Dear sister pt2

Many weeks have passed since I’ve last had sex with my teen sister….

Hello.. my name is Mr.C.. some of you might of read my stories if you haven’t I suggest you click on my user and read them… I describe my first experience with my cousin and the experience I had with my kid sister and her friend… me and my sister have been fooling around for some time and I know she is a minor but we have “consensual” sex.

Todays story is about last week orgy, it involved me my sisters and 2 of my working buddies.. you might of read about them because they fucked my sister before. So I am going to tell you on how I sorta fucked up last weeks orgy.

My job is hard.. it is nice to go home and kick it back and relax… have a drink on the hand.. turn on the Tv and just sit there.. watching your favorite sport channel or series…. My girlfriend is beautiful, blonde hair with black highlights.. she’s a gym rat. She’s fit and has an AMAZING ass! Shes my personal sex toy but she doesn’t know it.. she believes we are “in love” but honestly I just want something to fuck male or female.. if there’s a hole there’s a goal am I right ? So… we would mostly fuck sometimes everywhere.. whenever I felt like it I would just fuck her without even asking permission.. call it abuse or rape or whatever you want but… if she makes a face of pleasure.. it’s because she wants it.

I’m not the jealous type so whenever dudes would hit on my girl I would just laugh and say to myself “ you wish you can fuck that huh ? Wouldn’t I like to see” I have a kink where I love to see my partners getting fucked by some other dude or lady. And I’ve tried before telling my girl if she wanted to have an open relationship but she wasn’t having it.. she didn’t want to sleep with any random guy or a friend per say. She only had eyes for me. Well little does she know

There are times when she’s off at work and my 14 year old sister would come over and “hang out” with me.. well that’s what she would tell our parents.. she would lie to them saying “I’m going to Stacy’s” or “I’m gonna go over to C’s house.. I’ll probably be back late at night but he’s gonna drop me off” our family never really questioned us about our relationship. For siblings we were too close to one another. And I’m not saying like do any other sibling thing like play games or gossip or talk to her about life. We did things like that too but we also fooled around.. like when I use to live with my parents me and my sister we would sometimes smack each other ass or I would hug her from the back or sometimes grab her tits and squeeze them. We would get in Trouble of course because family aren’t suppose to do that but we didn’t really care.

There was a time when my sister was 9 we were at church, most of the seats were taken and my sister was small at the time so she would sit on the floor and play. At one point she got tired and wanted to sit so I told her “Here ! Come here and sit on my lap” without questioning she got up and sat on my crotch. My mom turned to look at me with eyes that were saying “ what the hell are you doing ?!” I then tell her “what? She’s tired..let her rest when you guys go off to pray she can sit on a chair” my mom didn’t want to make a scene so she just ignored it. In the other hand I loved the feeling of her ass touching my dick, her small round ass was just perfect, I would fake to get up like trying to get comfortable but honestly I was just trying to poke my dick towards my sisters ass.. during the whole entire church my sister was sitting on my boner and man did I wish I could bend her over on the spot and just clap the living shit out of her ass cheeks. Well.. those were good times.. but that isn’t the story I’m telling today.. read carefully.

Last week Wednesday I made a plan to watch a football game with my boys but things didn’t go as planned. I got a message from my parents saying they were going to move.. they’ve asked me if I could come over and watch my sister for 3 days because they were going to drive off and see the new house. I was ok with it but my sister hasn’t been texting me for the past 3 weeks.. I wanted to know what was up so I asked mom and she said “ the darn girl is in big trouble, she’s grounded for the rest of the year, I took all her electronics away and she is not to have friends over or go over” I asked her what did she do and the next words that came out of my mom were shocking!.. she said “ this young girl left her phone on and you know how I am.. I’m sometimes nosey.. so I go through this girls phone and I see in her gallery a video of a dude having sex with your sister ! And to make things worst this person looks like an adult!!” My heart sunk I told myself “shit!.. I’m so fucking fucked.. she just watched me fuck my sister!” But surprisingly she couldn’t figure out who was the guy on the video. The video was a 2 minute long video of my sister in doggy style getting fucked by me, it was a pov video of me going in and out of my sister. In the video my sister is also saying “ give me that big cock daddy!.. give it to me !!” I’m not sure what my mom did with the videos but they were shot through my sisters phone.

From there I now know the reason why she hasn’t been texting me.. so I go over and saying good bye to my parents and head on in.. there I greet my sister and she runs up to me and hugs me and starts to cry saying “ she saw the video.. she saw us!… are they going to call the cops on you?! Are they gonna not let me see you again?!” She was really really worried and scared. So I told her “relax! Breathe!.. she told me but from the sound of her voice it looks like she doesn’t know it was me.. so you can relax.. but still… why in the hell would you leave your phone unlocked?! You know how mom is !” She replied “ I know I know! I fucked up big time ! I was tired and I wanted to shower and head to bed ! I didn’t know she was going to come in and see my phone!” I lead her to the couch and sat her down and turned on the Tv, I hugged her while she let everything out.

For 4 minutes she was crying at one point she stopped and wiped her tears and looked at my eyes.. both of our eyes locking towards each other. From that point.. I saw my sister as a woman.. she was so damn beautiful.. I fell in love with her. I then told myself.. in love with my sister ? That’s insane but.. we’ve already been fucking… and that was waayyy past love.. so at that moment I couldn’t help it.. I stole a kiss from her and she was shocked by the kiss. Without asking questions she bit her lips and kissed me and put her tongue inside my mouth and mounted me.. we were making out and trading spit, she was grinding me like an animal.. she kept moaning and kept saying “ it’s been so long!..” i said.. I didn’t care if our parents saw the video of us fucking all I cared about was the moment.

We were making out for a good 5 mins I would say.. she kept grinding on my crotch back and forth I knew she could feel my hard cock through my pants, it was like I was in a movie, I grabbed her ass and tits as we continued to kiss, I laid her on the couch where our parents watch Tv and proceeded to take her shirt off revealing those soft not so small pink nipples of hers, man how I missed them i told myself.. not waiting any longer i started to squeeze and suck on my 14 yr old sisters tits, they tasted AMAZING! as I was sucking on her nipples I moved my hands through her pants and panties and felt the wetness from her pussy.. I put my fingers inside her and saw her eyes roll back as she had a small orgasm.

10 minutes went by as we continued to pleasure ourselves. We were about to fuck when all sudden we heard a car pulling up the drive way.. I told myself “shit ! Are they back ?! Did they forget something??” I was in full panic mode cause my sister was full on naked on the couch and it wouldn’t give us time to change I sent her off the room and got dressed as quickly as I can. I peaked through the hole of the door and came to find out it was both Shawn and Miguel my friends and co workers. I felt relieved that it was them, I mean.. they knew me and my sister have been fucking.. they have joined in at some points, I open the door and welcomed them, immediately they asked “dude.. the living smells like sex.. have you 2 been having fun already?” I laughed and said “man you know how long it’s been I haven’t fucked that girl.. I couldn’t help it” I asked both of them where David is and they said he couldn’t make it due to some mechanical failure on his vehicle… and I was looking forward to sucking on his cock.

I told both Shawn and Miguel that we can have fun with my sister tonight, we have the house All to ourselves and my parents kinda live in the middle of no where so we can be as loud as we want, my friends were all in their 20s so having young flesh excited us. I go into my sister room and she tells me “is it mom and dad ? Why is it so quiet?” I open the door and say “SURPRISE!” Both Shawn and Miguel pop out smiling.. she gets up smiling saying “ SHAWN! MIGUEL! ITS BEEN SO LONG GUYS” she hugs them and kisses both of them. We talk for 3 mins and I tell her that “we are going to have fun with you. We got the whole entire house to ourselves and we can be as loud as we want is that fine with you?” My sister replies “I haven’t had dick in a minute so of course it’s fine” my sister crawled towards both Shawn and Miguel and began to make out with them, I took my pants off and sat on a chair and began to jerk off, I saw my friends grabbing my sister tits and ass and pussy and the sight of it gave me a boner.

As my sister proceeded to take their cocks in her mouth I used her pussy as my cock sleeve, fucking both her pussy and ass, her insides were gripping my cock like crazy, till this day I’m surprised my sister can take my 6 and a half inch cock. But what surprised me more was my friend Shawn.. man did he have a massive cock! For a black dude man was packing! I wanna say he had a 7 inch cock but I’m not sure. All I knew that he had one big dick. I would see my sister try to take the whole thing inside her but she couldn’t take it. I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth taking it in my mouth half way. As I was fucking my sisters pussy I was sucking on Shawn’s big black cock, sucking and jerking it.. I could hear Shawn’s groans as he grabbed my head and proceeded to fuck my mouth. He came deep down my throat.. his cum was very thick and it tasted bitter but I knew he felt good. We fucked my sister for 2 hours and half, taking turns to fuck each and every hole.

I laid on the floor taking a break when i felt a painful long rod enter my asshole. I turn to look what it was and it was Shawn’s cock trying to enter my ass. I said to him “ yo what the fuck ! That shit hurts yo! You’re too damn big” he covers my mouth and whispers in my ear “shut the fuck up and take this dick you incest pedo lover!” As I felt every inch enter me I rolled my eyes back and moan.. it was my first time taking dick in the ass.. and the feeling was so damn good. He would take it out and eat my ass and spit on his cock. As I laid on the floor grabbing onto some pillows as he pumped his huge ass black cock inside me , I looked over to the bed and saw my sister jumping on Miguel’s cock.

Shawn was fucking me in many positions, one of his favorites were reverse cowgirl, I did it for him as he watch my ass bounce up and down on his cock, I knew he was about to cum cause a minute later he threw me on the floor and fucked me bare back and put every inch inside me and came inside me.. giving me a cream pie.

Both Miguel and shawn were drained mostly shawn because he kept fucking me lol. I sent them both home and it was just me and my sister, I go back to room and see my sister smiling and giggling cover in sweat and cum.. I go up to her bed and kiss her, I get on top of her and rub my cock around her pussy. I picked her up and sat her on my cock and proceeded to fuck her. I could feel and see the cum falling from her ass. I whispered to her “ did you have fun tonight ? Huh?” She replied “ it was the best.. it felt so damn good.. what about you ? Huh? .. did you like taking dick up the ass for the first time ?” I then said to her “ you know.. it wasn’t that bad.. I kinda enjoyed it. I would do it again if I had the opportunity.” I guess the thought of her brother getting fucked by a dude excited her cause the minute I stopped talking she was jumping on my cock non stop, I knew I was about to cum but I couldn’t cum inside my sister as that would lead her to get pregnant. I told her to stop that I was about to cum but she jumped harder and faster and she said to me “ I want you to give it to me!.. give me all of it.. pour it All inside of your sister please” I grabbed her ass and turned her around and pumped her pussy until I came, it felt like heaven, I could feel every drop entering her kiddy pussy. As I remove my cock and see my semen dripping from her pussy. Reality hits me

I say to myself “Fuck! What did I just do?! I just came inside my own sisters pussy.. this is gonna get her pregnant for sure !! I’m fucked I’m so fucked” my sister then starts to laugh and I hear a car coming up the driveway i peak on the curtains and it was my parents, I grab my cloths and tell my sister that our parents are here, I rush to the bathroom and get changed. They open the door and say “we are back! The roads were closed so we had to
Come back just for tonight” my sister came out of her room and i from the bathroom both sweaty and filled with cum. Our parents then say to us “ have you guys been exercising? It smells weird in the room” we both then look at each other and say “ you can say that hehe” they didn’t think anything of it. I was still shitting myself of the thought that I came inside my sister. She then walks towards me and grabs my cock and whispers to me “I’m on the pill silly lol” i look at her and say “you little bitch” she runs off laughing and closes the door from her room. From the whole night I was sleeping at the guest room thinking of the whole entire thing. at some point i snuck inside my sister room and found her sleeping, I woke her up with my cock inside her and proceeded to fuck her for a whole hour. She went back to sleep happy and filled with cum. I’m not sure if she was serious about being on the pill but one thing I know is that cumming inside her feels amazing ! And I was certainly do it again.

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