Our wonderful MFM triad relationship!

My wife and I were together for two years before we we got married and stayed together for 11 years. We did some MFM swinging for several years, but it was always so superficial and hard to find guys that weren’t flakes. We did have a semi regular guy who we played with for about 3 years, but he was not very exclusive to us. I had always fantasized about us being with one guy only. Someone we could build a relationship with. Well, we got divorced and she got remarried so that was out of the picture or so I thought. Three years or so after she remarried she got divorced and we ended up getting back together. Neither of us wanted to get remarried, but we had always enjoyed each others time together, so we decided to have a go at it again. Now a little background. I live in New Mexico and she lives in Texas about 12 hours away, so we only get to see each other about 4 or 5 times a year for 3 or 4 weeks at a time. It’s been working well for us, because it keeps the fire burning for each other when we’re apart. I did not however like her not having me around to do things with her when we were apart. She was lonely although we talk every single day. She needed someone to do things with, go out on dates and stuff. Make love to. She never complained at all though. I wanted that for her when we weren’t together.

My best friend, who works for me and lives in the same town as her, is a very handsome, in great shape tall black man that is a total gentleman. He had not had sex in years and was in a dead marriage that was ending. He and I talked about how cool it would be if we had a closed triad relationship with her. She would have two boyfriends. Him to take care of her in their town and me to take care of her when she was with me. Then we would also all get together either there or here and also take very sexual trips together.

Well, she and I took a short trip together and we discussed what he and I had talked about and envisioned for our triad relationship. She had a really hard time wrapping her head around the fact that I would be alright with her making love with another man when we weren’t together. She would never cheat on me and would never do it unless I was all in with it. I told her that I was indeed all in with it and wanted it for both of them. We discussed it in detail and fantasized a lot about it while we were making love. We had some very hot sex on that trip. She knew my best friend and was indeed attracted to him. We decided to give it a shot and see how the dynamics worked between the two of them. See if they were emotionally and sexually compatible. Needless to say they are indeed VERY emotionally and sexually compatible! They have the most amazing, rock your world sex together just as she and I do as well. Totally cool!

We decided that the best way for them to build a good foundation for their relationship was for them to be together without me present for awhile, so they could be relaxed and open to express all of their sexual desires without me around at first. That has worked out so well. It has enabled them to build a strong mental and sexual relationship of their own. She and I are soul mates and trust each other explicitly and he and I have been best friends for years and have that same trust with each other. Me knowing she is taken care of both mentally and sexually by my best friend is totally amazing. We are all three exclusive with each other.

She is happier than she’s ever been and wakes up with a smile on her face each and every day. We share everything with each other. There are no secrets about anything. We share everything we do with her and it’s so hot doing that. Knowing that nothing is hidden at all. Hearing how they making love together is so hot and keeps me going while we’re apart. When we all get together our bodies are so intermingled and the sex is totally amazing. We are all three experiencing things we never thought possible before.

We hope that one day we will all be able to live together and really take our relationship to the next level. In the mean time he and I are having the most wonderful time making love to our wonderful woman and she is the absolute best lover to both of us! We are all so happy we decided to start our wonderful closed triad relationship. It would not have worked if the trust had not been there between all of us though. To share your woman with another man, especially being so far apart, is not something that anyone with jealously issues should try. There is absolutely none of that between he and I. We just absolutely love her and so enjoy making the best love possible to her. Seeing her smiling face of satisfaction after we’ve both made love to her is something we’ll never get tired of!