Riding Camp Part 2

Blake took a deep breath and adjusted herself in the saddle. A few hundred yards ahead stood a little red cone on the ground. She put her heels into Viking who shot forward. She leaned into the wind and, when she was close to the cone, she slid down to her right so her body was parallel to the ground. She snatched up the cone and continued forward.

“Holy shit, that was so cool,” said Johan who stood next to Karl and Anna.

“I’m not sure I can do that,” she sighed.

Karl patted her shoulder. “Of course, you can. Just make sure you don’t fall off.”

Blake made the turn and came back, trotting to the group who was waiting and applauding her. She smiled and slid off the horse.

“See, it’s easy.”

Dan came forward and said, “I don’t think we should try that, just yet. Why don’t we set up the cloverleaf and have them practice that for a while?”

Blake shrugged her shoulders and went over to where Lisa and Annika stood. “What do you guys think?”

“Dan is right, I’m not ready for that stuff,” said Lisa, and Annika nodded in agreement.

“Well, at least you know it can be done and it’s not so hard as it looks like. It’s all about your balance. Are we set for our adventure tomorrow?”

“Yes, I’ve spoken to Dan and Sonja and they are fine with it. It’s you, me, Anna, Karl, Johan, and Lisa.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Annika and Lisa watched their friend lead Viking back to the stables and then went back to their cottage. Johan and Karl looked after them with puppy faces hoping to no avail that they would be invited back with them. The morning after their fun, Blake had told the other girls about what Dan had said, and they had decided to keep things cool for the time being. They were still in the exploration stage of their sexuality, felt comfortable with each other, and didn’t want to bring in a full-grown man, just yet.

Dan followed Blake as she led Viking away with his eyes, and Sonja walked up to him. “You want some of that, don’t you?”

“What do you think?”

Sonja laughed quietly and made sure no one was close before saying, “You remember what happened last time you had your fun?”

He sighed at the memory of Rebecka. She had been seventeen and a bombshell of a blonde. Dan and Sonja had seduced her within days of her arrival and by the end of the week, she was sharing their bed. Things got out of hand when she told one of the other girls who in turn told her parents. Even though Rebecka was old enough to have sex according to Swedish law, her parents didn’t quite approve of Dan fucking her with Sonja’s assistance. Luckily, Rebecka was a good girl and didn’t tell her parents all that had happened. One day she was there, the next she was gone, and there was nothing more to it.

“It’s different with Blake. She doesn’t have her parents here,” he said in his defense.

“True, but all we need is one of the day students becoming a bit suspicious or Blake talking and we are back in the same trouble as last time.”

“Shit, I want her so badly.”

Sonja put her arm around his waist and led him back to the cottage where she would give him a nice long blowjob for him to relax and forget the hot piece of ass that was Blake. At least for a while.


The following morning, Anna, Karl, Johan, Blake, Lisa, and Annika were saddled up and ready to go outside the stables. They carried backpacks with water and food and Anna and Lisa had tents attached to their horses. The plan was to go camping deep into the woods for two days.

“All set?” asked Dan.

“Yes, we got everything. We’ll be back in two days if the trolls don’t get us,” said Johan and everyone laughed except Blake. She still wasn’t sure if trolls were just fairy tales or if they existed.

They rode off in single file, with Anna taking the lead since she had been where they were going before. In the forest, they had to go slow and duck their heads for branches every so often. Sometimes the woods would open up, and they could trot across a field and then back into the forest again. It was dark between the trees, and they had to be careful so the horses wouldn’t stumble over an exposed root or rock.

Blake was last in line, and ahead of her rode Johan. “Hey, where exactly is it we are going,” she asked about thirty minutes into their adventure.

“We are going to a Viking settlement. Back in the day, the river was much bigger so they built a village where we are going. You can still see some of the walls and rune stones, but not much else. It’s a very pretty location I have heard; I’m sure you will love it.”

After another hour or so, they came out of the woods and into a large opening. She heard the sound of water and slid off Viking and stretched her back. The others also got off their horses, and they tied them to trees.

“Come and have a look,” said Anna and grabbed Blake’s hand. She led her friend towards the edge of the opening, and as they came closer the sound of rushing water increased.

“Just look at that,” said Anna and pointed.

Maybe fifty yards below them a river was flowing quite fast. It wasn’t a big river, but at one time it must have been because the opposite side was flat where the water had been before.

“Back in the day, the river came up to almost where we are standing, and it was much wider than now. The Vikings would sail down it to reach the open sea,” said Anna.

“How far is the sea from here?”

“By boat, maybe three or four hours, but back then a lot less since it was much bigger. These days, there are some very dangerous areas you have to pass. People go by kayak in the summer but only experienced kayakers.”

Blake took in the surroundings and tried to imagine what it would have been over a thousand years earlier. It was hard to since so much had changed. When she looked back to where the others were setting up camp, she could make out the outline of a wall and a few mounds here and there.

“Come, I’ll show you something else.”

Blake followed Anna who walked along the edge and then turned towards the forest again.  She made her way through the brush and then stopped. “Check it out.”

In front of them stood a massive stone on its edge. It was at least six feet tall and maybe three feet wide. “What is it?” asked Blake stepping closer.

“It’s a rune stone. The Vikings would raise them in honor of fallen warriors and such. This one is so worn that it’s impossible to read it, but sometimes in the right light you can make out some kind of text.”

“Wow, this is amazing,” Blake was about to add something when Anna suddenly put her arms around her waist and pulled her close. She kissed Blake on her mouth and the two girls melted into each other. They kissed gently and quietly while holding each other tight. When they came apart, Blake giggled. “That was nice.”

“Fuck, I’ve wanted to do that since you left the cottage that day. I have never felt like this with another girl.”

Blake wasn’t sure what to say since she had never kissed a girl either. Instead, she kissed her again and this time she slid a hand down her friend’s jeans at the back and grabbed her ass cheek. Anna giggled and did the same to Blake.

“Hey, hey, guys, can’t that wait a little bit?” Johan stood a few yards away with his hands on his hips and his head tilted to one side. “Sorry, we got carried away,” said Blake. She took Anna by her hand and walked out of the woods.

“That’s ok. I wanted to know if you like ketchup and mustard on your hot dog?” John asked Blake.

“Just ketchup.”

The others had finished setting up camp, and since they only had two tents, it was decided that Johan, Karl, and Lisa would share one and the others the other. Karl had used sticks and slid a hot dog over the ends, so by the time Blake sat down, she was given a stick and put it over the fire.

“Make sure you don’t drop it,” said Lisa.

“It’s not my first time, you know.”

Lisa laughed. “Sorry, for some reason I thought it was.”

“No, my dad and I often go camping back home, but we hunt for dinner.”

Karl looked up from opening a can of soda. “What do you hunt?”

“Rabbits, mostly, easy to clean and eat, but we also hunt dear when they are in season.”

They ate in silence and there was tension in the air. They all knew why they had gone camping, but the problem was, no one knew how to start what they had come there to do which was to fuck. In the darkness of the cottage, it had been easier now under the sun in plain daylight it was a different story.

Johan bit into a hot dog and, after a moment, said, “What did it feel like when you swallowed, Annika?”

She was taken aback by the question and cleared her throat. “What do you mean?”

“Like, did it come out with force or was it more of a dribble?’

“What kind of question is that?” said Lisa.

“I’m curious, that’s all. Is there anything wrong with that?”

Lisa tilted her head and looked at him closely. “Johan, do you want to try to suck dick?”

“Of course not, forget I asked.” He pointed at Blake and Anna. “Just so you know, those two were making out between the trees so if I did want to suck dick, I don’t see what the problem is.”

“It’s fine, I’ll answer his question,” Annika continued. “I just took the cock as far back as I could, which I had seen in porn clips the girls do. Sure, I felt how it jerked a little, but apart from that, not much else.”

“For me it was different. I got all that cum in my mouth, and I didn’t like it one bit,” said Lisa.

“Right, I’m very sorry. It just felt so darn good, I didn’t have time to warn you.”

Blake was becoming horny from the sex talk and making out with Anna. “Look guys, as far as I know, Sweden is a much more open-minded country than mine when it comes to sex. I have never felt attracted to women, but it was nice when Anna kissed me, so I kissed her back. If Johan wants to suck dick, let him, and if Karl wants to be the guy he tries with, that’s his problem. Let’s just have a good time without judging each other’s tastes as long as we are respectful. In any case, enough talking, let’s play a game. Let’s see who can hold out the longest, Johan or Karl? We suck their dicks in turn and whoever comes first loses.”

“Sounds good to me. What about you, Karl?” said Johan.

“Great, I bet I win, and if you want, you can suck my dick any time, I don’t judge, just don’t bite it,” he said and laughed.

After getting undressed, the guys lay down on the grass using two backpacks as pillows. Their dicks lay hard against their tummies and they were ready.

“Who goes first?” asked Anna.

“Me, I never got a chance to try to suck dick last time, “said Blake and moved forward to Karl. She lay down between his legs so her mouth was just above the base of his dick. Lisa did the same next to her.

“One, two, three, suck!” said Anna, and they all laughed before Blake for the first time in her life took a cock in her mouth. She had often wondered what it would feel like but nothing had come close to this. It felt so good when her lips stretched around the shaft and the soft head slid back and forth against the upper part of her mouth. She was careful so she didn’t hurt him with her teeth.

“Look at them go!” said Annika. “C’mon, Blake, take more of that cock, you can do it.”

Blake pushed down and suddenly the tip of her nose brushed against Karl’s belly and he moaned loudly. “Ah, fuck, that feels so good, Blake.”

She stayed like that for a moment, savoring the hard shaft and the soft head before she began to bob her head up and down again. Lisa was using a different technique altogether. She kept the head in her mouth, playing her tongue around it while stroking Johan’s shaft which was wet from her saliva.


“Let’s switch,” said Anna and pulled Blake back. She let go of the cock with a plop and Anna took her place, switching to a style similar to Lisa’s.

Annika went down on Johan hard, taking his entire cock as far back as she could, and tasted the pre-cum ooze out of it as she swallowed it. She loved the sweet taste of it and hoped he would come first so she could taste his cum.

Blake wanted more and, after just a few minutes, pulled Anna back and switched with her. This time she did exactly like Lisa had done. Sucking the swollen head while stroking the shaft. She felt the head swell a little, and then how Karl gasped and she knew he would lose. She took his cock a bit further back and closed her eyes. When it came, it came with force and a lot of it. The cum hit the back of her throat, and then it was filling her mouth quickly. She felt it explode out from the sides of her mouth and she pulled back.

Karl’s face was red, and he sighed, “Fuck, I lost, didn’t I?”

Wiping cum from her chin Blake looked at Johan and Annika. She was still sucking his dick and he looked like he had a long way to go before coming. “I guess you did.”

Karl got up and handed Blake a bottle of water which she used to rinse her mouth. His cock was semi hard so she took it in her hand and used some of the water to clean the cum and saliva off it. While she did, he became hard again.

“Do you want to fuck?” he asked, his eyes hopeful.

“Sure, lie down and I’ll ride you.”

She took off her clothes and it was a nice feeling the sun on her naked skin. She straddled him and looked over at Lisa who had taken over from Annika. She came up for some air. “You go girl, ride that cock!”

Blake grabbed the shaft and lined it up before lowering herself onto it. Her pussy was so wet it slid right in and she sighed from pleasure. “Oh, you feel so good inside me, Karl.”

Karl played with her firm boobs as she rode him slowly. She moved up so his cock almost slipped out and then down again until their skin touched. He was happy she did it slowly or he would have come fast. This way he could enjoy her warm tight pussy and her amazing body.


Dan licked his lips and his hand moved down his jeans ready to pull out his cock and stroke it to what he was watching. Blake looked like a sex goddess as she rode Karl. Her body had a thin film of sweat that glistened in the sun and he could see her muscles move under the skin. The other couple were also fucking now. Annika was in a doggy position and Johan was behind her, thrusting his cock back and forth. Anna lay next to them with her legs apart rubbing her clit and fingerfucking while watching her friends.

“Hey, don’t do that. Go and do what you came here for,” whispered Sonja from behind Dan. She placed her hand on his arm, stopping him from pulling out his cock.

“Are you sure, honey? What if they reject me, I would feel like a complete idiot.”

Sonja smiled. “Look at them, they are so horny right now, they would fuck anything with a cock or pussy. I even bet you that any second, Anna is going to go down on Blake.”

Dan looked over at the group and Sonja was right. Anna had helped Blake off Karl and they were now in a 69 position with Anna on top. She had Karl’s cock in her pussy which Blake was licking at the same time.

Dan took off his clothes and hung them over a branch. He straightened himself and gave Sonja one last smile.

“Go for it, I believe in you,” she said.

Dan stepped out from between the trees and walked towards the group who didn’t notice him. He felt his cock go harder the closer he got. He was more confident now and he had his eyes on the price, Blake.

Annika was the first one to see Dan approaching. She had switched positions and was riding Johan. “Oh my god, holy shit. Blake, Anna, look at that,” she said and pointed.

Blake was in an awkward position under Anna so she didn’t see much apart from her friend’s thighs, pussy, anus, and Karls’s cock, but Anna saw what Annika was pointing at. “Oh, fuck me, that can’t be real.”

“Get off me!” Blake said and began to move out from under Anna. Karl’s dick slipped out and slapped Blake in the face. She managed to get out and turned just as Dan stopped in front of them. Her jaw dropped and she managed to say, “No way.”

Dan stood with his hands on his hips pushing his pelvis forward slightly. He saw the look on the girls’ faces and he knew they were ready. “What do you think?”

In a quiet voice Anna said, “I think that’s going to hurt, but fuck, it looks hot.”

“How big is it?” asked Annika.

Blake who had managed to get out from under Anna got up and walked over to Dan where she put her fingers around his cock. Her fingertips had almost an inch of space between them and when she wrapped the fingers of her other hand around the shaft there was plenty of it left, without counting the head. “I’d say at least twelve inches?”

Annika who was good in math did a quick conversion and gasped. “Shit, that’s thirty centimeters.” She heard Anna whistle behind her. “What does it feel like?”

Blake stroked Dan a few times. “Like the others but a lot bigger and thicker.” She went down on her knees and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Dan pushed his cock inside her and she felt her jaws and lips stretch. She cupped his balls which were much bigger than the boys’ and teased them with her nails while bobbing her head up and down.

Dan watched her and love the sight of her lips tight around his cock. He stroked her hair and her cheek and then caressed her boobs in turn. “Oh, you are such a good little cocksucker, aren’t you Blake?”

She didn’t answer but closed her eyes and continued. It didn’t take long before Anna and Annika knelt on either side of Blake and began sharing the cock between them. The girls moaned and sighed even though they didn’t have the cock at that precise moment.

Dan pulled away slowly and then lay down on the ground gesturing for Anna to ride him. She lowered herself and when he began to penetrate her, she gasped and moaned loudly. Once the cock was inside, Dan pulled her down so she lay flat against his chest and he was thrusting. She gasped and her eyes were wide close to his face.

“Johan, come up behind her and have Annika suck your dick a little, and when it’s nice and wet slide it into Anna’s ass.”

They all giggled at the idea of anal sex. None of them had thought about it since they were too busy fucking, licking, and sucking so it was something new to try. Annika quickly had Johan’s cock wet and with her help, he penetrated her friend very gently and was surprised at how easy it was.

“Yeah, that’s good, very good. I picked you because you have the smallest dick. No, don’t be ashamed, it’s fine. Fuck her steadily,” said Dan.

Suddenly Sonja was among them and she stood between Annika and Karl. She began to stroke his cock with one hand while the other finger fucked Annika. “Oh Lord, you have a tight pussy, girl. Dan’s sure is going to like it.

Blake took in the naked Sonja. For being her age, she had quite a toned body and a cute shaved pussy. She walked over to her and went down on her knees. Sonja parted her legs a little and Blake began to lick the older woman.

“Oh, yes, oh good girl, you are such a good girl, Blake. Do you want Dan to fuck you know, do you want his big cock, you little slut?”

Blake giggled into Sonja’s pussy and said yes.

“Dan, how’s it going? I have Blake here, and she is ready to go.”

Dan placed his hands on Anna’s hips and began to fuck her pussy harder. He felt Johan’s cock sliding in and out of her ass and Anna suddenly tensed and arched her back as much as she could before her pussy tightened around his cock.

“Oh fuck, that feels amazing,” said Johan with a grin. His friend’s anal ring squeezed his cock and he came inside her. Anna threw her eyes open as Dan came, filling her pussy with his hot cum. It was a lot and it began to trickle at first and when he pulled out ran out of her.

Dan was still hard when he pulled Blake from his wife’s pussy and placed her on all four. He knelt behind her and lined up his cock. “Are you ready, honey?”

“I thought I was a slut?”

He laughed. “Maybe you are my honey-slut?”

She didn’t have time to answer because he impaled her with one long thrust that made her scream. Birds lifted from the trees and flew away as her scream echoed. “Holy fuck, you are huge, oh, oh, slowly,” she moaned.

He did what she asked and fucked her slowly to make her pussy get used to him. She was so wonderfully tight and her ass so round and inviting. He leaned forward and cupped her boobs and pulled at her nipples. Blake pushed back as her pussy stretched and she wanted more. “C’mon, Dan, fuck me like the slut I am.”

He grabbed her hips and went to town. It didn’t take long for her to have her first orgasm and a few minutes later her second. Dan didn’t stop there but fucked a third orgasm out of her before pulling out and squirting his load over her ass-cheeks.

She fell to the ground where she lay gasping for air. It was such an amazing feeling but her pussy needed a break. She sat up and watched while Dan fucked Annika and then she and Anna suck his cock until they shared his hot cum. The boys sat to the side, watching their friends being fucked to multiple orgasms and they wished they had bigger cocks and could last longer.

“Now, now, what’s with the long faces?’ asked Sonja as she sat down between them.

“How can we compete with Dan’s donkey cock?’ asked Johan and sighed.

She laughed. “it’s not a competition, boys. You will have plenty of time to fuck the girls back at the ranch. Let the old man have some fun.”

Blake got up and went over to where Dan lay naked on the grass. She cast a shadow over him and he opened his eyes. “Hi there.”

“Hi,” she giggled. His cock lay flat against his tummy and she licked her lip. “Can I..?”


She lay down between his legs and took him in her hand. Pulling down the foreskin she exposed the large red and licked it. She sighed as he grew hard and when he was ready, she began to suck him deeply and slowly, enjoying every inch of his manhood. Dan watched her. “Do you like it?”


“Do you want to fuck?”

She slowly shook her head and then said, “No, just suck for now.”

Dan was dying to be in her tight pussy again but he respected her wish and let her suck him until he came several minutes later. When he did, she had him as far back as she could and took every drop, just spilling a few.

She got up and turned to the others who were lying on the grass. “This has been so much fun and I look forward to doing it again. I didn’t fly to Sweden to suck cock and be fucked, even though I love it. I came here to teach ya’ll how to ride. So, since you now have been properly fucked by each other and Dan and his wonderful wife we will saddle up and ride back to the ranch. Tomorrow morning all of you will do the trick I showed you with the cone.”

There were a few sighs among them especially Anna who had a sore pussy from being fucked hard by Dan, but they did get up and began to take down the tents and get their gear in order.


Sonja put her arm around her husband’s waist. “Just look at them,” she said.

Dan watched Johan galloping down the field and at the right moment slide down his saddle and grab the cone before sliding back up again in a perfect motion.

“Yes, they are doing great. Blake is a fantastic instructor and motivator.”

He looked at Blake who was standing a few yards ahead of them. She wore tight black jeans and a halter top. She turned and waived at him and her boobs moved seductively.

Sonja laughed. “I bet she will be riding your cock all night.”

“Can she, please?”

“Sure, she can. I’ll just pop into Johan and Karl and teach those boys the art of pussy licking.”

As the sun set between the trees the young people practiced their riding skills and Dan daydreamed about Blake’s wet, and hot pussy wrapped around his cock.