Licked in the Ass and Turned me on

My boyfriend was meeting me tonight for Valentine’s Day. I knew there would be flowers for me and anal for him. He loved it. Loved the way my tight ass took him, the way I moaned in pain and pleasure. So I waited for him that night, in my sheer blue bra and wanted to get licked in the ass. Then he entered the room.

He was already getting undressed as he put the flowers on the table. He smiled as he saw me and he stripped completely. He stalked towards me and sat behind me. His roving hands touched my breasts and his lips kissed my neck. He began pressing my breasts, turning them around and biting my earlobes. Then his hands went inside my bra cups and found my nipple. They were erect, awaiting his touch. He plucked and pulled on them, making them turgid. I felt his pulls right to my core, my sex clenching in response.

I turn around to him and pull my bra down. He can see my breasts now and he suckles on them. He is still pressing them, making me hornier and sucking harder on them. I hold his head and gyrate on him.  The he lies on the pillows on the bed and pulls my pussy towards his mouth. I find his hot mouth attached to my clit, sucking and biting. His fingers probe my pussy and I tighten around him, not wanting them to leave my channel.  My clit is swelling and I feel myself getting wetter. I try to turn around and grab his dick, but he stops me and smacks my ass hard. I yelp and turn back around when he pulls me closer and licks my anus. He keeps licking me there and this act makes me so wet and horny. More than what I already am.

Then I turn around and he brushes his naked cock against my asshole. I hear him get the lube bottle out and feel the cool liquid enter my hole. His fingers massage my asshole as he plunges in and out, putting the liquid inside. We had done this many times so I know that penetration wouldn’t be as difficult. In between he also licked my ass. I face the bed and lie as he pushes his thick huge cock inside my anus. After a moment, my ring gives way and he is inside. He grunts and moans as he pulls out and then pushes in again.

He is moving in and out lazily as I moan and adjust to his girth and length. Then he pulls out and I turn around to allow him access from the front. He grabs my butt and he lifts me up as he pushes his cock in my ass once again. I begin rubbing my clit to stimulate myself more. I already feel so full as his thick cock is fucking me.

As I am rubbing my clit, he pushes two fingers inside my pussy and twists it inside me. Then I feel this sensation that I cannot describe. But it feels good. I feel overwhelmed with all these sensations . His cock is still fucking my ass and his fingers are fucking my pussy. He has found my g-spot as I shiver and feel his fingers in me. He rubs that place a few times and I cum.

His cock still pounds into me and then he ejects his semen in me. As his semen coats my ass, he still moves in me, like he wants to brand me with it. Soon he relaxes and lies on top of me. His lips find mine and we finally kiss. Our tongues tangle and we embrace in passion. Normal vanilla sex is fine but something different is always interesting like my boyfriend licked my ass today and turned me on.