Karen and Ginni meet Julie

Ginni and Karen sat next to each oher,smiling as they spoke with the woman that had met online,Julie.
Julie was dark haired with a lean gym fit figure,Ginni had noticed strsight away that julie was of a dominant nature and that Karen and herself were not so she was perfect.
Both Ginni and Karen knew that Julie was well aware that the two women were both going to willingly do as she suggested so when julie suggested to go somewhere more personal Ginni and karen could barely contain themselves.
julie smiled inwardly she just loved Mothers who had repressed Lives they were always willing sluts and she knew before long they would be defenceless!
Upon entering Julies house Ginni and Karen were told,,,
Clothes over there,,,leave those heels on,,
She wattched as they undressed eagerly both ladies were still trim after both hjaving had several children and Julie was smiling as she led them downstairs to her special room.
Ginni and Karen gigled and blushed when they came into Julies special room and when they saw the spectator seating ginni nearly peed,,,karen was already wet and gasped as she realised that Juli was well set up.
Julie led them to a table and bent them over next to each other they willingly bent over and Julie strapped them down Ginni could feel her pussy dripping as her arms were pulled up behind her and secured,Julie smirked and once the girls were tied in she then ball gagged them both.
“I will be right back ” Julie said smiling leaving the two giles ,,bound,gagged,defenceless,,,,and wet.
Julie spent some time teasing them,,,gentle strokes of theirs wet pussies,,teasing of their assholes by well manicured nails,,both these bitches are sluts she thought to herself and as she dressed herself in front of them pulling the strapon into place she saw the look of fear and want in their eyes as the giant fake red cock glistened before them,,,When she then shved lube in each asshole and left their pussies alone the girls knew they were in for a night.
Karen was first and as Julie teased her ass Karen moaned into her gag,Karens heart pounded as Julie pushed the long fat strapon in,karen could feel her ass muscle streeeetch slowly as Julie watched Karens face in the mirror she watched Ginnis eyes,,,she knew that ginni was going to love it as she then slowly and deeply fucked the younger mom to a moaning cumming mess.
Julie smiled as Ginnis eyes met hers via the mirror,,Julie pushed the smeared Cock into Ginnis tight little asshole,,but only a bit,,,leaving the ass just opened,,,,she smiled as ginnis moan of” pheeeeeseeeee” came to her ears,,,Ginni was tiny,,,and Julie could tell the more repressed out of karen and her,Julie had wanted to fuck Ginni the moment she saw her,to make her moan,which is why she fucked Karen first.
Julie fucked Ginni hard,Pulling her hair,,Smacking her ass hard.
Stopping as Ginni would edge then pulling out Lapping Julie to an orgasm,Then fucking Ginni in the ass hard,Ginni was a mess when she finally came,Ginni had never anal orgasmed before and tears rolled down her face as Julie held her strapon deep while ginnis breathing calmed.
Julie smiled when she saw the pool of pee forming at ginnis feet,
When ginni and Karen showered with Juli they took turns lapping her ass and pussy until they both made cum,as they left Julie hugged them both,this is the start of a wonderful relationship she remarked and both ladies nodded knowing their lives would never be the same!