Got used by homeless men

Last July I was driving home from the fireworks display. It was about 12:01 AM When my car started acting up. I was driving through Detroit Michigan on my way home. I didn’t have my cell phone with me and it was very dark that night. I passed a service station It was back from where I just came from so I decided to walk up to see if they could help me. I cut through this alleyway and there was 3 homeless men there. One of the homeless men got up and asked if I could give him a dollar. When I went in my purse to get out a dollar for him he put his hands between my legs and started rubbing on my pussy!!! I was wearing a short skirt that night just came from a 4th of July party. Then he asked me if I wanted to suck his cock? As he stuck his fingers in my pussy. I didn’t say anything I looked over at the other 2 homeless men that were there and they already had their cocks out in their hands. Then I looked at him and said sure why not. I knew it was the only way I was getting out of that alley that night. So I got on my knees and I started sucking his dirty nasty cock. One of the other homeless men walked up behind me. He said I’m next. Then the 3rd homeless man said I’m after him. As I was sucking the 1st homeless man’s cock one of the other homeless men Pulled my panties to the side and started fucking my pussy with his Fingers. Then he asked if he could fuck my pussy with his cock? Before I had a chance to say anything he put his cock deep in my pussy and started fucking me hard and deep. I tried to pull the cock out of my mouth to tell the man to stop but his friend grabbed my head and shoved it down my throat. So the 2 homeless men were fucking my mouth and my pussy at the same time. I do have to admit it felt really good. As I started having orgasms I decided just let the 3 of them finish. When he took his cock out of my mouth for a few seconds. I told the 3 homeless men I’ll let you do what you want to me just don’t come inside of me. Then he shoved his cock back in my mouth. Then the 3rd homeless guy tried to fit his cock in my mouth with the 1st homeless guy’s cock. I couldn’t fit both of their cocks in my mouth at the same time they were both too big. Then they pulled their cock out of me and told me to stand up. The one homeless guy laid down on a piece of cardboard laying in the Alley And told me to ride his cock like a cowgirl. By this time they already had my underwear tour off. So I climbed on top and slid his cock in my pussy. And one of the other homeless guys put his cock back in my mouth. Then the 3rd homeless guy went behind me and split his cock in my ass and the 3 of them fucked me like that for a very long time. It felt really really good. Now I wanted them to keep going I didn’t want them to stop. I felt the 1st man come in my pussy after I told them not to obviously he didn’t listen. And other 2 continued fucking my mouth and my ass. Then the man grabbed my head shoved his cock way down my throat almost gagging me and he came deep in my throat. But he didn’t pull out he had me continue sucking his cock. By this time the guy in my pussy was hard again and he started fucking my pussy again. Then the 3rd man came in my ass. He didn’t stop either the 3 of them continued fucking me like that for a while. Then one at a time they started coming in me again. By the time they finished I had 3 loads of cum in my pussy and 3 loads of cum in my ass and 3 loads in my mouth. Then when they finally let me up. They asked me if I enjoyed it? I said yes I did but I asked you not to cum in me. The one man said oh we didn’t hear you. One of the other men said you’re a pretty big woman how much do you weigh and I told him almost 500 pounds. Then he told me I was going to pull out of you except I couldn’t get you off me you were too heavy sorry. Then one of the men said to me Hey if you ever get lonely just walk down this alley we’re here every night we don’t mind your size will take care of you anytime. Then he asked me for a dollar again. By this time the sun started coming up. They fucked me for a very long time. I didn’t even have time to go home and shower before I had to go to work. So I hailed a cab and took the cab to work and called the garage and had then pick up my car to fix it. They’re cum was running out of me all day as I sat there at work. I was used as a cum dumpster that night. By 3 homeless men. I know it may sound strange to some people reading this but it was very exciting and I did enjoy it a lot. 2 Weeks went by. And one night sitting home I was depressed. I stopped at a pizza place and decided to bring the 3 homeless men a pizza. And I let them use me again until the sun came up. This is just another experience in my life that I share with those who like to read them.

Darlene J Malewit