Halloween Party

Though the interest in exhibitionism developed in my mind from the early age of eleven I was always scared what if someone finds about it. Or what would happen if they know that I am all time thinking about exhibitionism. During those few weeks at aunt Flora’s place, I was almost alone. My ways of wandering completely naked in the forest for days were not known to aunt. There were only a few occasions when the boys from the village on the other side of the forest came across and managed to play with my fully displayed naked body. That freedom of being completely naked outdoor ignited a fully developed fireball in my mind demanding to do more and more. Many times, I would go crazy controlling my urge to be naked in public. I somehow always managed to be careful to make my attempts of exhibitionism look purely accidental.

Another problem was frequent moments due to my Mom’s job. My school was changed every time we moved to the new place. This was during my first few months in this new school. It was taking time to make friends. Most of the time I was with my books. People considered me a kind of shy person. I was more likely found with a book in hand, reading in a quiet corner of the school grounds every recess and lunch break. I’d walk home by myself. I answered correctly most of the time when I was asked questions in class, and I played quite frequently in the gym; but when given the option, I would remain silent. Though, the urge for exhibitionism was raging in my mind like a huge fireball. I was desperately searching for occasions for getting into something really daring.

I remember that it was one of the very hot days in September of last year. The cool grass under my body contrasted with the heat at the late –summer’s sun striking my back; I was lying down, with a book, in hand, as usual. I was reading some erotic and romantic book which I was hiding from my mom, when Jossy ( I did not know his real name—I just named him Jossy) walked past me, barely noticing me, I was sure. I returned to my reading with a forlorn shake of my head, just for once, that someone would notice me. I must have read for a few more minutes before I heard a shout, “Jossy, Come. Check this out!” From the nearby basketball courts, where a few of the boys were clustered.

A few seconds later, Jossy walked past me, and I realized that he was smilingly looking back at me. I was sure it was my imagination, and then realized he was probably smiling at whoever he’d been with behind me. I looked over my shoulders expecting to see some other girl, but there was no one within fifty feet. But then what had Jossy been doing standing so close to me. Maybe he was reading or just sitting and thinking. I did not know much about him except that he was from very a high-class family and was known for teasing the girls.

I looked back towards him, to catch him turning away from me quickly and joining what was now a tight huddle with his buddies,
I returned to my reading that erotic portion of the story. A few minutes later though, I was laying on the grass, on my stomach, comfortable with my ankles shifting between crossed and uncrossed up in the air. My knees spread about a foot apart. That in itself wouldn’t have mattered, but today I was wearing a skirt that I had purchased which my mom would never approve for me to wear. It was an ultra mini skirt, reaching barely half the thighs when I stood. Laying down, and with the movement of my legs, I guess the part covering the back of my legs had risen quite up; as a quick shoulder –check told me –and was pulled straight across, the fabric trapped under my thighs from where I had lowered myself to the grass.
It seemed crazy – why would Jossy have been looking up my skirt- what would he have seen anyway. I was wearing my special birthday underwear that was like a micro thong pantie, but it would all have been in shadow anyway. I sniffed the air to see if I could smell smoke or pot – perhaps that’s what he’d been doing behind me. Either way, he couldn’t have seen anything and why would he want to? Stupid Jossy.

I returned my eyes to my book, deciding it didn’t matter. Jossy hadn’t noticed me before today, and I doubted he’d remember me tomorrow. The ringing of the end-of-recess- bell allowed me to ignore the fact that I had not read a word since looking back to my book. I could not concentrate in the class because of Jossy. All day I was only thinking about him.

That night I spent at least an hour on the floor of my room, my mirror propped against the wall. I was trying to figure out what Jossy may have seen under my skirt. More likely, he wasn’t even looking.
I went to bed telling myself that.

The next day by the time I’d left home for school, I’d managed to shower, have breakfast, and try on six different outfits, something I’d never done before. I settled on a jean skirt that came above mid-thighs, shorter than what some girls wore, but good for me; I don’t think I’d worn it since I was less than thirteen. I had decided to conduct a test today, but didn’t want to be sleazy; the result was this skirt, and proper pair of tiniest sheer light black string pantie underneath. If someone would get a glimpse under my skirt he or she would think that I am without underwear. Jossy did try to look up my skirt again. Actually, that was not any way closer to real pantie; it was just a single thin string running along my pussy slit. So if Jossy really would have looked up under my skirt he would have been invited by my fully exposed hairy pussy. I am almost his age after –all. Over the picked-up jean skirt, I wore my normal white top shirt without a bra inside, and sandals topped my ensemble.

I walked to school, my mind trying to come up with things I’d say to him if I caught him looking up my skirt again. It didn’t really cross my mind, then, that I was doing everything in my power to encourage him to look up my skirt.

At the morning break, the sun was out, and I couldn’t quite get up my nerve to lay on the grass again. I did see Jossy, though, as he walked back and forth. It may have been my imagination, but I was sure he was looking for someone. I was invisible though, hiding in the doorway far

From yesterday’s reading spot. Before I could get up my nerve, the bell rang and I returned to class.

I didn’t take my lunch down to the cafeteria during the lunch break. Instead, I went immediately outside, before I lost my nerve, and lay down on the grass, my body pointed towards a fence, and my neck propped up on my bookbag. I’d thought about my best location, and the only reason for anyone to stand in that spot along the fence was to look up my skirt. If Jossy went there, I had him.

I lay there reading, trying to relax and likely squirming more than ever before. Should my feet be together or apart? Should my knees be up or down? Should it be together or apart? I finally settled on a set of few positions:-leg down, one leg bent at knee and foot pulled up beside my calf;—– or— both knees pulled up, with knees together, but ankles splayed apart; — or— legs together, straight along ground.
I soon almost gave up and realized I’d actually hoped he’d show up. I was that desperate for attention. I thought, that I wanted a boy to try to look up my skirt. I returned to my book and was flipping pages. And there I noticed someone walking along the fence line. I was smooth, not shifting my eyes to look- I didn’t want to give myself away or let them know I’d seen them. Right now, I was on my back facing the sky; I had my both knees pulled up together but the ankles splayed apart, my knees forming the point at the top of a triangle, my feet about a foot apart, flat on the ground. Because of my feet apart all my pussy inside the skirt was exposed for all to see if standing at the suitably correct position.

I flipped a page, hoping it seemed like I was still reading, suddenly aware of what I had orchestrated. Sure it was all my pussy with the black string cutting deep in my slit he’d see, but would he realize that? And why I was feeling so warm and flush, breathing heavy, and wanting desperately to squirm?

Sure enough, the boy stopped just out of my line of sight, directly between the fence and my – to be cross- ass. Whoever it was, was definitely able to see up my skirt, I flipped another page, wondering how long before I needed to flip another, I couldn’t concentrate on reading but didn’t want to break cover. I altered the position slightly; keeping my left knee still pulled up and dropping my right leg down and stretching straight, and revealing my erotic pussy completely. I was also able to quickly glance over the top of my book and confirm it was indeed Jossy. And he was looking.

The bell went, and I gave it to instinct, not knowing what else to do. I gathered my bag, book, and self, and went back into class, pretending Jossy wasn’t even there, just fifteen feet away from me.

I did notice he was blushing. But then, so I was probably a bit flush too.
That night my mirror was against the wall, my feet on either side of it, and I was wearing the bikini bottoms and skirt…. Sliding the fabric around and seeing what could be seen normally, or what could be seen with some careful positioning. Now don’t think I just went out and flashed everyone I saw. I was actually a bit scared. Not of the pleasure, no, but of what people would think if they found out. I dressed like usual for the next few days, avoiding anything revealing except at night. I locked myself in my room each night, trying on different outfits, and seeing what would be seen depending on how I moved my body or the fabric. What happened if this extra button was undone. And always with the mirror- I wanted to see what “Jossy” would see. And above all but my carefully crafted fantasies, I touched myself. I explored every part of my body. They were soft then rough, slow then rapid… and I revelled in it. I also did a lot of laundry. I really been getting wet.

Then my additional activities started where I had to interact with the students from other schools. There I heard from other girls about the urge for exhibitionism. I learned that I was not alone. But there were others like me, who got off on showing off. It was a release to know that I wasn’t alone and that everyone wasn’t repulsed – and especially that a lot of boys and girls loved to watch. At school, while dressed normally, I’d not been idle. I’d continued to scout out locations that might be of use should I ever give in to my new fantasies.

Once I was reading another erotic book in the library. It was a small cubical for two students. Across the partition behind me, someone was speaking. Presumably, they were unaware bout my presence. My attention was diverted because I heard mention of Josse. The boy was telling that Josse also goes there and was trying to convince the girl for attending a Halloween party with him. She appeared to be reluctant because of the unauthorized drinks and nudity which goes on at that party. Without reading my book I focused on getting many details from their conversation. Attending that Halloween party would be great. If I could find a way to conceal my identity it would be easy and safe for my extreme dare without getting caught.

The next day began far too soon. I got dressed like usual, in my kilt, a white blouse, and white ankle –socks on. I opted for a baby blue short skirt and looked quite innocent, I thought. Though I excluded wearing my pantie and bra under that. With my long duffel coat, I was quite presentable at the school and was not looking out of place.
On arrival at the school, I put my coat in my locker and went off to my first class, then my second, waiting impatiently for recess. By now, I’d figured out where Jossy’s locker and classes were and decided to position myself on the ledge at the bottom of the stairs where he might notice me. Many boys and girls were wandering and I tried to shift myself without being obvious, adjusting my kilt so that if I spread my legs a bit, the fabric of my skirt would straighten across the top of my thighs, providing an open view between my legs.

I pulled out the same book to read and waited.
I actually got quite involved in my book and had almost forgotten my purpose. I realized somehow I’d let my legs drift apart a bit more than was decent when I realized there were two boys I didn’t know watching me from the bank of lockers across from where I was sitting. I knew they could see right between my legs and that I was not wearing any panties since my knees were at least a foot apart. I kept reading, noticing them whispering back and forth as they continued to stare. I began to get aroused at the idea of these boys seeing my hairy pussy, and I had to remind myself not to get carried away. I did, though, shift to sit cross-legged on the wide ledge, ensuring that my kilt was pulled tight across my knees. The boys adjusted their position and it was obvious they were trying to maintain view- something they achieved by slouching a bit less, I think.

I flipped a page and realized that I was getting wet and had to struggle to resist squirming. At that point, I realized that I should stop, and, as casually as possible, I put my book in my backpack and slid off the ledge. I walked away from there most casually but felt like I was dripping down my thighs.

I smiled at Jossy as I walked past him, and he did a double-take; I heard him ask his friends who I was. I realized that I’d smiled at him…I’d done something to bring attention to myself and it had been ok – hell, he’d looked at me. And those boys had looked at me. And damn, I was turned on.

I spent the rest of the day,, including my lunch break, lost in thought considering what I’d done and what the result had been. And I knew I had to do more. But I had to do it discretely.
I have to attend that Halloween party I made up my mind before I was home an hour later, in my room.

The next few days I saw myself alone at home because my mom was very busy with her interior decorator customer. I spent most of the time in my room trying on everything I owned, figuring out what would work for showing off. And what would be most suitable for getting me off? Halloween, only two weeks away, seems to be the perfect opportunity for my extreme exhibitionism.

I collected all the information about that party. The party was scheduled at the old clubhouse, not in use, and was three miles from my house. There was a small children’s park behind the club where I could keep my bicycle. The timing mentioned was eight to ten only but unofficially it continues beyond midnight. Girls were allowed free entry and all have to pay for snacks/food and drinks. Security arrangements are there for safety reasons during party time. I heard that all heaven comes down after the security is gone. I had to figure out a costume- something that covered my face – and something that showed off as much as possible. I had to get my costume.

I found a local shop that sold Halloween suits and went down to see what they had. They had a range of colors and styles, some with open faces, and some that completely covered the face. Some were metallic, others matt. I spent a fair bit of time looking at them, trying to think of a way to incorporate them into a costume of some sort.

I let the saleswomen know that I was ok on my own, and just trying to decide on a Halloween costume. I looked at various accessories and even other costumes that were there. Some costumes were good to completely conceal one’s identity, which is what I was searching for.

Some of the fabric, I noticed, was very sheer- like a light pair of nylons- if nothing was worn underneath it. The other was thick enough to be completely opaque. The sheer category, obviously, was intended to be worn with inner garments. There were some with a very common and usual theme but with new and latest techniques.

I finally settled on a cat-girl suit, with a head to cover the face and back of the head. The suit was sheer completely transparent nylon with light brown patches printed on it which would make it look like a golden brown cat with gray or black patches of fur. With the cat head on it, the suit would be the best for me. I selected another exactly similar version of cat- girl suit. It was basically body paint; easy to Do It Yourself Suit. The box contained detailed instructions and various items. It contained white and yellow paint tubes to be applied all over the body. It came with rolling brushes attachable to extended handles for covering the back and side of your body. Another bag contained more than ninety body paint stickers. I would have to apply those stickers one by one over my painted body properly and pull off the sticker which would leave a painted impression of black or gray cat fur. I would exactly look like body painted cat girl. The body-painted cat girl suit was most suitable to go completely naked for the Halloween party. Finally, I paid for both and got them for me.

Over the next few nights, I read and reread the instructions for body painted cat girl suit and tried on me the nylon cat girl suit in my room. I even tried other innocent-looking different combinations which I already had. I finally settled on two options – one for showing it to my mom – which was a pair of shiny white jogging, a wide, red, leather belt raincoat. The catgirl suit was for the Halloween party which I was attending without letting my mom know about it. My best purchase was a full Cat –girl suit. The cat head mask had a very realistic attractive cat face with openings for eyes and nose. I modified the cat head by attaching beautiful pointy ears. I worked out a very detailed method about how I was going to use it on Halloween day. I was going to be the most perfect and completely naked very erotic cat-girl at the party.

A week before the Halloween party I put on the shiny white jogging costume selected earlier for Halloween and paraded for my mom. She thought it was great. I was wearing hip-hugging shiny white joggings and a loose off white t-shirt; a wide red leather belt and black running shoes. It was a perfectly suitable modest Halloween dress for a girl like me. What my mom did not know was I was going to wear my purchased Cat- girl suit at the party. Like all other girls and boys, I was very excited for Halloween.

However on the Thursday evening before Halloween on Saturday, my mom came into my room to tell me that she has to go out of town for her another visit for her interior decorator customer and will be back on Tuesday. She cautioned me to be safe and careful and be back home in time after the Halloween party. My mom left for her visit to another town On Friday evening. I got up a little late on Saturday morning; had a very good rest in the afternoon and started getting ready for Halloween evening. This was really very good. I did not have to wear the shiny jogging costume now. I would wear just the Cat-girl suit and go for a Halloween party.

I picked up my special purchase of cat- girl suit; opened the instructions which I knew in detail by now. I got naked and applied the first layer of white paint all over to the front of my body except nipples. Then using the rolling brushes applied the yellow paint on my legs, hands, and sides including underarms and inner thighs. I could easily use the same rolling brushes to paint my butt and butt crack looking into the mirror. For painting my back I had to stand in front of the mirror and use specially provided extensions to paint my back nicely. After my painting work for about ninety minutes, I felt satisfied. Other work was pretty easy. I picked up the body paint stickers and applied them on my body parts one by one as per the instructions. I had to hold and pat the sticker on my body and pull it out carefully leaving the painted impression on my body. It really looked like the furry patches everywhere on my body as shown in the picture. Wow!! My entire body was now looked like golden brown fur of cat skin. It was exactly looking like the soft fur of the golden cat. Next, I picked up black color patches and stuck them on my body at open spaces, and repeated a similar process. After the removal of patches, I was really looking like a real golden brown and gray cat except for my face. At the back now I glued the cattail in the butt crack. I tried the mirror and I looked like an amazingly beautiful cat. There were more additional patches for making cat breasts and nipples. I placed those very carefully; particularly on my breast swelling and lower abdomen and painted my perky nipples light pink. I used additional white color to paint some areas under the arms and between thighs to look better.

Now only mismatch was my hairy armpit and long thick pussy hair. I had exceptionally thick and five inches long pussy hair. I used the curling rod giving many curls to my pussy hair. I adjusted myself in front of a large mirror and started painting my pussy hair with matching black and brown tint. After working for about another thirty minutes it looked great. Underarm hair and pussy hair was now a perfect match and looked sooo real matching with other furry patches. It all looked very real. In the lowered lights no one would be able to make out that I am wearing only a thin coat of color paint over my naked body. I carefully examined each part of my body and was satisfied that it looked perfect. Even my hairy pussy and armpit hair was looking quite natural furry. Then I colored my face too like a cat though I was going to use the cat mask. Now if I would go naked I would be a perfect cat. After the paint was completely dry and my body looked like a real furry cat, I wore a similarly printed sheer nylon catsuit. My painted body perfectly blended under a completely sheer nylon catsuit because of the very matching colors and furry patches all over my body. Now I looked like a nicely dressed cat girl. Wearing the cat mask on the face and cat claw gloves on my hands completed my Cat-girl costume except for cat claw shoes. I then examined my appearance in my room with the lights on, off, and at dusk, trying to simulate what people might see. The suit was stretched out a bit more than my experiments in the store and had holes in it for nipples and pussy, but still left some possibility that no-you weren’t seeing bushy pussy or the nipples of that girl was the reality. In bright light, it was fairly obvious that you were indeed seeing the nipples through the opening in the fabric-even my belly button’s shadow, where it receded from the fabric was clear. The suit showed every curve of my body, pulling up into the separating my ass cheeks a bit. It pulled up very tight around my pussy with painted pussy hair popping out from the pussy hole of the suit and my lack of underwear was very obvious. As it was, it was very erotic. I looked for the time and realized that it was already eight evening time. I looked outside and saw that it was almost dark. I would have to rush to the party location as it was a little far from my house. And then at that moment highly excited, I decided not to wear the sheer fabric suit and just go naked wearing only a color coat and furry patches. I had my plan ready for going to the Halloween party. Everything seemed so exciting and thrilling.

Removing my nylon suit I came out completely naked wearing only body paint and saw that street lights appeared very deem. I gulped and took a plunge. Locked the house and hid the keys at a hidden secured place. I cycled off wearing nothing over my painted body, I had the mask covering my face and just an additional tiny yellow printed shoulder bag hanging from the side of my bicycle…it would not take me more than twenty minutes to reach there. I saw a few people walking with their children all wearing Halloween costumes along the walkways where I was cycling. At places, I had paused to greet them saying “Happy Halloween” Some children even had a picture taken standing alongside me. They all saw me from a very close distance but no one noticed that I was completely naked. It was tremendous excitement and thrill to cycle all that distance naked and even stop for chatting and having a photograph with them. There was no possibility that I will meet someone who knows me.

I parked my bicycle behind the clubhouse in the children’s park leaving my bag on the cycle. It was a low light area at the late evening time of eight-thirty. From here I had to walk around the clubhouse through the crowd of many people. I found myself walking completely naked on the street very confidently. I was now clad only in black shoes painted with cat claws and a thin coat of paint over my naked body; a cat hood covering my face and back of head completely and cat claws on my hands.

With the hood pulled over my face, in the low light, I was absolutely the perfect cat girl going for a Halloween party walking along the street. My key and some cash went into a tiny pouch under the cattail at my back. My nipples perked up in late evening cool air. I even walked past many people through the brightly illuminated area but they could not see that I was naked. I could hear the people’s noises while nearing the house. I rounded the corner and there it was; it was a large house with a big yard. Most of the people were inside, but a few young boys and girls dressed in Halloween costumes stood on the steps. I did not recognize any of the people there, neither they knew me; hell, I possibly was the last person they’d expect at any party, let alone dressed like I was- and that was if they even knew who I was.

I neared, throwing my shoulders back, and pushing my breasts out my nipples erotically sticking out. I started climbing the steps as one of them said, “Fucking awesome!” I nodded my head in silence, smiling under my mask as I walked past and up the stairs.

“Oh my fucking God. Did you see her ass? Seems like she is fucking naked?”

“That is perfect…perfect…”

I stood taller hearing those comments as I walked up the stairs into the house. I knew I was getting wet already, and hoped that it wouldn’t wash up the paint between my legs.

I walked in the front door, both relieved and disappointed that the lighting was much lower than it was in the stores where I’d bought the suit. But that was probably ok. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this. I immediately had to squeeze through a crowded hallway and did so by raising my arms above my head and trying to slip through between bodies. Instead, I managed to rub up against a fair number of bodies, and I-I believe now-had a few bodies rub against me.

I received some very positive comments from the sober, “That is awesome Cat-girl costume- the new one right? And drunk,” Nice cat tits!!”

I enjoyed them all. My nipples were hard and sticking out and I was leaning back, perhaps more than I needed, as I worked towards the end to the area clear of people; my breasts were pushed forward and up with my arms raised, and I felt some hands at my ass and around my pussy.
I reached an uncrowded spot away from the entryway and wandered into the living room. People were scattered around, some on couches talking-even a few making out- all in costume. There were slutty nurses and was one brave girl almost naked in a vintage worrier girl. The boys were dressed in unoriginal outfits, Cowboys, Romans, and various athletic genres. There was one dressed in a short toga. He had nice shoulders.
I could not believe that I cycled all the way to this place completely naked and now I was standing here in a fully crowded hall, I slowly moved towards the corner staying out of people’s way. I was quickly, though, joined by a boy. He introduced himself as Chris. He was dressed in Tuxedo.

“Hi, I love your costume.”

I nodded not being drawn into speaking; just said “Miaow” which was a bonus of my character, she didn’t talk, or at least my version of her didn’t.
“Ah, you are staying in character I see. God, is it ok that I say you look amazing. Anyway, I brought you a drink, would you like it?”

I shook my head, and then followed it with a nod I hoped that he noticed that I appreciated his offer.
He moved a bit closer, to me, crowding me into the corner, “Did you make the costume yourself?”

I could tell by the slurring of his words that he was pretty drunk.
I nodded and gave a bit of curtsey to him, and finished up in a chest thrusting erotic pose.
He stared at my breasts and said, “Wow! Is this fabric? Can I touch it? How did you get the fur looking so perfect?”

I nodded and reached out my arm to him, but he didn’t reach out. He instead walked in closer to me and, looking right into my eyes, traced the beautifully painted fur patch across my chest…. Or should I say my breasts. As his fingers traced along the side and underside I shivered, closing my eyes and leaning back into a corner.

“I love this paint on you. You have done an amazing job. Um … you are actually completely naked here?”

I paused here, feeling like I’d been caught out. I didn’t want to admit that I was naked, but I didn’t want to lie. Instead, I opted for shrugging my shoulders as I ducked down under his arm.
I heard him whistle as I moved into the party more, exploring the house. And letting myself be seen.

A girl came up to me, dressed as Batgirl. She was sexy. I gave her a thumbs up and she smiled. “Hi, I love your costume- but who are you?”
I shrugged away in a friendly way and she laughed!!

“Maybe I’ll get to find out later,” she questioned with a slur. She wandered off drunkenly and I watched as Chris approached her with an extra drink in hand. I did not know who she was but realized that I didn’t mind the attention. It was all so new and novel- having people notice me naked.

I was thinking to move out to the backyard when I heard a conversation, “Why security has gone so early?”

And someone replied, “Maybe it is supposed to go by now.”

Soon I could see more people moving to the backyard and milling about there, and there was a bit more space. And it was dark. I realized that while I’d been standing around, several boys, though I did not know any of them, were staring at me. I needed to get out in the cool air and get them staring at me from very close. I was feeling very horny and dripping wet while standing completely naked with those boys.

I found a quiet corner and didn’t think anyone had followed me from inside. I took in the scene, realizing that my naked state under the brown and white furry paint costume was easy to be noticed.

I’d never been to a real party before- I mean one with drinking and so cheek-pinching boys. As I relaxed in the shadows, confident that I wasn’t being stared at, I took a look in the backyard. It was a fair size. Near the center was a fire pit with a nice campfire blazing away. Coolers were scattered around the people sitting by the fire on logs- some even on coolers. Every few minutes someone would stand, grab a beer or some drink from the cooler, be it the one on which they sat or one outside the ring. I’d hear the snatches of conversation; it was interesting and freely discussing breasts and nipples or a girl’s pussy hair and penises.

I wasn’t the only girl there dressed like revealing though I was completely naked under the thin coat of paint. I recognized a girl from my school dressed as Wonder girl in a tiniest sling string bikini painted on her body and shiny red boots; it was most revealing. There were two girls, French maids, and a naughty nurse. Over there was a girl in an abbreviated school girl’s costume. Her white panties kept flashing into view in the darkness. I liked that.

One of the boys was dressed as a caveman, while another was a fisherman for some reason; his bikini kept skewing and showing everything under it. There were two boys, hitting on wonder girl, though only one of them had a good costume.

And there was a caveman with a really attractive body barely covered in his goat-skin tunic. From my vantage, I looked towards him as he sat by the fire, and I quickly realized that the fire lit up his underwear under his skin. I couldn’t really see anything, but I was enjoying this standing naked there. I imagined how big he might be under his briefs- was he circumcised or not- was he hard or soft, I must have been thinking crazy. He was close enough to fire that his night vision was shot- none of those around fire noticed me watching from thirty feet away in the corner of the yard. I watched for quite a while and enjoyed watching drunken people walk over. Those around the fire noticed and laughed after a bit, and I heard one of the guys call out, “We want to see what’s under her costume, not yours!” As the guy’s leopard skin was pushed out of the way, I think that the caveman was embarrassed,( sadly allowing his costume to again cover him) and they moved away from the fire with laughter following them.

I was surprised at that moment, by a flash of light and the clicking of camera. As my eyes recovered, I saw a camera holding cowboy standing there. “I hope you don’t mind. I’m getting photos of everyone at the party.” He said.

I shook my head, and shifted nervously, I realized that even in the dark he could see me naked.

“I get it” he guessed, “you’re staying in character tonight, and not talking, just like the Catgirl. Cool.”

I nodded and stepped toward him, not sure what I was going to do. As I stepped into the light though, that was answered for me. “Let’s take some good poses!” He said.

It was Batgirl who found me in the yard. She was drunk, and trailing behind her was Chris.

“Fantastic idea, let’s do it?” He looked toward me as he responded, obviously hoping I’d go along with it. I had no trouble agreeing with a nod and held my hands with a shrug to indicate “What next?”

“OK, let’s get the two of you on your own into action poses first.”

That was easy enough, I stood proud, my chest out, and butt sticking out like a pouncing cat. The camera was more focused on my ass and pussy. Click. Click.

I tried crouching in ready to attack cat manner on all fours. Again focused on a hairy patch of my pussy. Click. Click.

Batgirl stuck a few heroic poses, and the camera clicked away.

He asked us to pretend to encounter each other and then fake a fight, all in slow motion, it sounded easy enough and I nodded.

Batgirl and I backed up until he said, “OK, move toward each other, but slowly.”

Click. Click. We each crept along, our motions overly dramatic. Click. Click. A recognization sequence and he moved in closer, focusing on each of our faces in succession. Click. click.

This was fun, I was able to act completely naked in public behind my cat mask. I put myself in the place of Catgirl and rushed at her spreading my legs wide apart and arms raised in an attacking manner. Click. Click.

Everyone was intently staring at my painted pussy and armpit hair. She in turn shook her fist at me in slow motion, and he stepped back to get all of our bodies in the frame again. Click. Click. We began to grapple. Click. Click.

And when she grappled my breasts, click. Click. click. Click. Click. Click. Click. I backed up and placed myself on the grass on my back like a cat does purring, spreading legs and hands, and wants to be felt at her belly, “Awe, that was good, hot,”. By this time everyone knew that I was completely naked.

I imagined. Nobody knew who I was, and did not care even if they see me naked or touch and feel even my breasts and pussy; it was fun to have contact with anyone, and damn it, I was getting horny. She moved toward me in a crouch. Click. Click.

As she leaped at me I stretched my hands fully on the grass with my breasts touching the grass and head turned towards her. I was on my knees with my ass raised up in the sky; my pussy fully thrust towards for her to finger my dripping cunt and lick. Click. Click.

She came behind me sniffing my pussy. I responded making sexy noise “Miaow” Click click.

Batgirl parted my pussy with both her hands and parted pussy lips pulling engorged clitoris. Suddenly she lifted me upside down holding my knees and started eating my pussy smearing my pussy with her blood-red lipstick. Click. Click.

She posed looking into the camera with her mouth and lips all red like she was eating blood from my pussy. Click. Click.

Dropping me down she leaped in my front and I rolled back onto the cold grass, realizing just how warm I was at that moment. Click. Click. Doing things in slow motion let me consider, a bit, how I was posed. At that moment, I was on my back with Batgirl straddling me. Click. Click. Click. Click.

The photographer boy, I realized was moving around us as she leaned over and held my wrists down. Click. Click. Click. Click. As he passed out of my field of view, behind Batgirl, I hoped my excitement wasn’t showing through my dripping pussy hair, and trusting that in the low light, I don’t know how much could be seen. Click. Click. Click. “Now, fight back Batgirl.” He suggested. She lifted her legs high while squirming and hooked my feet around her shoulders. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. I then flipped her down, she laughed as she fell. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

We clenched hands now and wrestled as we sat legs splayed, on the grass. It was cold, but I didn’t notice. Click. Click. Click. Click. Suddenly, she leaned forward and kissed my mask. I pressed back, though I couldn’t feel much through the material. Click. Click. Click.

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Her hands released mine and we embraced, pulling each other closer. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

I felt one of her hands on my breasts. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. She began rolling my nipple in her fingers, and I let out a quivering sigh. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Next moment she held me in front of her and pulled my right leg up making me stand on my left leg wide spread exposing my pussy to be photographed. Click. Click. Click. Click. And then I realized, most of my furry patches had fallen off and my naked skin was exposed to be photographed. Because of rolling on the wet grass, even the body paint was gone and my bare skin was visible almost all over. I was posing now my naked body without any cover of body paint. With every click was a flash. And a flash was bright light; my naked body was clearly visible in bright light.

I pulled away, she still holding me with my pussy and naked breasts facing the camera. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. I quickly stood thinking how to get out of here; still facing the camera and the crowd of fifteen or so people around me. Click. Click. Click. Click.

And I ran. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

Pushing through the house and the people at the front, I ignored the, “Oh don’t leave yet!!” And, “Oh my God, look she is fucking complete naked!!” Or “Look at her dripping wet pussy hair and tight ass!!” Comments.

I made to my cycle, breathing hard. With the possibility of me now cycling naked back home I was jilling myself like crazy.
When I shakily unlocked my cycle and pulled it out I was flush and had to wait for a few moments.
I cycled around, mask off, and completely naked except whatever little paint was left on my body. I was wondering, in my mind, what, if anything would have been caught on film. And did someone realize it yet? Thank god I’d gone for the cat mask. At least, no matter what happened, I was anonymous.

When finally I reached home and quickly went to my bed, I lay there for another few hours, tense –from both fear and arousal.

The next day being Sunday I spent most of my time either in my room or soaking in the tub. Usually, I was reliving that night, and arguing with myself about whether the photos would show my exposed naked body in visible detail or not.

Monday at the school I walked down the halls that morning and saw more people than usual clumping together and looking at something and speaking about it in a hush-hush manner. I was in a panic. What could they be looking at if it wasn’t photos of me? But nobody was looking at me any more than normal-which is to say, not at all. They were all focused. I tried to see what they were looking at, to hear what they were saying. I heard the word ‘fucking hot’ but also ‘the pussy is clearly dripping wet’, ‘sexy’, and ‘naked’ as well.

I finally had to know and asked someone by my locker what was going on. She immediately moved towards me to give me the dirt as she pulled out her phone and began to key through menus. “I wasn’t there, but one of the seniors was. It was a Halloween party somewhere this weekend. These two girls started to fight and then made out. And you….well, you’ve just gotta see the photos going around.”

I felt like I was going to pass out, and could also feel the wetness dripping down my legs. Yes, I was turned on.

The photos were small, but there it was. A catgirl, very clearly visible- her naked body; a thin layer of the paint almost gone; exposing her pussy hair in full view in the camera. Oh my God, it was me. She flipped through them, and, indeed, there was a sequence of Catgirl and batgirl fighting. That was pretty hot, in and of itself. But when you saw a closeup and realized that the flash had made one very clear view of painted pussy hair and naked body.

“I can’t believe someone would be brave enough to go naked painted something like that, I mean, do you think she knew? I don’t think she knew how clearly she would be caught on camera like a nude girl. I mean, she must be horrified about it. I have seen photos on the net just like this. They are completely naked in public with a thin layer of paint gone from her body. Anyway…” She kept talking as she flipped through another dozen photos. “Batgirl is Emily Colton. She sent a doctor’s note and is not in school today. I guess she is embarrassed, but really, it’s just some girl kissing after a fight. I wonder what set them off?”

She paused and stared at me and I said, “I don’t know?”. Actually, I was shocked I was thinking, Oh my god, I would not have continued there if I knew that she was Emily Colton.

Apparently, she was convinced with my silent response, because she continued as she put the phone away, “I mean you can see her nipples and hairy pussy in the closeups and everything else in some others. But nobody knows who she is, She didn’t talk and was wearing the mask. I hope Emily is alright, she is a nice girl. Don’t you think?”

I nodded.

“Anyway, I gotta get to class. If you see Jossy, wish him luck, as the Principal is looking for him because someone got caught looking at the photos and ratted his name out.”

She walked away leaving me alone in the hallway. I realized that the principal and all of my peers had likely seen those photos.
I barely made it to the washroom before I came.

Emily didn’t come to school until Thursday that week. I came every day. Every time I saw someone looking at their cell phone, I quivered in lust; I knew that they were looking at the photos of me. I was completely nude in them, the pussy hair and perky nipples looked so real and obvious; also a thin coat of paint on my body was gone; only my face was completely covered, it left them guessing. My catgirl head mask has kept me covered up. Nobody knew who the naked cat girl was. Wow, this is what I fantasized about. Not this exact situation. I mean, everyone in the school seeing photos of my visible naked body-only mask protecting my identity—even the Principal, that wasn’t quite my plan. But it was fine by me.

Apparently, Jossy was not even called by the principal. Everything appeared normal. I’d fallen back into usual school girl clothes. I felt a sense of pride every time I saw someone looking at my naked photos. I even saw teachers at the school whispering about it.

I don’t know why I did that on early Wednesday morning, I slipped a note into Jossy’s and Emily’s lockers. In Emily’s typed note I said “Emmy, don’t be embarrassed. I didn’t leave because of you or your kiss, but because I was already out of control and dripping wet. You were amazing and I hope someday that we have the chance to do it again. Love Catgirl.”. In Jossy’s, the note simply said, “You lovely boy, XOXO Catgirl.”

Emily, by Friday, was talking tall, laughing about her experience, and making new friends because of her celebrity. Jossy— I was watching—got quite hot, bothered, and hard when he read the note. I was in invisible mode, reading a book down the hall, and he never even noticed me as he looked around for a sexy Catgirl. Even from down the hall, I could see the bulge in his
pants, and this was confirmed when two girls walking by pointed and started giggling.

I loved to see boys getting bulges in their pants while watching my photos.

I should plan for next Halloween right now.