Jenny and Amy: Part 1

I was on the couch with my sister Jenny. I was 10 and she was 7. I watched her laying there. She was so skinny and cute. I wanted to see her privates. I gently pulled up her pajamas and peeked in. I could see her pubic mound and the top of her slit. I was about to reach in when I heard her gasp.

“Timothy! What the heck are you doing?”, she said.

My heart was racing and I was shaking I was so nervous. “I….I….just wanted to see a girls… know.”, I said. She threatened to tell my parents but didn’t. I promised never to do it again.

I found a plug in cell phone charger with a spycam and bought it it with my dad’s Amazon account. I left it in the bathroom and I would watch her bathe. The water running down her beautiful young body turned me on. Watching it drop from her pussy.

I continued watching her over the next couple years. As well as watching Jenny’s friends go to the bathroom watching their baldies as they peed.

A wonderful encounter happened when I was 12. A neighbor lady, Amy, asked me to help her and she would give me a couple bucks. We got done and had some lemonade in her kitchen. She told me she thought I was cute. She asked me if it would be ok if we kissed? I didn’t see any harm in it. I thought she was going to give me a little peck like my mom did. No it was on the lips. She was fighting to get her tongue in my mouth.

“Maybe I should go.”, I said. I was embarrassed and was going to leave.

“Sit down.”, she said calmly, “Open your mouth and let me show you.”, she said. She did and her tongue entered my mouth. Something came over me. This was all new. Weird feelings. I mean I couldn’t believe it. I was kissing a real woman and she was hot! She had a thing for virgins.

“Let’s go to the couch”, she said. Off came her shirt and she showed her beautiful b-cup breasts. “I love virgins!”, she said, “I like turning young boys, like you into men. You like my tits?” I nodded. My mouth dropped open as she showed me her pussy. Beautiful trimmed with black hair on her mound with bald lips. She put my hand to it. She showed me where to touch and what felt good to her. Her pussy was moist with her juices. She put my face to her tits and had me suck them. I was hard as a rock. She opened up my pants and my cock sprang to attention as she pulled it out. She went down on it and gave me my first blowjob. Her tongue swirled on my head as she went down on my penis. Sucking hard on the way back up and repeating. Being 12 I didn’t last long.

“Mmmmmm ohhhhhh!”, I said as she gave me my first orgasm. I shot my first load into her mouth. She laughed.

She laid down on the couch. “I am going to teach you a life lesson. You master this and every girl you date is going to love you forever. I’m gonna show you how to eat pussy.”, she said. She showed me where to lick. I found this little dot thing between her folds and she told me to lick there. I did. I improvised and started sucking on it also.

“There you go!! Great!”, she said. She showed me how to finger a girl. She showed me the finger and ass trick she loved so much. One finger up her asshole and one finger in her pussy. I rubbed the the lining in between. She started getting into it now. I knew I was doing something right. I was sucking hard on her clitoris and jamming my fingers in her butt and pussy. “Uh mmmmmm”, she said. Her body was moving. I kept going. She moaned again and her legs locked on my head. Her hand held me down and I was told not to stop. She let out a loud high pitched moan and started laughing. Juices hit my face and neck as she orgasmed. I was having fun with her and kept going. She tried pushing my head away. I was giggling. She moved away from me laughing. “Stop it you horny dog!”, she laughed.

“You said, don’t stop!”, I said and laughed

“Come here!”, she said. I got on top of her and we kissed. “Put your dick in me!”, she said. I was nervous but I lined it up and slid it in. She was amazing. “They say the first time ain’t the greatest.” To quote a Prince song but she definitely was. I was being gentle sliding it in nice and slow.

“Another thing you need to figure out with a girl is whether she likes it hard and fast or gentle and slow.”, she said. “Do both and figure out what I like.”, she said. I started ramming her hard. Her hips went up with every inward thrust. She grabbed my face and made out with me. I rammed her pussy hard as I could and she was loving it. My head went back and I just yelled, “Aw Amy! Amy!” As I orgasmed. I shot my load into her pussy and I just collapsed exhausted into her lovely breasts. She kissed the top of my head. “Did you figure out what so like?”, she asked.

“Gentle right?”, I said.

“Oh yeah. If you wanna keep a girl, don’t be a smart ass.”, she said and laughed. “Come by tomorrow?”, she asked. I nodded.

I had learned a lot today. The thing I was wondering most is if I could do this with Jenny. After watching her in the bathe and shower the last couple years I wanted her pussy. I wanted to see how far I can get.

But that is a story for another time. Part two is coming.

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