Giggling girls – Episode three

The second day and two memorable second fucks

Read the first two episodes first.

It was a nice residential area, smart houses, lots of trees. No sign of anyone around except us. Tracey had a key to the front door and we were in. “We can take a drink up to my room” and she took a bottle of cola from the fridge. Her room was really nice, not scruffy or untidy. The bed was neatly made. The little angel slut was a good housekeeper!
“No time to mess about, get your clothes off” she said and her jeans were coming down already. I followed and as I started removing mine, she unfastened her little training bra. That’s gorgeous, I thought as I saw her little bumps, no more than midge bites. “Tracey, I have to kiss those lovely tits” I said and held her as my lips went down to taste a dark hard nipple. How come this is so sexy, I thought, it’s more sexy than I could ever imagine, who needs big tits? I kissed and sucked each nipple, they seemed to get bigger and harder as I sucked. I pushed her back down on to the bed. Her panties were still on but she didn’t complain as I pulled them down. My mouth was now exploring the hairless but juicy slit that I’d enjoyed so much last time.
I finished removing my jeans and pants. I took the condom out of my pocket. Tracey saw me. “I want to put it on you. Vicky’s dad used one but both times he put it on himself. I really have to learn how to do it this time. But I need a suck of real skin first. She gripped my bell-end with her sweet lips and, expertly it seemed, rolled my foreskin down inside her mouth so the cock-end was sensitively rubbing against the back of her mouth. After a while I had to say “That’s fantastic but if you don’t stop I’ll cum before we get a chance to fuck!” My prick was as stiff as it could be, she fumbled but after the pink rubber was on the end of my cock she managed to roll it down. She started wanking me but I wanted to be inside her honey-hole. She relaxed back on the bed and her open wide legs revealed her wet pink slit. I was sliding inside, I wished there was no condom but it still felt so good as my hands went round to hold her bum cheeks and pulled her against and towards me. I was inside her juicy cunt, up to my ball sack. She was starting to writhe under me, we had a rhythm that built up, she was gasping in time with our movement. “Don’t stop, I’m cumming” she said and I hit her pussy with two or three real hard pokes. Then I had to slow down and shorten the strokes as I felt my own climax spurts filing the condom.
“Tracey I love it, I love you, you gorgeous little bitch”.
We relaxed, separated but held each other close for a while.
My cock had softened and Tracey put her hand down and slowly removed the condom. She held it up to show the end, full of my spunk. She blew into it, so it was like a long balloon. “First you need to taste me” she said and pushed it to my mouth. I put my mouth round the balloon end and there was a mix of tastes, but I could taste her pussy juice. “And I can’t waste a drop” she said as she emptied the condom into her mouth. She showed me her mouthful of white spunk, rolled it round her mouth and swallowed. I kissed her slowly and tenderly, again pulling her close by the buttocks.
It was almost unbelievable, how keen this just twelve year old was for sex and more sex. Her parents weren’t coming back for a couple of hours, she said, we had plenty time for more. But I was getting nervous, if they came back early I’d be in big trouble, and I persuaded her that we should go back to the car. I made sure not to leave the condom behind as she tidied the bed. We were about to go down the stairs when the doorbell rang. Panic in my mind, but Tracey said it wasn’t her parents, they wouldn’t need to ring the bell. I was dressed again, Tracey went downstairs. Panic over, it was Vicky, shopping finished earlier than expected.
So now the three of us were in Tracey’s room. Tracey had been eager for more sex a few minutes ago but now she was just as eager to see her friend getting her share. “I’ll strip myself and you have fun with Vicky, I’ll watch” she said. I was remembering the pleasures of kissing and caressing Tracey’s pokies and realised that, although we’d had a blissful fuck, I hadn’t seen Vicky’s bare body above the waist yet. She wasn’t shy and let me put my hands inside her sweater, round the front from behind. Not a lot, but real breasts. I fumbled with her bra fastener and it was loose enough for my hands to cup them from behind. Small and firm, I could feel her nipples hardening to my touch. My left hand kept concentrating on her left tit and my right was loosening her jeans, then down inside them and her panties to find the wavy hairs I’d seen before and then the wet slit. “Come on, let’s get our clothes off” Vicky said. I wanted to take her clothes off but she was too quick, so I took off mine. I left my underpants on, I wanted to see what she’d do. Tracey was stark naked, intently watching us and fingering up and down, along her slit and into it. So sexy to see and she was enjoying herself, I could see that.
My underpants had my cock pushing a hump in them. Vicky took them down to my knees and her mouth was round my dick. She wanked my cock first with her mouth, then her hand was massaging round the top and her mouth was sucking the end.
“I’ve got a condom this time” I said, and went to my trousers to find it (I’d bought a packet of three). Tracey took her hand away from her pussy and reached out to grab the condom. “I’ve put one on him already, it’s my fun job” she said to Vicky.
I was soon on the bed with Vicky. We fucked in the missionary position with Tracey’s face watching a few inches from the action. My god, it was wonderful to be in her tight wet hole, my climax was coming closer with every stroke. It came, I was cumming, she was in time with my thrusts, it was incredible. Eventually it was over and as soon as I withdrew I felt Tracey’s lips round the condom, giving me a few more strokes in her mouth as I gradually softened. Then the two girls were writhing together in a sixty-nine.
I went to my clothes to find my phone. If Tracey can be the porn director, so can I. I got incredible close-up video pictures of the two of them, mouths on pussies, Vicky’s nice firm tits and Tracey’s growing pokies. Naughty of me to do it but I got their faces too, I wanted those pictures to remember the faces of the two hottest pre-teen nymphets imaginable that I’d been so lucky to meet. Two giggling gorgeous and sexy girls that I’ll never forget.

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