We Experiment With Anal Sex

We had been married for less than a year. My pretty little bride had a killer body but very little sexual experience, she was brought up in a conservative environment where sex was not discussed. We just finished Graduate School and we’re living in Golden, Colorado. It was 1975 and the internet and social media were not in existence. Our sex life was active but pretty much straight-laced. I had to encourage her to expand her sexual interests. She was in pajamas under the covers in a dark room proper lady lover. I told her she had a beautiful body and it was okay to be naked and enjoy the visual benefits of sex. Our little bedside lamp became the best sex toy we ever experienced.

I had to convince her I wanted to eat her pussy, because she felt that it was nasty. Eventually, she agreed to let me eat my way down her body from her lips to her breasts, then centering on her pussy. I teased her clit and licked her slit. She responded by spreading her legs and pushing my head down to her cunt as she became aroused by my probing tongue. As she approached her climax, I brought my fingers up to her mouth and I was intrigued that she opened wide and sucked them clean. She later told me I was a nasty man but admitted it turned her on to taste her juices. She even said she kind of liked her taste!

My wife was a cutie, five feet tall with long brown hair and 34D breasts on a strong compact athletic body. Her horse riding made her pelvic grip phenomenal and when she exploded during an orgasm she would magnify my pleasure, forcing the cum from my penis. She had an awesome tan that made her ample white tits and pussy stand out from her tan frame. I bought her lots of naughty lingerie and she enjoyed showing off her sexiness.

I had always wanted her to go smooth and with some lobbying, she finally conceded and let me watch and then help her shave her pussy. She was not sure of the results but I told her she was blessed with a beautiful butterfly pussy and a firm little bubble butt. She has a nice set of labia and her clit quickly pokes out of its hood with any stimulation. I bought her some crotch-less panties to showcase her charms, and I encouraged her to play with herself. She knew I liked to watch her and it was not long before she lost her shyness and with a little encouragement, she would tease her nipples and finger her big clitty and bright red vagina. She even became brazen enough to tell me to play with my cock when she masturbated for me. We had a huge breakthrough when she softly told me she wanted to watch me cum on her tits and pussy while playing with herself.

I will never forget how excited she was when the hot cum hit her flesh. Her hands flew through her pussy and she came hard and she pleaded to keep covering her in my cum. My cute little wife looked so sexy covered in cum. She continued her nasty girl transformation by scooping my love cream off her tits and pussy licking her fingers and sampling its taste. When she offered her cum covered fingers to me it was the first time I ate my cum. She happily filled her mouth with more and shared our juices with a sexy cum kiss.

I was 6’3” and endowed with an eight-inch-long cock that had a five-inch girth. She initially struggled fitting it into her tight vagina and I would have to let her adjust to its size before she was comfortable accepting its full length with my balls slapping on her ass. She had grown to love to have her pussy stuffed full and would often crawl into bed and kiss me while whispering to fuck her with my big cock.

One evening, I told her to come to sit on my face and let me savor her tasty pussy. She nestled up on my face with her juicy cunt squarely centered on my mouth and tongue. She rocked back and forth, enjoying my tongue probing her slit and exciting her clit. She leaned forward and reached down to play with my cock. Her little brown star was right in front of my nose and I decided perhaps it was time to probe it with my tongue. We had never talked about anal sex so I was not sure how she would react. I slid back under her pussy and licked around her clit and then down her slit. I raised her and kissed down toward her rosebud.

When my tongue found her star, I reamed her backdoor and gently inserted my tongue into her tight ring of muscle. As I pushed my tongue as far into her hole as I could reach, I could feel her lightly push her butt back to meet my probe. I tongue-fucked her cherry ass until my tongue could no longer perform.

I asked her if she liked having me play in her bottom and she replied very softly, “Uh-huh!”

I asked if she wanted to have me put a finger in her bottom, and she softly replied, “Uh-huh!”

“Then put a pillow under your chin and get on your knees with your sexy ass pointed down at me!” She gave me a shy smile and got into position. I noticed her hand had slid down to her pussy and she was teasing her clit and bright red vagina. I reached into the bedside dresser and found our lube. I coated her little hole and made sure my finger was super slick. I gently probed into her bottom, trying to let her muscle ring get used to expanding. She again pushed back and her fingers were doing great things exciting her toward making herself cum.

“Honey, that feels so good, but I need your big cock in my pussy, fill my cunt with your cum, push me over the edge.”

I mounted her doggy style and it did not take long for me to fulfill her desire. I played with my cum as it slipped out of her vagina, rubbing it on her little brown star. I asked her if she would like to try some toys in her bottom.

She said, “I would do anything that would let you fuck my ass but your cock is so fat and long I am afraid it would be too painful.”


I told her we would go slow, using a series of increasingly bigger toys until she was comfortable with a bigger object stretching her asshole.

“I like that idea, it will be fun trying new toys and it will build our expectations for the day you finally take my anal cherry.”

“I know it is not very lady-like and against how I was raised, the church emphasized anal sex was strictly taboo and the work of the devil but when you touched my little star, I felt a surge of excitement and even if it makes me a nasty whore-like sinner wife I want you to fuck my ass!”

It took a while to find a store in Denver that had butt plugs, but downtown there was a creepy sex shop that I found which had a set of plastic butt plugs and one larger metal plug with a purple gem top.

That evening as I kissed her breasts and played with her pussy, softly whispering if she was ready to play with her rosebud. I brought out the bag of butt plugs and asked which one she wanted to try. She said the middle-sized plastic pink one looked like a good one to try, although the big jewel topped one was sexy. I asked if she wanted to insert it herself thereby letting her ease it in slowly and stopping if it got uncomfortable.

She scoffed and said I just wanted to watch her fuck her ass, but I told her once she got it in, I would be happy to push it in and pull it out. She lay on her back and put pillows under her butt, asked me to hold her legs apart so she could reach her bottom. She lubed up her asshole and covered the plug with lube. She gently probed her wrinkle pushing the point in and out. She finally pushed it in and just the tail was visible.

I had a great view of her bright red, oozing vagina and cute clit poking out. When I touched her pussy, she said she wanted to try the bigger butt plug. She asked me to pull the one out while she coated the biggest pink one with lube. I asked her if she wanted to lick it and she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. “You have to eat my ass when we are done if you want me to lick this little fucker clean.”

“I will eat your ass and fill your cunt with cum, now clean the toy and get the bigger one in your ass!”

She sucked the plug clean and rubbed the big plug on her tits, making her nipples stand out. With that, she pushed the bigger plug into her ass, just wincing a little as it spread her sphincter and slid into her ass.

“Oh fuck, that stretched me, but I love the full feeling. Fuck me, honey, and I will push the plug in and out of my ass!”

I leaned up and rubbed my engorged cock on her slit. As I pumped her vagina, I could feel her push the plug in and out.

“I’m going to cum, pull out and coat my pussy and ass with your hot white juice! Oh shit, that feels so good my whole lower body is coming! You are so lucky, you get to clean up all our cum, get to licking and sucking.”

She pulled the plug out of her ass and rolled it in our cum, then joyfully licked the butt plug clean! As I sucked her ass and swallowed our cum, she pulled on my spent cock, pushing out the last drips of cum and then licking the results off her fingers.

Things were quiet for a couple of days before she whispered in my ear that she had a surprise for me. She bent down and her little summer dress slid up, revealing her cute little naked bottom with a big purple butt plug firmly entrenched in her ass. “Go take a shower and come meet me on our bed!”

When I came into our bedroom, she was lying naked on our bed, her hands moving from her hard nipples to her saturated red pussy. “I think I am ready for your big cock to fuck my ass! I want to take you straight on with pillows elevating my butt so I can play with myself and watch you butt fuck me!”

I got the super lube that I had saved for this day and covered my hard cock with a generous portion. As she looked down at me with lust-filled eyes, she softly swore,” I think that is the biggest I have ever seen your cock. Be gentle. I hope I can take that big fucker in my ass!”

I poured the super lube in the crack of her ass, softly pushing its slickness into her conditioned little brown star. She was already playing with her sloppy cunt and her clit was also fully exposed in all its glory. I held one of her legs and she pulled the other opening her ass as wide as possible. I took my cock and slid it up and down her vagina. I asked her if she was ready and she responded, ”Take my anal cherry, sweetheart, fill my ass with your big cock and hot cum!”

I gently pushed the head of my cock up against her asshole and softly pushed it into her letting her muscle adjust to the intrusion. She shuddered but said keep going. Ever so slowly she opened up and the wide flared head of my cock finally slid into her ass. She squealed but said she was okay and said to start slowly pushing the rest of my cock into her ass. It was slow going but she was relaxing and started to push my cock into her ass. “Fuck me, honey, that is about all I can take. Pull almost out and let me push you back into me. Yeah, that works, now take over, pump your big cock in my ass and fill it with cum.”

She was so tight, and her pulsing pussy was soaking her fingers with a flood of her cum juice. I waited until her body got all tense ready to cum then I pumped about a half dozen times and exploded in her ass, flooding her bowels with my cum.

She screamed in pleasure, “Oh my fucking God! That feels so good! My clit exploded and the wonderful feeling of your big cock filling my ass and your fat cock head flexing and pumping out the hot semen was fabulous. Leave your cock in my ass until it pops out. I love it! You can plan on lots of anal sex! I love you!”