The Night I Tied up my Girlfriend and Paddled her Ass

My girlfriend and I have an explosive relationship. We love hard and we fight hard as well. And sometimes the makeup sex is rough, but it works for us. We have been together for 5 years and it’s the same story. We will have an argument; we will scream, shout and fight. Then proceed to have the most amazing and rough make up sex. This story is about a night I tied up my girlfriend and paddled her ass to make her feel the bdsm pleasure of sex.

We had been talking about bringing in some BDSM elements in our sex life. So I had bought a paddle and some nipple clamps for my lady. There was an old pair of fluffy handcuffs that she had bought me as a joke and I was planning to use them soon. Then one day, one of our infamous fights took place. There was a lot of screaming and banging of doors. After the fight had ended and I was going into the bed room, my girlfriend burst through the door and just attached her lips to mine. The kiss was wild and rough. Teeth clashing, nose colliding, it wasn’t smooth or perfect. But I liked this wild side.

I grabbed her breasts and pushed her against the door, kissing her and twisting her hard nipples through her dress. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I carried her to the bed room. I dumped her on the bed and said, “You have been a naughty girl and I need to punish you.” She nodded and mewled on the bed, waiting for me. I took out the handcuffs and nipple clamps then pulled off her top. Her hard nipples pointed at me like they were waiting for me. I bent down and kissed her areolas and then nibbled on her tight buds. Her fingers clutched at my head.

I handcuffed her and tied that to the headboard and then attached the nipple clamps. I pulled down her skirt and panties, exposing her glistening pubis. I parted her folds and teased her by licking her. One long slow lick and a slight push of my finger inside her pussy. I grin as I look at her, helpless at my mercy.

I pull out my cock and rub myself looking at her writhing. “Please,” she moans. I laugh and grab the paddle. “Turn over,” I tell her and put her on her fours. Her ass is presented to me. I can’t help but smack her clit as it winks at me from in between folds. She pushes her ass out further for me. Thwack! Thwack! I hit her five times and can see red marks forming. “You like it?” I ask her as I push the paddle handle inside her wet channel. “Yes! Yes!” she moans. I Paddled her Ass badly.

I tug on her nipple clamps and she mewls as she pushes her ass towards my cock. I can’t take it any longer, so I undress and line my cock at her pussy entrance.  I palm her lush tits, squeeze and play as I push inside her pussy.  Her wet and tight channel welcomes me and squeezes me.  I begin pounding into her and watch her ass jiggle. Before I can control I smack her ass. I smack her again and again.

Her pussy convulses around me and she comes as I tug her nipple clamps. I spend myself inside her pussy, filling her with my warm cum. I remove her handcuffs and her clamps, cuddling with her. I suckle on her nipples as she relaxes in my arms. “Did you like your punishment?” I ask her. “Yes,” she murmurs sleepily as we close for the night. That night I Paddled her Ass but later we moved on to other extreme sex elements.