Holidays… voodoo style!

One evening after dinner Alfred told me.

– I am more than delighted with your services, and your kindness. You are really perfect with me, and even more than that! Also, I decided now that the beautiful days are here, to offer you a vacation in the sun in a villa in the Caribbean. We take Victor with us. Maxime told me that with his friend Gérald, they would come and join us in a week, I’ll pay them for the trip, I’ve rented a superb house.

Indeed, the residence was truly luxurious. Nothing was missing. A huge garden with an immaculate lawn surrounded it. A path lined with palm trees and tamarisk led to a large swimming pool, where several ovoid shapes spread clear, warm water over about sixty square meters.
The main pool was on a terrace overlooking a valley. It was in the sun most of the day. The surroundings decorated with large rocks, succulents and palm trees provided a saving shade, Alfred had found a little paradise for us.
It was afternoon, I was quietly reading a book in the coolness of the living room, tempered by the air conditioning, naked under my nightie, because Alfred wanted me at all costs to continue dressing, as he wanted. Completely transparent babydoll, which hid nothing of my body, it even had slits to let out the tips of my breasts and stopped just below the garter belt that I had to wear, with dark stockings which left my pussy well shaven offered to the eyes. I had got used to evolving like this. I was happy and flourished in my new world, although from time to time Alfred appeases his candaulism by having me taken by Victor, or discreetly attends our fucking sessions when Maxime or his boyfriend or even both come to me. see. He also liked getting fucked by people who were mostly fat, ugly, shall we say, physically unsightly and if they had a huge penis, he was over the moon. He had even satisfied his most perverted fantasy by having me taken by old Louis’ pony!
I must say that I took a certain pleasure in it, or rather a certain pleasure, after the censorship internalized by the fairer sex after centuries of oppression of their pleasure, being a woman, who is allowed to be sexually active, is now a freedom. Society grants this more easily to men than to women. The sexual repression imposed on women has left its mark.
The prospect of my fiery hand-to-hand combat with a totally unknown man, whether fat and ugly, even old, in an unforeseen situation, wins the palm of my imperious desire and literally unleashes my feminine libido. Knowing that the male stranger, even unsightly, turns out to be eight times more exciting than the others. My official lover is often distanced, as for the longtime boyfriend, he no longer arouses any sexual attraction at this time. Eroticism works best in the unexpected and with strangers,
When I undo the belt of the partner chosen by Alfred, I like to guess his big horny cock under the fabric of the boxer shorts, and I watch for that moment when it will arise for me, the main vein throbbing with desire. It is never quite the same, often big, hard, black, I touch, I kiss, I lick, I like to tell myself that this powerful bronze, which I am looking at, is going to overthrow my senses. I have an optimal excitement, in front of the erect penis. A visual ultra-responsiveness that brings me further proof that feminine desire, at its base, is all that is most animal, and I don’t care about the physical appearance of the owner, even if deep down from me I feel a certain repulsion, it stirs up my libido even more. I want to give everything to him when I see that he wants me, me, to the point that he struggles to channel his desire. When he gasps with somewhat bestial impatience, I don’t reason anymore, it’s like an impulse-reaction, a kind of primal autopilot, I feel female like never before, anchored to her sex, whether he’s an Apollo or looks like Quasimodo!
It clearly turns out that the sexual emotions that I feel when I experience such a sexual relationship hands down the hormonal factors, supposedly penalizing for the libido of women.

The house was silent, it was very hot, the two men had to take a nap. Alfred was quite tired, we had been there for more than ten days, he hadn’t made me play erotic games with Victor, and being on vacation, I hadn’t seen either Gerald or Maxime. I hadn’t had sex for at least three weeks. I was starting to miss it! Braving the prohibition of old Alfred, who had forbidden Victor to fuck me out of his presence, I went in search of the butler and his phallus more than twenty-eight centimeters erect.
I found that vicious old Victor sleeping naked in my bed. His enormous cock, half topped off, hung limp on the side, it was impressive! But Alfred had chosen his servant based on this particularity, because the old pervert liked to see me fucked by huge cocks and especially if they were also black, and the man was quite ugly!! Victor really wasn’t an Apollo he was over seventy five his skin was quite saggy on his stomach his arms and legs weren’t muscular his hands were starting to wrinkle but he had a huge and great dick effective, fairly substantial purses and above all, he knew how to use it and made me enjoy a lot and that made up for the rest.
I stood in front of the foot of the bed and began to wriggle to wake him up, stroking my breasts and pussy, calling him softly. Victor opened his eyes, I turned my back on him. In no time, he was against my back, his lips resting on my neck, biting the lobe of my ears. His hands slid down the straps of my garter belt brushed my pussy and
went up along my sides to enclose my breasts and tickle my nipples.
His left hand began to gently masturbate my slit and excite my clitoris while his tongue knotted with mine.
I climbed in front of him on my knees on the bed. He lowered the straps of the nightgown, she fell on the bed.

– But, but Alfred! he muttered.
– Yes I know ! But it’s been a long time since I fucked, and your big cock turns me on, and I turn you on too, look at your cock, you’re hard! And put old Alfred to sleep!

I stroked his penis, she had stretched rigid in an arc and she proudly went back much higher than her wrinkled navel. I rubbed my hardened nipples against his white hair strewn chest, sucked on his nipples and my mouth moved down to grab hold of the turgid glans. My hand caressed the stiff shaft along its length, my mouth sucked the glans, then descended along the phallus. My tongue licked his balls one after the other.
I knew Victor loved my nipples, they were hard and swollen, I took his cock from, rubbed it over my areolas then tried to fit the little brown cones into the slit of his meatus. He was over the moon.
He laid me on the bed, he had no trouble putting his huge cock entirely in my dripping pussy was wide open. He kissed me full on the mouth, then bit my nipples.
All this was not done without moans and little cries of pleasure on our part…
After five or six minutes of intense penetration of this big cock, Alfred called me, his steps headed for my room.

– Oh dear, if he finds me with you without his permission, he is capable of sending me home, to France, Victor whispered.

I pushed him into the closet used as a wardrobe, and lay back on the bed.

– Yes Alfred, I’m here, on my bed.

He entered the room, wearing only a slip. I was not calm, what would be his reaction? He approached the bed, I lowered his panties. He lay down next to me and stroked my pussy.

– Say, you’re soaked, the sheets are also wet. Did Victor fuck you? He asked me suspiciously.
– Well no, I dreamed that I was getting fucked by a big black man, it woke me up and I masturbated..
– Naughty, you love blacks with big cocks, and especially Gérald’s, little slut, but that’s fine, I love seeing him fuck you!
– Yes, Alfred, I love being fucked by a black man, and especially by Gérald and his huge cock, and I think I cum twice as much if there’s a white man watching him ejaculate in my pussy.
– You’re really a little vicious, but I like it! And you just made me want to fuck you!

Saying this, he lifted my leg and put on his little tail where the butler had just left, his servant’s was much bigger.
The closet door swung open and Victor, his erect cock showed me that he was masturbating vigorously. Alfred didn’t take too long to come. Victor, had approached stealthily behind Alfred’s back, while continuing to jerk off.

– I was asleep, he said, but your antics woke me up and it’s been a while since watching you, Miss and Sir, and that excited me. Sir, would he allow me to ejaculate in Mademoiselle’s mouth.
– Please Victor, but do you want to enjoy Trixie’s pussy? I give you permission to plant your seed there! I’m always in awe of seeing you make love to her!
– Thank you sir!

The butler quickly went around the bed, it was urgent, he just had time to slip his huge cock into my gaping pussy, sticky with Alfred’s sperm. As every time the servant enjoyed, he expelled a large amount of seminal fluid. I waited for his spasms to stop, sucked the tip of his glans, then turning to Alfred, I opened my mouth to show him Victor’s warm white viscous sperm, then I swallowed it in small jerks, looking languidly at the old Alfred.
The next afternoon, Victor arrived with a pale blue robe over his arm, he looked a little irritated.

– Sir asks you to join him by the pool, he would like to introduce you to the gardeners who take care of the pool. He would like you to wear this dress. And then why don’t you wear the necklace of breasts that I gave you anymore, you don’t like it!

He approached, slid the straps of the nightie on my arms, she fell at my feet.

– Yes, I love the delicious feeling that gives me the tightness of my nipples by the little black ribbons. This keeps them in a near-permanent erection. You can put it for me, it’s in the little box.

Victor couldn’t help rolling my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, before tightening the nooses. He knelt in front of me, took the opportunity to give me a light touch. After undoing the ties of my stockings, he rolled them sensually down my legs, and his tongue invaded my pussy, his lips sucked my clitoris. He undid the back clip of my garter belt.

– Trixie, I’m crazy about you, about your body, I think I’m in love with you. Let me penetrate you before the old grigou gets you fucked in front of him by the two youngsters!
– Oh, are they young people?
– Yes, one white and one black, but let me ejaculate in your pussy, that will calm me down a bit!
– You know Victor, I love your big cock, but it’s only physical. But it makes you so unhappy that Alfred has me fucked by the two boys! So come on, come on, take me. It should be interesting that they ejaculate after you, I replied, smiling.
– Little vicious!

He laid me on the bed and took me quite fiercely, until he emptied himself of his seed! Then reluctantly, he helped me put on the dress, it looked like a second skin. The fabric was very thin, it had no straps, stopped ten centimeters below my crotch. Victor pulled a little on the bottom to better marry my body, he smoothed it on my stomach, his hand went down on my pubis.

– Perfect, Monsieur will be delighted. You can almost see your pussy lips, it’s very sexy.

I looked at myself in a mirror, in fact, it looked like my nipples, imprisoned by the loops, wanted to pierce the top of the dress, my areolas were emerging perfectly. The dress entered the line of my buttocks.
I headed for the swimming pool to join Alfred. The conversation was going well with the gardeners, lying in the shade on deckchairs. He was between a tall black man with a goatee and long black Dresdes, dressed in green shorts that came down to mid-thigh and a much beefier half-breed who only wore dark blue underpants.

– Ah, here is our beauty. Trixie, I present to you Amosa by pointing out the big one and this one is Badou. They are our gardeners. They take care of the pool!

They took off their dark glasses, and straightened up in their seats. I knew why Alfred had asked me to join him. I passed between him and Amosa, leaned down to place a kiss on old Alfred’s cheek, which allowed his neighbor to see that I was naked under my robe. I turned to him and shook his hand. I then went to greet her boyfriend protruding my chest so he could see my darting nipples imprisoned by the nooses under the thin fabric. I pulled back, and caressed my body through the dress, raising it flush with my pubis. I took off my high heels.

– Alfred, it’s really hot, can I swim? But I don’t have a jersey!
-You’re on vacation, you do as you see fit!!
– But there are people!
– Oh you know, I think, that as they maintain swimming pools, they must be used to seeing naked young women, he replied smiling.

I was a meter from the big black, slowly, I discovered a breast, then the other, we could hear the flies flying. I pretended to fix the clips of my nipples. I entered the water and on the first step of the stairs, I languidly revealed my tanned body to them by passing my dress over my head. Leaning on a rock, I rubbed my ass, arching my loins in Amosa’s direction, offering her the view of my shaved pussy.
He reacted immediately, he entered the pool behind me, and watering my buttocks he caressed my legs gently touching my between legs. Then his mouth landed on my neck, his hands took possession of my breasts, he tickled my nipples while his tongue invaded my mouth.

My hand went to meet his cock, it went down to the glans which was flush with the bottom of the shorts on the thigh.

– Well Trixie, don’t be jealous, come and get to know Badou better, Alfred told me. It is curious to see your necklace of breasts more closely!

I walked over to him, leaned down and pressed my lips to his, my hand trailing down his hairless pecs, sliding down his stomach and stroking his cock through his panties. Amosa had snuggled up against my ass and rubbed his huge cock through his shorts along the offered parting. He started to get hard. His colleague eternalized his kiss, his tongue in and out of my mouth.

-You know Amosa, I said if your cock is as skilled as your tongue it shouldn’t be bad.
– Yes said, Alfred, wait Trixie put your leg on the deckchair, I’m getting closer so I don’t miss anything!

The black let Alfred change places, and while Badou was sucking my nipples, kneading my tanned globes, his boyfriend’s mouth came to press against my already moist pussy. His tongue tickled and licked my clitoris, then she crept into my vaginal canal penetrating it quickly, her lips sucked my cum. He uncapped my clitoris and rolled it, pinching it between his two fingers, I moaned with pleasure.

– Damn, look sir, you’ve seen her clitoris, she’s the first white woman I’ve fucked who has one like that! She is wonderful, this girl, you are lucky!

His tongue crept everywhere, from my little button to my vaginal opening where she sank deep, licking under my lips, I squirmed in all directions. It was his index that took the place of the pink tongue, soon joined by three other long black fingers that began a rapid ballet in my sticky vulva. He alternated the sucking of his mouth, the penetration of his fingers. I think it was the best cunnilingus that could have been done to me.
I had taken Badou’s cock out of its fabric prison. It was also quite substantial, shorter than that of his buddy about twenty centimeters, but my hand did not go around. Her skin was drawn and shiny, her color leaning towards dark pink. My mouth engulfed the glans and I tried to suck on it without lowering my mouth along the arched cock.
Amosa’s tense member brushed my vaginal passage.

– Get on your knees on the deckchair and spread your legs, Alfred told me, this will allow me to have a better view of your pussy!

The tall, bearded black grabbed my breasts, and tweaking them, pinching the tips, he slowly slipped his big black cock into my vulva.

– Go easy said Alfred to Amosa. I love watching your huge black cock penetrate Trixie, do you love it too?
– Damn yes, it’s not as big as Gerald’s. But I love it Alfred! Its good. Its good. Speed ​​up, speed up.

This one had put himself just behind the big black, he saw the black purses bouncing with each penetration. Badou’s tail now disappeared almost entirely in my throat, he jerked in place. He then asked his friend to change places.
He put my back against him, legs wide apart on either side of the deckchair.

– Look, sir, how she likes to be fucked!

Suddenly pressing me on the hips, he impaled me. I howled in contentment.

– You like it, bitch. You like big black cocks, said it to the old gentleman.
– Yes, yes Alfred I love black cocks, but you know it. Again, even faster, make it go to the bottom.

Excited by my words, he accelerated the pace during this time Amousa fiddled with my breasts, caressed my belly, tickled my clitoris, he presented me with his scalped glans for me to suck. Badou’s penetration rate was insane.

– Damn, I’ve never fucked a white woman, like you, blonde and with blue-green eyes, with such a sweet and deep pussy.

It lasted well over ten minutes, he arched his back suddenly, pushing his cock deep inside me and ejaculated in a scream.

– Take Bitch, take, take, take the fat black man’s sperm, well, damn what I came.

I too was on the verge of exploding, but Amousa made me stand up, got her boyfriend out.
I found myself kneeling on the deckchair, legs wide open, sticky cum dripping from my pussy.

– Will you allow me to sodomize her?
– Yes, yes answered Alfred, I think I’m going to enjoy. Go ahead my boy, I’ll try to restrain myself, I love it too when she enjoys receiving sperm from blacks. I love to hear him scream with pleasure.
– So wait, you will be served.

He lay down on the deckchair, made me face Alfred. He masturbated with one hand maintaining his huge erection. He rubbed his cock along the slit of my pussy, wetting his rod with his boyfriend’s cum. Then he presented it at the entrance to my anus. I grabbed it with one hand to keep it straight and flexed my legs to penetrate the large black glans. The monstrous black scroll sank into my entrails. He disappeared completely, I started rotations of the pelvis getting up and sitting down on Amoussa’s thighs.

– Look, Alfred, look, she’s deep inside me, it’s wonderful. This feeling, I love, I love. The big black cocks! Look at my clitoris, look at my pussy as she wets.

I spread my vaginal lips, to allow him to see, masturbated my clitoris gasping with happiness. I put my feet on the thighs of the black my knees wide open. Alfred encouraged me to go lower, much lower, the whole cock had to enter me.
The black put me to bed, he spread my legs wide and pressed behind my knees, Alfred couldn’t miss a thing! The bearded man’s phallus again invades my anal canal. He worked on me quite violently, with this position, it seemed to me that his cock was longer. My anal walls tightened around the black boa and I exploded with pleasure.
In one fell swoop, he gripped the base of his cock and ejaculated with a scream that Victor must have heard from the villa. He continued his penetrations until he completely disbanded.
I looked at Alfred, who was trying to hold back his ejaculation, finally the place was free, he rushed. He could only enter his cock in my anus and I felt the hot, viscous jets of his milt flowing into me.

– Take, Bitch, here, take the sperm from the old crouton, it will mix.

He quickly shoved his cock fully to spill the rest of his seed. The two blacks, sated with sex, returned to work.

– Well, that’s weird, said Alfred, we didn’t see Victor! Usually, he’s there to claim his share of the pretty cake that you are!

The next day I bathed in the pool, I was naked. Victor was lounging on a deckchair. When I heard sounds of voices that were not unknown to me. My heart jumped in my chest. Maxime and Gérald had arrived.

– Hello, pretty blonde doll, said Gérald.
– Didn’t you miss us too much? Prepare your buttocks, said Maxime laughing.

They left their bathing suits, plunged into the swimming pool naked. It was a race to see who would kiss me first. Glad to meet again, it was only caresses and kisses between us for a while, Victor looked gray.
I wanted to make love with them, I dragged them on a big mattress out of the pool. Each on one side of me, they caressed my body, breasts, legs, giving me kisses everywhere.
Gerald got down on his knees, and threw his head back on his right thigh, he presented me with his black cock shining in the sun. I put the glans in my mouth and sucked it. His large hands kneaded my right breast, then my left breast, he rolled my nipples between his fingers, making them erect into two hard brown spikes. Maxime meanwhile, lay face down and his tongue searched my pussy, biting my clitoris. These soft touches made me very wet and got me small cries of pleasure.
They made me sit down, Maxime took me under my arms, Gerald lifted my buttocks. And put my thighs on his shoulders, Maxime supported my back. Gerald’s mouth pressed against my sex, his big tongue invaded my vaginal cavity, penetrating as deeply as possible, he sucked my clitoris, meanwhile Maxime sucked and bit the tips of my breasts, it was divine. Gerald’s large tongue quickly traveled all over my hairless slit, to lick the cum that was dripping from my pussy. I squirmed with pleasure, hiccuping, at the risk of falling off Gerald’s broad shoulders.
They took me down and on my knees, I took turns sucking their cocks diligently. My fellatio lasted a good ten minutes. I lay on my back, Gerald on his knees penetrated me very slowly, he knew that I appreciated the slow penetration of his huge black phallus. At first he filled my pussy with wide and slow movements, then he lay down on his stomach and as if doing push-ups, he drove his stake quickly, these penetrations made me cries of pleasure.
Maxime tenderly took care of my breasts, kneading them, tweaking my nipples, he presented me with his cock which I sucked eagerly, then he kissed me greedily.
In this way, Gerald was able to invest my pussy to the bottom and fully enter his gigantic black penis. It was so good that I gasped, breathing fast, cries of pleasure coming from my throat.

– Hey Gérald, will you leave me a small piece?
– Trixie get on all fours.

I obeyed, the tall black man passed in front of me, I grabbed his huge outstretched penis with one hand, glistening with my cum and stuffed it into my mouth. Maxime, rubbed his cock along my slit, and gently entered my vaginal opening. He went back and forth a few times, then leaving him, grabbing my hips, his phallus entered my anus, well braced on his feet, he plowed me with great jerks.

– You bitch Victor belched, in a sonorous voice.

Who, hands on hips, looked at us, shaking his head, then he turned on his heels with a gesture of helplessness.

– He’s sulking, it looks like exclaimed Maxime!
– No big deal, I replied between two sucks on Gerald’s glans.
– Do you want us to take you together, asked this one.
– Oh yes, oh yes, it’s going to be great! I raved.
– Hey children, it looks like someone is watching us!
– Where ?
– Over there behind the bushes!
– Oh surely Victor, he’s jealous, forget it!

There was indeed a dark figure lurking in the bushes. Gerald lay on his back, putting my two thighs on either side of his pelvis, I impaled myself on his big roll of black flesh, he pushed until he was completely inside my pussy. Maxime knelt between his legs, he bent my bust on Gerald’s stomach to make my buttocks protrude. Then his cock forced my rectal bulb, which opened like the corolla of a flower, to allow his penis to penetrate inside my anal walls. They gave their rate of penetration, pulling me gasps of ecstasy, making me cry with pleasure.
Alfred must have heard my cries of happiness from the house, he would surely arrive soon to enjoy the show. Gerald picked up his pace.

— Damn, damn. It’s been a long time since I wanted to, it’s been a long time since I fucked you. Damn, I’m going to cum. Aaaaaaahhhhh, Gerald yelled.

His big black balls contracted, he trembled, his pelvis heaved, his body tensed in an arc, his sperm squirted into my pussy. He ejaculated for a long time. Maxime had stopped his anal penetrations, to let his boyfriend enjoy.

– To me now, he said!

He lay down on his back.

– Come here my darling, put your back, spread your legs well, yes like that.
– I lifted my pelvis to allow him to slip his cock deep into my bowels.

His hand clapped on my pussy, his fingers entered my vulva Gerald’s sperm flowed and spread over Maxime’s cock, playing the role of lubricant.

– Damn I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum…
– Me too….. Oooooohhhhhh, damn it’s…

Our cries of pleasure mingled with the cries of the birds, the sea breeze carried them away.
Night falls quickly in the tropics, after a good aperitif, Alfred shared with us a delicious meal served by Victor. We were overjoyed at our reunion, and the next vacation we were going to spend together. The boys, a little tired from the trip and the slight jet lag, didn’t want to stay up too late.

– Good evening uncle, good evening Trixie, said Maxime, you always look cute dressed like this! Say old pervert, even here, you want Trixie to show you her treasures all the time! But you’re right, dressed like this with her babydoll that lets out her nipples, her stockings and her garter belt and especially with her pussy open to view, she makes any guy’s head spin!

Me too, I was a little tired, tired, I went to my room. I wanted to go and close the large bay window that overlooked the garden, but my head was spinning and I collapsed on the bed.
It seemed to me that in a kind of unreal fog, I was traveling, that I was being moved. When I opened my eyes, I was stretched out on a stone table in a clearing surrounded by lush plants, a multitude of torches illuminating it as if in broad daylight. I was dressed in my babydoll, my stockings and my garter belt, and my stilettos.
I lifted my head and let out a cry. Between my thighs was an ugly head. Black, with bloodshot eyes, a black mustache, long tow hair and surprisingly two small horns on either side of her forehead.
He began to speak in a dialect that I did not understand, the only words that I managed to assimilate were that lust must be fought with lust. It was very strange, I felt all the sensations, the dread, the fear, my power of reflection was intact, I could move, but my mind could not escape a force which annihilated all will to resist, I was subject to the goodwill of the being who was in front of me, and I was beginning to like it… A delicious shiver ran through my body, I was surely going to experience an extraordinary sexual experience. With this kind of monster.
He took off my shoes and put my heels on the table, despite myself my thighs opened,
With a grin of triumph, he leaned over my shaved pussy. The tip of his tongue slightly penetrated my labia minora, then it crept into my vaginal canal, searching it gently.
I started to gasp softly. My pussy moistened, her oral appendage wandered the full length of my slit, licking up the cum that was flowing
He passed his hands under the straps of my garter belt and spread my thighs wide, opening my pussy wide. His mouth clapped on it, his tongue went in and out of my meatus at full speed, then he alternated by first penetrating a finger, I screamed in ecstasy, then two, then three long fingers.
His mouth did not leave my sex, his hands went to explore my chest, he brought out my two breasts through the slits of the babydoll and kneaded them bluntly, pinching, pulling, scratching my nipples and my areolas. My cries of pleasure seemed to unleash his libido even more.

– Take me ! Take me ! I screamed, fuck me!

Only a chuckle answered me. Suddenly, he brought my buttocks closer to the edge of the table, he grabbed my calves and pulled my legs down on my stomach. His mouth went back to assault my pussy, I screamed with pleasure. He spread my labia with his hands, his tongue plunged, he sucked the labia minora, his teeth bit them, pulled them, his lips sucked my clitoris, which also underwent the assaults of his incisors. I saw his two little horns dancing between my thighs. He continued like this for almost a quarter of an hour. It seemed to me that I was going mad with pleasure, a ball of hot lava twisted my insides, my pleasure rose crescendo. But it looked like there was a barrier that prevented me from enjoying and I had a huge desire. The desire tormented my body but the enjoyment did not happen!
He stood up and walked past me. He was huge, his long hair came down to his loins.
His hand caressed my breasts and he presented me with a bulky black cock, I grabbed it and put it in my mouth and sucked it diligently.
His left hand firmly kneaded my left breast, the fingers of his right hand all entered my pussy. My mouth worked wonders on his huge black cock, it was hard, swollen, it jerked, I heard grunts of pleasure. He grabbed my right nipple and pinched it with a so strong that I cried out in pain. I saw him stiffen, I looked up, blue smoke was exhaling from his mouth, he was in complete euphoria.
He went back between my thighs, his big black cock hard as ebony, penetrated me, I gasped with pleasure. He pushed it in completely, then stopped, he looked at me until my eyes begged him to start his penetrations again. He pulled it out and the tip of his glans tickled my clitoris, making me scream my happiness in the tropical night. He slogged me bringing me to the edge of ecstasy, but I couldn’t take the leap, to sink into enjoyment. It seemed to me that he had been fucking me for several hours, he had enjoyed at least three or four times, perhaps more, his warm, viscous sperm was flowing from my pussy! It was an endless restart! Then his words came back to me:

– Lust must be fought with lust! I think I just figured it out! It must have been a voodoo rite! We were in the land of black magic! Someone must want to unbewitch me! But who, and why?

And, overcome, by fatigue, and the desire that I could not achieve, I sank into unconsciousness.

Birdsong and daylight woke me up. Seven o’clock, it was early. I was lying on my bed like the day before, I thought I had dreamed, but aches, a stain on the sheet and the sperm that flowed from my pussy proved me wrong!
During the day, I told my friends about the experience during the night. None of them could come up with a semblance of an explanation. But I had my idea! Victor must have been behind it all, his jealousy. But, I thought, I’ll make you confess sooner or later!