Treatments from Candace Vol 2

When I woke up in the morning, I quickly replayed what it happened yesterday with Candace, just thinking about her mouth on my cock made it stiffen up. I was thinking about masturbating but decided to wait and see what the day brought. I decided to go to my favourite coffee shop for breakfast, as I enjoyed my breakfast, I scrolled through text messages and noticed a message from Candace.

She started off saying that she was totally pissed off at Dan. He had gotten totally hammered at the hockey game and they home by taxi. She really chewed him out and then went to bed, a half-hour later he came in and decided that he wanted to make up with her and started foreplay, including sucking on her clit. He really went to town, sucking and licking her pussy. She let him do whatever he wanted and when it came time to stick is cock in, he could not penetrate her is cock was limp. He got frustrated and angry and got up deciding that he needed more alcohol. After he had left the bedroom, she laughed to herself thinking that he had gotten a mouth full of my cum.

This morning she had driven him back into the city so he could retrieve his truck. After dropping him at the arena she said that she was going to go shopping and she would be home sometime.
I texted her back and told her that I was having breakfast at the coffee shop and invited her to join me. 20 minutes later she arrived ordered coffee and a sandwich and sat down. She was still fuming at Dan saying that all he wants to do is drink. She is so frustrated at having to relieve her sexual tension with her fingers or a vibrator. I gave her a sly smile and said that I was more than willing to look after that problem. She nodded and said that she would really love another a good fuck right now. The problem is if she went home, Dan would be back soon, and it would be difficult to sneak over to my house. I reminded her that my SUV had dark tinted rear windows. She said so what. I said if she were to lay in the back seat, I would be able to drive right into our garage and no one would be the wiser. She thought about it for a couple of minutes and said that she would not be able to leave her car at the coffee shop because he might come by and see it. I suggested that she park in the main shopping all about fifteen miles away. The likeliness of him stumbling across her car in that large parking lot was almost zero. We drove to the mall; found a good parking spot and she parked her car before jumping in with me.

I stopped around the corner from my house so that she could climb into the back seat. Once she laid flat it was impossible to see anyone in the rear of the car. I pulled into my driveway and open the garage; I noticed that Dan and his son Kevin were outside washing Dan’s truck. I parked inside the garage, got out closed the exterior garage door, before opening the man door and going over and talking to Dan. He told me that he was really pissed off that I did not come to the hockey game, and it was all my fault that he got totally blitzed. He told me that Candace was royally pissed off and was probably on a shopping spree that was going to cost him big time. I laughed at him and told him that he had better go and pick up some flowers and prepare a good makeup meal otherwise he would be in the doghouse for months.

nd opened the door to my SUV letting out Candace. She had a huge smirk on her face because she had heard everything that was said. We went inside, and I went around lowering the blinds on the bottom level. The last thing I wanted was for someone to see her inside. We sat at the kitchen island for a couple minutes just talking and I asked her if she wanted something to drink. She said that she would love strong screwdriver, I fixed her drink and we set talking. When she finished the drink, she got up and said that she would make the refill. After she had mixed drink, I walked around behind her and slid my hands around her waist shoulders pulling her tight to my body. I slowly started to kiss the back of her neck and nibbled on her earlobes. After a couple of minutes, she spun around, and we started passionately kissing. I slid my hands up under her shirt and started to feel around the for the clasp on her bra, once I released it, I move my hands to her breast. I slowly began squeezing and releasing her breasts until the nipples become erect. I slowly unbuttoned her shirt and sliding it off her shoulders while kissing the base of her neck. I fondled her breasts for 10 minutes before sliding my easily and grasping one of her ass cheeks and with each hand and started squeezing them with my hands. Candace completely surprised me by dropping to her knees undoing my blue jeans and pulling them down. My cock instantly shot out in front of her. She looked up into my eyes and said that she really loved cock’s that were long and fat. She slowly shoved my cock into her mouth, gagging a couple of times but eventually taking most of it into her throat. She reached her up with her hand and started playing with my nuts, the feel of her cool hands on my nuts was amazing. My cock even got bigger. She slid my cock in and out of her mouth while slowly stroking the shaft, after a couple of minutes it started to leak pre-cum, she stuck out her tongue and showed me the glob on her tongue before she swallowed it. I was so horny, and I wanted to get her naked and stick my throbbing cock into her hot wet pussy. I stepped into my jeans and reached for the clasp of hers, unbuttoning them and sliding them down her legs. She stepped out of them and kicked them into the corner. I stood up and looked at her beautiful body, her erect nipples, and cleanly shaven pussy.

I took her hand and let her towards see spare bedroom where we had made love the night before. She sat on the edge of the bed, and I gently pushed her back onto the pillows. I lay beside her and slid my hands up on her thigh feeling the wetness of her pussy I get two fingers inside probing her pussy, after a couple of minutes I slid my thumb inside and gently rubbed her clit. She let out a little gasp as I played with wet pussy. I started to finger fuck her, moving faster and faster, Candace laid back on the pillow and arched her pussy towards me. I lean forward and started kissing and licking her wet throbbing pussy. I put my mouth on it and licked faster and faster, sucking her pussy made her jump all at once I felt the hot gush against my face as she orgasms. I stopped and kissed her mouth watching the excitement in her eyes. She spread her legs and guided my cock towards her wet pussy. I immediately felt her pussy squeezing my cock and pulsating around it I moved in and out of her faster and faster, the feel of her erect nipples against my chest made me so incredibly horny the bed was shaking with her movements and I came with a grunt filling her wet pussy with my hot load, I thrusted in and out of her wet pussy until I was exhausted, I pulled my cock out and rolled onto my back. Candace reached out for my cock and put it in her mouth, saying that she did not want to waste a single drop. When I felt her hot wet mouth on my cock I shot my last load, the sperm filled her mouth, and she swallowed it quickly stroking my penis slowly so that she got every ounce.

We laid on the bed for some time before Candace said she needed to get up and go to the bathroom. I went into the kitchen and started to freshen our drinks. Candace walked in with a grin on her face saying that was fantastic. She is not sure what it did for my bad back, but it was exactly what she needed. I looked at her and gave her I curious grin and said back? Then I remembered my bad back.
I made another screwdriver, but she said that she had to be careful because she had to drive home leader and she did not want to get in trouble for drunk driving. Candace went to the fridge looking for some thing that she could drink. I moved beside her and rub my hand over her bum letting a finger slide into her ass all. I could feel her tense up, as my finger probed her rosebud. She straightened up and looked over her shoulder and said that she had never taken it up the ass. I said that there was no time like the present to try it.

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