Little sex doll pt5

Lynn and I are engaged with our wedding coming soon. Amy is now 12 and has started calling me daddy which gives me mixed emotions. On one hand I love that she loves me like a father. On the other hand it gets me horny knowing how much of my cum she has had in or on her. We had already decided that Amy would be coming with us on our honeymoon as Lynn enjoyed using her daughter as much as I did.
About a week before the wedding, Lynn was calling me non-stop while I was at work. When I finally called her, Lynn answered by saying excitedly “Amy started her first period “. She was super happy for her little girl and then said suggestively “do you know what that means?” I had an idea or two but played dumb so I could hear her perverted thoughts. Then Lynn said “every man should get to fuck a virgin on their honeymoon”.
This was the longest week ever. I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind. Everytime I was near Amy, I would think of my dick buried in her. I mean yes I have had my dick in her mouth and came on her but to be inside her was a different thing. The wedding was nice. Beautiful day by a lake. And just a few people. Both mother and daughter look amazing. All through out the reception, Lynn kept winking suggestively toward me everytime she looked at her daughter. After the reception we headed to the suite we got. Nothing huge but the bed was separate from the couch and sitting area. Amy had taken her medicne and was getting ready for bed. Lynn and I were all over each other. Kissing and fucking like teenagers. After we had both cum Lynn looked at me and asked “are you ready daddy?” I smiled and nodded. We both got up still naked and walk to where amy was sleeping on the pull out couch.
Lynn walked over to her little  girl and stroked her hair then gave her daughter  a kiss. Lynn  then started to undress Amy. As I knew what was approaching and watching a mother strip her daughter, my dick grow hard. Almost so hard it hurt. Lynn shifted Amy to the side of the bed. As Lynn spread her little girls legs, I watched as they revealed Amy’s perfect little 12 year old pussy. Lynn did the honors of licking Amy’s clit to get her wet. I know Lynn enjoys the taste of her daughter’s juices. Once Amy was wet, Lynn stood behind me. As she wrapped her fingers around my hard-on, we moved in front of Amy’s sleeping body. I kneeled down getting into position. As she lines up my shaft with her daughter’s litte pussy Lynn whispers “don’t cum in her”. I nod in agreement as she moves the head of my cock between her 12yo daughter’s wet vaginal lips. “Do it” Lynn says. I start pushing myself into Amy’s virgin flower. I feel Lynn masterbaiting as I reach Amy’s hymen. Her young little pussy is so tight I have to pause before I push through. Lynn looks down as my cock is in her daughter. I hear Lynn whisper in my ear ” yes daddy,  take your little girls virginity for me”. I grab Amy’s hips and push past her hymen feeling it give way as Amy moans. “See, she likes daddy’s dick in her” Lynn says with heavy breath. I slowly begin moving my shaft in and out of this beautiful 12 year old little girl. I want to enjoy this. The feeling of being inside this little girl is amazing and have her mother masterbait while watching only makes it better. I keep looking at my dick covered with Amy’s pink stained juices. I move out to the tip and in to the base. Slowly fucking my little girl. Lynn starts orgasming behind me. And asks my to fuck Amy harder.  I moan with each penetrating thrust.  Her young pussy feels so good. I speed up my thrusting as I get close to my own orgasm. I tell Lynn ” I’m going to cum soon”. Lynn lays her head on Amy’s stomach and opens her mouth. I keep fucking Amy’s young little pussy until I am about to explode. I pull out and immediately put my dick in Lynn’s mouth releasing a blast of hot seed into her mouth. Lynn swallows all of it and licks my cock clean of Amy’s juices. Lynn looks up and says “I’ll get her on the pill soon”

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