitting hard, not gentle at all, and pressing her boobs as hard as they can. They were even biting on different parts of her body. Their language was abusive, abusing Ghazala as slut, whore and stating her a cheap whore.

Both Dawood kept on fucking Ghazala until they deposited their load in her both holes. Then they had a shower and they rubbed soap all over Ghazala’s body. They massaged her all over and Ghazala observed their dick getting back to life. She was sure that they would fuck her again. As expected, in middle of the bath, both Dawood were back inside Ghazala holes. They started to fuck her again, hard and raw.

As they had just finished once few minutes ago, Ghazala was expecting a small delay at the least. They took twice the time than before and deposited their load inside her again. Dawood 1 and Dawood 2 went from the bathroom to get ready for the office.
After bath Ghazala went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her brothers. Dawood 3 hugged her from behind and kissed her on her neck and went to the bathroom for a bath.

Before they left for their office, breakfast was ready on the dinning table. After breakfast, Ghazala gave blowjob to all of three Dawood but Dawood 1 wanted more and so he asked for Ghazala’s ass. Ghazala pulled her skirt and bent on the dinning table, her hands stretched on the table and legs on the floor.

Dawood 1 got inside Ghazala’s ass in one go. He fucked her ass for about 15 minutes and exploded inside her. Then they all left for their job and Dawood 3 went to the club to arrange everything for the evening party.

Ghazala was alone at home. So she kept herself busy watching TV and doing other house chores and took some rest. She was happy that all Dawoods were happy with her and she was able to satisfy their desires. Ghazala waited for them to return. Dawood 1 and Dawood 2 arrived together. As they entered, they hugged Ghazala and kissed her near the gate.

Dawoods slapped Ghazala ass cheeks and pulled her dress off and said they would love it if she can remain in 2 piece or nude all the time in house. Ghazala smiled and accepted it.

Both Dawood went to room to change clothes and Ghazala to the kitchen to prepare dinner. After half an hour, Dawood 1 and Dawood 2 were waiting at the dinning table for dinner. As dinner was ready, Ghazala served it. She asked about Dawood 3, he hadn’t come yet. Dawood 1 said Dawood 3 got a program from the local club to play DJ so he would only come late.

Dawood 2 grabbed Ghazala to his lap and started to have dinner and also started to feed her from his own hand. Dawood 1 asked Ghazala whose dick she liked the most.

Ghazala said all the three dicks were equal to her and her love for them was equally as well. Dawood 1 and Dawood 2 made a fun of Dawood 3’s dick so Ghazala pinched on Dawood 2’s dick. He screamed and Ghazala said say that again? Both laughed, she bit on his lips. Dawood 2 slapped Ghazala’s ass hard. She screamed and bit him again this time on his ear.

Dawood 1 asked Ghazala to suck his dick. She told them to complete the dinner and have her on the bed. Both completed dinner quickly. Dawood 1 carried Ghazala and put her on the bed.

Dawood 2 pulled Ghazala’s panties and got rid of his clothes and Dawood 1 too. Dawood 1 opened Ghazala’s bra, Ghazala pulled him to her and started to kiss him. Dawood 2 spread Ghazala’s legs and got inside her pussy hole. He was going crazy fucking her pussy. Dawood 1 climbed on Ghazala and forced his dick in her mouth. Ghazala mouth got fucked well by Dawood 1.

Ghazala was mumbling, “Go on all yours, forever, I am all yours forever, I love you all so much.”

Both Dawood fucked Ghazala in both her holes. They kept fucking her for a long time and then flooded her inside. Both Dawood slept after the session. But Ghazala was worried for Dawood 3. He had not returned yet. So she called him on phone.

Her call was disconnected and 2 minutes later, Ghazala received call from Dawood 3. He said sorry and was busy in the club. Ghazala told him she was missing him and waiting for him to return. He told her to sleep as he will be late to come from the party.

They kissed each other on the phone and ended the call. Ghazala slept between Dawood 1 and Dawood 2. Ghazala’s ass was facing towards Dawood 2 and head on Dawood 1’s chest.

In the morning, Ghazala woke up, freshened up, took bath, prepared breakfast and then after preparing tea, she woke them up. Her two cousins got up, had a bath and got dressed. Ghazala was in bra and panties. Then someone knocked the door and she rushed towards the door to open. As she opened the door, it was Dawood 3. But Ghazala was shocked as he was with two others Dawood and she was standing in two pieces in front of them.

Dawood 3 came forward and kissed Ghazala passionately and then sat on the chair for breakfast. He introduced two other boys – Dawood 4 and Dawood 5.
Ghazala invited both for breakfast, they sat on the chair. Then she sat on Dawood 3’s laps and started to feed him from her hand. She felt his erect dick and without thinking much, Ghazala quickly sat on the floor, opened Dawood 3’s pant and sucked his dick in front of everyone.

Both new Dawood were looking at Ghazala with wide eyes. Dawood 3 cummed after 10 minutes. Later Ghazala gave a blowjob to Dawood 1 and Dawood 2 also. Then two of them left for their office.

After the breakfast, two new Dawood left. So Ghazala and Dawood 3 were alone that day. She told him to eat her as hard he can as she missed him badly.

Dawood 3 took Ghazala on the bed and started to fuck her pussy with good speed. He made her feel full all along by stretching her pussy completely, which was hard to accommodate his dick. But Ghazala wanted Dawood 3 to fuck her however he wanted. Ghazala was on his mercy. Soon Dawood 3 flooded inside Ghazala. She slept naked with him. He was busy with his phone.

Later, Ghazala was asleep. After some time, she felt dick in her ass. She opened her eyes, it was him, Dawood 3. Ghazala smiled and spread her legs and closed her eyes and told him to fuck slow for a longer time. And Ghazala don’t know when that fuck was completed as she went back to sleep. But later she was awakened by Dawood 3 for lunch. He asked her if she wanted to out for lunch with him.

Ghazala pulled Dawood 3 near her and said she was not interested in lunch and she wanted him badly again.

Suddenly Dawood 3 started getting an erection. So he got inside Ghazala’s pussy with a forceful thrust. Ghazala was above him with his dick inside her pussy. She was jumping on him, her boobs bouncing. Dawood 3 fucked both Ghazala’s ass and pussy.

Dawood 3 fucked Ghazala four times Before Dawood 1 and Dawood 2 returned.
At 6 pm, Ghazala started to prepare dinner for all of them as they were about to come. They came home around 7 pm. As they entered, both Dawood 1 and Dawood 2 kissed and played with Ghazala’s ass and boobs for few minutes near the gate. Ghazala was happy to please them in every manner.

All three Dawood requested Ghazala a blowjob before dinner. So she gave a blowjob to three of them. Then all of them had dinner together. Quickly, they completed dinner and they carried Ghazala and dropped her on the bed.

Ghazala smiled and hugged them all one by one and said, “have your sister today without mercy, brothers.”

They were playing with Ghazala’s boobs, pressing and squeezing her two nipples. They were also playing with her thighs and pussy walls. Continued playing with Ghazala’s body for at least 10 minutes. Ghazala’s pussy was leaking fluids by then. Dawood 2 got inside Ghazala’s pussy while Dawood 1 and Dawood 3 sucked her nipples.

They kept on changing positions in fucking Ghazala for the next 3 hours. All three fucked Ghazala thrice each and exploded in both her holes. Then she cleaned herself in the bathroom and came back to the bed to sleep with all of three Dawood.

Dawood 3 received a phone call from so he went out. He told Ghazala that he will come late. Ghazala slept between Dawood 1 and Dawood 2. Ghazala’s ass was towards Dawood 2 and his dick was on her ass crack. Meanwhile, Dawood 1 grabbed her boobs and slept. Ghazala wanted them to use her as they like, she was ready for everything and she was in love with her all cousins.

Every time Ghazala tried her best to give them herself. She dozed off on the same bed.

Around 2 am in the night, someone tapped her on her shoulders and Ghazala woke up. It was Dawood 3, he asked her to get up. So she got up from the bed. He was naked and so was she.

Dawood 3 told Ghazala he wanted one more fuck and also said sorry to waking her up from sleep.

Ghazala said, “no need for sorry. I am here to please my darling brothers.”

Dawood 3 smiled and carried Ghazala into the other bedroom. Ghazala was shocked to see Dawood 4 was sleeping on the bed and Dawood 5 on the floor on the mattress. She never minded as they had already seen her half nude and giving blowjob to other Dawoods.

Dawood 3 put Ghazala on the bed. Ghazala was on her fours but she asked Dawood 3 to fuck without making noise. He smiled and said he will try.

Dawood 3 fucked Ghazala hard from behind and she was enjoying. He was fucking her hard and it was making her scream. He was also pulling her hairs. Ghazala’s brother kept fucking her for a long time and then flooded her inside. Dawood 3 didn’t seem interested for another round so he tried to roll over, but Ghazala made sure that his dick remains inside her.

Ghazala was all naked sleeping between Dawood 3 and Dawood 4, her ass facing towards Dawood 3 this time. Soon she was asleep and then she felt someone’s hand on her ass.

Ghazala turned and saw Dawood 4. He was smiling at her. She gave him a fake smile. Also, he turned Ghazala towards him and started kissing her. She too responded well. Dawood 4 grabbed my ass tightly and kissed her hard. He started to suck Ghazala’s boobs and soon Dawood 3 was awake, so he joined them.

They sandwiched Ghazala in between their bodies and kissed her on all the parts of her body.

Dawood 3 took Ghazala on him and inserted dick in her pussy and Dawood 4 from behind in her ass. He was pushing mercilessly so Ghazala said, “easy Dawood, easy.”

Dawood 4 smiled and became gentle. Soon he was fully inside Ghazala’s ass hole.

In the meantime, Dawood 5 had woke up. So Ghazala was expecting him to join the action. Within a few minutes, he too joined their hardcore action. Ghazala lied on the bed, spread her legs and Dawood 5 went between her legs.

Ghazala clutched her legs tightly, and said, “Dawood 5, you are way much broader, sorry first they two, you last.”

Dawood 5 looked at her in sorrow. Ghazala smiled, “ok, you can go first, but please get inside slowly.”

Dawood 5 was delighted and started to push slowly. The Rest two attacked Ghazala’s boobs and nipples. She was combing their hairs with her fingers, digging her nails on their back all the time, keeping the action excited all the time.

When they both Dawood bit on Ghazala’s nipples and skin on the boobs, she grabbed them tightly by their waist. Dawood 5 was slow but once he had the precum lubricant, things eased up and he started to hit heavily. It made her shake but still, Ghazala managed to keep herself still so that the two other Dawood playing with her boobs weren’t interrupted. Soon Dawood 5 cummed inside Ghazala and she asked the next one to take his place and asked Dawood 5 to take charge of my boobs.

They all kept on banging Ghazala for hours, turn by turn. They fucked her two times each and Ghazala was all messed up. It was almost 4 am when they released her from their grips.