Ghazal second marriage part 1

Ghazala is a 28-year-old housewife, married to a 34-year-old man named Waheed. Waheed is a slim middle class man who runs a property business. Ghazala is an exceptionally beautiful girl, whose figure is 38DD-30-38. i.e. a busty. The large breast is the most attractive part of the Ghazala’s body. The gazelle has fleshy arms and legs but does not have much fat on its belly. He got such a body through rigorous exercise and yoga. Every time Ghazala steps out of the house, the eyes of men stare at her.

Ghazala from her college days always to dressed gorgeously and show off But after marriage, she had imposed some restrictions on herself. Her husband Waheed is a nice, sweetie, simple and very caring person. They used to like each other’s company. Ghazala and Waheed had gone out couple of times on date for movies, dinner and dance sometimes. Ghazala loved to dance a lot. Though Waheed was not a very outgoing person but she used to drag him to dance floor sometimes and he would shake his legs with the music. He wouldn’t mind it because he loved Ghazala’s company all the time and while dancing he would get a chance to come even closer to her and touch Ghazala at her back and her butts. Ghazala also loved Waheed’s hands over her, so never complained.

Ghazala was happy with her married life, but things got out of her hands when one night she saw Fariha’s romantic WhatsApp messages on Waheed’s mobile. It also had an embarrassing and vulgar chat between Waheed and Fariha. Ghazala’s heart broke on this betrayal. When Ghazala questioned Waheed about the matter, his reaction was harsh. It was a prelude to a fierce battle. The fight between these two husbands and wives continued. Ghazala wanted to forgive Waheed for this betrayal, but instead of being ashamed, Waheed began to deteriorate. The fight between the two dragged on for weeks and weeks to months. The elders of the family also tried to settle but failed. Finally, one day Ghazala received a divorce notice from Waheed.

After the divorce, Ghazala moved to her parents’ house. She used to cry day and night and bemoan her fate. She used to make her family miserable as well as herself. Parents had started seeing proposals for Ghazala’s second marriage. In Eastern society, it is difficult for a divorced young woman to get a good proposal. For Ghazala, most of the elderly men who had children were also young. Her parents kept rejecting these proposals.

But one day such a proposal came for her which surprised Ghazala’s family and herself. This marriage proposal was from his cousin Dawood. To everyone’s surprise, he was an unmarried bachelor and two years younger than Ghazala.

Ghazala parents were so delighted to get this proposal; they got influenced by his money. They didn’t bother to ask Ghazala and agreed to her second marriage with this rich hunk.

Ghazala have to admit Dawood is a hunk. She knew that he was a handsome boy like many girls in the family liked. When Ghazala mom told her about her marriage, she opposed and told that she did not want to marry anyone anymore. But they didn’t want to miss this golden opportunity. They didn’t listen to her. Ghazala’s parents wanted to fulfill their responsibility. She was the eldest among her siblings. Her remaining siblings were happy in their married lives. Her parents were just miserable for her. Also, Ghazala’s brother’s newly wedded wife did not want her to stay in their house for long.

This marriage, proposal had come from Dawood’s family so they don’t need to spend too much money also in the family. Dawood also agreed to bear most of the expenses of marriage. Ghazala’s parents didn’t care, whether she like this marriage or not. They didn’t care about her opinion. Now after looking at Dawood, they didn’t want to listen to anybody else and were eager to get Ghazala married soon.

So in-spite of all Ghazal’s reluctance, her marriage date was also decided and it was due 2 weeks from now. Finally she was forced to get married to Dawood. Till the last moment, Ghazala was against it but nobody listened to her. Later she came to know from her and Dawood’s common cousin Nadia that Dawood pressurized for early divorce from Waheed, because he wants Ghazala so desperately and in love with her body and her. Ghazala was sure it was his lust for her. She still remember. He was ogling at her all the time when he was a boy.

As the period of divorce was coming to an end، Ghazala curiosity was increasing about her second married life and especially her wedding night – her suhaag raat. She is not virgin so far, so had some idea about the night from previous marriage. Everyone at home was getting busier. Nadia used to visit Ghazal’s house every other day and they would talk and discuss all preparations at Dawood’s house.

Then a day before Ghazala’s marriage Nadia had come to her house. She asked Ghazal’s mom to get Ghazala’s nose pierced. She said that Dawood wanted Ghazala to pierce her nose and wear a nath during her wedding. Ghazala said no to it, because it will hurt her. But then Nadia and her mom forced her to have it done because Dawood wanted to get it done. Ghazala then had no choice but to get it pierced. Nadia and Ghazala’s mom asked her to go and visit a beauty parlor.

Nadia had already fixed an appointment in expenses beauty parlor for Ghazala. Nadia was all-eager to accompany with her. Looks like Nadia had already updated parlor girls what all to do with Ghazala. Basically do every possible thing to make her look more beautiful and hot for her to-be-husband. They started with waxing her legs and her arms.

They stripped Ghazala in her bra and panty and waxed her entire legs and arms. It hurt her a lot, but felt smooth at the end. Nadia felt her hands on Ghazala’s legs and hands and approved the good job done by the girls. And Ghazala wasn’t prepared for what to come next. They wanted to wax her back and stomach. They wanted to make sure even the tiniest of possible hair on her body are gone. It was Nadia’s idea for back and stomach waxing. Ghazala had never done in her life Because she didn’t feel the need. Naturally, the gazelle had very little body hair. She just closed her eyes and let those girls finish the job. Nadia was overlooking like a good supervisor. Ghazala guess she was sent by Dawood to make sure that Ghazala look even more sexy and smooth for her cousin. And then the final surprise came for her.

Nadia suggested waxing off Ghazala’s pubic hairs as well. Nadia was determined not to leave a single hair on Ghazala’s body. Ghazala finally gave up and one of the girls pulled down her panty and asked her to lie Down and relax. The other one applied some wax at Ghazala’s pubic hairs. She was applying wax all over and Ghazala was feeling aroused already. Her vagina got swollen by this time.

Ghazala was lying there and 2 girls were working on her. Nadia told her that Dawood had asked her to make Ghazala beautiful and sexy and do whatever she can. So Nadia checked Ghazala’s every part of body and approved it admiringly. She liked it had to admit that Dawood would do anything to have this beautiful and sexy body for himself. She wanted to make sure that Dawood would get best of Ghazala body on his first night. Nadia told Ghazala that Dawood was really eager to fuck her. He had liked her boobs and her ass. Nadia now started to call Ghazal baji to Ghazal Bhabhi.

She said Dawood bhai had been dreaming about Ghazala every single moment, since the day her first marriage. He always wanted her but was afraid to say it. But after Ghazala’s marriage, he was very regretful and distressed. Nadia picked Ghazala’s bra and after seeing the size 38D said, “Ghazal bhabhi yours boobs are really too big. Mine are only 34B. I am sure Dawood will over your boobs. He will play with them all night and suck them wildly And will make them even bigger۔ he will suck and lick your breasts so much that milk will come into them.

Nadia told Ghazala to forget about Waheed from now on. She told her that Ghazala must think about Dawood only. Her body is not her anymore, but now belongs to him. Now Dawood has full rights on Ghazala and her body. Ghazala must be mentally prepared now to be fucked greatly by Dawood. Nadia talks were making Ghazala blush. She didn’t say anything and parlor girls also started teasing her along with Nadia.

Then after some time, first one cleaned the wax and there came out all the curly hairs. Ghazala’s hand moved down and it felt great to feel her clean and smooth pussy. Now they gave her a gown to wear while they wanted to continue with rest of the jobs. And then after manicure, pedicure, facial, eyebrows, hairs, back massage they were done with all instructions given to them by Nadia. And finally they pierced Ghazala’s nose as well. That was the most essential task to be done by these girls. Nadia had given them special instructions. Ghazala went into the changing room to get dressed. Her silk salwar-kurta felt more silky on her smooth skin now.

It was almost evening when they reached home. Nadia left immediately to her house. Ghazala could imagine Dawood asking Nadia how Ghazala looked, the first thing he would see Nadia.

Next day was the final day and it was kind of busy with so many ceremonies this evening. Their wedding was in the noon, but preparations were going on heavily since last day itself. Around 7 in the morning, Ghazala college friends and her mom wanted her to start getting ready. It was cool 4 hours before Dawood and his family to arrive at their place. Ghazala was asked to take a perfumed warm water bath, so that her entire body smells fresh. She enjoyed the bath and came out in her dressing room.

Ghazala came out of the bath in her bath robe itself. Her room had only these two girls, from parlor she went yesterday. They were professional for bride makeup. One girl came forward and handed Ghazala a pair of wine red color silk and lacy bra-panty set. It was a sexy pair of bra and panty. Ghazala is sure any guy will come in his pant after seeing a girl in such a hot undergarments. After yesterday’s encounter, she wasn’t shy in front of these girls, so just wore her bra and panty in front of them itself.

Ghazala checked herself in the mirror and felt proud of her beautiful body. Her big boobs were left half naked by the design of this bra. The girls told her they picked this bra to give enhanced cleavage. Ghazala liked it. And then nice cute panty fitted very well around her Venus mound and her ass cheeks. She just turned around and noticed most of her butts were Coming out of panty line. It was definitely a hot choice by all standards and excellent choice for wedding Night.

Ghazala was marrying another man today as she considered her younger brother. But he never looked at Ghazala with respect, but looked at Ghazala’s body with lustful eyes. Ghazala was sad but she didn’t have much choice. She has to get ready for her wedding.

It was a red color wedding lehnga-choli that Ghazala was supposed to wear. It was richly embroidered and gave an elegant look. It was heavy as well at the same time. She wore a red color petticoat and choli. Then girls made her sit on a stool in front of the huge mirror and they wanted to do some makeup, before Ghazala wear her lehnga and chunni.

Ghazala was afraid also a little bit because of unknown things and her mind was thinking of what will happen during her first night. How will her new husband treat her? Whether he will love her or just use her? Ghazala would love to be loved by her new husband and treated like an angel on her suhaag raat. She would love her husband to be nice and caring person. She didn’t realize,

While the girls finished with her first round of makeup. They was done with her cheeks, eye shadows, eye lids and dark maroon lipstick. Then they did Ghazal’s hairs and jewelry. She never imagined that a girl can wear this much of jewelry at the same time and still look beautiful. They have done it very nicely. One girl brought the lehnga and asked Ghazala to step into it while she was holding it. Ghazala followed her commands and she slipped it over to her waist and tied it nicely and tightly around her waist.

Ghazala suddenly started feeling really heavy. The girls gave her the matching sandals, silver in color with good 3 inches of heels. And then finally they brought the huge elaborate chunni and wrapped it elegantly around Ghazala’s shoulders and over her head. It was so heavy that one girl had to pin it up at least 10 different places. And now Ghazala was all ready for the show. And then finally they made her wear the nathni (nose ring) sent by Dawood.

Ghazala turned around and looked herself in the mirror. She couldn’t believe her eyes; she was really looking gorgeous and beautiful. Ghazala thought to herself, any guy would be very lucky to have her as his wife. She didn’t realize how 4 hours gone by and Dawood and his family had already arrived.

After signing the marriage contract and feeding the guests, some wedding rituals were performed. Within no time, they had wedding formalities done and Ghazala and Dawood were official husband and wife now. Now no one can stop Dawood in having Ghazala anytime. Ghazala am sure he was very delighted in his heart at this moment and just cant wait for the night. Sooner they had good-bye ceremony and feeling sad. Ghazala sat in the car with Dawood and they drove to his House.

They had short talks in the car and Dawood accepted that he is eager for the night. Ghazala blushed and her face turned red on top of her pink bridal makeup. They had an authentic welcome ceremony at his house. It was almost 06:00 PM by the time they reached Dawood’s house. They freshen up a little, rested for a while. There were so many eager guests who wanted to look at Ghazala and meet her. Ghazala know all of them of course, they were also her relative.

After some time, Nadia and other cousin sent Ghazala to Dawood’s room few minutes ahead of him, so that she can go and settle. Ghazala said bye and goodnight to everyone.

Ghazala noticed that it was a huge room and wonderfully decorated to welcome newly wed couple. It smelled of fresh roses and jasmine all over. It was really exciting to be in this room. This was the room where Ghazala is gonna start her second married life and going to surrender herself to her second husband. One wall of the room was whole mirror and Ghazala was admiring herself in it.