Intimate Invite

@ 13 my age was a lucky number! My new admirer wanted to be my cock slave.

@ Age 13; My New Invite

I was delivering news papers then. So many customers and so little time! Even in Winter I had to deliver papers to all customers on my rout. It took almost 4 hours to deliver 400 news papers. Collection day was even longer. By the time I was half way through, I had to make a bathroom stop some place! Most people still had out houses, out back! I was busy using one such place when interrupted by the daughter of the owner. I knew this girl from school, in my classes. Her name was Penny! She was a rather full figured young girl but very pretty face and always seemed so kind and friendly to me. She was frantic, banging on the door; I need to come in! I have to talk to you! Please….it’s cold out here! Let me in! I hid my horny erection and opened the door for her! I said; not the perfect place for conversation! What’s so important, if you don’t need to pee??
I watch you at school all the time! I have to tell you, I am so hot for you! I want to be your secret sex slave! I will worship your cock and give you anything you want! I’ll be your cock slave!! Please don’t shut me out! I want to have anything you can give me! She was on her knees begging me to allow her the privilege of sucking me whenever I wished to have her services!!
I told her; That is not me! I do not take advantage of any female! I don’t mind to be your friend and be naughty with you in secret; as long as we keep it very private. You are a pretty Girl! It’s always great to have a good friend! Can we talk of this another time? I need to go and then get going!! It was already 6 PM, dark and cold. I had another 2 hours to finish delivering papers. 400 customers where there were only 4 houses to a city block. Penny told me to visit her please, early evening on Tuesdays. She would be the only one home. Please let me show you how much I can serve your dick and make you feel like a king!
Tuesday took so long to cum!! Thank goodness it was more mild than usual for the next few days. I didn’t have to dress so bulky for the weather. When I knocked at her door; it took only seconds for her to reply, opening the door.
I was greeted with her very serious warm smile asking me to please come in out of the cold! Penny was almost the same height as me but I’m quite sure she weighed a bit more than I did. She had short black hair and her curvey bottom was well developed. I’m sure she was likely same age as me. This girl was waring her night clothes already; lounging shorts and a very light cotton top with short sleeves. Her legs were actually nicely shaped. Her breasts were not yet developed or were just not showing at all. Penny immediately reached for my crotch! You have a bulge that makes me wonder how big you might be!? I want to see your cock!! I really want to show you how much I love cock! I love the feel of it when it’s hard and the heat is such a turn-on! Does yours drip sex juices out the tip? I want to taste you! May I suck yours and kiss it, Please!! She was helping me get my pants undone! Her efforts were quite anxious and she was very eager! My jeans and under shorts came down together. I was fully extended for her initial inspection! Oh! You’re perfect! I love a clean cut smooth crown on such a perfect shape & size!! I am so glad you are this big already! Penny didn’t wait for further talk. Her mouth was on me and sucked me right in! Her hot wet mouth was a shock even with a hard erection! Her hand was on my bag and fondling my balls all at the same time. Her head was moving back and forth taking as much in her mouth as she could each time! I held her head gently, just letting her know I liked her work and appreciated her attentions, still she had her freedom to move as she desired. I know I was straining to meet her advances as she eagerly gobbled my raging excitement! This was way more than I ever dreamed of finding. I told her; She was so good at this; it was such pleasure to have her give me this incredible affection! ” I told you I would worship your beautiful cock and take anything you want to give me! I love to feel your hot penis all over my body. You can fuck my ass too if you want. Do you shoot your cum yet?? Some boys our age can already shoot semen!”
I had to tell her I had not yet shot anything from my erections. Just some clear juices oozing from the tip when I get really hard and start to ache.
Penny told me she just gets crazy excited to have a guy rub his dick all over her face and her tits! You can touch me anywhere you like! I’d be so happy to have you in my bum too. I’ve only had a cock rub on my outside lips so far! Then she surprised me; Daddy showed me how to touch Him so I didn’t hurt his balls! He has a really big cock, Way bigger than I can take in my mouth; so I just kiss it and stroke his and pull his balls down a bit! It makes his skin go tight on his big hard cock! He says it feels so much better when the balls are pulled down! His big crown is fat and purple with some juice showing at the tip just like yours! That juice tastes really good to me!! Daddy showed me how to jack him off and make him shoot lots of hot white semen! I love how he tastes!! His cum feels amazing all over my skin and on my ass too. He likes to lick me and suck my pussy! He says he can suck my candy right out of my hole! I love his fingers in my bum too. That makes me so excited, I start to shake! I get really wet when we are having so much fun. I hope we can do the same sometime together. For now, I know we have only so much time before you need to do your paper delivery! Would you like it if I put my fingers in your ass while I suck you? I want to give you everything! It makes me feel so free and worth so much more! I could be your hot slut whore all the time! I just love cock so much, It’s so beautiful, I want it all the time!!
It was so much fun seeing Penny at her request. She never had anything she didn’t like or want to try. She was always eager to get her clothes off and give her best to a hard cock! She really did worship my clean-cut penis lavishly with her mouth and tongue. Eventually, I did become fully able to ejaculate my semen, when I reached age 15. That is another story, and I did share with Penny after the first time it happened. The second time I ejaculated was in front of my grade 8 Teacher. She was such an attractive Cougar of about 40 yrs old. She was so excited about young boys and teased the boys in her class. The ones with the largest bulge in their pants would be asked to stay after class for extra lessons!
Late in the last semester, came my turn for extra lessons! I soon found out that she loved to see a boy with such an erection, because of her teasing! Then she would ask the boy to stroke off for her to watch. She often wore mini skirts with no panties, sitting on her desk to read to the class. She kept shifting her legs for the boys sitting up front by her desk, showing off her crack and smiling at each boy who took notice of her actions. No one ever complained about it! There were a few girls who were jealous because Teacher got a lot of attention from the males in the class, but no one ever made any accusations to authorities. I was lucky enough to be with that Teacher 3 times. The last two times, I was able to shoot big streams of cum for her as she requested! I saw her cum on the last occasion! She had her skirt way up and she was soaking wet and puddling on her desk. When she began her orgasm, she was bucking and squirting from her pussy. Her face was almost dark red and her eyes were glazed over as she was cumming in front of me! To this day, I love to masturbate in front of the Women who want me to show off for them! My loving Wife says she never wanted to see that before in her life, but now it turns her on big time when I stroke my erection for her. Even when I was a kid, my two sisters wanted me to show off for them . They said they would tell Mom I made them watch, if I did not do it for them to watch me. I had to move out from home at age 16 just to stop the situation from getting worse.

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