Home for the holidays

After separating from my wife I went home for the holidays for the first time in over a decade. I went into town with my mother and bumped into Amy who was also separated from her significant other. She looked great. We have had sec back when I was 18 and she was 14, but it has been a good fifteen years. But we hit it off immediately and even flirted. That night she reached out via Facebook and we agreed to grab some food.
We went to a busy restaurant and boy did she look good. A blouse with a few buttons undone, and nice dress pants that hugged her curvy ass. Her hair was up and she looked cute. We flirted all night. We touched hands and played footsie under the table. I managed to catch a few glimpses down her shirt at her milky white cleavage.
We left the restaurant and made it to her car. We chatted as we held hands and then we made out. It was hot but weird. The last time I locked lips with her she was fourteen. And now, 30 years old and a fully grown woman. Her breasts were warm and soft as we embraced. My hands ran down her hips as we kissed some more. She told me her kid was with the dad and that I could come over her place if I wanted. I agreed.
We got back to her small house and the second we got inside we were making out and undressing each other. She pointed me to the a back room where we landed on a bed. A small lamp in the corner was our only light which allowed me to see her body. Curvy with smooth milky skin. She tits were busting out of her sexy lace bra. Probably a few sizes bigger than when she was a teen. She seemed worried that she didn’t look like she was before. I told her she looked incredible. She pulled my jeans off leaving my boxer on. I took her bra off and sat amazed as her tits fell into my face. They covered my whole face. I held them as I ran my mouth and tongue over her tits. I remember her nipples being small before but they were now a perfect size and stuck out super far. I nibbled on them and licked and but then. I could spend ages playing with her tities. But then, I felt her pull my cock out of my pants. She held gently as she stroked me good. She asked could she go down on me. I said of course! She began to suck my cock now with years of experience with cock in her mouth. And I could tell. She wasn’t shy as before, wondering what to do with 8” in her. But older version managed to swallow it whole. She sucked it so confidently and with such passion I came a little in her mouth. With cum dripping off her thick lips she told me to save that cum for her pussy. I laid her on the bed and pulled her matching panties off and went down on her. I did nothing like this the first time we fucked, but I have had experience to do this right. I spread her legs apart so I could get a good angle on her pussy. I kissed her and licked deep inside her. She moaned loudly and withered like a snake as my tongue penetrated her red and aroused lips. It was time to stick my cock in her. I turned her over and slid my cock in from behind and began to slowly thrust my penis deeply inside her. At Thai point she was a hot mess. Her long hair was all over the place, she could bearly open her eyes. She just needed me to take her to orgasm. Which I gladly did. Thrust after thrust! I picked up speed and slapped my body against hers as I pumped and pumped her full of cock. She held onto the bed frame like a life preserver. She moaned and yelled out for more. I pivoted a bit and got more balance which allowed me to grab her big tits. As soon as I pinched her nipples and massaged her melons it took the fucking to a new level. We were both on the edge of blowing out load. She started to squirt as I started to cum, so we just pushed to the end goal. We had been fucking for around 20 before we
Blew our loads. It went every where. We collapsed on the bed and caught our breath. We laughed as we turned over both agreeing that we had gotten better at fucking. We kissed again and I got aroused pretty quickly. Ready for round two? I told her it would be my pleasure.