Sandy Mommy and boyfriend part 4

     Now, let’s see if they can handle this, Rink thought, as he drove over to his fuck dolls’ house. He had a BIG surprise for both of them.

     Pulling up, he opened up the back door, and two large German shepherd dogs, both very male and not fixed, jumped out. The dogs, Bruno and Bull, belonged to Rink’s friend at the plant, and when Rink asked if he could borrow his dogs for two human bitches who wanted to fuck dogs, his friend was happy to agree. Rink had seen his dogs in action, each of them had huge cocks, at least 10 inches long, and knots that swelled up like a large orange. Time for Sandy and Mommy to get some dog and bitch fucking.

     He strolled in, leading the dogs, and his fuck dolls were there, naked with their legs spread wide. He could see their eyes widen in surprise, as he told them that the dogs were going to lick their pussies, then mount them and fuck them like bitches.

     He ordered them to the floor, on hands and knees, and led the dog’s snouts up to the two hot cunts. The dogs only needed a sniff before they became very interested, and soon two hot dog tongues were licking at two increasingly horny cunts.

     Joanne and Sandy had tensed up as they felt a dog snout probing their pussies, but the dogs had the most amazing, agile tongues, and both mother and daughter were  very quickly moaning with pleasure as their tongues licked out all the folds and crevices of their eager pussies. Both dogs also liked to lick them higher, their wet tongues sliding over Sandy and Joanne’s tight assholes, over and over, making mother and daughter moan with pleasure and quiver with desire as their horniness overcame their reluctance to the idea of being fucked by an animal.

     Rink had stripped, and both women saw he was very excited by what he was watching, his cock hard and erect, as he positioned their bodies for mating. He could see both dogs were ready, 10 inches of hard stiff dog cocks fully extended, ready to fuck the two human bitches. He whistled twice, and the dogs recognized the signal they had learned.
     Joanne felt Bruno’s front paws clamp around her side, his furry body pressing against her back, as Bruno took position. Rink reached down, and took Bruno’s cock to guide it to her cunt. He lodged it against her entrance, Bruno pushed in, felt his cock being engulfed. Realizing that he was inside Joanne, he shuffled his feet and readjusted his paw grip to maximize his entry into her willing depths. Then, with a mighty shove, he pushed his entire length into the heat of her fiery fuck-hole. Joanne gave a loud squeal of pleasure as she felt the walls of her cunt getting stretched open, Bruno’s cock splitting open the tight hole. It felt like she had been impaled on a red hot poker. Once embedded inside her, he set up a rapid thrust and began to fuck her as hard as he could, Joanne could feel his shaft swelling, filling her pussy even more, stretching her vaginal walls. The pleasure Joanne was feeling quickly overpowered any fear or reluctance she had been feeling earlier. Joanne surrendered to it, and began moaning and thrusting back at the dog each time it pushed forward into her.

     Joanne egged Bruno on, “Oh yeah, good boy Bruno, good boy, fuck me, fuck your bitch hard!”

     Sandy felt Bull’s furry body against her back, and Rink’s hand guiding him to her entrance. Bull gave a shove, and Sandy’s tight teen cunt was penetrated by a dog cock. Sandy cried out in a mix of pain and passion as the dog’s long thick prick slid in and he jammed his 10 inches up her pussy, all the way to the core of her tight teen cunt. Like her Mom, Sandy could feel Bull’s big cock swelling up tight, she grunted as her tight pussy walls got stretched even furthe. Bull quickly got going, now that he was deep inside her tight sheath, Bull began a rapid thrust, in and out, his huge cock fucking her as hard as he could. After the first few thrusts, Sandy could feel the pain fade away, as her pussy adjusted to the big stretch. The dog’s hard cock felt really hot inside her tight teen cunt, pleasure started to course through her body, chasing away any reluctance she might have felt.

     Sandy grunted, “Yes, oh yes, Bull, fuck me, shoot your hot dog cum, fill my pussy, make puppies!”

      Rink’s cock was rock hard, watching Mommy and daughter being jackhammered by big dog cocks, fucked just like bitches being mated was making his cock throb.

     “The dogs knots are going to be trying to get into you”, Rink said, “if they do, clamp your cunt lips around them, they’ll hurt like hell if they keep their knots going in and out.”

     Joanne had felt the dog’s motions humping her begin to change, Bruno’s knot was swelling up tight, and he forced his swollen knot in. Joanne’s howl of mixed pain and pleasure filled the bedroom, she felt the swollen knot shoved inside her, swollen up to a huge size just inside her penetrated pussy.  She had never taken such a huge swelling, she felt stretched to the max, and she clamped her pussy lips tightly around the base of his knot, to make sure he couldn’t pull it out and then try to push it back in. After a few seconds she let her head drop down, moaning at the absolute pleasure as she kept her muscles clamped tightly around the dog’s swollen knot, making their union truly one of horny, eager male dog and horny, receptive bitch. His cock rammed against her cervix, Joanne gave a howl of mixed pain and pleasure as her tight cervix gave way and opened up to allow his cock head entrance into her womb.  She could feel her climax building, she was overwhelmed by her own passion and willingly gave herself up to Bruno.  Bruno’s stiff cock was now fully entended, his massive cock began to throb and pulse wildly, his hot sperm began spurting into her pussy, she moaned, it felt like liquid fire was filling up her womb, openly accepting the huge quantity of sizzling hot dog cum squirting into her, a climax rippling through her body from her cunt to her extremities as Bruno pumped surge after surge of sizzling hot juice into her receptive womb.

     Bull’s hard knot was pressing against Sandy’s entrance, and he forced it in. Sandy let out a howl of pain as her pussy was stretched open forcefully. Not wanting to have his knot slip out and bang back in again, Sandy clamped her vaginal lips tightly around the huge knot. She could feel Bull’s cock bang up against her cervix, splitting it open, forcing his cock in to the entrance to her very womb. Sandy was now knotted, Bull was locked in, completely locked and tied deep in Sandy’s tight cunt. As Sandy adjusted to the huge stretch, she felt his thrusting become slower and jerky, she spilled over with a climax that clenched her muscles even tighter around the base of his cock; her climax was a prelude to a massive orgasm that was building rapidly in her belly. Sizzles of pleasure blasted her nervous system as she approached an orgasm, the like she had never had before. Bull was now fully extended, his cock head in her womb and his own orgasm was impending, suddenly he started to jerk in repeated ejaculations as he gushed his hot semen into her womb. Sandy could feel his dog cock throbbing and pulsing wildly,  it felt like the huge dog cock was shooting streams of liquid fire into her, pouring his burning, sizzling dog seed deep inside her body over and over again, in an effort to impregnate her. His spasms seemed unending and the sheer volume of sperm quickly flooded her womb and filled her pussy. Her womb and pussy, feeling the burning fire of molten dog semen flooding them shoved Sandy up to and right over the edge, her orgasm exploded, the force made her breathless, she screamed, her pussy gushing wildly, adding to the dog cum filling her, she felt like her entire body, every cell was having an orgasm, as she shuddered, moaned, and came harder than she ever had in her life. The combined amount of dog and human cum made Bull’s cock pop out of her, and she could feel streams of combined cum overflowing her pussy, and start to run down her thighs.

     Bruno had pulled out of Joanne, she could feel the huge load of dog cum ready to gush out of her, and she was going to make her daughter lick it all up. Joanne quickly adjusted her body, so she could 69 her daughter. She slid under her daughter, licking up the thick streams running down Sandy’s thighs, and urged her daughter on.

     “Yes, lick me, lick your Mommy’s pussy, taste the dog cum, and suck it all out of my horny cunt, while I do the same to you!” Joanne growled. 

     As Joanne’s tongue dove in to Sandy’s slushy pussy, she could feel her daughter’s mouth at her own well fucked and filled cunt. As the first taste of mixed dog cum and her daughter’s juices, Joanne was hooked. The taste was delicious, and she buried her tongue deep, her mouth around her daughter’s tight hole, licking and sucking out every drop.

     The taste of combined dog and human passion also had Sandy hooked, she buried her tongue deep inside her Mom’s overflowing pussy, sucking out all the combined juices, making sure that she sucked out every drop of dog semen.

     Joanne and Sandy were now licking out all the juices their horny cunts were churning up, and Rink ordered them to stop, and get back on the bed, their legs spread. Rink’s cock had never been so hard, and he needed to fuck them big time. He quickly mounted Joanne, penetrating her pussy and cramming in his entire 9 inches up the tight clamp of her pussy. Joanne growled with pleasure as her horny cunt was once again split open.

     “Watching you being fucked by a dog was so hot! Tell me what it felt like!”, Rink grunted as he fucked her wildly.  

     Joanne gasped, “Fuck, it was fabulous! Feeling my pussy getting stretched open so wide, having his knot locked and tied deep inside me, feeling his hard cock split open my cervix, then his sizzling dog spunk squirting wildly, filling up my horny womb! Fuck it was great, oh fuck, yes, I’m cumming, yes, yes, YES!!”

     Joanne’s voice rose to a shriek, and Rink’s throbbing cock exploded. Seeing Joanne take on the dog, then hearing about it from her made his cock explode. Joanne just felt the beginnings of his explosion as she came hard, crying out with passion, her cunt clamping tighly around Rink’s prick, merging herself as much as possible with his stalk of hard, jetting flesh buried deep inside her. Rink gushed wildly, it felt like he was shooting out every drop of liquid in his body as he flooded Joanne’s cunt with his massive load.

     When he rolled off her, Sandy was there, she knew a tasty treat awaited her, and she eagerly dove in, her tongue sliding into her Mom’s slushy pussy, licking her, sucking out all the thick load Rink had gushed into her. Using her pussy licking skills, she quickly brought her Mom to a shuddering climax.

     Rink had been watching, his cock staying half hard. Sandy quickly went down on his prick, and sucked him up to new hardness.

     She pushed him back, and growled, “My turn!”

     Squatting over his body, she positioned his cock against her entrance, and with a squeal of pleasure, she impaled herself, sliding down the hard rise of his cock, taking his entire cock in, right to the balls. She started to ride his cock, telling him to fuck her.

    “Yeah, oh yeah, fuck me, I want your hard cock to blow your load deep up me! It felt great to be fucked by the dog, being knotted to his cock, having that huge shaft split open my cervix and shooting his entire burning hot load right into my womb! Now, I want you to flood my womb! Give me that wet spray of sperm, I want every drop!”

     Pumping her hips up and down, she rode his cock, and Rink could feel his orgasm approaching. Just as his cock jerked and swelled up tight, he felt Joanne’s hand wrap around his balls and start squeezing.

     “Yeah, shoot it, squirt it all, fill up my darling daughter’s cunt with your load, so I can suck it all out of her!” Joanne growled.

     “Oh fuck yeah, gonna fill your cunt baby, fuck YEAH!” Rink grunted.

     Rink could feel the spunk surging up his shaft, and he exploded, shooting his hot load deep inside Sandy’s eager, tight teen cunt. As she felt his wet spray of semen splatter against her cervix, Sandy’s cunt wrenched wildly, as she orgasmed, her pussy quivering wildly, pulsing in a violent burst of pleasure.

     Joanne lay down next to the joined pair, and when Rink rolled out, Sandy squatted over Joanne’s face. Joanne could see her daughter’s smooth, bare pussy hovering above her face. She smelled the musk of their joined passions, her daughter’s tight lips were slightly parted, and she could see the thick juicy load Rink had delivered, and she wanted that. Looping her arms over her daughter’s hips, she pulled her down. As her mouth made contact, and she opened wide, gravity took over, and Rink’s thick juicy load slid right into Joanne’s eager mouth. She eagerly swallowed it all down as she skillfully licked her daughter’s sizzling snatch, her lips and tongue all over Sandy’s twitching clit, the feel of her Mom’s lips and tongue working over her throbbing clit took only a minute, Sandy was so primed, she came again, in a long, slow, blissful wave of pleasure.

     Bruno and Bull, smelling the sexual heat that was filling the room, were once again very interested. Rink ordered his two fuck dolls to take on the dogs again. Joanne and Sandy would have done it, even without his order. This time, Joanne was mounted by Bull, while Sandy took on Bruno’s big cock. The room was full of the sounds of hot, primal, animalistic fucking, grunts and squeals of pleasure as their tight cunt walls were split open, the liquid sounds of their juicy folds being jackhammered by the dogs rapid fire humping, howls of pleasure as huge knots swelled up and were slammed in and tight vaginal lips clamped around them, as Sandy and Bruno and Joanne and Bull were once again knotted, horny male dogs and equally horny human bitches, their hard dog cocks reaching full extension, splitting open the cervix of their human bitch, as their dog cocks began to throb wildly, gushing thick ropes of hot semen into the wombs of their human bitches, jerking in repeated ejacualtions over and over, pouring a fountain of liquid fiery dog seed into Sandy and Joanne’s wombs, filling up their eager cunts with another overflowing load of sizzling hot dog semen, driving both bitches to screaming, howling orgasms.