On Display

I can hear the murmur of men’s voices as Jordan leads me toward his living room. His arm briefly tightens around my waist in a reassuring squeeze. The tender gesture makes me smile even while I take a deep breath to steady my nerves.

Six men have come to Jordan’s house this evening in order to fulfill my biggest fantasy. Like Jordan, they are powerful men, successful in their various careers. They’re also men whom Jordan trusts to be discreet. Most of them, he’s told me, are married, which ensures they won’t discuss tonight’s events with others.

Outside the living room doorway, Jordan stops and turns to face me. We’ve been dating for six months, but he can still make me weak-kneed with that intense stare. My infatuation with him hasn’t subsided in the least, even as we’ve become so intimately familiar with each other. At forty-five, he’s almost twenty years my senior. Both his friends and mine warned that our relationship wouldn’t last, and I had my own doubts at first. His world is far different than mine; I don’t come from his kind of money. But I’m not with him for his money. I’m with him because while I’m in his presence, I feel alive in a way I never have before.

As Jordan now regards me with an affectionate smile, he caresses a tendril of dark hair that frames my face, delighting in the feel of it between his fingers. I’ve swept the rest of my hair back to keep it out of the way.

“You look so beautiful, Liv.” His gaze moves downward, over the slinky slip dress I wear. With delicate straps, it’s a soft pink and covers only a little of my thighs. Beneath it, I wear a matching thong. My feet are bare. Jordan is overdressed in comparison, wearing dress pants and a button-down shirt, the sleeves of which are rolled halfway up his forearms. Though he’s well aware of how gorgeous he is, he’s never arrogant. Already, I long to run my fingers through his thick, dark hair. I ache to feel his strong body beneath my hands.

And I want to do it while six strangers watch.

Jordan and I have already discussed what will happen tonight, planning it out as if choreographing an erotic dance. This is my fantasy, but he wants me completely at ease while we’re indulging in it, and it’s true that knowing what to expect chases away some of my nervousness. Now, he strokes my cheek, his blue eyes bright. I understand how much he’s looking forward to this, for he has an exhibitionist streak of his own. But he’s cool and collected while checking in with me.

“Are you ready?” he asks, searching my face for any sign that I’m getting cold feet.

“Absolutely,” I reply without hesitation. Jordan is older, and the breadth of his life experiences makes him wiser. But I’m far from naïve; I have enough self-knowledge to understand what I crave on the deepest level.

Jordan smiles at the determination he sees in my face. Giving me a wink, he says, “Let’s join our guests, then.”

Hand in hand, we step into the living room. I feel small beneath the vaulted ceiling with its skylights. The men sit in comfortable chairs, which form a half-circle facing the huge couch. And on the floor, between their chairs and the couch, is a mattress covered by a silk sheet.

At my appearance, the men fall silent, allowing their stares to settle upon me. Jordan has ensured that they feel at home, for almost all of them have a drink in hand. Some sip wine, while others have opted for hard liquor. I notice there are several small bottles of lube placed within easy reach. Jordan really has thought of everything.

He has a wide circle of friends, acquaintances, and associates, and I’ve not met any of these men before. The oldest appears to be close to sixty, while the youngest is in his mid-thirties. When I meet his gaze, his eyes widen a little. He looks a bit stunned to be included in this gathering. He also wears a wedding ring.

“Everyone, this is Liv,” Jordan says with a smile.

The other men greet me, smiling as well. I murmur a hello, fighting the urge to duck my head. No sense in getting shy now, I tell myself.

It’s all so polite, so proper, which is just how I want it. I want to be watched and admired, not jeered at. And these men are watching me with anticipation, the way they might look forward to the start of a symphony or ballet. As Jordan leads me to the couch, I feel the weight of the men’s stares moving over my body. It’s surreal, strolling before them in so little clothing, but I’m already wet.

Before Jordan sits down, he turns to me and cups my face in his hands. His kiss is tender yet passionate, his tongue seeking mine. The room is so silent that I think I can hear my pulse begin to race. Jordan delights in my mouth, moaning with pleasure. When he breaks the kiss, I find his stare has grown hot.

Once he settles onto the couch, I take my place on his lap, facing the other men. As soon as I drape a leg over either side of Jordan’s thighs, the energy in the room changes. The men lean forward, eagerly watching my slip ride upward. I can’t help but smile while spreading my legs a little wider. I wonder if the crotch of my panties is visibly wet.

Leaning back against Jordan, I close my eyes as he slides his palms over my thighs. He takes hold of the slip and lifts it even higher until it’s bunched around my hips. “Look at the way they’re staring at you,” he whispers.

I open my eyes, studying each man in turn. Almost directly across from me is a gorgeous, powerfully built Black man around Jordan’s age. I can easily discern his muscular thighs beneath his dress pants. When our eyes lock, he gives me a sexy smile, and I immediately smile back.

Jordan toys with the right strap of my slip, moving his fingers beneath it. Slowly, so slowly, he draws it from my shoulder and down my arm. We’re both breathing a little faster as he exposes more of my skin.

The moment he reveals my breast, the subtle erotic tension in the room grows. The men blatantly stare, and I look down as well. My hard nipple is a darker pink than the slip I wear. Though my breasts are small, they perfectly complement my slender frame.

Jordan fondles my tit, gently kneading my flesh. When he grazes my nipple with his fingertips, I let out a moan of longing, and I hear one of the men groan faintly in response. The guests have set aside their drinks. They shift a little in their chairs, and I wonder how hard each of them has become.

Jordan lowers the other strap, exposing my left breast. A delicious shiver travels through me, arching my spine, so I thrust out my tits. By now, I’m soaked between my thighs, and I have to refrain from rocking my hips. Breathing in, I inhale Jordan’s familiar scent, which only serves to heighten my lust. He tugs at my nipple, daring to pinch it.

My moans grow louder, which prompts him to laugh low and soft. “Oh, you’re getting excited now, aren’t you, baby?”

I quickly nod in reply, not trusting myself to speak. Several of the men are languidly stroking their cocks through their pants, including the oldest. He manages to look refined and distinguished even while pleasuring himself. The youngest man, meanwhile, glances at the other guests, as if seeking permission. Then he begins stroking as well. His timid nature delights me, yet when our eyes meet again, I see the unmistakable lust in his gaze.

Jordan’s hand travels lower, settling between my thighs. His fingers are gentle in pulling aside the crotch of my panties. I’m waxed completely smooth, giving the men an unobstructed view of my pussy. They seem to collectively sigh in appreciation at the sight.

“So wet for these men!” Jordan says loud enough for them to hear. A fierce blush heats my cheeks, but I make no attempt to close my legs and hide my cunt. He takes his time massaging my clit; I feel his lips against my hair. Looking at the men surrounding us, I see the blatant hunger in their stares. Already, my clit is exquisitely sensitive, as if their gazes have stimulated it along with Jordan’s fingers.

When I begin writhing, Jordan eases me off his lap. As he moves to kneel before me, I impatiently remove the slip and toss it aside. Then I lift my ass from the couch so Jordan can tug down my panties. Once I’m free of them, he flashes a playful grin and tosses them over his shoulder.

The man with that sexy smile catches them. He doesn’t wear a wedding ring, I notice, so at least he won’t have to hide my panties from anyone. He gives me a wink before sliding them into his pocket.

Jordan plants kisses along my inner thighs. I hear him breathing deeply to catch my scent. When he spreads my outer lips with gentle fingers, I feel his warm exhalation against my wet folds. He doesn’t hesitate to dive right in, licking and sucking. The sound of his mouth devouring my pussy carries to the other men. I release faint cries while playing with my nipples, and my face takes on a pleading look. I am so incredibly aroused that I can’t think straight. Inhibition falls away entirely.

Weaving my fingers through Jordan’s hair, I roll my hips, grinding my pussy against his face. “Oh, my God, yes! More!” I plead with him, but I’m looking at the others.

Whatever they see in my face erodes their inhibitions as well. The sight of them taking out their cocks sends a shudder through me. Jordan fingers my wet pussy while suckling my clit. He knows it’s much easier for me to climax from intercourse after I’ve had a clitoral orgasm, and he’s determined to make me come. The other men don’t look around at one another now that they’ve freed their dicks, which are in various states of hardness. Instead, they focus their attention solely on me. I revel in it, growing almost unbearably excited.

“I’m gonna come!” I cry out. Jordan moans, his tongue never ceasing. When he gazes up at me, I see that his eyes are heavy-lidded with his own arousal.

My thighs start visibly trembling. While nearing orgasm, I find it difficult to look at the other men’s faces, for I feel so vulnerable and exposed on this precipice. Instead, I watch them masturbate, and I can tell they love me watching.

Jordan’s fingers, still buried inside me, curl upward, applying a bliss-inducing pressure. I have to close my eyes, hiding for a moment behind my lids. Then, I surrender to the climax, wailing as my muscles rhythmically contract. His tongue is merciless on my clit, lashing that swollen bud. I feel like I’m dissolving into a rapturous pool, the spasms pulling me taut before finally leaving me spent. But even when the orgasm subsides, an abject need remains, making me crave more. When I open my eyes, I find the men immersed in their pleasure. One of them has his head thrown back, his lips parted while he strokes his rock-hard dick.

Though I’m still breathing fast, Jordan leaves me little time to recover, for this show is far from over. Climbing to his feet, he reaches for my hands. I’m docile in his grasp, my knees managing to hold me upright as we stand on the mattress, closer to the men. Several have lubed up their cocks, making the sound of their stroking more pronounced. As Jordan stares down at me, I sense his fierce need, and I feel it in the hard kiss he plants on my mouth. His hands roam over my skin before giving my ass a possessive squeeze. The taste of my pussy still lingers on his tongue.

When we draw apart, he begins unbuttoning his shirt. I sink to my knees before him, then reach for his belt buckle with trembling hands. By the time I have his pants and underwear lowered, revealing his hard cock, he’s removed his undershirt as well. In moments, he’s completely naked.

The eagerness of our spectators is almost palpable, and I waste no time in taking hold of Jordan’s dick so I can kiss and lick its entire length. He’s a little larger than average, with a nice girth. I hear his pleasured sigh as I slide my tongue along the underside of his shaft. Despite his fervent desire, he gently caresses my hair.

With obvious enthusiasm, I lick and suck Jordan’s sack while stroking his cock. When I draw his right nut into my mouth, one of the men watching us groans at the sight.

Finally, I decide I’ve made them wait long enough. Before I wrap my lips around Jordan’s cockhead, I look over at the others. They’re all stroking, their stares riveted to the scene playing out before them. I focus on their faces rather than their dicks, for I want to see the excitement in their eyes. I want to know I’m pleasing them as well as Jordan.

Returning my full attention to Jordan’s cock, I lean to take it in my mouth. He moans at the feel of my tongue swirling over his flesh. His precum is readily flowing now, and I derive my own satisfaction from tasting it. Though he knows I have a fairly weak gag reflex, he normally allows me to set the pace when sucking him off. Tonight, however, is different, for we’re both performing. His hand on my head becomes insistent, guiding me forward. I do my best to relax my throat muscles so I can accept the intrusion of his cock.


One of the other men dares to speak. I’m almost certain it’s the middle-aged man with thinning hair and a subdued demeanor. When I first saw him tonight, I was surprised he’d chosen to take part in this, for he seemed so nondescript and unassuming. Now, I hear him murmur, “That’s it, sweetheart, take him deep!”

A few others join him in encouraging me. Their coaxing makes me all the more determined to tolerate Jordan’s dick deep in my throat, cutting off my air. The tip of my nose grazes his trimmed pubic hair.

“Ah yes, Liv, that’s perfect!” Jordan practically growls. When he finally allows me to pull off, I gasp for breath but almost immediately resume sucking and stroking him. I sense by the way the other men sigh and moan while jerking that they’re pleased with my dedication. Taking hold of my hair, Jordan gently thrusts between my lips.

“My God, she’s amazing!” I hear the youngest guest exclaim, and the others quickly agree. I’d smile if my mouth wasn’t full of cock.

Jordan draws me back so I can look up at his face. He’s breathing fast, and when he grins, I discern his pride in me. “You’re fucking incredible,” he says, making me beam. His cock is just inches from my mouth; it sways slightly as if to beckon me forward yet again. But Jordan has other ideas. “Are you ready for these men to see you on your hands and knees?”

I hear a collective intake of breath around me, for these men are more than ready to see what Jordan describes. Gazing up at him, I flash a wicked grin before nodding firmly. Then, I position myself on the mattress so I’m facing our spectators. Part of me struggles to fully comprehend that I’m about to be fucked while they watch. That surreal feeling overtakes me again, and I have to tell myself this is actually happening. What I’ve so often secretly fantasized about will soon be reality.

Jordan moves to kneel behind me. My hair has started to come loose from its updo, and when I lower my head, the strands hide some of my face. He takes a moment to caress my skin, his fingertips trailing over my spine. Cupping my buttocks in his palms, he gives them another squeeze. I can imagine the wordless conversation he’s having with the men watching; I can practically hear his thoughts: You can look, gentlemen, but I’m the one who touches. This woman is mine.

Jordan finally slides the head of his cock between my folds, gathering up my wetness. I gasp when he grazes my clit, and he laughs quietly in response. Then I feel him at my opening. We both moan as he enters me. The sound of lubed dicks being furiously stroked fills my ears, but I keep my head down. On my hands and knees before these men, I become uncharacteristically submissive.

With powerful thrusts, Jordan begins fucking me. My tits jiggle each time our bodies connect, and I can hear my wet pussy yielding to his cock. Soft cries escape my lips as Jordan’s rhythm grows even more fervent. It’s as if he’s lost all restraint. Closing my eyes, I easily picture his face, drawn taut with arousal. I imagine the men staring down at me while I release needy whimpers.

“You love him pounding that sweet pussy, don’t you?” someone asks me. Lifting my head, I find it’s the oldest guest who’s spoken. The lust in his eyes lets me know he would gladly take Jordan’s place right now. I try to reply but can only groan. My gaze drops to the man’s cock, which he’s stroking at a leisurely pace. I wonder if he’s forced himself to slow down, for his dick appears painfully hard. The tip is almost purple, the shaft thick and veiny.

When I try to lower my head once more, Jordan grabs my hair, all the while continuing his relentless fucking. “Look at our guests,” he demands in a voice that makes clear he will no longer allow me to hide.

I look at one guest in particular: the stunning, dark-skinned man who sits directly before me. Up to this point, I’ve avoided blatantly staring at his cock, which is larger than my pussy could easily take. But I now gaze at it in open admiration. I love watching this man stroking with a firm grip, just as I love knowing I’m the reason for his arousal. Meeting his eyes again, I find he’s wearing that same sexy smile, and I’m certain he realizes the effect he has on me.

My pussy contracts around Jordan’s dick, making him gasp. The orgasm descends upon me almost without warning; never before have I come so effortlessly. A blissful warmth radiates from my core, spreading outward until I’m wholly in its grip. Gazing up at the man sitting just a few feet away, I release a wild cry. He groans, revealing his excitement in seeing me climax. My entire body shudders from the power of it, and Jordan is forced to pull out, for he’s now too close.

I want to collapse on the mattress as the spasms seize me, but my lover is far from finished. Even if we hadn’t discussed this beforehand, I’d be able to easily guess the position he has in mind for us next. It’s one that will give the other men a perfect view of our fucking. Like Jordan, I’m flushed, a layer of sweat covering my skin. When he lies flat on his back on the mattress, with his feet pointing toward the others, I can’t resist the pull of his hard, pulsing cock. Deep inside my pussy, I feel a tenderness from our previous fucking, and my clit remains sensitive, but my craving isn’t yet fully satisfied.

I straddle Jordan, placing a foot on either side of his thighs as I get into the reverse cowgirl position. Any temptation to hide must be abandoned now, for I’m spread wide, my pussy on display for the men watching. Jordan grasps the base of his dick, and together, we line it up so I hover directly above the tip. Then I sink down, taking him inch by inch. I hear him moan at the sensation of being inside me once more.

The other men are no longer looking at my face. Instead, their eyes are fixed on my cunt while Jordan’s cock claims me. He holds my hips as I lean back, resting my palms against him. I’ve never felt so exposed in my life, but giving our spectators such an intimate view makes me wild to fuck again.

I begin riding Jordan, my movements slow and sensual at first. All the while, I watch the men before me masturbate. Several seem right on edge, including the youngest. His face is flushed, and his expression has grown almost pained. When our gazes meet, I flash him a knowing grin. He appears a little chagrined while smiling back, but that doesn’t stop him from lowering his stare to my pussy.

I move faster, the sound of my heavy breathing mingling with that of the others. Continual moans emerge from my throat.

“Fuck yes, Liv, ride my cock!” Jordan urges. His voice is strained, and I sense he’s struggling to hold back even while encouraging me to fuck him at a more fervent pace.

The oldest man licks his lips. “That is a gorgeous pussy,” he murmurs to the man sitting beside him. His words make me cry out as my cunt slides up and down the length of Jordan’s dick.

“Look how tight she is, gripping his cock!” the other man replies.

My wet, greedy pussy clenches around Jordan, prompting him to release a helpless groan. I know he’s desperate for me to come.

Finally, I look at the man sitting directly before me. A shiver travels through my body at the sight of his cock, its size so imposing. Then our stares lock, and he takes my panties from his pocket. I watch, wide-eyed, as he brings them to his face and inhales deeply.

“Oh, my God!” I’m so close now that my thighs are shaking.

When the man wraps my panties around his shaft and uses them to stroke, I surrender to the ecstasy awaiting me. My rhythm falters as I come hard. Still, I manage to keep riding Jordan even while the fierce contractions draw my muscles taut. The man before me thrusts his hips upward, and in the grip of my climax, I can’t help but imagine how it would feel if he were to drive his cock deep inside my cunt.

“Baby, I’m gonna come!” Jordan pants.

“Yes, yes, fill my pussy!” I’m shameless in begging for his seed.

The other men gasp and groan, as if they vicariously experience Jordan’s release. I feel his dick pulse within me, followed by several powerful spurts of semen bathing my inner walls. The sensation coaxes forth a fresh wave of spasms. Jordan cries out, shuddering beneath me as my pussy milks his cock.

When he’s completely spent, I ease upward so he slips out of me. Remaining on top of him with my legs spread wide, I can feel his cum begin to seep from my well-fucked cunt. The men watch, their stares wild and hot. Though Jordan and I are sated, our guests are still aching for their own release.

Sensing their need, I move to sit on the mattress beside Jordan. He sits up and immediately draws me into his arms so we can share another kiss. “Ready for the finale?” he whispers with a wicked grin.

“So ready!”

Jordan looks at the other men, his grin never faltering. “Feel free to show Liv how much you enjoyed the show tonight,” he tells them. They’ve discussed this beforehand, so the men immediately understand the meaning of his words. My heart starts a fierce pounding when they rise from their chairs and approach me. I quickly get on my knees, and Jordan keeps a gentle grasp on my hair, tilting my face upward.

The man with the sexy smileand the sexy cocktakes his place directly before me. I extend my tongue, my eyes pleading. He positions his cock close to my mouth, his hand stroking fast. His stare is so intense that I feel inundated by his arousal. Unbelievably, I start getting wet again.

When I release a desperate whimper, the sound sends him over the edge. He gasps and tenses just before a rope of his cum strikes my tongue. I keep it held out, wanting more, and this man provides it. By the time he finishes with a groan, I have his seed not only on my tongue but at the edge of my mouth and below my cheekbone. Finally, I allow myself to swallow the pool of thick, hot semen. The man smiles, clearly pleased by my eagerness for his cum. He still has my panties, and I giggle as he tucks them away in his pocket again. I hope he has more fun with them later.

“Good girl,” Jordan murmurs to me while the man steps aside so someone else can take his place. Three men now stand before me, their dicks aimed at the lower half of my face. The middle-aged man who seemed so unassuming at first is jerking his dick with a fierce grip. Seconds later, I taste his cum on my tongue as well. Through his heavy breathing, he whispers a thank you and then steps back.

It doesn’t take long for my face to be painted with cum. The men are considerate, careful to avoid my eyes. Finally, the oldest man is joined by the youngest. I grin at them both, reveling in this debauchery. The oldest aims his cock at my tits, while the youngest appears determined to see his semen on my tongue. I wonder if his wife has ever allowed him to do this to her. By his evident eagerness, I’m thinking she hasn’t.

He’s actually trembling, his body taut as he strives for his climax. When he finally gets there, a relieved groan escapes his lips. His cum is thinner, a little more watery, and before I can swallow, some of it escapes my tongue to trickle down my chin. His last spurt goes haywire, landing in my hair near my right temple.

“Sorry!” he yelps, but I only laugh to assure him it’s fine.

A few strokes are all it takes for the oldest man to erupt, his cum glazing my tits. I moan with pleasure, and then with gratitude when he offers me a pristine handkerchief.

“A bit of a shame to see you clean yourself up,” the man says as I wipe the semen from my face. “You’re a gorgeous sight.” Looking at Jordan, he adds, “And you are one lucky man.”

“I’m well aware,” Jordan replies, regarding me with a tenderness that makes me ache for him.

Any lingering doubts I might have had about our relationship lasting are now gone for good, I realize. After our performance tonight, I’m certain Jordan and I are meant for each other.