Met a girl at a funeral

I met a beautiful 14 year old relative at my wife’s aunties funeral, and we ended up fucking like rabbits.

I’m 47 and I’m married, I’ve been married for over 20 years and I love my wife, I never thought that I’d cheat on my wife, until I saw…. Her.

My wife’s auntie passed away a few months ago, I’d never met her and my wife hadn’t seen her since she herself was a young girl, but we went to the funeral anyway to pay our respects, her auntie was still family after all.

We went to the funeral, it was a lovely service, then headed back to her aunties house for the wake, the house was packed with people, some I knew, most I didn’t, there were kids running around everywhere, people drinking and having a laugh over treasured memories, and it was a nice atmosphere.

I was mingling and introducing myself and chatting to people I hadn’t met before, some kids ran by me and a little lad knocked me causing me to drop my empty drinking glass on the floor, I bent down to pick it up and as I raised my head, I saw her.

Through the crowded room of people, straight to the back, in the far corner of the room, stood a young girl, wearing black shoes, black tights, a black and white tartan knee length skirt, a black blouse and black cardigan, she had long curly ginger hair with a black headband on her head with a sort of bow embellishment on it, her face was covered in teen spots, but that didn’t distract from her beauty.

She was about 4 foot 5 inch tall, slim slender figure, with full rounded, still growing, c-cup breasts.

I don’t know what happened to me in that instance when I saw her from across the room, it was as though my heart just stopped and left my body, in a good way, my head went cloudy and everything seemed to go silent, to me she was an angel.

Suddenly sounds burst back in my ears and I could hear the noisy chatter from everyone in the room, the man I was talking too said he was going to get a refill of his drink, before he left I asked him, “Who is that girl – over there?” pointing her out.

“I’m not sure. I think its Sally’s little girl.” He replied, then he walked away.

I spent the next 10-15 minutes staring at her, she looked a little lost, shy, nervous, no one was talking to her so I went over an introduced myself, it took me a moment to learn how to speak, “H – H – Hi. Hello there.” I said, sounding like a complete buffoon.

She looked at me, and she seemed a little scared of me at first, “Hello.” She replied with a smile, then she lowered her head looking shy, I introduced myself and held out my hand, “I’m Allan.”

She looked at my hand then up at me, “I’m Kirsty.” She said, shaking my hand, she had such small delicate soft fingers, when she touched me I felt a spark, you know the one I mean.

We talked for hours, just her and me in the back of the room, I made her laugh and she grew more comfortable and confident around me, I found out she was 14 years old, and that she hated coming to these funerals with her parents because she hardly ever knew anyone there, at least we had that in common.

As people began to leave and her parents called her to the door, we exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch, which we did, and we got very close, like inappropriately close.

Nearly a month later, my wife’s uncle passed away, and I couldn’t have been more chuffed, yes it was sad that he’d died, but the funeral meant another family gathering, and I was going to see Kirsty again, and I counted the days.

We went to the funeral and then to the wake, I abandoned my wife to the gossiping relative in the kitchen and I got Kirsty alone in the hallway, she was wearing the exact same outfit she was wearing the last time, when no one was looking, I stole a kiss from her, her little face lit up and she blushed, then I took her hand and pulled her swiftly in to the downstairs toilet.

I closed and locked the door, took hold of her and kissed her sweet lips passionately, I rubbed my hands all over her slender body, feeling her curves over the fabric, we’d both been discussing this day for weeks, and we both wanted the same thing, she unzipped my pants while we were kissing, reach inside and pulled out my rapidly hardening cock and she rubbed it lovingly.

She fell to her knees, and my cock entered her small mouth, she bopped her head back and forth, sliding her soft lips up and down my length whilst her tongue pleasured my tip, I hadn’t experienced such pleasure in years, “When did you learn how to do this?” I groaned out.

“Just now.” She giggled in response, “Is it good?” she asked.

“Oh – Yes. Keep going, my little angel.” I replied.

She was sucking my cock really-really well, and I was almost there, ready to ejaculate, when some fucker knocked on the bathroom door and made us both jump, “Just a minute!” I shouted out, Kirsty quickly getting to her feet and me doing up my trousers.

I splashed some water in Kirsty’s eyes and handed her some tissue, “Be upset. Pretend you’re crying.” I said, then I opened the bathroom door, it was a man I’d never seen before, he looked shocked seeing me and Kirsty were in the bathroom together, “She just got a little overwhelmed, needed a time-out.” I explained.

Luckily he bought it and didn’t suspect anything, we were both relieved but also frustrated, sexually frustrated, we’d started and we both wanted to finish, I realised that I had my car keys in my pocket, so we sneaked out the back door, got in to my car, and I drove us back to my house.

My wife and her parents would be at the wake for hours, and wouldn’t noticed we’d gone, not with all those people there, it was perfect.

We got to house, waved to the neighbour as we walked up the path, she was out in her garden planting, then we went inside, as soon as the door was closed, I playfully swept her up in my arms and carried her swiftly up the stairs to my bedroom.

We started kissing and undressing each other, which was a lot of fun, wasn’t easy pulling off her tights though, then we were naked, I saw her beautiful sculptured young body in the flesh, how can one little girl have so much beauty, “You are beautiful.” I said, as I coerced her to lay on her back before going down on her and licking her warm wet pussy out.
She lay on my bed, naked, legs spread wide apart, her arms spread above her head across the bed, pressing her fingertips against the headboard, her eyes closed, licking her lips and moaning as I continued to eat her delicious pussy.

With my heavily swollen cock twitching between my legs, I couldn’t hold off any longer, the deed needed to be done, so I kissed my way up her slim little body, kissed her on the lips and positioned myself on top of her, my cock found her slit and I thrust forward in to her.

“Ooh – Uhg – Oof!” she moaned out.

I looked down between us and could see my cock was inside of her, there was a little of her virgin blood on my cock as I pulled it back, then thrust forward again, listening to her angelic moans of pleasure as I began to fuck her tight little hole.

She experienced her very first orgasm, which made her cry briefly, but then she smiled with joy as I came inside of her.

We made the most of the next few hours, Kirsty got on top and rode me, I can’t explain how amazing she looked for that angle, me laying down on my back, Kirsty on top straddling me, slowly rising up and down and watching my cock move in and out of her bald pussy, and her perfectly rounded and bouncy breasts wobbling as she moved.

I bend her over, placing a pillow underneath her, and fucked her anally, while she buried her face in to a pillow and screamed, but she enjoyed it, and begged me to fuck her hardly.

I fucked and ejaculated in every hole she had, it was intensely pleasurable, a truly beautiful experience for both of us.

Then we got dressed and I drove us back to the wake, stopping along the way to pick up some milk to use as an excuse should anyone question where we’d been.

Fast forward to now, and I need to have a difficult conversation with my wife, and confess to her that not only did I have sex with a 14 year old girl in our marital bed, but I just found out that she’s pregnant.

Wish me luck.