Calvin and his wife did their best to raise their two daughters, Aaliyah and Penny. Ages sixteen and seventeen, respectively. They treated them with respect and put them in the best Christian private school. All that they asked in return was that the two of them waited to have sex until they were married.

This pressure seemed to have the opposite effect. The girls were always horny and flirted with guys constantly. Their parents had no idea just how close their daughters were to losing their virginities until one day.

Aaliyah had invited a boy she liked over to her house while her parents were at work. Aaliyah and the boy were in Aaliyah’s room and we were making out on her bed.

The boy was groping Aaliyah all over her body and erogenous zones. She knew she shouldn’t let him touch her like that, but she was getting extremely turned on.

Unknown to the horny teenagers, Calvin had forgotten his cell phone and returned home unexpectedly. As he walked through the house, he saw his daughter’s bedroom door closed. Thinking she was still in bed asleep, he entered her room to wake her.

“What the fuck is this?!” he yelled.

“Daddy, I’m so sorry!”

“This is unacceptable. I will discuss this with your mother and we will find a way to put a stop to this,” he lectured her.

“You need to leave,” he told the boy sternly and left the room.

Aaliyah broke down in tears as the boy moved away from her. “Do you think your parents are still going to leave you alone this weekend?”

“I don’t know,” Aaliyah sobbed, “But you better leave before he comes back.”

The boy left the house and stared at the floor as he passed Calvin, who was leering at him.

That night, Calvin explained what happened to his wife.

“There is no way we can leave them home alone, now!” he started.

“We’ve been planning this trip for months, and we won’t get our money refunded this late. There has to be another way,” his wife protested.

“I will call the school preacher and see what he thinks we should do,” Calvin suggested.

The next day, Preacher Jack came to the house after school, as requested by Calvin. As he explained the situation to the preacher, he was stunned to find out that both of his daughters had been reprimanded at school for their promiscuous behavior with boys.

“There has to be a way to stop this,” Calvin begged.

The preacher asked the girls to leave them while they discussed possible solutions.

“There is something that I have been toying with for just this type of behavior,” said Jack, “I have taken classes on behavior modification hypnosis for just this type of thing. With your permission, I would like to try it on your daughters.”

“Are you sure? Is it safe? What about when they are older and get married, how do we turn it off?” asked Calvin.

“I can plant a trigger phrase to reverse the effects that only you will know.”

“Okay. Let’s give it a shot. I am desperate.”

“Please give me an hour of privacy with each girl, and your problems will be solved.”

Calvin called Penny into the room first and then retreated to his bedroom.

Penny had changed into an outfit that she knew would get a rise out of the preacher. She secretly thought that he was hot and hoped that she could flirt her way out of her imminent punishment.

“Please lay down on the couch,” Jack said, ignoring her non-school attire.

Jack set his hand on her shoulder and told her to close her eyes.

“I’m going to plant a hypnotic suggestion in you.” Penny was shocked and looked at Jack with dismay. “Please relax. This will be completely painless and will go much smoother if you just trust me.”

Penny did trust Jack, and she allowed herself to be hypnotized by him. Once Penny was under hypnosis, Jack implanted his suggestion: “You will repress all sexual feelings. You will not behave promiscuously and you will wait for marriage to have sex.”

Jack continued, “You will remain this way until you hear the phrase, The Lord is your savior and the path to righteousness.” He snapped his fingers, bringing Penny out of her trance.

Penny looked at Jack and asked, “When are you going to start?”

“We’re already done. You did great.”

Penny sat up and tugged at the hem of her skirt, trying to cover her legs. She suddenly felt uncomfortable in her revealing outfit.

“Please go get your sister and wait in your room until I’m done.”

Penny bounded out of the room and a few minutes later, Aaliyah appeared, still wearing her school uniform. Jack repeated the process and planted the same suggestions and reversal phrase. “Please go get your sister and father.” Jack told her after bringing her out of her trance.

Calvin returned to the living room and a moment later Penny entered the room wearing her school uniform again. The girls were acting very polite, and seemed to be in the best of moods. “My work here is done. The rest is in the Lord’s hands,” Jack announced.

Calvin walked the preacher to the door. Jack handed a piece of paper to Calvin and said, “This is the phase to use when you are ready to release the girls from their hypnosis.”

Calvin returned to the girls and asked them how they felt.

“We feel great, Daddy. It’s like a huge pressure has been lifted from our shoulders. I can’t explain it,” Penny said.

Calvin placed the piece of paper in a drawer in the kitchen to show his wife when she got home.

That week the girls were in high spirits and focused on their schoolwork instead of boys. That Friday, Jack called Calvin to inform him of the girl’s positive behavior at school. Calvin had noticed the same at home and was comfortable leaving the girls home alone for the weekend.

Calvin and his wife packed their bags and left for their trip. They gave each girl a loving hug and left the house.


The next afternoon, there was a knock at the door. It was Aaliyah’s and Penny’s ‘boyfriends.’

“Did they leave you home alone?” one of the boys asked.

“Yes, but don’t get any ideas,” Aaliyah said.

The boys entered the house carrying a case of beers. One of them went to the kitchen to find a bottle opener. After opening several drawers, he found what he was looking for, but something else caught his eye. It was the piece of paper that Jack had given to Calvin.

It read, “The Lord is your savior and the path to righteousness. Do not say this phrase around your daughters until you are ready for them to lose their virginities.”

“Interesting,” the boy thought and memorized the phase.

He then put the paper back in its place and opened four bottles of beer. He handed them out to everyone and asked, what do you guys want to do?”

“Let’s go swimming!” said the other boy as he looked out into the backyard.

“But we didn’t bring suits.”

“We can swim in our boxers. What do you say? Can we go swimming in your pool?”

“Okay. That sounds like harmless fun,” said Penny.

The girls ran to their rooms to change while the boys made their way outside. They stripped down to their boxers and jumped into the hot tub.

“The girls have been so cold to us lately,” griped one boy.

“It’s okay. I have a surprise that I think you will like,” said the other.

The girls searched their rooms for modest bathing suits but only found the tantalizing bikinis that they bought to show off their sexy bodies. They hesitantly put them on and made their way through the house.

The boys were laughing and joking when the girls entered the backyard. They were nervous about showing so much flesh in front of the boys.

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” said Aaliyah.

“Yeah, maybe you guys should go home,” said Penny.

“What?!” exclaimed one of the boys.

“Relax,” said the other, “Watch this. The Lord is your savior and the path to righteousness.”

The girls froze and had blank looks on their faces.

Then they started to move again. Aaliyah’s hands went to her chest as she felt her body warm all over and her nipples harden.

The girls were overcome with horniness as all their repressed feelings bubbled to the surface at once. They had never been so horny before and they looked at the boys like fresh kills with their lustful eyes.

Penny pulled on her bikini bottoms as her pussy swelled and filled with moisture.

“Is this what you want, boys?” Aaliyah asked as they turned around and stuck out their asses.

The boys hooted and hollered as the girls ran their hands up their bodies and moved seductively toward the hot tub.

“I hope you boys are ready for us, because I’m hungry for a taste of something that you have,” said Penny.

“I’m hungry for something, too,” said Aaliyah, “But I want it somewhere other than my mouth,” she said as she pulled her bottoms down even further.

The girls waded into the hot tub and pulled their tops back, revealing their perky tits. “I hope you’re hungry, too,” said Aaliyah to the boys.

“Oh yes. We’re hungry!” the boys yelled.

The boys were instantly all over the girls. They were pawing at their bodies and pulling at their swimsuits.

“Let’s see what we’re working with. Get those boxers off,” said Aaliyah.

One boy stood and pulled his boxers down. Aaliyah dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock. The other boy pulled his boxers off from a sitting position and Penny straddled his lap. She began making out with him as she pulled the strings holding her bikini bottoms in place. She quickly pulled her suit out of the way and rubbed her bare pussy across his cock.

Aaliyah moved her head closer and sucked the other boy’s cock into her mouth. She sucked his cock with ferocity while fondling and squeezing his balls.

Penny reached between her legs and grabbed the cock that was there. She lifted her body and slammed back down enveloping his hard shaft. She made waves in the pool as she bounced on his cock.

“Your cock feels so good!” she yelped.

Aaliyah removed the cock from her mouth and looked at her sister. She wanted to feel a cock inside of her pussy, too. She stood up and quickly pulled down her bottoms and pushed her ass back into the cock that was just in her mouth.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked impatiently, “I want some of what she’s having.”

He grabbed his cock and aligned it with her pussy. He pushed it in deep as Aaliyah let out a scream.

“Not so rough. This is my first…”

The boy pulled his cock back and lunged it back in.

“Ohhh, yes! That does feel good,” Aaliyah moaned.

The four of them fucked hard and fast until one boy moaned, “I’m cumming!”

Without any other warning, he blasted his seed deep inside Aaliyah‘s dripping wet cunt.

“Oh, me, too!” moaned the other boy.

Penny pushed down hard as she felt his warm cum fill her pussy. She rode her own orgasm as she felt his cock begin to soften. Once she was done, she climbed out of the hot tub and said, “Now it’s time for you two to go.”

The girls hustled the boys out the door in their dripping-wet boxers as they clung to their clothes. As soon as the door slammed shut, Aaliyah said, “That was fun, but I’m still horny.”

“Me, too,” said Penny.

The girls looked at each other and smiled. They ran naked through the house to Penny’s bedroom, hand-in-hand.