Hippy-surfer learns the hard way

Southern California When I used to walk from one small town to another in my cut off shorts with long blond hair cars would pull over I’d get in with some older man often in slacks with a bulge and start asking me things like “have you ever felt a grown mans cock?” “Yes” lets park over here feel is up and down lets take those off” “why” “lots of oil and felt my cock slide between your buttcheeks?” “Yes is this fucking?” He had said this is as far as a man needed to go until his dick wanted more he dipped into my ass each time would not go in but this time the large head entered my tight hole he pushed in the pressure increased he began pumping “its so big Mr. is it all the way in?” “No your ass feels so good I’m going to fuck you much harder” he began to slaughter me “stop!” He covers my mouth he keeps fucking me “please I beg you stop!” When he busted his cum in me then drove down the rest of the road until it ended under the Hwy and parked taking me and my things over to the arm of a couch deep under the bridges (what looks like 1 bridge is 2 bridges sitting side by side each going either north or south) dim lighting the slough on one side the beach on the other he pushed me over the arm of the couch that was lower in the sand then usual holding me by my hair with one hand and yanked off my skimpy cut off shorts and pressed his cock into my ass began fucking me while no one new until he started fucking me harder and harder and his balls smacked against my booty a pervert came over wanting some and took off to get his buddy meanwhile the man fucking wanted me to suck him and without warning started to cum forced to swallow the man and his buddy returned and 2 other men “he’s all yours boys” began to take over yanked me around making me drink hard booze with JB on it they had a case of big bottles and made me drink half a bottle one of the men had a baseball bat I thought they were going to kill me took the smaller end and sodomised me with it as the man watched drinking one of the bottles then left as 6 men raped me I passed out woke up with some big homeless guy his hand over my mouth as he shoved his dick up my ass as I screamed no sound came out and he began to fuck me as passed out men were close by the sound of wet balls. Smacking against my ass as he hammered his cock in me faster and faster then hyper machine gun speed fucking and grunting as he fucked his load in me. Pulls out that’s when I grab my pack and shorts and ran like a deer down the beach it was still dark but would be dawn soon as I jumped in my shorts didn’t see anyone after me but ran further into the darkness then puked 3 times and walked needing to rest but kept going until the staircase that goes to the top of the bluff above I hadn’t eaten anything in a week and walked along the side of the highway a nice car pulled ahead of me offered me a ride “hey I know you I’m a friend of Cal’s” I thanked him but he followed into the apartment complex then to the hot tub I had to turn on the hot tub jets and watched me bending over I didn’t want to be rude and he got in the hot tub after taking off everything I got in with mine on but took them off he rubbed his dick against me demanding to fuck me taking me over to the pillows we each got a towel and he got his things loaded some hits and a large container of Vaseline for all was soon rubbed into my ass his cock slammed into me and he rode me sucking both sides of my neck and a neighbor seeing what was going on got in the hot tub watched the man finish and left happy while the neighbor an older black man who moved into the apartment a few weeks before said “hello my English is no good but Cal say you help me yes?” “Yes” Cal told me to help him when he asked he stood up his dick was massive morning was in full swing I went with him into his place and he began fucking me I knew the Mexican man he lived with I gave him head and they both busted cum and I went to my apartment Randy got up and came in upset “you were due back now I’m going to make you obey its butt rape time no lube” his dick was big and he made it hurt taking forever to still not cum and it was hurting to much that’s when he learned about a skill he had no idea I had “I have a surprise for you I was going to wait before giving you follow me to the shower diaper and cleaned off he was lost “I’m going to suck your cock ok?” “Sure” he soon was stoked and began to do what I said “demand and command by force always make them swallow and forever tried to find a better blow job Sonny his roommate came in and got sucked and I wanted to see footage they took of me being fucked by them after giving me GHB and they played it several other men had also fucked and someone I couldn’t make out he had a big thick dick like my father but no way to tell his buddies wouldn’t say “he owed and let it happen” then they cuffed my hands behind my back and they both raped me at the same time Cal came over told them to stop at least for awhile.
Everyone in this story is age18 or older… yes that’s how it was yep