Intense Love Between Neighbour Brother and Sister

I have been living in this neighbourhood for quite some time. There are many who are old residents of this place. But some are new as well. One such is the Smith Family that moved in right beside my house. I had found them a bit weird from the first day, especially the kids. There was a brother and sister who were around 18-20 years old. They would not seem problematic at all at a first glance. But if you observe them closely, they start to appear a bit too close for siblings. Initially I was dismissing many such signs as imagination but then decided to take a closer look at their intense love.

My name is Karen and I am a single mom in her mid-thirties. Our neighbourhood has been known as a peaceful and conservative and moral region. Every family here is very simple with a plain and conventional lifestyle. Anything out of the ordinary was enough to stir a gossip in the neighbourhood. It would be quite a scandal if this family turned out to be unconventional. I started observing them day in and day out. I cannot deny that I became a bit obsessed with them. I stayed home all day and worked from home. So, I had plenty of time to observe them throughout the day. It was easier since they had the least sense of privacy. They never pulled down the blinds or even the curtains in the house. Little did I know that someday I will be witnessing their darkest secrets right from my living room.

It was just like any other regular Tuesday. I was at my workstation finally after sending my kid off to school. My home workstation was basically the kitchen island and I would be facing the window across it which overlooked the Smith’s house. As I worked, I would occasionally peak up and look at their window. The brother and sister was giggling and running around with a bowl of something. It seemed adorable and quite normal. I went back to my work. My curiosity peaked when I heard a shriek of laughter and something that sounded like Sis Loves Me Discount porn I had seen and looked up. I stared with wide eyes as I saw the brother hugging the sister from behind and kissing her neck with intense love. She was shrieking with laughter and glee and looked like she was enjoying it thoroughly.

I watched transfixed as the scenes unfolded in front of me. The brother had started to squeeze her boobs and was kissing her neck vigorously. She turned around and started kissing him back. They started undressing each other. It was like watching Game of Thrones from the first-row seat. Both of them was golden blonde and gorgeous and I could not help but notice how perfect they looked with their body entwined with each other. They were resting against their kitchen counter top. The brother lifted the sister up on the countertop and was kneeling before her. He was eating her pussy and she was moaning so loudly I could hear from my house. I was gaping and wondering if they did not care about what the neighbours saw or would think.

The sister got off the countertop and that’s when I got a glimpse of the guy. His boner was huge and completely erect. The sister got down on her knee and was sucking on this dick. The brother was moaning and closed his eye half way. I cannot deny I was getting turned on watching them. Even more so wondering about the scandal and story it was going to make around the neighbourhood. He was grabbing the back of her head and pounding her mouth with his dick. She stood up and this time the guy lifted her off the floor and she wrapped her leg around his waist. He was fucking her while they were standing. He carried her that way to the nearest wall and pinned her against it. He kept on fucking her and I could see her boobs jiggling from behind his back.

Soon they were on their kitchen island and he had laid down the sister on it. He stood at the edge and kept on fucking her hard. They were both moaning loudly and I was hearing all of it. As this was going on, they both looked directly at my window. I knew they had seen me watching their intense love scenes. But they seemed least bothered by it and was smiling wickedly at me. They continued to fuck each other hard for the next fifteen minutes. Then the sisters back arched against the kitchen island and I could tell she was orgasming. The brother suddenly took out his dick and dug his face into her vagina. He was licking her vigorously.

I could see that she was orgasming and her juices were spraying all over him. Once she was done, he quickly places his dick inside her once more and started pounding madly. As he did so, I saw his face contort and soon he was orgasming hard. Once they were done, they were embracing like lovers and kissing each other. They soon started picking up their clothes and getting dressed. They went away doing their daily chores like nothing happened while I was sitting and trying to process what I had just witnessed.

I knew I could not sit here and focus on work anymore after watching such an intense love scene live. So, I went to take a bath and then started to help myself. I had a dildo and used it to satisfy my needs while I imagined what was happening a while back. It was hard to keep the images out of my head. But at the same time, I was curious about what they would do next. If anything, I would peak at their house even more after that day. I would often see them sharing a kiss or a caress around the house and it was becoming like my personal entertainment.