Home ill and my parents had an argument.

I stayed home not well and missed a day at university, my parents had an argument which was all too common these days. Anyway, as I was in my room, I heard their argument and my father storming off as per usual for him. My mother was quiet for some time, and I fell asleep and on waking up I felt a great deal better the fever was gone and the headache as well. As I laid there my mother came in to see how I was, she was a bit drunk. Happy to hear I was feeling a better, then she asked me would I do her a very big favor. I said of course I would I’ll do anything for you, she then asked me to fuck her as my father wasn’t doing her anymore at all. I had said anything and once I recovered from the shock, I fucked her (my first ever fuck). My mother was really horny, and we fucked the rest of the day. My father finally came home about 9pm and he fucked my mother and then went to sleep. She came to my room and had me join her in the shower, I fucked her again and again in my bed. My father is a once-a-month man, as my mother calls him now. I’m her twice a week son, three times if I’m lucky. I’m the youngest of 3, my 2 older sisters are married. My mother doesn’t take precautions but is passed having children at 49. I’m not dating anyone and fucking my mother is both enjoyable and will make me a better lover when I finally do get a girlfriend.