New young neighbors with two kids, they all made my night – Part TWO

New young neighbors with two kids, they all made my night – continued Part TWO

(I had really needed a break there , sorry about that)

I have to say that I could not think of any thing on this earth I would not love more, this family was fantastic! i had nursed both my kids, and I have had many a person suck away on my tits, but it felt like these two young things were maybe sucking so much and so hard on my boobs that they were really going to get some long lost milk outa them! Their Dad behind me, had my pussy so happy, I have not been pounded on so good by a nice hard cock in some time.

I had lost count of how many times I had cum , and it was so difficult to eat the Mom’s pussy I had my face planted in, with all the other action going on. She did have one fine sweet pussy, with a cute button which matched her hard pointing nipples. I so loved guiding my tongue over and around her clit, and part her lips pushing my tongue inside. I know Mom had a great view of all the action going on, and not to say I am the greatest pussy eater, but I was doing a very good job of it, and was sure she was cuming just as much as I.

The Dad’s hard pounding of his cock into my pussy from behind would push my face into his wifes pussy each time he rammed into me. His pumping got a bit jerky, and started going off, then I felt his hot cum fill my pussy. All this going on, and those two little ones just kept sucking away.

As her Dad pulled out, and sat back on his butt. The daughter removed her mouth from my tit, and with some muscles I wish I still had, moved on the soft carpet until she had her face right between my legs. She began to use her fantastic pussy eating and sucking skills, going to town on trying to get every drop of her Dad’s cum drained out of my pussy.

Mom could not take anymore, she was pushing my head away, and trying to close her legs. Made me a bit sad, but was looking forward to return later. The timing was just fine though, as the young boy had stopped sucking on my boob and flipped onto his stomach and moved over in between his sister legs and began to enjoy her sweet little bald soft pussy. I looked down, his young soft ass cheeks were just below my face. I moved my head down and parted his butt cheeks with my nose and tongue, dropped to my elbows and used my hands to part those sweet cheeks. My tongue finding his little hole, and I began to rim him. A very tight little hole it was, but I was able to get the tip of my tongue in and out a few times.

I was at the point of not being able to take anymore just then, and moved to my right a bit and dropped onto my side, closing my legs just like their Mom had. The Dad was still sitting on his butt, looking on, just like the Mom was doing as she sat. The two young ones, they had a good plan, the son moved up onto his sister, and they started fucking. It was a great view for me, I could see his cock moving in and out of her pussy. Ah to be that young again.

As the sister and brother went at it like little rabbits, their Dad stood up and asked us two older gals if we wanted a fresh beer, before he took the chicken out and put it on the BBQ grill. We both gladly took him up on that offer. I moved up to sit with my back to the sofa and held onto the Mom’s leg, we sat their watching the two rabbits humping away. Our two cold refreshing beers were delivered.

As I drank my beer and watched the show in front of me, I was so happy to have these new neighbors.